Artificial Insemination pt. 2

Freddie and Vincent finish blowing off some steam before the effort to save the Methuselah gets properly underway. Afterwards, Crewman Michaels volunteers to go on a reconnaissance mission into the quarantined zone.

It was a tired trope by now, the twink with the unreasonably gigantic package, but as Freddie traced the obscene outline that Vincent’s cock made in his flight suit, he realized there was a reason for its staying power.

Vincent’s cock twitched at Freddie’s touch. It was a veritable weapon, and potentially a liability in combat. Indeed, he wasn’t sure how Vincent managed to stay conscious when it looked like all the blood in his body had rushed to the baseball bat swinging from between his legs.

It was a remarkable turn-on. The way Vincent’s meat filled the palm of Freddie’s hand as he slid it up and down along the rigid length was nothing short of exquisite. Freddie had only ever encountered a handful of men who could compare to his endowment and Vincent was a strong contender.

“Just… Just a little helping hand, huh?” Vincent groaned. He was surprisingly sensitive. His back had arched the moment Freddie’s fingers even so much as grazed the lump that his fat cock made in his flight suit.

Freddie pressed his lips against the nape of Vincent’s neck as a smirk curled the corner of his mouth. “Yeah,” he said, “What of it?”

“Captain.” Vincent licked his lips. “You know as well as I do that Officer Simms can and will find something to nag you about,” he said with a light chuckle and a quiet moan, his hips moving their own to grind his ass against Freddie’s erection, which was pressed up against the cleft of his ass cheeks, and his cock against Freddie’s hand.

Freddie slipped a hand under Vincent, taking advantage of the space between the twink’s armpit and the mattress. He curled it around, palming Vincent’s chest briefly before going on a hunt for a hard nub sticking up against the fabric.

Someone on the design team for the flight suits must have had ulterior motives. The damned things fit like a full-body glove. They were incredibly comfortable and easy to move around in—there was no doubt about that—but they were also skin-tight, leaving very little to the imagination.

Freddie’s “search” paid off. He honed in on Vincent’s nipple and caught it between his thumb and forefinger. He “rolled” Vincent’s nipple between his fingers, managing to elicit another low moan from the boy as he said, “And Max has worked with me long enough by now to know that his Captain is one stubborn asshole.”

Vincent pushed out his chest to give Freddie better access and chuckled. “I don’t know, Captain,” he said in a voice husky with desire, “Let me at that asshole and you might be surprised to find that it’s not as stubborn as you think.”

Freddie wasn’t a bottom—far from it—but that wasn’t to say that he was cherry. He could count on one hand the number of cocks he’d taken. In retrospect, every one of those cocks had been around his size or bigger. He wondered if that meant he qualified as a size queen.

But seeing as how his cock had throbbed against Vincent’s ass at the suggestion, the idea clearly appealed to him. “Well, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves,” he said, lightly nipping at the skin on the nape of Vincent’s neck. “Not that I’m opposed to having my ‘gate’ broken down by a battering ram every once in a while.”

“Aww. I was hoping that you’d be cherry, Captain…” Vincent murmured.

The low, gravelly tone of Vincent’s voice was something of a surprise. Hearing it sent a chill down Freddie’s spine. He hadn’t even realized Vincent’s voice could go so low.

Vincent’s cock pulsed in Freddie’s grip, swelling as if to fill every bit of space in Freddie’s palm. “I’m really much more of a bottom, Captain, honest,” he said in that same husky voice. “But I have to admit… Breaking in big muscular sluts is its own pleasure.”

The temptation was intense, Freddie had to acknowledge. Hearing Vincent say those words had ignited a bit of an itch inside him. An itch that only the fat cock he was palming through the silky-smooth fabric of the flight suit could scratch.

“Now that, I’m sure, Max will disapprove of,” Freddie chuckled. It was laughable to think just how far off the mark his mental image of Vincent had been.

