Magical Obedience Training

Purple Fairy, I take great pride in my training of pups. I strive to be the very best. Not for the prestige, but to help these suppressed pups flourish and grow into the faithful, loving dogs I know they can be for their handlers and owners.

Pup play is very gear-dependent but, really, it can get in the way. Pup personalities vary, and he may not be into leather or latex. The gear is a poor physical approximation of the pup’s mental identity… Thus, I wish my training was so effective that it induced physical changes so at the end, the boy would become a real kemonomimi.

In other words, the boy’s ears would change into dog ears, he’d sprout a real dog tail, and his canines would lengthen a bit. Depending on the pup, he might grow some dainty claws, his penis might attach to his belly in a supple teeth, or his feet might reshape into paws.

All in all, the trainee’s physical appearance would accurately represent the duality of his mental being. So, Purple Fairy, is it possible to bestow such a power upon me?

Beta Patron Request by @trekoid-pr0n
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His New Endowment

Pink Fairy, I love my boyfriend. At 6’4″ and 235 lbs of sculpted muscle, he is my idea of a dream man. And we have a wonderful relationship! It’s just… Well, he is very hung up about the size of his cock.

Given his height, build, and especially his big, thick, muscular thighs, his 5-inch cock isn’t exactly proportional and he thinks he is woefully under-hung. Personally, I think his cock is perfect. It fits beautifully in all the places I like to put it. I actually think it is really hot that this big hunk has kind of a tiny cock…

I hate that he feels badly about this part of himself, though. Is there anything you can do to help him be more excited about the endowment he has?

Alpha Patron Request by @masqulinity
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Enter the Hierarchy

First of all, thank you for everything until now. I really appreciate your work.

Now, to get to the point, to experience humility after having become an Alpha is needed to be a well-rounded person. Therefore, I will give myself to the First Hierarch to become a Hierarch myself and get the next Alpha process to become a more powerful Alpha.

I’m wondering, though… I’ve never seen you at Hierarch Industries and wonder how you got all that information. Are you the First Hierarch?

Story Request by @iets20
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The Key to Submissiveness

Today marks my first day in self-inflicted chastity to learn how to be a better sub. I’m not seeing anyone at the moment, so I don’t have anyone to be my “key holder” for the lock on my cock cage.

I was hoping that Hierarch Industries could point me in the direction of a big strong Alpha that I could serve and obey, who would be willing to help train me to be the best omega that I can be.

Alpha Patron Request by @cam121496
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