International Baccalaureate

I’m so excited! I just got a letter for Hierarch Industries! They let me know I’d be receiving a scholarship for study abroad! All I have to do is visit one of their partners’ offices while I’m there and stay in the dorms they’re providing.

Something about “Forging international bonds, making the men of tomorrow.” I don’t really understand it, to be honest… Point is, I’m going to be in Asia and living and learning all kinds of new things, they say!

Story Request by @dickpoweredwerewolf

You’re a bit apprehensive about this whole thing. Moving halfway across the world to study in a completely different continent is a big step, even for the most entrenched professional. But you are still so excited. Not everyone gets a chance to study abroad without having to worry about the financial details.

You’re greeted at the airport by a rather pleasant gentleman who packs you into a veritable limousine and takes you to the office of one of the Asian divisions of Hierarch Industries. You’re directed to a small out-of-the-way doctor’s office on the first floor, and you suspect this is just a routine medical examination. It’s a bit inconvenient to not be told about this, but you’re already getting a free ride, so you don’t think it would be appropriate to complain.

A doctor enters the room and the moment that you see him, your heart flutters in your chest. He is incredibly attractive, and when he takes a seat behind the table and speaks, you only barely resist the urge to lean forward and sigh dreamily. “Alright, so, as part of your full scholarship to study as an International Baccalaureate student here, at one of our sponsored universities, Hierarch Industries requires you to participate in one of our two programs. The Alpha or the omega program. Do you consent?”

You shiver as the deep bass of his voice thrums through your body, but his words snap you to attention. You don’t want to lose this opportunity, so you say that you do consent. “But do I get to choose which program I participate in?” you ask.

The doctor smiles, reaches across the desk, and pats you on the head. The gesture is so intimate and tender that you can’t help but blush. “I’m afraid that your program has already been chosen for you, and from the data that we have here, it appears that you were selected for the omega program. Now, you will be partnered with an unmated Alpha who will be your roommate for the rest of the term of your stay.”

You’re a bit disappointed that you don’t get to choose, but again you swallow your objections because this is the opportunity of a lifetime. “Alright, well, that’s all for today. We’ll see you in a week to check in on your progress,” says the doctor. Then, he slides a small bottle in your direction. “When you get to your dorm, drink this, please. We’ll know if you don’t. This is an important part of the omega program.”

You eye the bottle suspiciously, but you find that you are powerless to disagree with the doctor. He escorts you out of the office where the driver from earlier is still waiting for you. You hop into the car, a bit nervous about the strange turn that things have taken, but eager to get a bit of rest in after the long, long flight.

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When you get to the dorm, you’re stuck by how modern and beautiful the building appears. None of the seemingly-omnipresent smog of downtown seems to penetrate the pristine grounds that surround the building. The driver lets you out in front and helps you carry your bags into the building and tells you that you’re on the third floor, in room 301C.

You smile at him and thank him. Like the doctor from earlier, he pats you on the head, and you can’t help but lean into the touch. You stare almost longingly after the driver when he drives away, but you shake yourself free of your stupor before too long.

You make your way up to your dorm. When you push open the door, the world seems to grind to a stop. The deep bass rumble of music seems to be in sync with the rapid beating of your heart when you notice the extremely attractive, extremely shirtless man working out in the middle of the common area of suite 301.

He notices you standing there and gets up, a small smile on his face. He walks toward you with such a self-assured swagger that you can’t help but be in awe of his confidence. He comes up to you, scratches the back of his head, and asks, “So you’re going to be my new roommate, huh?”

You swallow, audibly, and nod. “Great,” he says. “Let me help you with that,” he adds, reaching around you for your bags before you can even respond. He picks them up with ease and walks them into the room before calling over his shoulder, “Oh, and they gave you a bottle to drink, right? You should probably drink that right now.”

You forget all about your trepidation. You knock back the contents of the bottle and walk into the room, carefully closing the door behind you and stepping out of your shoes. By the time that you make your way over to the couch, you feel hot and tingly all over, as well as a little bit light-headed.

You don’t feel impaired in any way, but it’s strange. It isn’t until you look at your roommate again that you start to feel horny. You tug at your collar. Your body is hot. Your cock is hard. And your ass feels empty. “You okay?” says your roommate. You didn’t even notice how he came to sit beside you.

“Y-Yeah,” you stammer. “Fuck…”

“See something you like?” he says, with a small smirk, flexing his arms for you. You reach out and touch his bulging biceps and groan. “Come here,” he says, rubbing his crotch openly in front of you. He pulls down the waistband of his shorts and releases his cock. “Do you want this?”

“God, yes…” you breathe. As he leans back, you dive forward. You’ve never felt this horny, this good before. And the taste of his manhood is nothing like you’ve ever tasted. It makes you even hornier, more submissive. “You taste so good,” you mumble, the words muffled by the cock in your mouth.

“You think that’s great?” he says, “wait until I make you mine.”

The promise in his words makes you shiver. You don’t even know why you were nervous about this at all. You’re sure that you’re going to enjoy your scholarship. A lot.

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