Corrupted Co-Dependence pt. 15

Vayne’s got two more artifacts to test with Cathas’ help and it just so happens that one of them is better enjoyed in pairs. He gets to have some fun of his own while continuing to show Cathas just how good it can be to give in to the desires of his body.

"Artist" wasn’t a word Vayne would use to describe himself. He was always more of a warrior. A soldier. But there were times when he wondered whether he’d simply misplaced his calling. This was one such occasion.

Before him was the runemaster of the Order, akimbo and vulnerable, exposed to the indulgence of his hungry gaze. The light shed by the spelled stone on his nightstand cast the ridges and valleys of his body in stark relief.

Cathas’ body was softer than Vayne’s. He was lean, yes—and well-developed as most men of the order tended to be—but he lacked the hard definition of those that belonged to the more militant of the Order’s regiments.

It was only to be expected. Cathas was a man dedicated to his craft. Runelore was his life, this humble domicile in a corner of the Fort, his world. He had no time to spar or endlessly swing the sword in pursuit of martial perfection.

Not that Vayne had any desire to disparage Cathas in the acknowledgment of these facts. All they did was give reason to the younger Brother’s slight and slender frame.

Vayne licked his lips. Ever since he embraced the hellborn and their ways, he was hard-pressed to call any male body unappealing. And Cathas was far from ugly in any objective sense of the word.

His gaze raked hungrily over Cathas’ body. The thin layer of sweat that covered Cathas shone in the light from the nightstand. It accentuated the way that Cathas’ muscles moved as he humped his rigid cock into the air.

After his thwarted orgasm and his frustrated attempts to reach the release that remained stubbornly beyond his grasp, Cathas had released his cock to rut against the air as if somehow such a fruitless thing would help. Not that Vayne could blame the man.

His Brothers in the order were quite sheltered. Little surprise when the Scriptures abhorred sex out of wedlock and discouraged the exploration of anything even faintly adjacent. They often had no relationship with their bodies, and even when they did it was often instinctual and burdened with guilt and self-loathing.

The Brothers’ inexperience and naïveté made them ripe for exploitation. Vayne would have felt bad if it didn’t make his wicked work easier. And besides, there was just something delectable about breaking a man’s innocence. He could hardly get enough.

In any case, Vayne had little to complain about regarding Cathas’ fruitless attempts to chase his orgasm. It allowed him to take in the sight of those round ass cheeks clenching and unclenching as Cathas rocked his hips—that trembling, newly-deflowered hole winking with every thrust.

Truly, the male physique was god-given. There were many things from his old faith that Vayne no longer held sincerely, but in this much, he could agree with the Scriptures. No work of art wrought by the hands of man could hope to compare.

He knew it amused Azzagg to no end, his belief in man’s divine provenance. The hellborn preferred to believe that people arose from nature, the result of countless eons of gradual change. He never could wrap his mind around the concept, not when masculinity itself was proof of the divine.

The male body was an opus—a masterpiece. More perfect imperfection, Vayne had never known. The notion that it had all transpired by chance beggared belief, as far as he was concerned. Such beauty, he was convinced, had to have been the work of the divine.

"B-Brother?" Cathas’ strained voice drew Vayne’s attention back to reality.

"Yes, Brother?" said Vayne, a small smirk tugging at his lips.

He turned his attention to Cathas’ cock. The younger man’s stiff arousal bounced with every vain thrust. The length glistened in the light, pre-cum dripping liberally from the tip in narrow strands flung through the air by his desperate humping. The very sight was enough to make Vayne’s own cock throb in his breeches.

A low moan escaped Cathas as he lifted his ass further into the air, his face buried in a pillow. "Y-you were so silent I wondered if I had somehow missed you taking your leave. I-it would have been remiss of m-me as a host not to see you off," he said.

Vayne chuckled. Such a flimsy excuse stood no hope of deceiving him when he could smell Cathas’ need in the air. Not that it was necessary to do so; it was just as obvious in the way that Cathas’ bucked his cock against the air.

"My apologies, Brother. I was miles away," said Vayne.

"W-what were you thinking of?" said Cathas, a groan spilling out of him as his hand returned to his cock, the rhythmic squelching of every desperate stroke filling the air.