He supposed it was silly, in retrospect, to paint the twink as shy and vulnerable when the rumors were that the boy got around his whole ship. Shy people didn’t sleep around that much and clearly, the man in front of him was about as self-assured and confident as a man could be.

Freddie relented on Vincent’s cock for a moment. He slid his hand up along the twink’s flat stomach, enjoying the way that the muscles grew taut as his fingers brushed by.

“I…” Vincent trailed off into a groan as Freddie’s wandering hand found what it was looking for. The seam of his flight suit slid open to accommodate Freddie’s hand. This time, he had no objections to it.

Vincent’s stomach tensed as Freddie’s fingers brushed over the faint definition of his abs on the way back down. “I can be gentle, Captain,” he said with a breathy chuckle, “Breaking in a slut is so much more than just fucking them hard until they’re nothing more than a drooling, blubbering, babbling pile of muscular fuckmeat,”

Freddie shivered. Vincent wasn’t helping. He hadn’t expected such vulgar words from the Junior Astrogation Officer but if they were intended to appeal to his deeper desires, they did their job. The itch inside him only grew stronger.

Vincent gently took Freddie’s wrist in hand as he turned to face him. A smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth as he slid Freddie’s hand lower, licking his lips and closing his eyes briefly as Freddie’s fingers wrapped around his cock.

“Guess what, Captain?” said Vincent, a glint of something dangerous in his eyes. “Sliding into a slut’s pussy and making love to it with long, slow strokes is just as effective.”

Freddie’s breath caught in his throat. His hole twitched.

“I’m thick enough I rub against their prostate the whole time,” said Vincent. “Imagine that, Captain. My fat cock pressing up against your prostate every single blissful agonizing moment.”

Vincent’s hips rolled as he fucked his cock into the loose ring of Freddie’s fingers. His hands weren’t idle, either, once he released Freddie’s wrist.

Freddie shivered as Vincent’s fingers slid down along the curve of his hips and around his lower back. His hole trembled, the itch inside him only getting worse as Vincent palmed an ass cheek and squeezed it.

“Don’t tempt me, Officer Rayburn,” said Freddie with a low chuckle, licking his lips as he tightened his grip on Vincent’s cock. “I can brush Max off, but only to a point. I don’t think he’s above lopping off cocks and sewing buttholes shut.”

Vincent’s hand crept along Freddie’s ass cheek, his fingers dipping between the two mounds of firm muscle so he could rub the twitching pucker in the cleft between them. “It would be a shame to lose this sweet hole, Captain.”

Freddie didn’t hold back and groaned as Vincent teased his entrance. Instead, he tugged on Vincent’s cock with renewed insistence, sliding his fingers up and down over the considerable girth.

“It’d be a travesty if you were to lose this juicy cock, Junior Officer Rayburn,” said Freddie, adopting a more authoritative tone while still remaining fairly playful. “I’ll have to have you written up for gross neglect leading to the destruction of a mission-critical asset.”

Vincent giggled. It was such a sweet sound and yet, somehow, so godsdamned fucking sexy, too. “Well, alright then, Captain. We’ll have to put off exploring your frontiers until the threat of castration has passed.”

Freddie laughed. “That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun in the meantime,” he said with a little smirk. “You’ll just have to do the heavy lifting.”

Vincent chuckled. He pulled his hand out of Freddie’s ass crack and traced his fingers down along the muscular contours of Freddie’s arm. He wrapped his fingers lightly around Freddie’s wrist, encouraging him to go faster. Harder. “I do heavy lifting all day carrying this around with me,” he said with a little smirk.

Freddie returned the smirk. “I’m familiar with the challenge,” he said, confident in how his own endowment measured up.

With a twist of the wrist, he fished Vincent’s cock out of the flight suit. It was a pretty thing, perfectly suited to its owner despite being disproportionately huge.

Freddie angled his hips in just such a way that he could slide his cock against Vincent’s. He had big enough hands that even though they were both thick, he could still hold their cocks together with just one.

Fuck…” Vincent briefly closed his eyes and tilted his head back. His lips parted as a low groan, raw and sincere escaped him.

