Corrupted Co-Dependence pt. 20

Vayne wraps up Brother Galad’s training, making sure that he never forgets his rightful place at the foot of their soon-to-be hellborn overlords.

Vayne licked his lips. As many times as he had seen it, both after his surrender to his Master and since he’d returned, the sight of a broken man sprawled out before him had not lost any of its appeal.

The long-standing rivalry aside, Galad was a handsome fellow and he was made all the more handsome by the ropes and globs of cum that had splattered his face. He lay there with his back on the floor, his chest rising and falling with deep, even breaths.

Now seeing the results, Vayne couldn’t help but think that leaving Galad’s tunic on had been the right decision. The darkened splotches of cum on the otherwise pristine fabric were a pleasure to see.

Like most garments worn by the Brothers on the day-to-day, Galad’s shirt was made of coarse linen. It was meant to be kept clean. Washed after every use, soaked in lye, and then hung up in the sun to bleach and dry. The garments were coarse as to remind the Brothers of the virtues of humility and austerity, and they were bleached white to symbolize the modesty, purity, and chastity expected of them.

To see the tunic stained and sullied in so perverse a manner… Words didn’t suffice to express the profound sense of satisfaction that Vayne felt. He had to bite back a moan as his cock pulsed, as if it were pleased with what he’d managed to accomplish.

Vayne wasn’t done with Galad quite just yet. He had little doubt that Galad would throw wide the gates were the hellborn host to suddenly appear beyond the walls, but whether that would remain true even after he left would come down to reinforcing Galad’s acceptance of his new role.

He loosely wrapped his fingers around his cock, sliding them along his length as he took a moment to admire Galad. Though he’d only just come, he remained as hard and aroused as ever—a perk of the miracles that Master Azzagg’s hellborn seed had wrought on his physiology.

Galad was hirsute for a Brother of the Order, one of only a handful as far as Vayne knew. That much was obvious from the hair on Galad’s legs, but was made much more apparent by the wiry bush around the base of his cock—and the thick mat that peeked out from under the bottom hem of his tunic.

Men around these parts were of the smoother variety, born hairless from the neck down, or near enough that they liked to remain shorn—for lack of a better word. A pelt as dark and as dense as Galad’s was all but unheard of. Vayne himself had never wanted for a razor a single day in his life.

He suspected that it had something to do with the Northron blood in Galad’s veins. It had been some time since he and Arthur were told of Galad’s roots. The topic was a bit of a taboo, especially among Brothers and squires who came from nobility, but a concerned Rector had informed the two of them so that they might understand why Galad was the way that he was.

If Vayne had his facts right, Galad was the bastard son of a baron of middling prospect who had fallen briefly in love with a baseborn Northron refugee that had taken up a job as a maid in his house. Though he hadn’t understood what any of this had to do with Galad’s drive for acknowledgment at the time, it made much more sense now, in retrospect.

Vayne licked his lips. While he preferred smooth men, it wasn’t like he had anything against hairier men. If anything, he thought there was a certain appeal to a hirsute man, a primal…wildness…that spoke to the beast within.

Intellectually, he knew that having body hair did not make a man more manly, but it certainly felt that way. Perhaps it was that musk clung more strongly to hairy men, or perhaps it was that their distinctive masculine scent was made more potent by the sweat caught in their hair.

A smirk tugged at the corner of Vayne’s mouth as he hooked the bottom hem of Galad’s shirt between his big toe and the next. He shifted his chair closer, if only so he could lift Galad’s shirt hem higher.

A pelt of black hair covered Galad’s stomach, denser toward the middle, and all but opaque on the treasure trail to his bush. Globs of cum were caught in the coarse hairs, glistening faintly in the light.

Vayne licked his lips as he released the hem of Galad’s shirt and moved his toe down. He dragged it over the ridges and valleys of Galad’s stomach, which drew taut at his touch. He pushed down with the balls of his foot, matting down the hairs with the mess of cum that he and Galad had made.

To the sound of Galad’s quiet moaning, he worked the cum into Galad’s belly fur. He rubbed it in, spreading it as much as he could with his foot. He imagined it would reek once it dried, the scent of it clinging to Galad for the rest of the day.