"Ah. Well. I was but reflecting on the beauty of the male form, Brother," said Vayne. "Yours especially, Brother Cathas."

The bed creaked as he shifted closer to Cathas. He set the dildo down on the mattress beside him and with his free hand palmed the runemaster’s supple cheeks. He spread them apart with the heels of his hands, exposing Cathas’ slick, well-fucked hole to the air.

Vayne smirked. It was such a pretty sight. He rubbed his thumb over the pliant rim of Cathas’ entrance. It had been virginal but a few minutes ago, vicelike in its tightness. Now, it twitched like a hungry maw, plainly desperate to be filled and stretched again.

He gently pressed his thumb against Cathas’ hole. It yielded to him with ease, eliciting a needy whine and a shiver from the man in question. Cathas was a born bottom if Vayne had ever seen one. One taste of cock—not even a real one—and already so desperate for more.

The little squeak that escaped Cathas was nothing short of adorable. "B-Brother Vayne!" he said, somehow managing to sound scandalized through the desperate need in his voice. "T-to say such things—! A-are you not worried at all of being caught b-by the Knights Censor?"

"What things, Brother Cathas?" said Vayne, in the most sickly-sweet mock-innocent voice he could manage. He stifled a laugh as the tips of Cathas’ ears—which peeked out from where he’d stuffed his face in his pillows—turned scarlet.

"S-such untruths, B-Brother—Nnnh!—Vayne!" Cathas managed through gritted teeth as Vayne’s thumb slipped back inside him.

Vayne chuckled. He had pegged Cathas as having low self-esteem from the first. It was cute. And plenty useful for his purposes. "Untruths, Brother? I said no such thing unless you mean when I suggested…"

A muffled whine escaped Cathas.

Vayne didn’t give him the chance to mount a protest. "When I suggested that your body was beautiful?" He chuckled. "I assure you, Brother. I spoke no word of a lie. Light strike me down should I be dishonest."

A pregnant silence followed. It was as if Cathas were waiting to see whether the Light would, indeed, strike Vayne down. Funnily enough, despite the quiet, Cathas’ hips did not falter in their rocking. The runemaster’s warm velvety heat rode the length of Vayne’s thumb, the entrance fluttering and clutching at the digit as if hungry for more.

"Y-you can’t say s-such indecent things, Brother!"

A low, protracted moan sounded out of Cathas when Vayne removed his thumb and replaced it with his index and middle fingers. As he pushed both digits inside Cathas with relative ease and curled them to massage the younger Brother’s prostate from within, he used his thumb to rub slow circles around Cathas’ taint.

It had the desired effect. Cathas writhed from the pleasure. His balls drew up against his body, his cock swelling and pulsing in time with the thunderous beat of his heart. He bucked and mewled, his cock bouncing and straining as if in the throes of orgasm—and yet not a drop escaped.

"I’ve said no such thing," said Vayne. "What is so indecent about admiring the male physique that the Knights Censor would brandish the hammer of judgment at the mere suggestion of it, Brother?"

Cathas whimpered as Vayne’s assault on his prostate continued unabated. That he managed any words at all was a surprise and a testament to his innate willpower. It was just a pity that such willpower was like putty under Vayne’s expert ministrations.

"T-the Scriptures are p-pretty—Nnnh!—pretty clear, B-Brother," Cathas panted, his legs trembling from the pleasure wracking his body. "A-a man m-must not have eyes for a w-woman that is not h-his wife. F-for in so doing h-he dishonors her h-husband if she is wed—a-and tarnishes her purity a-and perverts her virtue if her father h-has yet to give her away."

Vayne laughed. He remembered the passage quite well. Twisted as it might have been, he used to take solace in those words, using them to justify why he felt no attraction at all to the women that he came across on his missions.

"I-it is b-bad enough to do to a woman, Brother… B-but to a man! A-a fellow Brother, no less!" Cathas tossed his head back and moaned, his whole body practically shaking with need. "T-the Church is p-pretty clear about m-men being with men, Brother!"

A smirk tugged at the corners of Vayne’s mouth. This was leading to ground they’d trod already, but he had no complaints. It would be useful to continue chipping away at the foundations of Cathas’ faith. "And you’ve never had eyes for one of your fellow Brothers?"

