Hound of War

I’ve stumbled upon your page by accident, but your stories have intrigued me… If I may, and if you’ve any interest in writing such a thought: a collared pup coming to heel at the foot of his military master, cock nestled snug behind the confines of a cage as he’s trained to cum like a proper bitch in heat?

Story Request by @thewhistleblowingtechie
(Source: waybig.com)

Collin had joined the military two years before the government takeover of Hierarch Industries. Under the rule of the Hierarchs, the military was basically redundant. War was no longer an acceptable means of achieving political ends. Unfortunately for Collin, that also meant an end to the treatment that he was receiving at the military for the damage that his service overseas had inflicted upon him. Or at least, that was his fear.

The weekend after the military was disbanded, all the high-ranking officers were called away to attend some seminar sponsored by Hierarch Industries. It was the worst three days of Collin’s life. His commanding officer, Andrew, the man he’d looked up to for his entire stint in the military, on whom he’d been leaning on for much-needed support during the turbulent transition from the old government to the Hierarchs, was gone. Even if it was temporary, it filled him with an anxiety that he almost couldn’t deal with.

When Andrew returned, he was a changed man. Sure, there was some measure of confidence that was required in an officer of the army, but there had always been more discipline there than confidence. No. When Andrew came back, he had the swagger of a man that knew who he was, that was comfortable with himself, and who knew precisely what belonged to him, what he was entitled to, and what he deserved. Collin was almost afraid to approach him, but he didn’t have to worry. Andrew came to him.

That was the beginning of their relationship. The confession was nothing short of jarring. Andrew said that he had always admired Collin for his strength, working through his trauma with every ounce of his being. He hadn’t beat around the bush, and had directly asked him if he wanted to be together. Collin didn’t need a moment to think. He said yes.

That was months ago. Collin was a different man, now, too. He had confidence, yes, but not as much as Andrew. He had learned to find release and comfort in following orders, doing as he was told, and giving up control to someone else. He nuzzled Andrew’s leg as he wagged his butt from side to side and yipped. If not for his Alpha he might have spent years in therapy, trying to figure out a way to solve his problem, but Andrew had known instinctively what he needed from the beginning.

Collin was proud to wear his collar and his chastity cage, even though sometimes he wished that he could paw off and cum on his own. It didn’t matter, though. “Good boy,” said his Alpha, patting him on the head. “Now sit on the dildo.”

Collin yipped and did as he was told. He trusted that his Alpha would never command him to do anything that would hurt him. So he never had to question an order. He followed as soon as he had his instructions. And it felt so good. Not in the least because the dildo grazed his prostate on the way in.

“That’s a good boy,” cooed Andrew. “Now ride it. Like you mean it. Maybe today we’ll get you to cum like the proper military bitch you are…” Collin barked and panted, feeling the arousal building in his stomach. His cock pressed up against the confines of its cage as he bounced his ass up and down on the rigid dildo, which was modeled on his Alpha’s cock.

“That’s right. That’s it. Ride that dildo, bitch,” said his Alpha, stroking the back of his head. Collin threw back his head and moaned as he felt the orgasm spill out of him. It was the first time he’d cum in months, and it felt so good. But he was still horny. There was no relief.

He whined. His Alpha patted him on the head. “Don’t worry,” said Andrew. “You’ll be getting this one, next,” he added, grabbing his crotch.

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