Beach Boy

Hey Pink Fairy. Can you please help? I’m a smart, nerdy, very over-stressed single college student.

I want a boyfriend and I want to not be stressed so much. Is there anything you can do to make my life more relaxing and help me get a boyfriend?

Story Request by @musclelover4826
(Source: @dnamagazine)

You wake up one day with a singular idea burning in your mind. You know, in the core of your being, that you should be studying for your final exams coming up in a few weeks’ time. Your entire future hinges on your doing well. Or at least that’s what you think. But not today. Today there’s an idea in your head that you just can’t ignore. And you have to be honest with yourself, it seems like a pretty good idea.

You need a break. You’ve been studying so hard, stressing so much. You could use some time in the sun, a couple of days having fun. It’s not like the world is going to end in a couple of days. And finals are still a few weeks off. You can afford the vacation. Well, maybe not financially, but in terms of time, you definitely can spare a few days.

You sit up and hop out of your bed. The blankets fall away to reveal that you’re naked with a massive erection under them. Your roommate wakes up and sees your hard cock bobbing in front of his face and he just slaps it away and tells you to "put that thing away before you take someone’s eye out." In the back of your mind you know that he should be freaking out because despite being a good ally, he’s still something of a prude. But it doesn’t occur to you to be alarmed. You don’t even feel worried in the slightest.

You park your butt on the office chair at your desk and pull open your laptop. You get on to a trip planning website and book your tickets. You don’t question the hundreds of dollars that are magically in your bank account, just assuming that they probably came from your parents as an early holiday gift. Even though they weren’t really the type to give cash for presents.

Somehow, you managed to book a flight that is leaving in a few hours. Without bothering to get dressed you pack the essentials. Somehow you know that you’ll have a chance to buy the clothes that you’ll need when you get to your destination, some nice beach down in Malibu. You feel fuzzy and foggy the whole time. Your phone alarm rings before you even realize that hours have passed. Your roommate takes you to the airport and tells you to get back in one piece before kissing you on the cheek, which comes as a bit of a surprise because again, he’s straight and a prude.

As you enter the airport, the fuzz in your head seems to get thicker. You find it hard to concentrate or even think. You look blankly at the many signs around the place for a few seconds before you understand them. It’s almost like you’ve forgotten to read. But instead of being worried at your increasing light-headedness, you find it funny and even arousing.

At some point, though, thanks to an attractive older gentleman who was quite handsy with you while he gave you directions, you manage to get yourself to security. The TSA agent catches the empty look on your face, smirks, and tells you that you’re going to secondary. He’s actually quite cute, and you can’t help but get hard while he frisks you.

You end up giving him a blowjob, your mind pleasantly fuzzy and buzzing with pleasure as he confiscates all of your clothing except for a slutty thong that somehow appears in your luggage. He sends you on your way after, with his cum drying on your face. Your brain gets even foggier as you board the plane, but you distinctly remember thinking that no one thought it was weird that you were wearing nothing but a thong.

As you’re about to take your seat by the aisle next to the fratboy that has been pinching your butt ever since he came up behind you at the gate, a flight attendant comes over and informs you that you’ve been upgraded to first class. She looks at the gentleman beside you and extends the offer to him, as well. You just giggle absentmindedly as the fratboy pushes you along and cops a feel.

You feel vapid and empty and downright stupid. It’s almost like your brains have leaked right out of your ears. And yet somehow it doesn’t feel bad or scary. If anything, it feels nice and fun and relaxing. It’s a great change of pace and it makes your little cock hard, something that the fratboy notices and takes advantage of.

When you get to first class nearly all the hot guys in the plane are gathered there. Most of them are naked and stroking their hot, hard erections. Your mouth starts to water. Your hole starts to twitch. The fratboy behind you strips off and yanks your thong down before bending you over the nearest seat and fucking the ever-living daylights out of you.

As his cock pumps in and out of your tight hole, you feel it shoving out important bits and pieces of your life. Memories that aren’t important. Knowledge that isn’t essential. You can feel your IQ plummeting by handfuls between thrusts and when the cock gets shoved down your throat the loss just accelerates.

By the time you exit the plane at your destination, you’re covered in cum. Some if it is trickling down between your thighs. There’s no question that you’re a slut and you actually like it. You love being a dumb, empty-headed little whore. You faintly remember that you used to be something else, someone more stressed, someone more smart, but you don’t really care anymore.

The frat boy accompanies you to your resort. He gives you another load while you’re in your cab, actually. And he gives you another in front of the concierge, the bellboy, and a couple more fratboys at the beach. You wanted to find some relaxation and a boyfriend. Now you’ll never feel stressed again. And you have a lot of boys who are friends. Maybe it’s not exactly what you wished for, but then again you’re too dumb now to know that.

And it’s not like you ever have to worry about anything ever again. You prove a popular tourist attraction. So much so that you’re given a nice room at the nicest hotel in town in perpetuity. As long as you can bring in clients. Not that you mind. Any dick is good dick. After all, it’s the only thing that you can think of nowadays.

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