Men of Little Cloth

So… I had a fun weekend! Hours wasted being questioned in an interrogation room. Don’t know who they work for but it’s clear the pair of pious pricks are after every shred of information about a twink in pink and giant in purple. Tracking down anyone that might have crossed their path. Most, I guess are too stupid to use their brains for answers. The others send them packing. But they’re determined.

Supporter Request by @blazefiresabre

Tom could feel his bones creak in the gentle giant’s hand. "Are you sure I’ll be able to find them there?" said the big man, his eyes gleaming with something inscrutable, the grin perched on his lips describable only with the word "wolfish."

With a sigh, Tom nodded. "I don’t know what you think you’re going to get out of talking to those cunts, but as long as it’s you and not me, by all means be my guest," he said. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that the big man had been touched by one of the sídhe. Most likely the Brogda sídhe since he managed to keep his mind.

The man patted Tom on the top of the head, a touch that Tom couldn’t help but lean into despite his own dominant streak, as the big man said, "Don’t you worry that little head of yours now. You’ve earned a rest."

Before walking out the door of the bar to leave Tom to his own thoughts, the big man looked over his shoulder again and smiled. He almost looked like a predator baring its teeth, the thrill of the hunt coursing through his veins. "Let’s just say they won’t be a menace for much longer."

As he stepped out into the chilly evening air, Gabriel wrinkled his nose at the scent of the city. He was reminded every time he walked the streets of why he’d taken his pack away from the city. The place smelled of death and repression. Hardly a proper place for him and those like him.

Gabriel zipped up the front of his sweater, the cotton straining against his muscles like his shirt. He was practically bursting out of his clothes, which was uncomfortable, but he had a job to do. He owed the Brogda bigtime, but he had also been looking for the perfect ne’er-do-wells to take back as newly minted bitches for his pack.

Despite the glances that Gabriel received, as his physique was nothing short of perfection, he made his way through the city with determination. It was to be expected that the minions had an in with local law enforcement, but he was sure that some of his other associates had already taken care of that problem.

In fact, as Gabriel walked down one of the major thoroughfares, he crossed paths with a vampire quietly stalking down a police officer on patrol. The two of them shared knowing smirks before continuing on their separate ways.

One thing Gabriel had found was that people didn’t question whether you belonged somewhere if you acted as if you were completely certain that you did. The doorman at the upscale hotel that the priests were staying at barely shot him a second glance as he walked to the lobby elevators and got in.

Gabriel was lucky that Tom was such an observant individual, able to give Gabriel a hotel and room number for the priests that had gotten him accosted. It wasn’t like he couldn’t find them with just their scent, but knowing where to go just made things go faster.

The elevator dinged as Gabriel stepped out onto his target floor. He made his way down the hall, his fingers crackling with magic. He’d had a lot of practice unlocking doors of late. The door to the priests’ suite didn’t stand a chance.

Gabriel walked in and closed the door behind him, but it appeared that the minions were prepared for him. Perhaps they had been tipped off, or perhaps their amulets had alerted them to his presence. But they were waiting for him when he came in with all of his usual bravado.

Not that Gabriel was concerned. Even as the world spun from the dust that had been breathed into his face, as his eyes slowly drifted shut as his mind drifted into oblivion, he was confident that everything was under control.

When Gabriel came to, he had been stripped naked. He was spread-eagled on top of one of the hotel beds, his arms and legs bound by enchanted rope to the four corners of the bed. The two priests were watching him, and had wicked smiles on their faces when he finally stirred.

"Finally one of you came to us," one of the priests said. "We knew that if we caused enough trouble, eventually someone would be sent to get rid of us. Well, unfortunately for you, mutt, today is the day that you join our side."

Gabriel glared at the priest. He was, unfortunately, helpless at the moment. The priest that had been talking earlier turned to his partner and nodded. "It’s time," said the first priest. "Put the headphones on him, Matt," he added, as he pulled on latex gloves.

"Yes, Gideon," said Matt. He crept onto the bed and lowered the headphones on Gabriel’s head. Then, he pulled out a phone and straddled Gabriel’s chest, using his weight to pin Gideon’s arms to the bed. "Resistance is futile, mutt," said Matt. "Today you partake in the holy heterosexual sacrament. Today you learn what your body was truly built for. Today you learn to cast off the twisted perversion of homosexuality."

