The Bite

Hey! So… I need some help. I am what people call a shut-in. I barely see the outside and my body is the shape of a pear. This leads me to be pretty smart, but with little to no confidence.

To try and get some confidence, I decided to leave my house and spend a week in the woods. However, I will probably never go back because a huge wolf came up and bit my leg.

I have seen your work. Is there anything you can do?

Story Request by @vggffygfrhhfr
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It’s days after you return from the woods that you notice the first changes to your body. Your skin, pale and pasty from all the time that you spend indoors, is beginning to take on a rich, delicious tan. Every morning you can’t help but strip off your shirt, and even though you’re not too happy with what’s underneath, you marvel at your transformation. You almost look like you’ve spent your entire life outdoors. And better yet, you’re tanned evenly all over.

The transformation also comes with a strange shift in your psychology. You still shy away from people. You’re still introverted. You’re still a loner. But you feel a strange sort of confidence. You stop caring about what other people think. It’s exactly what you need to start going to the gym. And the results that you get are nothing short of miraculous.

The first few times you go to the gym for all of half an hour, hop on the treadmill until you feel your legs burning, and then you go home. But the more time you spend at the gym, the more eager you seem to learn how to work out. Eventually you’re lifting weights, bench pressing, and even doing squats. It’s a far cry from what you usually do, but you like it. You like the repetitiveness of it all, the way that you can just zone out and not think as you work your way through your sets.

Your videogames and board games at home lie forgotten in a corner of your room, collecting dust. You occasionally look at them and feel a pang of desire to play, but you know that you’ve only ever used them as a crutch for your crippling loneliness. Before long, you’ve got the body that you’d only ever dreamed of having, and you love it.

But there’s something missing. You’re confident. You’re comfortable with yourself. It’s not your smarts, or your ability to focus. You’ve come to terms with not having those anymore. You figure they’re a good enough trade for the body that you now have. You’d much rather have the rocking abs that you now sport rather than the ability to do any math in your head.

What you still don’t have is anyone to spend your time with. But even that solves itself soon enough. You feel the call of the wild before long. That scar in your leg, the bite, it pulses. Not with pain, but with pleasure. Pleasure that intensifies whenever you think about returning to the place where you had been bitten.

Eventually the call is too strong to resist and you find yourself back amongst those trees. You strip off your clothes, because it’s what feels right, and you let your toes crunch in the leaf litter covering the forest floor. Then the wolf arrives, large and imposing. It approaches, padding toward you on quiet paws.

It stops. It looks at you, golden eyes glowing. Then, it begins to transform, turning into the most beautiful man that you’ve ever had the privilege of setting sights on. Your brain feels like it short circuits, and you know that you will spend the rest of your life letting this man thinking for you. You let go of all your intelligence, all your independent thought, and you fall into his arms.

It isn’t long before he’s got you pinned against a tree, your cock bobbing uselessly up and down between your legs as he pummels your hole.

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