Vayne’s cock twitched. He could imagine it already. Between the cum, the sweat, and the stink of sex and exertion, Galad was going to smell like the floor of a third-rate bordello.

He’d seen his fair share of those. Not the real thing, of course—he’d never had much reason to, in the past. He’d seen the imitations built by the hellborn, waded through the muck of such establishments on quite a few occasions.

As seedy as those places were—figuratively and literally—they were considered quite respectable among the hellborn. They weren’t ashamed of their sexuality, and only those with true mettle and dedication could serve to please the rapacious desires of the men who came to such establishments.

Vayne very much doubted that those kinds of places had the same sort of respect in the human world—not when the predominant faith emphasized chastity and modesty. Now that he was thinking about it, however, the taboo was part of what made the idea hot.

He’d worked at one of those places at his Master’s behest. He remembered the night fondly, the sheer pleasure of it all. He couldn’t help but wonder if it might not have been made all the more arousing if the patrons weren’t respectable hellborn but rather the dregs of society.

Vayne turned his attention back to Galad. It was such a pity that he was likely to be gone by the time that the smell of Galad would be at its most potent. Ah, well. Needs must. There would be other opportunities in the future if his plan worked as he intended.

A smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth. “How do you feel, Brother?” said Vayne.

“Like a man remade anew,” said Galad, a tinge of awe in his voice. He was staring up at the ceiling, red-faced and wide-eyed, his spent cock slowly stiffening despite his having come mere minutes ago.

Vayne chuckled. “It can be like that sometimes.”

Galad sat up, bracing his elbows against the cold stone floor—though it was probably less cold now that he’d spent some time lying on it. “It feels as if a great burden has been lifted from my chest, Brother,” he said. “As if the weight of the world has somehow slipped from my shoulders.”

Vayne licked his lips. “It can sometimes be difficult to see the chains that bind us until they are broken, Brother,” he said with a grin, “Now you are free. To do whatever it is that you might desire.”

Slowly, a grin crept across Galad’s face. He looked up and met Vayne’s gaze. “I meant what I said…I wish to drag you all into the depths with me.”

Galad grabbed Vayne by the ankle, shifting Vayne’s leg down so he could grind his stiff cock against Vayne’s foot. “All of you who looked down on me, I want nothing more than to reach up and pull you into an abyss of filth and depravity.”

A low moan escaped Galad as he rubbed his sensitive cock head against the sole of Vayne’s foot, leaving a streak of glistening pre-cum. “Light help me,” he whispered, “I can think of nothing else. I want us all to sink so deep into degeneracy that the Light might never reach us again. You and Brother Arthur most of all.”

Vayne chuckled. Galad had always been somewhat holier-than-thou, but to hear him speak in this manner… It gave Vayne a profound sense of sadistic glee.

He rubbed his cock up and down, groaning under his breath at the pleasure that pulsed through him. Nothing felt quite as good as taking down a holy man, robbing the Light of yet another devotee. “I think that you should find that difficult—as concerns me, in any case,” Vayne said with a smirk.

Galad frowned as he took Vayne’s other foot in his hand. He put them together, sole to sole, more or less, and slid his slick cock into the space between them. He fucked the hole that the arches of Vayne’s feet made, his cock poking out between them with every thrust.

“I think you’ll find, Brother Vayne, that I can be obstinate in my determination,” said Galad. “You’ve known me all these years. I’m sure you’re aware of just how persistent I can be.”

There was a glint in Galad’s eyes, a resentment and eagerness that Vayne found to be nothing short of delicious. “Oh, I am well aware, Brother,” said Vayne with a grin. “You’ve been a thorn enough in my side all this while.”

Galad’s expression twisted, a smirk tugging on the corner of his mouth. “You may think yourself above it now, Brother, but you will plummet from your mountain peak. You and Brother Arthur both.”

Vayne chuckled. “Him, you may yet dethrone—indeed, I encourage it, Brother—but not me.”

Galad’s gaze turned sharp. “And what makes you think yourself so mighty and untouchable, Brother?” he said.

