So… There’s a guy who owns a ranch about a mile away. He’s in his mid-20’s and we live in a very remote area so there are only a couple of options for groceries. The other day he asked me if I would like to “join him,” whatever that means. What do I do?

Story Request by @unabashedwinnerboi

The first time, you tell him that you can make your own arrangements, and that while you appreciate the concern, you can take care of yourself. He seemed amicable enough to it, but every week without fail he asks you if you want to join him. Eventually, you give in and agree to it. He comes over and picks you up on grocery day.

Truth be told you’re a bit relieved when you finally agree. Times have been a bit tight, and the minor savings that you make from splitting the cost of gas are appreciated. On the way over to the grocery store, you can’t help but notice how attractive your neighbor is, and how good he smells. It’s so distracting that you can barely respond to his questions as he tries to make conversation with you.

If he notices, he makes no indication of it. But after the first time, it becomes much easier to agree to join him for groceries. Each time, you find yourself becoming more and more attracted to him. You’re bisexual to begin with, but as time goes on you find that you’re less attracted to women and more attracted to him and men like him. You find that you can’t find sexual satisfaction unless you’re masturbating to thoughts of being dominated and owned.

It isn’t long before you realize that you’re in love, and not long after that before you confess. To your delight, he likes you too. He asks you to move in with him, and while you’re not sure about it since it’s a big step, eventually you realize that it’s probably for the best. So you pack up your possessions and sell what you can and move in with him at his ranch house which is more than big enough for the both of you.

It’s there that he admits to you that he’s an Alpha, and that, by exposure to his pheromones over the last few weeks, that you’ve become his omega. A small part of you thinks that you should feel violated, but the truth is that you love him all the more for it. You consummate your relationship that night. You don’t think you’ve ever felt as good, as complete, as when his cock is sliding in and out of your tight hole.

You start helping him around the house, taking over for some of the chores while he works out in the ranch. More and more you find yourself losing your modesty until you’re more than satisfied strutting around naked. You’re isolated enough that it’s not a problem, and it certainly gets your Alpha in the mood.

This might not exactly be how you thought your life was going to end up, but there’s nowhere else you can think you would rather be.

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