Knot A Problem for Long

Isaac’s boyfriend of 4 years, Kevin, has walked out on their relationship, claiming that he has been “cured” and that he doesn’t want to be with the “faggot” anymore. He is miserable and bereft and desperate so he turns to ancient powers, willing to give up anything and everything to have Kevin back. The only problem is that this is easier said than done.

But the powers that be won’t let this insult stand. There is a balance to the cosmos, one that they have enforced in the absence of others who would do so, and an iniquity of this magnitude could not be allowed to remain unanswered.

"Please… I just don’t know where else to turn to… None of this makes any sense! I just want him back. I just want things to be set right…"

The earnest prayer, whispered by a voice slurring with drink, echoed down the halls of the temple to the Étrad Sídhthe. It reverberated through the gilded statues of men in all types of ecstasy, the ornate marble columns that paraded along the walls, and the glimmering silks suspended beneath the vaulted ceiling.

"I’ll pay any price! Give you anything you want! I just want him back."

Gaining in strength, the prayer thundered down the central aisle of the throne room with the kind of desperation known only to the most sincere of loves. Pleasure slaves, dressed in their leathers or sheer cloths, look up momentarily from their coupling. Even the Cáel Sídhe seemed to take notice.

He reclined in his throne, draping his slight, effette body across one of the armrests. In that position, the bright pink veils that left very little to the imagination already revealed even more of his lithe form. With the twitch of an eyebrow, he looked across to the other one seated on the other side of the aisle. He regarded the Brogda Sídhe with a meaningful look and said, "Well… That’s not good." The other merely grunted. "But do we even want to touch this right now?"

"No," said the Brogda Sídhe, "it’s definitely not good." His deep, baritone voice sent a shiver down the spine of every man in the room who had even a shred of submission. He leaned forward, brows furrowed in thought. The dignified purple toga edged in gold stretched across his broad chest and bulging muscles as his eyebrows knotted together in concentration. "And no, I don’t think we want to touch it. You know what it took last time. We’re not ready for this. Not yet."

"But we are going to do something, right?" said Pink, pouting at Purple as he made exaggerated, limp-wristed gestures with his right hand. Normally he would have used both hands, but his left was busy stroking the massive cock of one of the bull slaves that was perched on the other arm rest of his throne. "This isn’t something that we can just let go."

"Correct," said Purple. "Which means that we will have to use someone who is, on the surface, unaffiliated." He leaned back with a small, wicked smirk, letting his palms rest on the ends of the armrests of his throne. The pleasure slave that had been licking at his feet went back to work as his mighty cock stirred to life, tenting out the front of his toga.

Every bottom, vers, and even a few tops, moaned at the sight. Again, with the sole exception of Pink who merely eyed the erection hungrily. "I have just the person in mind," said Purple. "Do you think I could borrow that shopkeeper of yours?"

There was a devilish glint in Pink’s eye as he merely smiled in response.

Four years together. Down the shitter. In a flash. Isaac was still reeling from it all. He couldn’t believe his luck. Why him, of all people? Hadn’t he suffered enough?

For weeks, he had felt destitute, bereft, desperate. He had even reached out to the Fairies. He had turned to Old Lore forgotten to most folks because of the exacting price. But he had received no answer, even as he had bared his soul and offered everything that was left to him. Now, he mostly just felt numb.

Had Kevin walked out of his life and left it at that, he might have handled things better. But getting called "faggot" by his boyfriend had felt like a stab in the heart. And it wasn’t like the situation had been ambiguous. Kevin’s voice had been vacant the mock-homophobic tone that they liked to use in the bedroom on occasion. No. Kevin had said it with the full disgust that he would have associated with the most extreme of bigots.

And to add insult to injury, a few days later Isaac saw Kevin with a blond bitch that had watermelons for breasts. He knew it was unfair to be angry at the girl, but he just couldn’t help it. Seeing her cling to the arm that he used to cling to had felt like someone twisting the dagger buried in his chest.

He and Kevin were supposed to start a life together. Now here he was in their apartment, with hardly enough income to make the rent on his own, and with nowhere to go. He was all alone with nothing but memories to keep him company and it sucked.

He felt so sapped of the will to live that he seriously considered pretending no one was home when he heard a knock on the door. But his parents hadn’t raised him to be rude so he got his sorry ass off the bed to answer the door. Sure, his parents hadn’t raised him to be gay, in their words, either, but that was beside the point.

Isaac straightened himself a little bit. A t-shirt a size too big that used to belong to his ex as well as a pair of yoga pants was hardly the correct outfit to make a good impression with, but he just couldn’t bring himself to care.

He regretted not dressing up almost instantly. As he pulled open the door his breath hitched in his throat. Standing in the hallway just outside was a most glorious specimen of masculinity. With arms and legs like tree trunks, a cotton tank-top stretched over pecs that you could probably put a vase on and abs that Isaac was pretty sure could grind rocks to dust, the sight of this veritable Adonis made Isaac’s brain short-circuit.