A muffled groan escaped Cathas.

Vayne grinned. "You’ve never passed by the training yard? Never seen a Brother with his brow and arms glistening with sweat? Never stopped to admire them from afar before continuing with your day?"

Cathas turned his head to the side so Vayne could hear him clearly. "I-it was wrong of me to do, Brother!" he gasped as Vayne pressed down on his prostate. "I-it was a perverse and shameful thing to do! I-I sullied their honor with my gaze. A-and I wronged the Light in so doing…"

A frisson of pleasure coursed through Vayne. He could smell the guilt woven into the sweet scent of Cathas’ need. The man was so delightfully repressed. "And were you aroused by the sight of them?"

Cathas nodded, squeezing his eyes shut as a breathy moan spilled from his lips. "E-exactly, Brother! L-lust wound its w-wicked tendrils around my h-heart and m-my l-loins—Nnnh!"

"And when you looked upon me?" said Vayne. The corner of his mouth curled in a devilish little smirk. "When I roused you from your slumber and you saw my bare body before you. Did you feel the same way?"

"Light preserve!" Cathas breathed. "Y-yes, Brother. I ached for you as I’d never ached before! I-I am sorry…"

Vayne slipped his fingers out of Cathas and leaned forward, grabbing the runemaster by the chin to look into his eyes. He cracked a grin and said, "For what? Besmirching my virtue? Sullying my honor?"

Cathas nodded.

Vayne laughed and cracked a grin. "I don’t feel sullied, Brother. Indeed, I am honored by your desire. That the mere sight of my body rouses yours, in turn, makes me feel…" He leaned in to whisper the words in Cathas’ ear. "…powerful."

Cathas visibly shivered. "T-truly, Brother?" he said almost breathlessly.

Vayne nodded as he pulled back. "Does gazing upon my male form feel bad? Or does it merely feel wrong because of what Scripture has taught."

"I-it feels good, Brother!" said Cathas, his mouth hanging open for a moment as another thwarted orgasm wracked his body.

Vayne chuckled. "Then how could it be wrong?" he said. "Mireillor created our bodies in his image. If he is worthy of reverence and admiration, does that not also mean that we are?"

Cathas’ eyes widened. "I-I… I had never considered that…"

"Of course not," said Vayne with a little smirk. "The time we spend in the Order fortifies us against the threat of the darkness, but it also blinkers us to the things accepted as the truth by those who live outside our walls."

He spread Cathas’ ass cheeks with his thumbs and leaned in, allowing the heat of his breath to waft over the slight gape of Cathas’ entrance. It quivered in response, trembling with need and desire.

"The Scriptures are not infallible, Brother," said Vayne. "They are useful as a guide but we must make our own judgments—whatever the hierarchs of the Church might have to say about that notion."

He picked up the dildo he’d set aside and rubbed the smooth stone rod against Cathas’ ass cheek, drawing a soft whine from the younger man. "Remember this, Brother? So convinced were you that it was wrong and wicked and yet…"

"It was so good…" Cathas moaned, completing the thought without prompting.

"Precisely," said Vayne. He pressed a kiss against Cathas’ ass cheek. "The Scriptures were clearly wrong in that regard. Why could they not be in this one?"

"I-I… P-perhaps you have a point, Brother…"

"So I say you should not feel remorseful or guilty about letting your gaze wander," said Vayne as he shifted his attention to Cathas’ trembling hole. "Admire our Brothers however much you want. Their bodies were made in the image of Mireillor, after all. To revere them, I think, would be a form of worship in and of itself."

Without waiting for a response, Vayne dove into the cleft of Cathas’ ass. He slithered his tongue into the velvety heat of the younger Brother’s hole and savored the earthy taste of him.

Vayne hoped his suggestions would take root in Cathas. He wanted to see the fiery-haired, green-eyed young man stalking the grounds of the Fort, hungrily eyeing the men of the Order.

If Cathas could further entice some of those men into indulgence, then all the better. The faster the corruption spread through the Brothers, the easier it would be for Vayne to strike a final, decisive blow to throw open the gates and welcome his Master back into the world.

