Body Build-up

Hey, Purple Fairy. I don’t know if you guys work with straight guys or not, but I heard some guys talking about you and I wanted to get in touch. I’m a bodybuilder. I love building muscle and getting bigger. And I’ll do anything I can to grow.

And just know: I don’t have any problem with gay guys! I mean, they love my muscles and I get off on being worshipped. I even work a couple of nights during the week at a gay bar dancing and sometimes bartending.

I don’t mind the customers asking to feel my muscles in return for a nice tip, or arranging to meet for a more private, more naked session where they can really feel my body up. They just can’t touch the junk, because I don’t swing that way and I’m big enough to break any of them in two if they try. But hey…the money I get from them pays for my supplements…and that fuels my growth.

So, as I said, I’ll do anything. Will you help me grow?

Alpha Patron Request by @masqulinity
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The Three MUSKeteers

Pink Fairy, I live with loud douchebag jocks that are smelly and messy. Honestly, I don’t mind that. In fact, I wish that they would stop talking about banging girls so much and focus their attention on me.

Hell, I love my guys big and a bit dirty and perverted. But they’re all so fucking straight that it feels like my only college experience will be with my left hand. So I wish that my three messy roommates will become massive body builders with a dirty crush on me.

Alpha Patron Request by @welan
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