The Ideal Jock

Hi Pink Fairy! As my name says, I’m here to become a jock of all trades and be the perfect man for any man.

Today, I was hoping you would shape me into your perfect man. I am at your will and can’t wait to see who I will become.

Story Request by @jock-of-all-trades
(Source: @sexymenonline)

The last thing you remember is falling asleep, safe and comfortable in your own home. What happened between then and ending up drenched in ice-cold rain standing at the intersection of two streets that shouldn’t exist in a dark grey city where the only color appears to be coming from the bright pink neon light on the sex shop that you’re looking at, you have no clue.

You do know that you need to get out of the rain, though, so you walk into the shop. The bell above the door rings, and the moment that you step foot inside, you’re no longer cold, wet, and shivering. A cute twink comes out from behind one of the nearby shelves, wearing nothing but a bright pink crop top, booty shorts, sneakers, and a backwards snapback.

He giggles as he comes up to you and runs his fingers over your chest. “You want to be my ideal jock?” he says, an adorable little smirk curling up the corner of one of his lips. “That can be arranged.” He giggles again and taps his fingers on your sternum. Your shirt disappears, and a warm tingling sensation spreads out across your chest as you feel your nipples get hard.

The twink reaches up and tweaks them both, sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout your body. A haze seems to descend on your mind, slowing your thoughts, making it hard to focus.

The twink giggles again and gropes you through the crotch. Your pants and underwear disappear, and the heat of his touch gets you instantly erect. But you feel a strange sucking sensation and when you look down you realize that your cock has shrunk down into a useless little dicklet. A part of you is distressed at the sight, but your brain is so foggy and you’re so horny that you can’t be bothered to panic. You can only moan as a result.

“Ooooh. There we go. Starting to give in… That’s good!” The Pink Fairy giggles again and wraps his arms around your waist. You feel your stomach firm up, abs popping up under your skin. Your arms and legs swell, giving you thick biceps and thighs.

But the Pink Fairy isn’t quite done. He gropes your ass. Kneading and pulling and squeezing your butt cheeks as they grow large, muscular, and fat. The hot tingling you feel all over your skin is beginning to concentrate in your hole.

The Pink Fairy inserts a finger in your hole. The sheer pleasure that courses through you at that moment makes your back arch and your toes curl. You shout out, bucking your hips back onto his finger as you feel your hole loosen up, becoming more and more sensitive with each passing moment. You quiver and moan and whimper before falling to your knees when the Pink Fairy finally releases you and steps away.

He giggles as you reach behind yourself, desperately stuffing fingers in your hole. Your brain is totally blanked out, entirely reduced to mush by the pleasure surging through your body. The Pink Fairy tosses a nice thick dildo at you and chuckles. “I like my jocks horny, slutty, and desperate, if that wasn’t obvious… Have fun being an empty-headed little cock whore!”

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