The Key to Submissiveness

Today marks my first day in self-inflicted chastity to learn how to be a better sub. I’m not seeing anyone at the moment, so I don’t have anyone to be my “key holder” for the lock on my cock cage.

I was hoping that Hierarch Industries could point me in the direction of a big strong Alpha that I could serve and obey, who would be willing to help train me to be the best omega that I can be.

Alpha Patron Request by @cam121496

Chastity. The idea is tantalizing, isn’t it? Titillating. The irony is that most subs start out jerking off to the idea of locking up their dicks, cumming to the fantasy of giving up control of such an intimate part of their body. For some, it’s just that. A fantasy. The thought of having your manhood taken away from you just humiliating enough to get off on.

You, however, have decided to take the first step toward making that fantasy a reality. Putting the cage on the first time is a bit harder than you expect. You can’t stop getting hard, making it almost impossible to lock up. But eventually you manage to get yourself under control, slipping your cock into that metal cage, horny the instant you hear the lock click shut.

The sensation, the next morning, of being unable to do your daily ritual of jerking off in bed is a mindfuck on an entirely new level, and you can’t help but moan at how horny it makes you. You flip over, rubbing your caged cock as you ply your hole with your fingers, leaking pre-cum onto the bedspread underneath you.

The next few days pass by in much the same fashion, your excitement, your arousal rising from the novelty of it all. The chastity cage is driving you up the wall by the end of the work week, and even your dildos are providing only minimal relief from the relentless arousal.

But the novelty doesn’t last for long. You settle into a routine. Your cock leaks perpetually, but you’re able to ignore the constant buzz of horniness. You’re a submissive with no one to submit to. You need more. You need direction. You need someone to take advantage of the fact that you’re locked up, someone who would use you, who would teach you, who would command you.

That’s how you find yourself calling in sick one Monday morning, marching off to the local Hierarch Industries clinics. The consultant seems amused when you tell him that you’ve locked yourself up, but he tells you that he still needs to test you out to see if you actually classify as an omega. Unsurprisingly, you do.

He has you drink a formula, one that drives your arousal even higher, your submissiveness even higher, your desire for a Master, an Alpha to complete you even higher. He then takes you to a nearby room. There’s a bed, with a dildo and a bottle of lube on the nightstand next to it. He advises you to prepare yourself as your Alpha is on the way from corporate HQ.

He scarcely finishes his sentence before you strip and jump on the bed, your fingers trembling as you fumble for the dildo and coat it with lube. You moan and whimper, biting your lower lip as you press your face and chest against the bed, pumping the rubber cock in and out of your hole.

You lose track of time, the pleasure pulsing through your body, making you leak, making you squirm. You don’t know how much later it is when the door to the room opens and you hear a low bass voice address you. “Eager, aren’t we?” he says, as a shiver runs down your spine. “Good boy.”

You feel the bed shift under you as the Alpha clambers into bed behind you. You feel his fingers on your ass, leaving trails of heat across your skin. “Enough of that,” he says. As desperate as you are for some release, the authority in his voice stops you from bucking your hips on the dildo.

The Alpha slips the toy out of your hole and rubs the pad of his index finger around it. Your hole twitches. You moan. You want him. Need him inside you. He teases your hole with his thumb while he reaches under you and rubs his fingers over your swollen balls, over your caged cock.

You can’t help but moan. “Locked up, too?” the Alpha says. “Such a good boy for me… I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together. You might want to get out of this cage right now, might want to get some release. But if you let me, I will teach you how to serve. And maybe the day will come when you beg me to never let your little cock out of its little cage.”

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