“Because I am already in the pit,” said Vayne with a chuckle as he stroked his cock. Pre-cum dribbled over the backs of his fingers, his arousal pulsing through his loose grip. “Did you think that the hellborn were idle while they had me in their clutches? Did you think that they threw me in the corner of some dismal dungeon and forgot all about me?”

Galad’s eyes widened, his hips briefly going still. “What do you mean, Brother?” he said, his cock twitching. There was a tinge of intrigue in his voice—a morbid fascination with what Vayne had just implied.

Vayne chuckled. “What did you think?” he said with a smirk. “They took me. Laid claim to me. Showed me pleasures unlike any I had ever known—such pleasures that I would sign my soul to them and willingly partake in my own degradation.”

He moved his feet up and down Galad’s cock, pressing them together to make for a tighter hole to fuck. “You said you would never betray the Order to the enemy, Brother? You already have. You say you would drag me into the muck? Who do you think kicked you into it, in the first place?”

Galad couldn’t help but moan, his hips soon bucking on their own. “Y-you’re in league with the enemy?” he said under his breath. He seemed conflicted—alarmed at the prospect but also aroused by the thought.

Vayne laughed. “I am the enemy,” he said. “My soul belongs to them, as does my heart, mind, and body. I am as good as hellborn, and it is my every intention to bring these precious walls and wards of yours crumbling down around us.”

Galad moaned. “B-Brother, to speak such treasonous things in the presence of a Knight-Captain… The Knight-Captain of the Knights Protector, most of all…”

Vayne pushed Galad’s cock down with one foot and used the big toe of the other to trace the side of Galad’s cheek. “It would be a shockingly brazen display—if I were speaking to the Knight-Captain of the Knights Protector,” he said with a smirk.

He smacked Galad across the cheek with his foot. The sound of the impact was crisp. “But I’m not, am I?” he said with a smirk. “I’m talking to a simpering bitch. A filthy, feet-fucking, toe-slurping, degenerate doormat.

Galad was silent. His cheeks took on a tinge of red that quickly spread to the tips of his ears. Shame, humiliation, and arousal shone in his eyes before he dropped his head to fix his gaze on Vayne’s foot and his cock sandwiched between the sole of it and his stomach.

A quiet groan escaped Galad as his cock inched back and forth through the space between Vayne’s foot and his belly. His hips had started to move again—on their own, Vayne could only assume, judging from the look on his face.

“Do you deny it, Brother?” A near-feral grin split Vayne’s face as he watched Galad desperately fuck his foot—as he savored the pitiful little moans that spilled from Galad’s lips.

There was a moment’s hesitation. Then, Galad shook his head. Of course, he didn’t. How could he, when the evidence was as stiff as a steel rod and grinding against the sole of Vayne’s foot?

Vayne chuckled. He moved his foot off of Galad’s cock, leaving the man to helplessly buck into the air while he leaked copious amounts of pre-cum. He toed Galad’s hefty sack and smiled; those balls were still quite full, thanks in no small part to his influence.

“Get on all fours, Brother,” Vayne barked, delivering a light kick of his foot to Galad’s jewels as he did so.

Galad jerked from the pain, his hands curling protectively over his balls as he rolled onto his side and groaned. “W-why should I have to do what you say, Brother?” he whispered through gritted teeth.

Vayne leaned forward in his seat and chuckled. “What sort of stupid question is that?” he said. “Of course, you must. For I serve our new masters directly. And you are but a new thrall-to-be that I’ve turned and corrupted.”

A smirk tugged at the corner of Vayne’s mouth. “One would think that you of all people, would see the value in hierarchy.

Galad flushed, a quiet moan on his lips.

“Must I spell it out?” said Vayne with a quirked eyebrow. “Well, perhaps I should. I’ve known you to be a man of adequate ability, but given the state you’re in, I can’t help but wonder if you haven’t taken leave of your intelligence.”

The red on Galad’s cheeks darkened as his cock visibly twitched. “I-I’m sure that’s not necessary, Brother,” he stammered.

