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Hey man. Love your work. Is there an Alpha strain of the Bubble Boy Virus ’cause I’m going to the gym more, but I feel cockier and more confident…

I’ve noticed my grades are suffering, but my workouts now focus around my chest and arms.

Story Request by @lovemeatbox

There are many strains of the Bubble Boy Virus, the so-called Alpha strain, which improves body mass, self-confidence, and personal assertiveness, is one of the least studied ones. Of course, none of the Bubble Boy Virus strains are well-studied because they actively avoid being researched by activating in those who look too deep into them, but the Alpha strain is even more so.  That being said, I don’t think that there’s anything that you need to worry about too much.

It’s a shame about the grades, really, it is. But the truth is that they don’t really matter now. Not as much as they used to. Isn’t that right? Whenever you sit down to do some homework or to listen to a lecture, you find yourself thinking about the next time that you can go to the gym and put in some more work on your body. It’s a big distraction. It’s guiding you further and further away from the bright future that you might have once had. But that doesn’t bother you, does it? Pumping iron, lifting weights, feeling the trickle of sweat down the curve of your back, it’s all so much more important now, right?

You’re finding math difficult to do now, probably. Calculations that you once were able to do in your head, you have to use a calculator for now. Or at least your fingers. You used to be able to calculate your change when going for groceries, but now you just stare blankly at the cashier until they tell you how much you’re supposed to get back in change. And you hand them those coins with a lopsided, knowing smirk because more often than not you catch them staring at your rockin’ bod, hidden just underneath a tight shirt that leaves very little to the imagination.

So what if you’re getting dumber by the day? Brains are dumb, anyway. You don’t need smarts to get by in life. You know you’re great. They know you’re great. If you want to make money, no doubt you can find something to do that will get you money. But right now, you’re more interested in building up your body, getting those biceps bigger, that chest thicker. That, and plunging your thick cock into a bubble boy’s fat ass, because there’s nothing more important to your mind right now than sex, working out, and looking great.

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