I have a problem and I think the Purple Fairy can help. I don’t really have sex with my boyfriend because he is really small down there and he’s way too nice. Could you make him hung like a horse and an extremely dominant top? I’m ready to pay the price, whatever it takes.

Story Request by @thefoxinthedark

"Watch your words," is a lesson and a way of life for those versed in the ways of the fair folk. The Fae can be valuable allies and powerful patrons. Any man who gains their friendship and their respect has the potential for greatness. But the Fae, by their very nature, are mercurial and capricious. Mischief is as natural to them as is breathing to the mortal, as an unfortunate supplicant to the Brogda Sídhe came to learn.

Jack met Lane through a mutual friend. Their first meeting was at the farewell party of Jack’s friend Sarah, who was moving overseas to pursue a career in business. When he first saw Lane, Jack thought that he was a cute guy, a bit dorky, a bit nerdy, but a positive presence overall.

At the time, though, Jack had been with a guy that was pretty much the physical catch of the century. His now-ex, Skyler, had had a body to die for, a face to make angels weep, eyes that shone with sexual prowess, and a cock that brought it all together into a perfect, virile package.

Sex with Skyler had been sizzling hot. However, Jack found that trying to talk to Skyler about anything other than Skyler or Skyler’s interests was like trying to talk to a brick wall. Needless to say, the relationship ended in tears.

It was, however, during one of Jack’s trips out to drown his sorrows that Jack happened upon Lane for the second time. Lane drove him home, despite his protests, and even though there were a few awkward boners on the way up to Jack’s apartment, nothing happened between them that night.

Lane became a pillar of Jack’s life after that. A close friend. A confidant. One thing led to another and they ended up together. The relationship had been built on a strong friendship and a close emotional bond, so sex was never a central pillar. Sex was okay. It wasn’t mind-blowing. But it wasn’t bad.

For a time, that was enough for Jack. Jack just enjoyed being with Lane. But, unfortunately, reasonable minds rarely prevail. The need, the craving that had forced Jack into the arms of such a self-centered douchebag as Skyler in the first place drove him up the wall.

Jack needed to be manhandled. He wanted to be fucked roughly, claimed, owned. But Lane was too much of a good guy to brutalize Jack in the way that he just so desperately craved. Unfortunately, Jack knew that there was nothing he could do.

For a time, Jack resolved to endure. He wouldn’t go behind Lane’s back. He didn’t want to compromise an otherwise beautiful relationship. But at the same time, in the back of his head, he knew it would only be a matter of time before he did something stupid because he wasn’t thinking with his head. Not the big one sitting on his shoulders, at least.

It was a problem. Jack had many a sleepless night. But it all changed when he learned of the Purple Fairy. It was strange. A random mention in a thread about something unrelated. But he looked it up. He was skeptical, at first, but the more he found, the more he realized it was impossible to deny.

Ultimately failing to think with the head on his shoulders, Jack made his wish. For a horse-hung, dominant boyfriend. If he had known even the slightest bit about the Fae, he might have realized his mistake and worked to amend it. But alas, he was as ignorant as most mortals in the modern world. The wish was out there in the cosmos, and there was nothing that he could do to stop the consequences.

Jack set the notebook down with an exasperated grunt. He ran his hands through his hair and huffed. The notebook fell open to a page filled with indecipherable scribbles. He’d been trying to write something, anything. But it was like the concept of letters had completely disappeared from his mind. Numbers were similarly impossible.

It had started a few weeks ago. At first it was just lapses of memory. More often than usual, but nothing too worrying. Sometimes he would walk into a room only to realize he didn’t remember why he’d gone to the room, or what he was supposed to do. But things only went downhill from there.

Jack’s ability to focus took a beating. Most anything that didn’t have to do with sex, he couldn’t stand for more than ten seconds. His work productivity plummeted, and, inevitably, he was let go. It was for the best, probably, because he started losing his ability to read and do mental arithmetic after that.

It was a trying time for Jack. Fortunately for him, he had Lane to help him through it. Lane had always been something of a positive presence in his life, but as Jack’s mental abilities degraded, Lane provided strong pillar of support for him to lean on.

Jack felt a little bad relying on his boyfriend for the most basic of mental tasks, but Lane didn’t seem to mind. If anything, he seemed more and more eager to do it as the weeks passed.

Jack certainly noticed a shift in Lane’s demeanor, as well. Lane had always deferred to him in decision-making that involved both of them, and had always asked his advice for personal decisions. Now, however, Lane was making his own choices and making choices for Jack. Despite his growing distress, Jack actually found it quite hot that Lane was beginning to take charge of the relationship.

There was also the fact that Lane started going to the gym. He grew rapidly in size, surpassing Jack before too long. It was like a dream come true, and in the back of Jack’s ever-emptier mind, he realized that it Was.

One day, Lane came home and looked at Jack, his tank top soaked through with sweat as he had just finished a work out. He crossed his arms over his chest and told Jack that it was about time Jack repaid him for all the help he’d given Jack over the last few months.

When Lane pushed down his gym shorts and revealed his now-enormous cock, which was probably nearly as long and as thick around as one of Jack’s arms, Jack felt the power of speech leave him. He drooled, his mind going blank, devoid of any and all thoughts save one: cock.

Lane grabbed Jack and pushed him up against a wall, not bothering with any preparation or any foreplay. The cockhead, a bit bigger than Jack’s fist, pressed up against Jack’s hole and slid in, surprisingly, with little resistance.

Jack’s eyes rolled back into his head as Lane entered him. There was no pain, only the slight burn of being stretched open. He was so full he was sure he was going to get split apart. And there was no way that Lane’s huge cock would fit into him all the way to the hilt.

But Jack felt his insides tingling with a strange warmth. He felt his guts moving, reconfiguring, pulsing with pleasure. He moaned out loud, delirious at the total arousal of his body as Lane’s cock continued to sink into his ass, inch by inch by inch until he could feel the broad head at the back of his throat, and Lane’s balls resting against his ass cheeks.

Jack’s eyes widened. He looked down at his body as Lane pulled him away from the wall. He was impaled. Completely. It was like the enormous, horse-sized cock was buried all the way through his insides. And yet nothing hurt.

Jack gurgled. He didn’t need to breathe, but he could feel something liquid, something slick and slightly salty, flooding into his throat. It was pre-cum. It bubbled up from his insides, flowing out into his mouth, dribbling over the front of his body.

Jack’s own pathetic cock twitched, a little dribble of cum dripping from the tip. He struggled to comprehend what was going on, but his mind went completely blank as Lane grabbed him by the hips and started fucking him. A living cock sleeve for a horse-hung dom.

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