“No, no, I should. I want to make things clear so that there should be no question about the pecking order,” said Vayne, the glint of something dangerous in his eye.

“At the top are our hellborn masters, of course,” said Vayne, holding his hand up with folded fingers. He lowered it in steps as he went through the rungs of the hierarchy.

“Under them are their bonded servants—such as myself.” Vayne gave Galad a wry little grin. “Below those are the toys and pets. Then, the puny men who futilely resist the yoke of hellborn dominion…”

Vayne lowered his hand as far as he could without reaching and said, “And down at the very bottom, less than the dirt we all tread upon, is you. Right where you belong.”

Galad whimpered, his cock visibly pulsing with his arousal. He rolled his hips, bucking this erection into the air. “Y-you’re right, Brother,” he gasped as pre-cum trickled down the underside of his cock. “O-of course you are. H-how could I have been so blind?”

Vayne smirked. “It’s hardly your fault, Brother,” he said. “Pathetic bitches such as yourself aren’t kept around for intelligent conversation. Now, will you do as you’re told?”

“Yes, Brother Vayne,” Galad said almost breathlessly.

Vayne chuckled. It was rather satisfying watching the big man scramble onto his hands and knees. He’d had Galad at his mercy for some time now, but looking down his nose at the man made him feel imperious. Powerful.

It reminded him of how he must have looked, so soon after his own breaking. He licked his lips, cock throbbing with the memory. He’d managed without Master Azzagg so far, filling the void inside him with the perversions that he’d visited upon his Brothers and the squires.

Remembering those early days, however, had brought back a rather fierce yearning. He craved the humiliation and degradation that only Master could inflict.

Chewing on his lower lip, Vayne tipped Galad’s chin up with his toe. He looked into his fallen Brother’s eyes, a sadistic sense of glee pulsing through him. Since he couldn’t have Master, he’d have to take out his frustrations on Galad.

“Remove your shirt, whore,” said Vayne, his tone dark and rich with hunger. A frisson of arousal curled through him at the slight widening of Galad’s eyes, the quiet moan that spilled from Galad’s parted lips.

“Y-yes, Brother,” Galad all but whispered. He leaned back, grabbing the bottom hem of his shirt with crossed arms before pulling the linen tunic off his body in one smooth motion.

Vayne licked his lips, watching the way that the muscles of Galad’s torso rippled. Particularly delectable was the pair of firm slabs of meat welded onto Galad’s chest—the coarse pelt of dark hairs plastered to skin with sweat.

The smell of Galad’s musk thickened with the shirt out of the way, especially when he raised his arms. The dark, wiry nest that sprouted from his armpits made the scent only more potent. If Vayne hadn’t had other plans, he’d have shoved his face in there to savor the sheer masculinity oozing from Galad’s pits.

“Much better,” said Vayne with a little smirk, “Now, turn around. You’re far from a homely man, Brother, but I can think of a far more appealing view of you.”

The tinge of pink that stained Galad’s cheeks at the comment was priceless. A nod was all that he could manage as the blush spread to the tips of his ears. But he did as he was told, without so much as a moment’s hesitation.

Vayne licked his lips. Suffice it to say, Galad didn’t neglect training his lower body. Those corded hamstrings and sculpted thighs were a sight for sore eyes, to say nothing of the toned, round bubble butt perched atop them.

“Perfect,” Vayne all but purred. “Now, Brother,”—it was hard to imagine that he could have said the word with any less sincerity than right then—“Why don’t you push those fat tits of yours right into the floor.”


Vayne had never heard Galad sound so scandalized before. After everything they’d done, this was where the big man drew the line? It would have been laughable if it weren’t so predictably sad for a man raised in the Order.

“I-I do not have breasts, Brother,” said Galad. He tried to sound indignant, but that was never going to work. His cock was so much more honest than his words could ever be.

“No, you don’t. You have tits. And if you know what’s good for you, Brother, you’re going to mash them into the floor like I told you to.” Vayne smirked. “That’s it. Nice and deep. I want you rubbing your nipples on the masonry.”