Vayne licked his lips as he resurfaced. Cathas had tasted so good he’d spent a longer time eating him out than he intended. Not that it was a bad thing. A sloppy, gaping hole was a pretty sight.

"I-I had always thought that the phrase ‘talented tongue’ referred to rhetoric and nothing else…" Cathas moaned breathlessly. His legs were trembling, his knees weak from the pleasure Vayne had visited upon his hole.

"I certainly hope I have disabused you of the notion," said Vayne as he kissed the younger Brother’s ass cheek.

Cathas nodded. "T-Thoroughly, Brother. B-but I feel so…empty…now," he whined.

Vayne chuckled. "You need not sound so disappointed," he said. "As you recall, we’ve a few more artifacts to test."

The prospect seemed to energize Cathas. He shifted his legs, planting his knees firmly on the mattress. He arched his back, ass sticking enticingly in the air.

Vayne saw the display and chuckled to himself. Cathas was definitely a natural. It was a good thing that he’d come along at the right time. It would have been such a shame for the world to be denied so eager a butt slut.

"I-I am ready, Brother," said Cathas. Excitement was evident in his voice—not that Vayne had to search for it there when Cathas’ body was so obviously flaunting his eagerness.

Vayne chuckled. "I should hope so, after all the trouble I went through to get you prepared," he said as he leaned over to grab the stone rod that he’d shaped to have a cock head at both ends.

If he’d had more time, he would have paid more attention to the length of rod between the two cock heads. He’d have given it the form and shape of a long, veiny cock shaft. He’d had to settle for giving it a few small ridges for texture.

"Here it comes, Brother. Open up." Vayne grinned as he pressed one end of the rod against Cathas’ hole. It was somewhat thicker than the first dildo, the sculpted cock head fatter and shorter for a delicious stretch around the crown.

Cathas’ fingers tangled in the sheets as he moaned into his pillow. His hole yielded easily to the stone cock, opening up to engulf the head.

A low whine issued from Cathas. The pitch rose as the pressure Vayne was applying increased. Cathas reached his loudest and shrillest as his hole stretched around the crown of the stone cock head before fading into a moan as the whole head popped inside him.

"T-this one is bigger than the last, Brother," Cathas panted. "I-I know not how it fit."

Vayne chuckled, relishing the groan that he elicited from Cathas as he slid a few more inches of the double-ended dildo inside him. "You would be surprised how much a talented hole can take, especially one as eager as yours," he said. The dildo they were playing with didn’t even come close to being as big as Azzagg’s.

Licking his lips, he undid the laces of his breeches and slipped them off. He tossed them toward the foot of the bed, his cock aching as he got on his hands and knees.

Vayne had been working so hard getting Cathas to join him on the side of depravity. It was about time that his efforts were at least somewhat rewarded.

Turning around so that his ass-end was to Cathas, Vayne leaned back and grabbed the other end of the stone dildo. Almost a third was seated firmly in Cathas, which helped keep the rod in place despite all the jostling as Vayne moved into place.

Looking over his shoulder, Vayne guided the other end of the stone dildo to his own hole. He grunted as it pressed up against his pucker, its surface slick with lubricant from the enchantment he’d placed upon it.

He backed onto it, groaning as it stretched him open. It was far from the biggest he’d taken but it still took some effort to spread his tight hole around the fat head. At the same time, the other end slid deeper into Cathas, drawing out a quiet whimper.

"B-Brother, what are you…?" said Cathas, trailing off into a low moan.

Vayne grunted as the head popped inside him. He could feel the crown rubbing against his hole, making his cock jump. "Bear down on it, Brother," he said as he continued to shift backward, working his ass down the stone shaft. "Squeeze it with your insides."

Cathas’ soft mewling was like music to Vayne’s ears. "T-this feels so strange, B-Brother!"

Vayne laughed. With the resistance Cathas was providing, he could more effectively slide himself onto the other end of the dildo. "It may feel strange at first, Brother, but…"

Cathas gasped and jumped when Vayne’s ass cheeks touched his. The dildo jolted inside of them, drawing moans out of both.