Vincent’s hips moved, grinding his stiff cock against Freddie’s erection. Their cocks rubbed one against the other, the copious pre-cum leaking out of both of them making everything slippery and just that little bit hotter.

“Let me tell you, Captain,” Vincent said while chewing on his lower lip as he tilted his head forward to meet Freddie’s gaze. “Nothing gets me going more than frotting with another guy’s fat hog.”

Freddie leaned forward and lightly nipped at Vincent’s lower lip. “That’s good, then,” he said. “I want you hot, horny, and eager for me.”

Vincent scoffed. “As if that’s even a question, Captain,” he said with a little smirk. “I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors.”

“That, I have,” said Freddie with a snort. “But I don’t want you thinking about those other men right now. I want you to focus on just me.”

Vincent reached out and cupped the side of Freddie’s face. “Oh, Captain. You don’t need to worry about that,” he said with a laugh. “I’ve waited all this time to do something with you, haven’t I? My eyes are all yours. For tonight, at least. I can’t say I’m an easy stallion to tie down.”

Freddie chuckled. “I wouldn’t want to cage your free spirit,” he said. “Not unless you’re into that,” he added with a wink.

Vincent licked his lips, the look in his eyes absolutely smoldering. “Some days, I am,” he said.

“Something to consider for the future, then,” said Freddie.

“Oh, absolutely,” said Vincent, his voice low and utterly dripping with desire. “This is going to happen again, Captain. And sooner rather than later.”

Vincent planted an elbow on the mattress and from there flipped himself onto Freddie. Somehow, in that one smooth motion to straddling Freddie’s hips with his knees, he managed not to break contact with Freddie’s cock even once.

“Impressive,” said Freddie.

Vincent laughed. “I should hope so. That was one of my signature moves,” he said with a wink. “Now, Captain. Where do you want me? And how?”

Freddie released his grip on both of their cocks and instead placed his hands on Vincent’s legs. He walked his fingers up along the twink’s thighs and then curled them around the boy’s hips. “Ever rode a stallion before?” he said.

Vincent looked down, his gaze meeting Freddie’s. “Is that even a question, Captain?” he said with a smirk. He shuffled his knees forward, his balls dragging over the top of Freddie’s cock as he shifted to get a good angle on his hole with Freddie’s erection.

“You’re right,” Freddie laughed, his cock throbbing with anticipation as he tightened his grip on Vincent’s hips. “I honestly should have known better.”

Vincent grinned down at Freddie as he slid his flight suit off his shoulders. The seam down the middle split further as he pulled his arms out of the sleeves, his smooth skin and slender body almost glowing softly in the light. “You really should have, Captain,” he said with a laugh.

There was a bit of shuffling as Vincent stripped off his flight suit entirely. Not once did his erection flag. Once he was naked, he lifted his hips and reached behind him, his fingers loosely wrapping around the shaft of Freddie’s erection.

“I can get the lube if you tell me wh—” Freddie began, turning his head toward the drawers embedded in the wall next to the head of the bed.

“I don’t need it.”

Freddie quirked an eyebrow. “No lube?” he said. His cock was big enough to be challenging for even the most experienced bottoms. “Are you sure about that? I’m pretty big.”

“That’s the fun of it,” said Vincent. The grin he flashed at Freddie almost bordered on the feral. “Besides. Did you really think I wouldn’t come prepared just in case, Captain?”

Soon after Vincent said those words, Freddie heard lewd, wet squelching. He realized after a moment that Vincent was fingering himself with his free hand, and using three, at that.

“Always be prepared, Captain,” said Vincent with a light laugh. “Words to live by. Though, I think my interpretation is very different from what little star scout Vincent would have had.”

Freddie chuckled. “That suits me just fine,” he said.

“And just in case you’re curious, Captain…” Vincent trailed off as he leaned down to whisper in Freddie’s ear. “I have a Star Scout uniform in my quarters. For educational purposes, of course.”

