Mush Is What You Need

I’ve been working out and taking supplements, including something to enhance my butt, with the hopes of becoming a muscle jock himbo with a plump, juicy bubble butt.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Story Request by @johnprmi
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Working out, taking supplements. It’s a good start, himbo. Good job. But from the looks of it, you’ve still got quite a long way to go. Don’t be disappointed. Becoming a himbo isn’t as easy as it might seem. It’s a process! But don’t worry. I’m pretty sure I can help you along. See, one of the big problems here is that you’re still using that pretty little head of yours too much. You still seem way too coherent to be the fucked-out musclebitch jockslut that you’ve always been meant to be.

Your butt is important to focus on, of course, but your brain is the most important part of your body as a himbo. That’s right! It’s a bit counter-intuitive, but what you really need to pay attention to is that lump of meat between your ears. It’s extremely important that if you want to be the fucked out piece of meat that you have always wanted to be that you turn all those brains into unthinking mush. Because let’s face it, himbo, guys won’t be lining up to have intelligent conversations with you.

So the first thing that you need to do is just stop thinking. Whenever you see the TV on the news, turn it off. You don’t want to pay attention to that. Himbos don’t need opinions. They let other men make opinions for them. Better yet, actually, turn the TV to something dull and mindless. Sit there for a couple of hours. Just stare. Just watch. Alternatively put on porn and stroke that cock mindlessly. Give in to the pleasure. Let it melt those brains right out of your ears. Trust me, no one wants a himbo with a fat ass and a sparkle of intellect in his eyes.

Once you’ve got all those opinions, those politics, those thoughts out of your system, what you need to do is really learn by doing. Go out there. Put yourself on display. Make sure that every man that looks at you knows exactly what you are. And if one of them needs help, make sure that you help them in the only way that you should know how. Doesn’t matter if they need help moving furniture. Take them into the alleyway next door, take care of that erection. Use that bubble butt of yours to bounce on his dick like it’s the best thing you’ve ever had up there.

And when you stop thinking about all of this, that’s when you’ll know that you’re ready. So, get started! The world’s already full of empty-headed little sluts like you want to be, but it never hurts anyone if another came onto the scene.

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