It just so happened that in flinching, Cathas managed to ram the head of the stone cock right into Vayne’s prostate. Stars swam before Vayne’s eyes, his cock dripping pre-cum onto the sheets below him as a hoarse cry was torn out of him.

Vayne’s chest heaved with ragged breaths. It took him a few moments to regain his composure. When he did, he licked his lips. This whole endeavor was turning out to be more pleasurable than he’d expected and he was enjoying himself.

Picking up from where he’d left off, he continued. "But if I am right, which I think I am, it shan’t be long before this becomes as second nature to you."

Vayne licked his lips. "You were born for this, Brother Cathas."

"T-truly, Brother Vayne?" Cathas moaned. Vayne could feel the other man shiver through their pressed-together ass cheeks.

Vayne grinned. "Truly." He was ready for the next step. He clutched the sheets to brace himself. "Do it again, Brother. Bear down on the rod. Squeeze it with your inner walls. Try to push it out."

Cathas grunted. "A-am I doing it right, B-brother?" He sounded almost breathless from the effort—as if he’d wound his whole body tight like a bowstring.

Vayne’s back arched. The rod slid into him. It went slowly at first, and then faster and with greater force as Cathas pushed against it with all his might.

The feeling of being filled was like a drug. He didn’t think he could ever have enough. He reached for his cock and stroked himself, moaning as he relished the ribbed body of the stone dildo rubbing against his ring.

"You are doing wonderfully, Brother," Vayne groaned once the dildo had settled inside him. "Now, relax. Let me pass it back to you."

He moaned long and low, his back arching as he pushed against the dildo buried in his ass. It slid out of him, slowly at first and then faster and more forcefully as it reached the point where he could control the muscles better.

"I-it’s so deep, Brother!" Cathas moaned out loud once only the head and an inch or two were left inside Vayne.

"All that means is that you are doing a fantastic job, Brother," said Vayne, his body tensing in anticipation of receiving the dildo back. "Now give it to me!"

A high-pitched whine escaped Cathas. "H-here, Brother! T-take it!" he said, the strain evident in his voice as he pushed the dildo out of his ass and into Vayne’s.

"Light!" Vayne muttered as he fell forward onto his forearms. "Fuck. That feels so good. Wouldn’t you agree, Brother?" he said under his breath.

"I-incredible, Brother," Cathas groaned.

The dildo went back the other way, eliciting a high-pitched whine from Cathas as it buried itself in his guts. There was just something so incredibly intimate about what they were doing. It was hot in the filthiest of ways.

"L-Light preserve! T-this is perverse, B-Brother Vayne!" Cathas cried out, practically mewling as the dildo slid back the other way. This time, however, Cathas’ hips rocked back with it, bouncing and grinding against Vayne’s ass and shoving the dildo even deeper as a result.

Vayne groaned, falling further forward so that his chest was resting against the mattress. He clutched the edge of the bed frame and rolled his hips to meet Cathas’ movements, pushing the dildo out of him and back into Cathas’ eager body.

"W-who ever said that perverse is a bad thing?" Vayne managed through gritted teeth.

It was as if a dam had broken. The moment Cathas started moving his hips instead of staying still and using just his inner muscles, there was no going back.

They rocked and bucked against each other. Their asses smacked with every thrust, bouncing off of each other. Their moans filled the air, unrestrained as they passed the dildo between them, fucking themselves on the double-ended stone cock.

"D-does it feel good?" Vayne said, his voice jolting and shaking as the two of them picked up the pace in their pursuit of pleasure.

"Y-yes, Brother!" Cathas practically shouted. "O-oh, Light, my nipples!"

Vayne bit back a laugh. He chewed on his lower lip and moaned, pushing off of the bed to lean back on his knees. He didn’t have as much leverage in his new position, but it changed the angle of the dildo in such a way that there was a marked increase in the desperation in Cathas’ moans.

"P-perverse things aren’t evil," Vayne said, his voice shaky from the exertion. "Perverse i-is a word used b-by the hierarchs of the Church f-for things that they don’t like!"

Cathas moaned. "S-surely they wouldn’t be so petty… F-fuck, Brother! Light! T-this is incredible!"