The other priest, Gideon, sprinkled glittering black powder on Gabriel’s face. As he breathed the powder in, he felt his body flood with heat, his cock twitching against his thigh. His head filled with fog.

Matt pushed something on the phone and in that instant, Gabriel’s ears were filled with the sound of women moaning. "You’re a real man. You’re a strong man. Tits and pussy are for real men. Tits and pussy are for strong men. Cock goes in pussy. Cock breeds pussy. That is how it should be," said a seductive voice in Gabriel’s ears.

Matt turned the phone to face Gabriel. The image seemed to expand to fill Gabriel’s vision. Big busted women. Large tits. Bouncing. Pussies sliding up and down cocks. Dripping with cum.

Gideon dribbled lube all over Gideon’s cock, which had risen to full mast. He grabbed the sizable member and started stroking it, his own cock hardening in his pants as he thought of how very soon this big beast of a man will have not a single homosexual thought in his head.

An hour later and the werewolf still hadn’t cum. Gideon’s arm was getting tired. He had expected resistance, but nothing quite like this. He’d been trying so hard to get the wolf to cum all of his disgusting faggot ways that he had worked up a sweat.

Gideon pulled at the collar of his frock. As the minutes ticked by the room was getting hotter and hotter. But he couldn’t stop. He couldn’t give up. This was his sacred mission. His sacred charge. He would convert the wolf and bring him into the fold.

As the wolf’s moans filled the room, Gideon smiled. Finally they were getting somewhere. With his free hand he undid the first few buttons of his shirt. He should have checked the thermostat. It was getting hot. So hot. And the erection in his pants wasn’t helping in the least.

But Gideon knew that he could not touch himself. He should not. That was not their way. Sex was for procreation only, and the only reason he was touching a faggot werewolf’s cock was because it was necessary to bring them into the fold.

And yet Gideon found his determination faltering. Would it be so bad to touch himself? Just a little bit?

Gideon tried to fight it, but he couldn’t. He slipped his free hand down the front of his pants and clutched his balls. He moaned, pleasure surging through his spine. This was wrong. This was filthy. This was sinful. And yet it was so, so hot.

The wolf had such a big, hot, hard cock. Gideon licked his lips. He felt parched. Hungry. Empty. He pulled his hand out of his pants and tore off the rest of the buttons on his shirt. He played with his nipple as he watched the pre-cum dribble from the tip of the wolf’s big cock.

It was filthy. It was sinful. And yet Gideon couldn’t stop thinking about it. He wondered how the cock would taste. But he couldn’t. He shouldn’t. It was against the word of the Lord. It was an abomination. Matt would condemn him for his sinful thoughts.

And yet when he looked over to the side, he saw that Matt was naked. His perky little ass tightened and loosened rhythmically as he pumped his hips, fucking his cock in and out of the wolf’s mouth.

Gideon broke. He tore off his clothes and jumped on the bed, slobbering on Gabriel’s hard cock as if he had been born to it.

Now that the priests had broken their vows, Gabriel could break his bindings. He did so with ease. He was a werewolf, after all.

Gabriel’s thick, calloused hands pushed the eager bitch off his face. "Get on your hands and knees," he growled, as he pulled on and tore through the bindings on his legs. He wrapped his thighs around the back of Gideon’s face, forcing the, he supposed, ex-priest down on his cock.

Gabriel grabbed both of Matt’s perky cheeks with his broad hands when they were presented to him. It was perfect. He hadn’t had dinner yet.

As Gabriel pulled Matt’s ass cheeks apart to expose the fluttering boyhole between them, he dove in and lapped at it. Virgins always tasted so good.

Gabriel chuckled, sending a shiver of pleasure up Matt’s body. It was always so funny when these boys thought that tits could ever compare to a nice, plump, boypussy. The priests had been prepared, but not enough.

After all, neither Gabriel nor his associates had been idle while the enemy was away. They had beaten the enemy when they were weaker, and younger. They would beat the enemy again for certain now that they were stronger.

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