Ifs and Butts

Hey Mr. Pink Fairy! I’ve seen a lot of stuff on your blog about subby toys being turned into Alpha cocks, and it really interests me.

There’s only one problem… My boyfriend is a bottom. When I told him I wanted to be his cock, he laughed and said he’d never use me like I wanted. Would you make me into his butt so I can be used with him forever?

Maybe even make my mouth his hole so I can suck all of those thick cocks he’ll undoubtedly be taking…

Story Request by @kittycockslut420
(Source: @bestpartinaman)

It’s like you’ve caught a virus, a niggling thought in the back of your mind. Of course, you have a lot to worry about like being a functional adult, and making payments on your bills, so it’s not the foremost thought in your head. But whenever you have a moment to breathe, and you can feel your cock stirring in your pants, your mind goes back to those stories that you read, and the desire to be transformed comes forward all over again.

You had wished that your boyfriend would be a bit more supportive of everything, but you also had to admit that he had a point. You had never known him to be a top. Not once in your time together has he even expressed a desire to fuck you. Oh, he begs for your cock a lot, there’s no question. But he never tries to seduce you into spreading your legs for him.

So you amend your wishes. If you can’t be his cock, then you can be his ass. You wait a while, but nothing happens. At least, until one day, you wake up feeling groggy and strange. You try to open your eyes but you find that you can’t. You try to speak, to move, but you can’t do those things either. You try to figure out what’s wrong, but you can’t even remember the last thing that you were doing.

You don’t have long to worry. There’s a fog in your head that’s getting thicker and thicker by the moment. You can feel your cheeks puffing up, your mouth puckering. You feel yourself shrinking and compacting, your bones dissolving into fatty tissue as you are incorporated into your boyfriend’s backside.

The droning buzz in your head gets louder and louder until it drowns out all of your human thoughts. Right now, you’re nothing but an ass. A slutty, eager, boypussy. You’re powerless to do anything as your boyfriend tosses the blankets off of his body and grabs the dildo off of the nightstand and slides it in you, right past what was once your lips. You would moan if you could. You feel so good. But all you can do is bask in the sensation.

With every thrust of that dildo inside you, you feel your human self slipping away more and more. Your thoughts, your knowledge, it disappears, popping like delicate soap-bubbles being smashed by the blunt head of the rubber cock pumping in and out of your face. By the time that you feel yourself clench around the dildo and hear your boyfriend moan as he paints the sheets white, you’re nothing more than a slutty little butt.

It may be for the best. Because you were still going to perform all of the other things that butts perform.

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