“Hah. Of course.”

“Ready, Captain?” said Vincent. His eyes glinted in the light, excitement and anticipation evident in his expression.

Freddie couldn’t deny that he was looking forward to this, too. He’d felt Vincent’s throat already. He couldn’t imagine how much better Vincent’s ass would be.

“You don’t even know how ready I am,” said Freddie with a smirk. “But I’ll bet you have some idea,” he added as he deliberately flexed his cock.

Vincent chuckled and licked his lips, his eyes lidded with desire. “Oh, I can feel it,” he said as he slowly lowered his ass onto Freddie’s cock. There was some resistance as the blunt head of Freddie’s erection spread his ring open but not a lot.

Freddie tilted his head back and groaned as his cock sank into the yielding, velvet heat of Vincent’s asshole. The younger man’s inner walls gripped him like a vice, almost pulling him deeper inside.

Vincent wasn’t kidding when he said he was prepared. Freddie slipped deeper into him with relative ease. His hole was slick and tender, accepting inch after inch of Freddie’s considerable length.

It didn’t take long before Freddie bottomed out. He was buried to the hilt. His entire cock had been swallowed by Vincent’s sweet ass. He was lucky he’d already come because he wasn’t sure he would have been able to last otherwise.

Freddie’s hips moved on their own. He was supposed to be letting Vincent do all the work but fuck. How was he meant to resist the tight heat of Vincent’s hole? It was impossible. He might as well have tried to bleed a stone.

A desperate groan bubbled up from his throat. He bucked against Vincent, grinding his cock into the junior astrogation officer’s incredible fuckhole.

Fuck, Captain,” Vincent groaned. He rolled his hips, too, bucking and grinding against Freddie’s cock, inviting it ever deeper into his hole. “So fucking big. Gods. You fill me up so good, Captain.”

Freddie’s fingers dug into the meat of Vincent’s round ass as his cock pulsed in the grip of the younger man’s hole. “I’m just sorry I can’t fuck you into the bed,” he practically growled.

Vincent licked his lips. Sweat beaded on his forehead. “There’ll be time for that, Captain,” he said.

“If we survive,” said Freddie. “But for now… Be a good little hole, won’t you? Daddy’s big fat cock needs more of that sweet ass.”

“Daddy, huh?” said Vincent with a quirked eyebrow before leaning down to catch Freddie’s lips in a deep, passionate kiss. He pulled away a minute or so later, eyes smoldering. “I’ll be a good little hole for you, Daddy. Don’t worry.”

Freddie sucked in a sharp breath as Vincent’s hole tightened around his length. The boy fit him like a glove. It was as if this ass was made for him. And the sensation of that velvet grip as it moved up and down his shaft was nothing short of ecstasy.

He could have tried to keep still while Vincent bounced on his cock with increasing vigor but it would have been an exercise in futility. Every time that sweet ass pulled off of his cock, there was one overriding instinct that gripped him, and that was to thrust right back into that delicious heat.

Freddie’s hips moved on their own. He bucked. Vincent bounced. The bedframe was made of metal and bolted to the floor and the wall but even so it didn’t take long before it was creaking. So much for avoiding strenuous activity.

“Turn around,” Freddie panted. “I want to see that fat ass bouncing on my cock.”

“Is that an order, Captain?” said Vincent with a grin.

Freddie returned the grin as he tightened his grip on Vincent’s hips. “That’s a fucking order, Junior Officer Rayburn.”

“Yes, Sir!” said Vincent. He stopped for only a moment to turn around and quickly got back to bouncing his ass on Freddie’s cock. He even leaned forward to give Freddie a better look.

Now that is a slut that knows how to cater to a man, Freddie thought to himself with a little smirk.

He smacked one of those fat, round ass cheeks. The sound was sharp and the impact was crisp. That delicious round bubble butt rippled from the point of contact.

Freddie palmed both of Vincent’s ass cheeks. He spread them with the heels of his hands, sucking in a sharp breath as he watched that soft hole gripping his cock every time Vincent raised his ass.