"Hello," said the man, his voice a low rumble that sent a shiver down Isaac’s spine and a tingle right up his boypussy. He nearly creamed his pants from that one word alone, and his erection made sure to show it.

Isaac was convinced the man was lost. Surely he wasn’t visiting Isaac. Why would a god like this ever be interested in little old me? he asked himself. It simply made no sense.

In fact, it took Isaac’s brain almost exactly a minute to process that the Adonis had used his name. "Isaac Newman?" the man had asked.

"Y-Yes?" Isaac stuttered, his cheeks heating up. Normally he was pretty well-spoken and eloquent. Sure, certain colourful words had crept into his vocabulary of late, but he had still been coherent. Unfortunately, it seemed being confronted with the pinnacle of manhood was too much for him. "C-Come in," he said, before he could even think to say anything else, as the words simply tumbled from his lips.

"Thank you," said the man. He was the spitting image of a gentleman as he came into the apartment. He took off his shoes and set them aside. He stood there politely, waiting for Isaac to take the lead. Isaac did so, but only after he managed to tear his eyes away from the bulging muscles that had reignited the libido his misery had snuffed out.

"Now, I understand that you have had some relationship troubles of late?" said the man, as he took a seat on Isaac’s couch. Isaac swallowed audibly but he couldn’t find the words to respond. He just nodded in response. "Your boyfriend ‘turned straight,’ was it?"

Just by chance he locked eyes with the man. They were a rich, deep golden color that drew him in. He swayed, enchanted. "You can speak to me," said the man. "I won’t do you any harm. Tell me how you feel. I want to help you."

Isaac shook his head and blinked. He took a deep breath and caught a whiff of a delectable scent. It made him feel fuzzy and warm. He took a seat next to the big man and lamented, "He just left me! Just like that!"

As he mustered the courage to speak, to a total stranger, no less, he shook his head and buried his face in his hands. "We were together for four years! We were going to get married! A-and then he tells me that he’s cured? That he isn’t gay anymore? That he doesn’t want to see my faggot face ever again?" Isaac sniffled. "And if that wasn’t bad enough, then I see him going out with that stupid blonde bimbo!"

"Hush now," said the big man, draping an arm around Isaac’s shoulders. He was surprisingly warm and cuddly. Like a big dog. And the rumble of his voice somehow soothed Isaac’s raw emotions. "I get it. It hurts. But this isn’t your fault. It isn’t even your ex’s fault. I know you don’t get it right now, but you will soon, I promise."

Unable to find it in himself to argue, Isaac just nodded and wrapped his arms around the man’s waist. He sobbed quietly, burying his face in the man’s firm chest. The man’s earthy, musky, and incredibly masculine provided him with a strange sense of comfort. It made him feel even fuzzier and warmer inside.

"It’s okay, little guy," said the man, patting Isaac on the back. He gently grasped Isaac’s chin between his thumb and his index finger and tilted Isaac’s head up until they were looking in each other’s eyes. Isaac was nervous as he looked up to meet the man’s gaze, but he felt himself almost melt into a puddle in those warm golden eyes.

"My name is Gabriel," the man said, his voice rumbling through his chest. "I think I can help you solve all of your problems. But to do that I need to help you forget them for a little while. If you catch my meaning…"

"H-How?" Isaac stammered. He got the double-entendre. If it was meant to be that. But it didn’t make sense to him. Why would this man want to have sex with him when there were so many others out there more deserving of it? He figured that if he were on some prank show, this would be the point where the crew jumped out the moment he said yes to reveal that this had all just been a cruel joke.

Gabriel didn’t dignify his question with a response, merely raising an eyebrow and grabbing his crotch. "A-Are you sure?" Isaac mumbled, even though his rock-hard cock would have screamed "YES! PLEASE! FUCK ME!" if it could.

"Yes," Gabriel growled, sending a shiver down Isaac’s spine. All he could do was nod meekly.

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Gabriel was on top of him before he knew it. Isaac squirmed under the big man’s weight, though he was surprisingly gentle. Well, with Isaac’s body, at least. He wasn’t, in the least bit, gentle with Isaac’s shirt. "This smells like your ex," Gabriel growled. "I don’t like it."

With remarkable ease, Gabriel pulled apart the shirt and casually tossed the tattered rags to the side. The pants followed after. Mercifully, Isaac wasn’t wearing any underwear, or he was pretty sure that Gabriel would have torn through it, too.

Gabriel got up from the couch and bundled Isaac into his arms. "Bedroom," said Gabriel. Isaac gave instructions as he was carried there. As soon as they were through the threshold, Gabriel tossed him unceremoniously on top of the sheets.

In a moment of clarity, Isaac asked himself if he really wanted to do this, in the bed that he had shared with Kevin for two years, in the bed that was supposed to be his marital bed. He knew that it was wrong. That Kevin had at least had the decency to take his affairs elsewhere.

But he was also angry. Angry at Kevin for leaving him. Angry at that bitch for encouraging it. And angry at the world for being so fucking unfair.

