Nectar of the Gods

I know you must be getting annoyed with my asks, but I need the Pink Fairy’s help! After sucking my boyfriend off, I felt sick from the taste of his cum and I felt so turned off…

Can you help me so I won’t have any more problems like that? Maybe make me enjoy more than just a cock in my mouth?

Story Request by @davidsp01

Cum is an acquired taste. You knew as much when you blew your boyfriend, when you took his cum in your mouth. You just didn’t expect it would be so horrific. You couldn’t look him in the eye for a couple of hours, and it was pretty clear that he noticed because he couldn’t look you in your eye, either. But what could you do? You tasted what you did? It wasn’t like there was anyone who could wave a wand and magically make everything better.

At least, that was what you thought a few days ago. Something has changed since then, and you don’t quite know what. You just remember waking up in a cold sweat one morning, memories of a sex shop at the intersection of two roads that shouldn’t exist already fading in the back of your mind. There has been a strange itch in the back of your throat since then, and you don’t know what it’s about. At first you thought it was you coming down with a flu, but you feel perfectly fine right now, so it can’t possibly be anything like that.

You don’t figure it out until one evening, you catch your boyfriend masturbating in your room. He doesn’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with what he’s doing. If anything he has this dumb smirk on his face as he tells you how horny he is. Normally you would complain, but today you just can’t bring yourself to. You’re horny, as well. And that itch in your throat is getting worse.

When you set your sights on his cock, your mouth starts to water. The gnawing in your stomach suddenly makes sense. You’re hungry. You’re thirsty. Desperately, you strip off your clothes and jump on the bed with your boyfriend. You’re like a madman when you grab his cock and shove it down your throat. You moan like a cheap whore, filled with pleasure as your back arches and you push your ass into the air while his cock slides as far down your throat as it can.

This is what you’ve been missing. It scratches the itch. But you don’t care about that. You care about how good it tastes. You have never realized how dull your favorite foods are in comparison. Cock is heavenly. It’s the only thing you want to eat now. You moan and whimper and moan and groan as you bob your head up and down between his legs, desperately fucking your face on his fuckpole, degrading yourself to your boyfriend as he chuckles dumbly and calls you names like “bitch,” “faggot,” and “cocksucker.”

You don’t care. You just want his cock. Your eyes almost roll back in your head at the taste of his pre-cum. It’s like your tastebuds are wired directly to your prostate. Every taste of his musky meat sends a shiver of pleasure up your spine and when you feel his cock swell and pulse in your throat you can’t help but shove your nose as far into your man’s bush as you can.

Cum blasts into your throat like a white-hot torrent of the most delicious drink that you’ve ever had. You moan like a total slut, letting the pleasure overtake you, letting it wash away everything that you ever were, everything that you are, and everything that you could have been, leaving no space for intelligence, filling your mind with cum, cum, cum, cock, and cum.

Welcome to your new life, cocksucker. No refunds. But it’s not like you could ever complain with a cock shoved down your throat.

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