“Fuck it,” Freddie muttered to himself. He knew he was going to catch flack from Max over this but he couldn’t hold back. Not when such an irresistible hole had just been presented for him to use.

“I hope you’re prepared,” Freddie growled as he tightened his grip on Vincent’s ass. “I’m about to execute a ramming maneuver.”

“Oh, fuck, Captain!” Vincent cried out at the sharp thrust. Not that it was enough to make him lose his rhythm.

Freddie grinned. He could tell Vincent would be able to take him. That was good. He didn’t know how well he could hold back once he got started. In all likelihood, he wouldn’t be able to hold back at all.

He went hard from the start and Vincent matched his energy. It didn’t take long before they were both grunting like animals, their naked bodies grinding one against the other as they chased their pleasure.

Freddie pumped his hips with abandon. Max was probably going to have words with him for going against medical advice but Max was just going to have to live with it. Vincent’s ass was too fucking good to not enjoy.

Plap. Plap. Plap. The rhythmic slapping of skin against skin filled the air. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Vincent’s gorgeous ass. The mere sight of that big, fat bubble was enough to send fire through his veins.

Feral instinct overtook rational reasoning. Freddie was possessed with the urge to drive his cock as deep into Vincent’s warm hole as he could.

Every thrust was harder than the last. Freddie wanted to plunder. He wanted to conquer. And no matter how hard he went Vincent took him with no problem.

It didn’t take much longer for the two of them to lose themselves to the pleasure. They grunted, growled, moaned, and mewled like animals.

Vincent bucked against Freddie. Freddie rutted into Vincent. The air was thick with the scent of sex and musk, their bodies covered in a thin sheen of sweat.

Things reached a fever pitch. Freddie’s sharp, staccato thrusts faltered from their steady rhythm. Tension coiled inside him. His cock strained and pulsed and throbbed, his balls pulling up against his body.

“I’m close,” Freddie growled as he tightened his grip on Vincent’s hips.

“M-me too,” Vincent moaned, his voice hoarse, his back dripping with sweat. The moment he said those words, his ass clenched even tighter around Freddie.

It was almost too much. Freddie tilted his head back and groaned, pumping his hips with abandon. He brought himself closer and closer to the edge. “I’m coming,” he said breathlessly. “I’m fucking coming. I’m gonna breed your fat fucking ass!”

“Yes!” Vincent mewled, his hole clamping tight around the considerable girth of Freddie’s cock. “Gods. Yes. Please, Captain! Fill me up! Knock me up! Put your load inside me!”

Freddie managed just two more ragged thrusts before he came. Every muscle in his body tensed, his back arching off the bed, his toes curling. It was one of the most intense orgasms he’d ever had, his mind nearly going white from the sheer agonizing ecstasy of it.

Vincent came then, too. His inner walls clamped down tight, fluttering around Freddie’s length to milk every last drop from him. A long, low moan spilled from him as his thighs and ass wobbled.

“Fuck,” Freddie muttered as the two of them came down from the high of their mutual orgasm. “Max is gonna fucking kill us.”

Vincent lifted his hips with a groan. Freddie’s cock slipped out of him with a lewd wet pop and a gush of thick white cum moments later. He turned around and grinned at Freddie. “Worth it,” he said with a wink.

“Come here,” said Freddie as he patted the mattress beside him.

Vincent obliged, curling up beside Freddie with his head resting on Freddie’s sweaty chest. “But I don’t think Officer Simms would kill me… I was just following orders, after all.”

“Oh?” said Freddie, cocking an eyebrow as he turned to look at the top of Vincent’s head. “Little fucking traitor. I should punish you for that,”

“Yeah?” Vincent looked up at Freddie with a grin. “What’re you gonna do, Captain, throw me in the brig?”

“That’d be too light of a punishment for you,” said Freddie as he brushed his fingers along Vincent’s flank before reaching down to grab the twink’s ass cheek. “I was thinking impalement would be a more suitable punishment.”

