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Hey, I’m just about to finish sixth form and I’ve always had a huge amount of pressure on me, especially with my final exams coming up, because I’m know for being a smart guy so everyone expects the best from me. I’m so tired of people assuming I’m smart and expecting me to do well in everything. I wish people would look at me differently. Could you help?

Story Request by @nathan

"Alright, ladies and gents. It’s 1 o’clock sharp. You may begin," declared the main invigilator. The room was filled with the sound of rustling paper as the 18 year-olds started the first of a veritable battery of exams that would test the years of grueling work that it had taken to get them this far.

Nate knew that everyone had their own exams to worry about and yet somehow, he felt as if the attention of the world was on him. The expectations were piled high on his shoulders. Even his classmates who looked at him with envy did so because they thought he was just going to breeze through the exams and come out the other end every bit the shining academic star that they had all imagined him to be in their minds. It was, frankly, too much pressure. He felt like any moment now he would crack.

Nate took a deep breath. He grabbed the corner of the cover of the exam booklet, not quite ready to start. All the knowledge in the back of his head, from the hours he’d spent studying, bucked and reared, ready to be unleashed onto the exam. But the approach of the head invigilator, a short, buxom blonde woman, interrupted him.

"Hi, sweetie," said the lady, crouching down beside Nate’s seat. She placed a hand on his back, between his shoulder blades. "I noticed it took you some time to get started on the exam. Now, I know things like this can be a bit challenging for you, but just remember. As long as you put your name on the exam and answer the questions as best as you can, we’ll make sure to find you part marks where we can, okay?"

The patronizing tone and the bizarre spiel took Nate completely off-guard. Why would the exam be challenging for him? He’d studied hard for the test. It was the pressure that was the issue. "You’re only taking this exam because everyone has to take the exam, okay, sweetie? You’ve done really well this term, so whatever the result is, you’re still going to graduate with the rest of your little friends."

Nate rubbed his forehead. This was giving him a headache. "I’m not—" he started, but the lady talked over him.

"I know, sweetheart. Just do it like you and your teacher practiced. Go over the exam one word at a time and just try your best to answer, okay?" said the invigilator. She patted Nate on the back twice before straightening up. "You’re gonna do great, Nathan. Good luck!"

Nate looked around and saw a couple of his classmates looking in his direction. They had little smirks on their faces, and maybe a little bit of pity in their eyes. He wondered how they had gotten the invigilator in on this little prank of theirs.

Nate shook his head. Now wasn’t the time to think about that. He had an exam to write. The first section was multiple choice. The instructions said "Shade the bubble corresponding to the letter of your answer. Choose the most accurate answer."

Okay, Nate told himself. Multiple choice was easy enough. Process of elimination was the way to get through this, if he didn’t outright know the answer already. The first few questions were super easy. But he quickly ran into a question that he should have known, and yet he couldn’t think of the answer.

Looking over the choices, Nate couldn’t really tell which one was the correct one. Try as he might, he couldn’t eliminate any of the other answers. He stared at the question for a minute, his cheeks flushing pink as he struggled to figure it out. And then he realized that there was an accurate answer. "F. I don’t know."

Nate shivered. He felt like he got that last question right. It had been tough, but at least he managed. His happiness was short-lived, though. The next question was just as difficult. He wasted another minute trying to figure it out until he realized that he could just answer "F. I don’t remember." He thought he was so clever. The test had asked for the most accurate answer, after all, right?

The next question was even harder, but Nate spotted the correct answer faster this time. "F. I can’t think of the answer." The next wasn’t any better, but it was like the correct answer jumped out of the page at him. "F. It’s hard to think of the answer." That was the end of page 1.

Page 2 started with a question that looked like it was written in a foreign language. Even the choices looked blurred and strange to Nate. Except for the most accurate answer, of course. "F. I don’t understand the question." The next question was the same. This time, the correct answer was "F. I can’t read the question."

The next question earned an "F. I can’t read." The text all looked like squiggly lines to Nate. The question after that, well, Nate noticed that he’d been shading the same circle for quite a while so he just started shading the same one for the next couple of questions. Each answer confessed his inability to understand, his inability to remember, his inability to reason.

Nate giggled quietly to himself. He was having a lot of fun shading in the bubbles. He never expected that taking an exam could be fun like this. He chewed on his lower lip as he felt the pleasant fog in his head send a shiver of pleasure down his spine. His little dick squirted against his thigh.

After the multiple choice questions, there was a set of short answer questions and an essay question. Nate just mostly twirled his pencil in the spaces provided. He thought the resulting incoherent tangle of lines was pretty similar to the small black squiggles of text and was proud of his best effort.

Figuring that he was done, Nate gathered up all his stuff and made his way to the front of the class to hand in his paper. He did so good in the exam, he thought. This was going to be his best mark yet. "Thank you, sweetie," said the head invigilator, as he handed in his test. "I’m sure you did great."

Nate practically skipped out of the exam room. He pushed the on button on the remote for his vibrator and moaned out loud as it started pulsing against his prostate. He’d been asked to turn it off for the exam because the buzzing was distracting.

Before he could leave in search of some dick that he really desperately needed, Nate heard laughter coming from the room he’d just left. He looked inside and saw that his test had been put up on the projector. He was so happy. He was so proud that the invigilator was showing off his work. And they had told him that an air-headed himbo could never make it in school.

The head invigilator said, holding back laughter, "Now, children. If you spend all your time chasing cock like Nate, this is the kind of thing that you’ll end up submitting to an important exam. This is great."

Of course it was great! Nate had put a lot of effort into writing that exam. He was certainly glad that the invigilator had shown off his work. From now on people would stop seeing him as just another slutty little himbo and would recognize that he was actually a pretty smart guy, too!

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