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So, my boyfriend and I have a bit of a bet going. You see, I’m a dom bottom and he’s a sub top. He says that we have no place at Hierarch Industries whereas I say that we would be fine.

He seems to think that they will turn him into a dom and me into a sub. Can you help us settle this argument/bet?

Story Request by @braustin
(Source: @adi.gvili)

Your boyfriend is flat on his back on the bed in one of the rooms at the intake clinic. Just about an hour ago, the two of you went in for a consultation. Just as you’d expected, you were the Alpha in your relationship, and he was the omega. He’d been reluctant to take the formula, of course, still believing that Hierarch Industries would have something to say about your “unconventional” relationship, but the technician that had talked to you had reassured him that no, that wasn’t the case.

It feels like forever ago when you were just another mundane human, going about your daily life, keeping the dynamic of your relationship private in the bedroom. But now, you feel better than you’ve ever felt in all the days of your life. Your muscles shine with the sheen of sweat leftover from your transformation, and your body feels tight, light, and powerful. Your abs ripple each time to rock your hips back and forth on your boyfriend’s cock.

You don’t only look and feel better. Your new body is a lot more sensitive, too. It’s almost like your ass has been transformed to extract the most pleasure that it can from bottoming. So much so that your sizable erection hasn’t flagged one moment since you started riding your boyfriend forty-five minutes ago.

Speaking of whom. Your boyfriend had undergone quite the transformation as well. He was bigger, bulkier, muscle bound in just the right way that you liked. And his cock was huge. Bigger than any you’d ever seen before, shaped in just the right way to jab into your prostate every time it slides into you. “Still think we don’t have a place here?” you ask him, with a smirk.

All he can do is moan as you ride him, pinning him down to the sheets under your weight, working your tight ass up and down his slick fuckpole, kissing him all over and making sure that he understands the most important thing about your new relationship. You complete him. He completes you.

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