Vayne shook his head—not that Cathas could see. "They would be," he groaned. "T-they are a bunch of o-old and bitter men w-who forsake a-anything p-pleasurable and b-beautiful."

"Y-you say this as if y-you know them, Brother," Cathas moaned.

"I-I have met them," said Vayne. It wasn’t a lie. He had met some of the Church’s hierarchs. He just didn’t know if his description was accurate—though judging from how fervently they preached the Scriptures, he had to wonder if he was wrong.

Cathas was quiet for a moment. The only noises that came from him were little whimpers as he bucked against Vayne. "T-that sounds sad…" Cathas moaned after some time. "H-how could they t-turn away from s-such wonderful feelings?"

Vayne grinned. He could tell that Cathas’ confidence in the institutions of the Mirellian Church was crumbling. "T-they are blind, Brother!" he moaned. "They see their grand cathedrals and marble halls and think that is all the world. B-but not us…"

Cathas moaned. "N-not us. Not since you opened my eyes, B-Brother!"

Their rutting reached a fever pitch. Vayne could feel the familiar tension of orgasm building inside him. With every smack of his ass against Cathas, he was pushed closer and closer to the edge. He was ready to blow and he did not doubt that Cathas was, as well.

"T-then do you still think this is wrong, B-brother?" Vayne asked. He could practically taste that Cathas was close.

"N-no, Brother!" Cathas cried. "I-it can’t be wrong!"

Just a little more. It was within his reach. Vayne slammed his ass with all his might against Cathas. "Why?" he moaned.

"B-because it—Nnnh!—Because it feels! So! Good!" said Cathas, thrusting his hips back against Vayne with great urgency.

"T-that’s right, Brother!" Vayne moaned, meeting Cathas’ bucking blow for blow with equal desperation. "Come, brother! Come and celebrate your new revelations!"

Vayne felt Cathas shudder through the dildo buried inside both of them. He felt the clenching and unclenching, the fluttering of Cathas’ inner walls transmitted through the stone rod.

It was enough to send him over the edge. Both of them came hard. Their cries echoed in the loft. Vayne’s cock blew thick ropes of cum that sailed past the edge of the bed and he was sure that Cathas had made just as much of a mess behind him.

Cathas and Vayne lay next to each other, their chests heaving. Vayne’s ass ached. Part of him wanted to get back to using either of the dildos he’d created but there would be time enough for that later.

"What is this for, Brother?" said Cathas, lifting the last of the toys Vayne had made into the light. It was the bulb-shaped toy.

Cathas’ fingers were hooked around the flared base, the neck that connected it to the bulb sticking out between them. While the neck was narrower than the bulb, it wasn’t narrow like the stem of a wineglass. It was about as thick as Vayne’s thumb was.

"However much I look at it, I cannot seem to make sense of it," said Cathas.

Vayne chuckled and rolled over onto his side. He reached between Cathas’ legs, pleased when the younger Brother spread them without prompting.

He brushed his fingers against the thick stone ring cinched around Cathas’ cock and balls, which elicited a low groan from the man in question. His hand went further and he grasped the base of the first stone rod, which Cathas had placed back inside him after they rode the two-headed one.

Vayne slid the first dildo out of Cathas’ hole and waved it in front of the Brother’s face. "You feel empty now, yes?" he said.

Cathas nodded.

"Well, I doubt that you could wear this all day," said Vayne with a laugh. "This, however—" he plucked the plug out of Cathas’ fingers, "—you can wear inside you for however long you might like."

Cathas moaned as Vayne pushed the plug inside him. It slipped in with little resistance, settling nicely between Cathas’ cheeks.

"See?" said Vayne. "It is secure and discreet. Perfect to keep your hole filled until you can use your toys—or find someone to fill it for you."

Cathas smiled at Vayne. "You truly are incredible, Brother. You have thought of everything!"

Vayne chuckled. "I prefer to say that I have had a lot of experience."

Cathas’ cock twitched. "I should hope that as I share with you what I know of runelore, you would likewise share what you know of these pleasures that I have been so blind to."

Vayne grinned. He grabbed Cathas by the back of the head and pressed their lips together. He hungrily explored Cathas’ mouth with his tongue until they had to part for breath. "It would be my pleasure," he said.

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