All Different, All the Same

I’ve always loved the idea of stereotypes of people that are dumb as fuck like jocks, skaters, surfers, strippers, etc… I was wondering if the Pink Fairy could make it so I have to live a different dumb stereotype everyday and have to use it to make a living?

Story Request by @davidsp01

It’s hard. It’s hard not to stare at your reflection in the mirror. You can just stand there, mindlessly admiring your hot new body. It’s also hard. Your cock, that is. Pulsing and throbbing insistently between your legs. It’s so big. So sensitive. Even the gentle caress of your basketball shorts around it are enough to take you to the edge, enough to make your mind blank out even more. Not that there’s much to blank out.

So you’re a jock today. And a pretty fuckin’ dumb one, too. You’ve got memories of this new life. A few ones. Your head just doesn’t work that well, so many of them are a bit fuzzy. The haze in your skull doesn’t help. It’s just so much easier to be hard and horny than doing any thinking at all. And it looks like the only reason that you ever graduated from university is because you were your coach’s favorite slut.

You look at yourself in the mirror, your dull eyes, your backwards cap, and you can’t help but reach up and pinch a nipple. You chuckle, sounding so dumb that it sends a dribble of pre-cum out the tip of your cock. One thing that you can still remember is the first time you changed. You became a go-go dancer. And you’d felt your IQ points ticking down. Your once-brilliant intellect shriveling away to make space for all the important things that a slut needs to think about: cock.

You chew on your lower lip. Your hole tingles. You feel empty. Good thing that there’s a client coming over now. As a jock you’ve been too stupid to do anything but land dead-end jobs, and you’re sick of them. So apparently you’ve taken to whoring yourself out. It’s a familiar scene, by this point. Each life that you lead is dumber than the last, but somehow, you always end up a whore.

Every day starts different, but you’re not sure you’d want to complain that every day ends the same. After all, what’s a better way to cap off a day for an unrepentant, empty-headed little slut like you than to go to bed with an ass full of cum?

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