My boss is someone that is cocky and arrogant when he was, in fact, just put in his position by his father, the owner of the entire franchise.

Not that I hate him for that, but all the girls get special treatment as long as they show some boobs or tease him and he looks down on the rest of us men at work. I would like him to be turned into a gay power top, but a very short bodybuilder.

It will be funny and hot to see the dynamic at work with him from that point of view.

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Cockiness and arrogance aren’t a good look for anyone in a leadership position, much less someone who was put there not by virtue of his merits, but rather by virtue of his birth. Anyone who abuses their power does not deserve it, but let’s not pretend like it’s difficult to see why. He may be confident and arrogant, but the truth is that deep down he understands that he doesn’t deserve his position, that many other more deserving men and women were passed over for him, and that makes him feel inadequate.

But no need to worry. He actually has the potential to be a good Alpha inside of him. He just needs to shed all the layers of emotional baggage, self-hatred, and bad habits that his upbringing draped over his shoulders. And that, my friend, is where you come in. I’m sure you’ve figured this out on your own by this point, but in case you haven’t, your boss, and other cocky, arrogant men like him, are quite easy to manipulate. You just have to tap into that part of them that so desperately wants to be superior to everyone else, for real.

Your boss doesn’t even decide to book a day off for his “consultation,” and while he normally gets away with anything short of burning the building down, he doesn’t show up for long enough that even his father is fuming. But when he shows up, he is a completely changed man. For one, it looks like he’s put on a good thirty pounds of weight, but in pure muscle mass. You can scarcely believe your eyes, and neither can the owner of the company. Your boss is in a meeting almost the entire work day, and yet when he walks out, he does so with a confident swagger that is completely different from the cocky, self-important, arrogant gait that he used to have.

The women make passes at him, genuinely attracted for once, and not because they know that they can get away with anything as long as they keep him interested, but he doesn’t pay them any attention. One of the sluttier, shameless harlots in the building even feels him up like she used to, but he shuts that down real fast, going so far as to reprimand her for unprofessionalism. He tells her, in no uncertain terms that if she so much as thinks of doing it again, she would be sacked faster than she could blink.

Even so, when he makes his way past you and eyes you up and down, you’re not quite sure how to react. By force of habit you almost dive into your cubicle to hide from him, but you stand your ground. He walks right up to you and shakes your hand. His grip is surprisingly strong, and it lingers maybe a moment too long. “I have to thank you for suggesting that I get myself involved with Hierarch Industries,” he says, “It changed my life. For the better.”

You nod. You smile. You say that there’s no need for thanks. You expect that to be the end of it. But it isn’t. He steps into your personal space. You’re so close to his muscles that your pants can’t help but get a little bit tight in the front. He places one hand on your hip, and the other reaches around to grab a handful of your ass. “Tell me to stop and I will,” he says. You can’t bring yourself to. Not that you want him to stop, anyway.

“Why don’t we get out of here,” he says, a small smirk playing on his lips. You nod and swallow. One of your gay coworkers winks at you as you let yourself be dragged out of the building by your hand. You feel nervous, apprehensive, and excited all at the same time as you take a seat in your boss’ pricey muscle car, but as the ride progresses and he takes the lead in the conversation, you feel more and more comfortable and relaxed to spend time with him.

You notice that he smells so good, smelling better and better with every passing moment. It fills you with a warm tingling heat, makes your mind go fuzzy with want and arousal. You keep your hands to yourself, of course, not knowing if he would want you to distract him while the two of you are on the road. When he does finally park at his place, you can scarcely contain yourself.

You throw yourself at him the moment that you enter the house. Your clothes don’t stay on for very long. The next thing that you know you’re pinned against the wall, your boss’ hands going everywhere on your tight little body. You don’t make it to the bedroom. Instead, you end up fucking like rabbits on the couch.

By the time that you come out of the intense sexual heat that you experienced with your boss, you realize that you’ve changed, as well. You have muscles. Abs. Pecs. You are well-defined, tight, and lean. You feel better than you’ve ever felt before, and while you wouldn’t say that you are feeling confident, you are feeling comfortable with your own body. Not only that, but you are filled with a desire to please your boss, your Alpha, and make him happy.

While this isn’t exactly how you’d thought things might turn out, as you nuzzle into his chest and close your eyes, you’re pretty sure that there’s nowhere else you’d like to be.

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