In Another’s Shoes

Hi, I’m going on holiday to Japan soon and I’m really looking forward to it. But I’m worried that as a white tourist, I’ll stand out too much…

Anything you could do to help me fit in a bit more? I’d love to meet some sexy Japanese men, so honestly anything you could do to make me more attractive to them would be greatly appreciated.

Story Request by @linxiaopei

You wake with a start as the airplane drops a few meters and the lights overhead flicker. A cold sweat trickles down the side of your face as you look around at the dimly lit cabin. You’re well on your way to Japan, but the last thing that you remember is being at home, chatting with one of the Japanese hotties in your neighbourhood.

You shiver. You don’t feel so well. You feel dizzy and lightheaded, almost. Your entire body is hot and tingling, especially around your chest, stomach, and ass. You get up from your seat and stagger to the bathroom. You look at yourself in the mirror, and nearly faint at the sight of the face that you’re wearing.

You’re in someone else’s body. Wearing someone else’s clothes. The tight tank top leaves nothing to the imagination, and you’re not even sure how you were let on the airplane wearing shorts like those. You look like a proper slut. You would think of something else, but it’s like your head gets stuck on that single word. Slut. Almost as though it is the best word to describe who you are. What you are.

A soft giggle escapes your lips, jarring juxtaposed against your masculine form. But you know that the soft nub between your legs will never be used for penetrating. If anything, your bubbly ass is hungry for cock. You moan to yourself as you massage your nipples through your tank top, memories of the old you already beginning to fade, just like the memories of that sex shop that shouldn’t exist.

As you chew on your lower lip, moaning and whimpering, imagining someone spreading your asscheeks apart with a thick cock, you can’t help but think that if being this slutty, this hot, this horny isn’t going to help you meet sexy Japanese men during your vacation to Japan, nothing will.

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