“Oh no… Please don’t impale me, Captain, Sir…” said Vincent in a playful, sing-song voice. “I’ll do anything you want…”

Freddie chuckled and grabbed Vincent’s wrist with his free hand. He guided Vincent down to his cock, which was half-hard again barely ten minutes after coming. “I can think of a few ways we might be able to benefit each other, Junior Officer Rayburn,” he added with a smirk.

“I’m sure you can, Captain,” said Vincent, licking his lips as he wrapped his fingers around Freddie’s fat cock. “I’m sure you can.”

The tension in the air was so thick that Defense Crewman Abe Michaels could have reached out and touched it. No one was talking. And it didn’t seem like anyone was breathing, either.

The silence was eerie as Abe made his way down the hallway. The place felt like a haunted house. He was so used to having people around it was unsettling not to see at least one or two other crewmembers walking around.

Abe jumped when his earpiece crackled. Enoch’s voice came through a moment later. “You are now approaching the edge of the buffer zone, Crewman Michaels. Please conduct your final safety and equipment checks as you come up on the airlock leading to the quarantine zone,” said the AI.

“Hey guys?” said Abe as he got eyes on the airlock door in question. He hadn’t even known that section of the hallway could act as an airlock, though he supposed it made sense for entire sections of the ship to be able to be sealed off in case of emergencies.

“We’re hearing you loud and clear, Michaels,” said Officer Maxwell. “Is everything alright?”

“I know I volunteered for this shindig and all, but are we sure we can’t go back to that drawing straws idea?”

“Look at this jokester.” It was the Captain’s voice that came through next. “We appreciate your bravery, Crewman. Keep safe out there.”

“Hey! Don’t death flag me, Captain!” Abe complained with a laugh. He would have been lying if he said he wasn’t nervous but he understood the importance of his mission. He also had to admit that it was pretty intimidating to be the only rank-and-file crewman in a group of commissioned officers.

“My bad, Crewman,” said the Captain with a laugh. “I’ll make it up to you. We’ll have a cold drink and a hot meal waiting for you when you get back.”

These guys! Abe thought to himself as he shook his head. He drew his weapon and walked up to the airlock door. “I’m ready, Enoch,” he said.

Since the ship’s internal sensors were either dead, going haywire, or disconnected, and all the remote-controlled drones were somehow disabled, Enoch was mostly blind in the quarantine zone. The gun was nothing more than a precaution. It was the hope that Abe wouldn’t have to use it.

The door hissed as the pneumatics and the isolation pumps cycled. While the airlock was in the process of opening, Enoch spoke. “As a reminder, Crewman Michaels, there are unexplained pockets of electromagnetic interference in the quarantine zone. Should you find yourself in such an area, there is a high likelihood that communications with the bridge may be cut off.”

“Yeah, I know,” said Abe. “I remember the briefing.”

“I will try to keep an eye on you as best as I can with the cameras, but coverage is spotty at best. Extra caution is advised. Help or reinforcements will be delayed even in the best case.”

Abe nodded. “I get it,” he said, stepping through the threshold once the airlock door opened. From inside the airlock, he could see out to the quarantine zone.

This far out at the edge of the quarantine zone, things looked pretty normal. At least, they did until he spotted a cloud of what looked like glowing dust just hanging around in the air.

“I thought you said life support systems to the rear of the forward crew section had failed, Enoch,” said Abe. “There’s pretty clearly still atmo in there.”

“That is correct,” said Enoch. “The life support systems are presently disabled but the atmospheric seal is still intact. Without sensor data, I cannot determine whether the atmosphere in the quarantine zone has been altered by the alien infestation.”

“So keep my helmet and respirator on until we know the air isn’t going to kill me, got it,” said Abe. It wasn’t a long walk to the next crew section but he could already tell it wasn’t going to be a short journey.

His breath hitched in his throat as the outer airlock door began to cycle. “Wish me luck, guys,” he said, taking the first step into the quarantine zone.

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