Jock Jumped

So you’re the Pink Fairy? Well if you are, I’ve seen a group of these 3 lean guys, 2 caucasian and 1 tan, and about 18, 19 or 20 y/o. Well, I was wondering if you could work your magic and make then lust for me ;D. 1st one has blonde hair and blue eyes, white, 2nd has brown hair and delicious brown eyes, white, and the 3rd is the same as the 2nd except for the tan.

Story Request by @Cris

Living on-campus had a few drawbacks. The dorms made it near-impossible to get away from the campus life without driving a fair bit. Negatives aside, there were perks, too. For one thing, the campus residence was swarming with more than enough eye-candy to satisfy Timmy’s fantasies.

In particular, there was a group of three freshmen that had just moved in down the hall from Timmy. They were probably around 19 or 20, and seemed to be jocks judging from their lean builds. They were gorgeous as all hell. Scenes that played out all the nasty, dirty stuff Timmy wished he could do to them featured prominently in his dreams.

It was during a dorm social that Timmy learned their names. There was John, with his brown hair, gorgeous brown eyes, and golden tan. He seemed to be the pack leader of the little group’s pecking order.

Neil, who had the same dazzling hair and eyes as John, seemed to be the second-in-command of the group. He spent most of his time tailing John like a lost puppy. Xander, the blue-eyed, blond-haired beauty of the trio, seemed to be content with just being around the other two and looking pretty.

In the months since, Timmy never once saw the boys take a girl home. He knew it didn’t mean anything, least of all what he was hoping it meant. It was just as likely that they were focusing on their studies rather than partying it up and banging everything that moved like most of the other guys.

Still, it was a promising start. It meant that there was a chance that Timmy was right, and that the boys were gay. If so, then there was only the matter of getting them to notice him, because while they seemed friendly enough to everyone, their little group seemed outright impenetrable to outsiders.

Knowing that maybe, just maybe, the three boys were within his reach drove Timmy’s fantasies into overdrive. Every spare moment he had, he spent thinking about the trio and having them all to himself. He wanted nothing more than that.

Obsession led Timmy down dark paths he would have otherwise never even considered. He tried spells and potions and rituals, drawing from occultism to Wicca, to Santeria. He tried them all, but none of them, ultimately, seemed to work.

Timmy was about to give up until he came upon a forum post in some remote corner of the web. It spoke of a powerful near-cosmic entity who granted the most heartfelt wishes of gay men for a price. The entity was called the Pink Fairy, according to the post, and while it seemed a bit farfetched, by then Timmy had nothing else to lose.

Timmy woke with a cold sweat and a foggy head. The last thing he remembered was a dream, and even that only faintly. He remembered a grey city, bright pink neon lights, and the patter of icy rain against his skin.

With a grunt, Timmy sat up, his head spinning. He wasn’t in his room. He was still in the university dorms but he wasn’t in his room. His mind was so foggy, his thoughts so slow that it took him a good minute to realize that he was in a cage, just big enough for him toc crawl in.

"Aww, is the good little bitch awake at last?" said a voice. It took Timmy a moment to put a name to the voice, but it was one that he would recognize anywhere. It was John. A short while later, John crouched by the cage and reached in to ruffle Timmy’s hair.

For some reason, it felt so good to be petted. Timmy let out a little moan. Memories of a life he didn’t remember leading came back to him in a rush. He’d been lusting over the trio not knowing that they lusted for him with near equal intensity.

Hoping that they would notice him, Timmy had started dressing and acting more provocatively around them not knowing that he was pushing them closer and closer to a breaking point. It was only a few days ago when the boys finally took action. They kidnapped him on his way back to his dorm room from class, and had kept him as their pet ever since.

Timmy knew for a fact that those things hadn’t happened, but at the same time he knew that they had. It was strange, as if there were two lives in his head, and it hurt to try and think about.

John must have noticed the look on his face because he said, "Aww, is the little bitch having trouble with his brains?" John smirked and stood up. He was just wearing his underwear, he pulled down and stepped out of, letting his hard cock spring free. He slipped his dripping member through the bars, and said, "Why don’t you suck on this instead of doing any of that dangerous thinking stuff, huh? Wouldn’t it feel better if you just let me and my boys do the thinking for you?"

Timmy had to admit it was tempting. In fact, it was irresistible. His mouth was watering. His hole was twitching. He crawled over to the side of the cage and wrapped his lips around John’s cock, moaning as the musky flavor of it hit his tongue.

Whatever other thoughts he’d had slipped out of Timmy’s mind as he worked his lips down John’s thick cock. It felt so good to just suck. Nothing else mattered but pleasuring John’s cock. He let out a little whine as John pulled away and the bars of the cage prevented him from chasing after that cock.

"Come on. I don’t want to hog you," said John. He opened the cage and pulled Timmy out by the hair. He dragged Timmy to the common room of the suite. Neil and Xander were waiting there, idly stroking their hard cocks.

As soon as John let him go, Timmy crawled over Xander and nuzzled the blond’s balls. His musk was intoxicating, making Timmy’s head fog up even more. "Go on, suck it," said Xander, ruffling Timmy’s hair.

Timmy let out another moan before swallowing Xander’s cock to the root. He squirmed a little as he felt hands on his thighs. Neil had gotten down on the floor behind Timmy and was lying with his cock pointing straight upward. Neil pushed Timmy’s legs apart and said, "Sit on my cock, bitch."

Disobedience didn’t even cross Timmy’s mind. He moaned as he lowered his weight onto Neil’s cock, the blunt head gently spreading his hole open. Inch after inch slid into him until he felt wonderfully full, but it didn’t stop there.

Timmy felt hands on his shoulders as John positioned himself behind him. His hole burned as John’s cock pushed in, right alongside Neil’s. All he could do was whimper around Xander’s cock in his throat as his hole was stretched to its limits.

Before long, John started moving. As he pumped his hips, so too did Neil. The two cocks pushed in and out of him in opposing motions so that there was always one sliding in and one slipping out.

It felt good. So good. It was all that Timmy could think about as he slobbered all over Xander’s cock. In and out. Faster and harder with every thrust. As the pace picked up, Xander grabbed the back of his head and started skull-fucking him, too.

With all of the cocks pounding into him, Timmy could barely even form a single coherent thought. It felt like his brain was being pounded into mush. Drool dribbled from the sides of his mouth as the merciless fucking continued and time lost all meaning.

Timmy moaned and whimpered and groaned until his cock started spurting seemingly out of nowhere. His hole clamped down around Neil and John’s cocks, making them grunt as they filled him up with their cum. At the same time, Xander held him down to blast a load into his throat.

Maybe it wasn’t exactly the way that Timmy had foreseen being with the trio, but it wasn’t like he knew any better once they were done with him.

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