He decided that he didn’t care how wrong it was. How filthy it was. How dirty it was to fuck another man in this bed. His relationship with Kevin was over now, anyway. Who cared if the bed got fucking defiled?

Besides, he was starting to love the idea of fucking another man. If Kevin ever came back, he could fling it in his ex’s face. It was an uncharacteristic thought, but Isaac felt so good, so warm, so fuzzy that he didn’t care.

He moaned and writhed as Gabriel clambered on top of him. His entire body was aflame with arousal. He didn’t think he had ever been so turned on.

Isaac felt hazy, almost like he was bound up in some spell or trance. But as his eyes glazed over and his thoughts slowed to a crawl through the morass of his mind, one thing that didn’t fail to register was just how big Gabriel’s cock was. And it was pointing right at his face.

He opened his mouth tentatively, licking at the piss slit. He savoured the salty-sweet taste of pre-cum coating his tongue. He slowly became more adventurous. He licked around the head. Kissed it. Mouthed at it. The whole time his arousal rose, his entire body burning up with lust.

He couldn’t resist for long. He felt like his jaw was coming unhinged as that massive piece of man meat slid into his mouth inch by inch. It hit the back of his mouth. He could feel it dripping into his throat. And while he usually would have gagged, he felt his throat miraculously open up to accommodate Gabriel’s size. He moaned as his nose was buried in Gabriel’s bush, the powerful, intoxicating musk driving his libido off the charts.

Lying on his back he didn’t have much purchase to suck Gabriel’s cock, no matter how much he wanted to slobber all over the thick piece lodged in his throat. But it didn’t stop Gabriel. The big man threaded his thick fingers through Isaac’s hair and pumped his hips, sliding his cock in and out of Isaac’s eager throat.

Isaac had given blowjobs before and had been praised for them. But he couldn’t recall any that had given him this much pleasure. Then again he could scarcely think so his memories weren’t exactly reliable. Not that it mattered. Gabriel’s cock pumping in and out of his mouth felt so good he couldn’t think of anything else.

And then, just as quickly as the throat-fucking had started, it stopped. Isaac gasped for air as Gabriel’s cock slipped out of his throat but he didn’t have long to catch his breath. Before he could react he was flipped over onto his stomach, the side of his face pressed against the sheets.

Gabriel’s weight on top of him pinned him to the bed, while Gabriel gathered up Isaac’s arms and held them with a thick, meaty hand, just over his head. Then, he felt it. Gabriel’s massive monster sliding up and down his crack. It was torturous teasing. He wanted it. Needed it. Badly.

Without warning, Gabriel pushed into him. His thoughts, his worries, the misery of the past few weeks seemed to evaporate in a single white-hot moment of rapture. There was a sharp edge of burning pain in the back of his mind as his hole stretched to accommodate Gabriel’s pole, but the agony only served to accentuate the pleasure he felt being split open by the monstrous endowment.

He moaned. Screamed, even. Into the sheets. Isaac’s entire body tensed and arched as Gabriel mercilessly drove his cock into Isaac’s eager cunt. Inch after delightful inch. He felt like he was going to break. Shatter into a million pieces. And yet he wanted more.

The fuck was brutal. Vicious. Primal. It was the rutting of a beast that neither knew nor respected civilization. Isaac felt like his brains were getting rattled around in his head, getting pounded into mush by the furious pummeling his eager hole was receiving.

It was almost like Gabriel’s powerful cock was obliterating his memories one by one. He couldn’t remember his parents, his childhood, nor the shithole school that had tormented him throughout his teen years. He could access no knowledge, form no thoughts. It felt like his brain was being melted into a puddle and he loved it.

After some time, Gabriel’s thrusts lost their rhythm, became more erratic, animalistic, desperate. Isaac didn’t know how long it had been. He had lost track of time. And if he was being honest, he didn’t particularly care how much time had passed. He just wanted more.

And he begged for more. He moaned. Screamed until he was hoarse. He babbled about the obscene things that he would do just to be filled with Gabriel’s cum.

"Oh yeah," said Gabriel, his breathing ragged as he leaned over Isaac to whisper in the bitch’s ear. "Is that what you want, bitch? You want me to fuck you full of my fucking pups?"

Isaac grunted, bucking his hips in time to meet Gabriel’s thrusts. Language escaped him. Thoughts were impossible. He was pleasure. He was a hole. A fucktoy to use however Gabriel wanted.

A final thrust drove Gabriel’s cock deeper into Isaac than Isaac had thought possible. It didn’t come out. Instead, Isaac felt it swelling inside him, particularly around the base. He was already stretched out, beyond his limit. But the cock inside him expanded wider and wider. It locked them together as Gabriel’s grip on his wrist became so tight that he could almost feel his bones cracking from the force of it.

Then, Gabriel leaned over him and sank sharp teeth into his shoulder. A wave of unrestrained pleasure, shuddered through Isaac’s being. His cock, untouched and ignored, blasted cum all over the sheets. The orgasm was so powerful, so intense, that he felt himself slipping. The last thing that he felt before losing consciousness was the sensation of hot cum blasting into his guts, filling him near to breaking.

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