Littler Than

Hi, Pink Fairy. Can you help me out? I’m a big hulk of a guy: 6ft. 6in. of brawny, dominant-looking muscle.

Every time I go out in public, walking down the street, on the train, in a coffee shop, I get guys staring at me. Sometimes, they’re snapping pictures. It’s getting tiresome and boring. I just wish everyone else was huge and dominant-looking and I was the small guy for once. See if they like being stared at.

Story Request by @s2bigbulgingbiceps

Morning hits you in the face like the splash of ice-cold rain that you faintly remember from a dream that you had just the night before. A grey, lifeless city that stretches out endlessly from the corner of two streets that shouldn’t exist. You blink, clearing the hazy afterimage of the neon-pink sign over the only store that seemed to be open.

You yawn, rubbing your hands over your eyes before stretching your arms over your head. Already the dream is fading in the back of your mind, like dust in the wind. But the fogginess of sleep refuses to leave your skull. Your thoughts feel like they are swimming in molasses as you swing your legs over the side of the bed, your body falling into your morning routine of its own accord.

It isn’t until you stand up and you realize that your entire body feels significantly lighter that you notice your changes. Your thick musculature is gone. Your biceps are lean, instead of thick, and they glisten with a sheen of sweat that you didn’t even notice the first time. Your firm, pillowy pecs are flat against your chest, and the rippled, rock-hard abs on your stomach have been replaced with a slender, smooth midriff.

You feel your cock jump, and your face heat up. A pleasant buzz seems to rise from the fog in your head, as your thoughts seem to grow even slower. You look back in bed and see the man you used to be outlined in sweat on your sheets. You chew on your lower lip, knowing your wish had been fulfilled, as your cock, much, much smaller now, rose to attention.

You breezed through your morning ablutions quickly, and shoveled breakfast into your mouth. Everything around you is so much bigger, so you decide to take half of the amount you usually eat in the mornings. Even that much is too much for your slender frame. You’re practically bursting by the time that you get out the door.

You walk out onto the street and you realize that you’ve been transported to a world unrecognizable from your own. Big men, much like you used to be, walked the streets. Some of them are wearing shirts that look like they’re stretched to the limits, most of them don’t wear shirts at all. Or pants, for that matter. Billboards and advertisements show off the latest leather gear, and all the big men who pass by appear to at least be wearing a harness.

Your little nub, which gives you hardly anything to hold on to, is painfully hard as arousal pumps through your veins. You are too busy gawking at the big men, your body reacting with the nigh-overwhelming desire to utterly debase yourself in front of them, to notice the looks that you are getting.

You make it onto the train and immediately you feel every eye in the car turn in your direction. You blush, squeezing your thighs together as your nub leaks pre-cum into the thong that was the only underwear you could find. "Why are you all covered up, sweetie?" says one of the big men closest to you. "I bet you look all tasty under those clothes," says another one.

"Beautiful," says yet another, as he snaps a picture of your wide eyes and flushed face. You’re getting the same attention as you used to, but this time you’re powerless. And yet you find yourself unable to complain. In fact, it feels good. A high pitched moan escapes you and before you know it there is a pair of hands feeling up the front of your tight little body.

"You’re not supposed to be covered up in public, princess," says one of the guys. Which you imagine explains why every piece of clothing you could find was much too big. Someone pulls your pants off, and someone rips your shirt apart. But you’re too horny, your head swimming in the intoxicating scent of all the alpha males crowding around you to tell them to stop.

A thick, calloused finger working its way up the crack of your ass makes your entire body tense as your little nub squirts watery cum all over. Moments later, the car has devolved into an all-out orgy. With every load that’s pumped into you, up your soft boypussy, or down your delicate throat, you lose more and more of your old self, your mind emptying out of all other thoughts but sex.

As it turns out, being the only different person doesn’t solve the problem of standing out. Not that you much care anymore as you’re bounced on yet another cock. You’ve lost count. Well, you don’t really know how to count anymore, either. But that doesn’t matter. You know there’s a whole world of Alphas out there who will take care of you and do all the thinking for you from now on.

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