A low groan spilled from Galad’s lips as he did as he was told. The sculpted landscape of his back shifted as he lowered his chest to the floor, his shoulders turning as he swung his arms out over his head.

“Shift your knees wider apart. Push your ass into the air. As high as you can get it.” There was a delicious satisfaction in getting to order Galad around like this. The man had been enough of a thorn in Vayne’s side over the years that this was something of a cathartic moment.

Galad didn’t make for a bad sight, either. He was an attractive man with an attractive body. And now, given proper instruction, he was showing off his assets in a way that was most pleasing.

“Reach back. Grab your ass cheeks. Peel them apart. Spread that ass as wide open as you’ll fling the gates to Fort Radiance when our hellborn masters arrive outside,” said Vayne.

A low, keening moan spilled from Galad’s lips as he did what he was told. His body trembled as his thick fingers dug into the meat of his muscular ass, the dark, sweaty cleft between those hairy cheeks spreading open as he pulled his cheeks apart.

It was a gorgeous sight, Vayne had to admit. He had his preferences, but he could appreciate a hairy hole as much as the next man. He scooted his chair forward, the wood faintly squealing as it dragged across the masonry. He stuck his leg out, toes splayed as he rubbed his big toe up and down along the crack of Galad’s ass.

It was wet, slick, and hot. He could feel the coarse hairs against his skin, and then the twitching and pulsing of the tight hole nestled inside that crevice.

“Even the lowest scum who serve the hellborn must have a skill,” said Vayne, his cock pulsing with excitement as he rubbed his big toe back and forth over Galad’s hole. “What use would we have for you, otherwise? But you needn’t worry, Brother. I’ll teach you a useful little trick.”

Vayne teased Galad’s rim with the tip of his big toe. The quiet little moans that spilled from the big man’s lips were simply delightful. “The hellborn hail from climes much warmer than ours. I’m afraid  they might find our world uncomfortably cool…”

Galad turned his head to the side. “S-surely there’s something we can do about that, Brother?” he said.

“Of course. But leave the big picture to those who are able. Your purpose ought to be keeping them comfortable,” said Vayne with a smirk. “I daresay their feet may end up being quite cold in our world, and I think you can help keep them warm.”

“H-how is that, Brother?” said Galad, his cock bobbing between his legs.

Vayne chuckled. “You’ll see, Brother,” he said. He set his foot down and slid off his chair, kneeling in the space between Galad’s spread knees. He placed one hand on Galad’s hip and with the other, started rubbing his index finger in teasing circles around Galad’s rim.

It was a pity he didn’t have one of the toys he’d left with Cathas. He didn’t have the benefit of runes on his fingers to make them as slick as the stone phalluses that he’d rammed into Cathas’ virgin hole but his time with the Runemaster hadn’t all been wasted.

With his power only growing the deeper corruption seeped into the Order, Vayne could put what he’d learned to use. All it took was a spark and a little hellborn magic and—

Galad’s entire body went stiff the moment Vayne touched his finger to the trembling pucker. The tips of Galad’s ears had never been redder as he groaned out: “B-brother Vayne, g-get away… I-I think I’m a-about to s-soil myself…”

All of Galad’s efforts to hold in what he thought was unpleasantness were for naught. He fought the urge valiantly, but he was never going to win that fight. His hole clenched tighter and tighter until, suddenly and with little warning, all the tension that had built up was released.

Thick, musky slick gushed, bubbled, and spluttered out of Galad’s hairy hole. It glistened in the light, matting down the coarse hairs of Galad’s nether regions.

It was slippery like nothing else, but viscous and clingy all the same. It spilled down the inside of Galad’s thighs and dripped off his furry balls, pooling on the stone below him, and it reeked of masculine musk.

“W-what is this, Brother?” Galad moaned, fresh slick gushing out of his hole in copious amounts. There was so much of it that it coated the inside of his thighs in a thick layer. “W-what have you done?”

Vayne chuckled. “Nothing big,” he said with a laugh. “Just a small enchantment to make things easier.”

Without wasting any time, he slipped a finger inside Galad. The slick did its job. There was barely any resistance as he sank into the tight heat.

Vayne curled his finger, lightly scratching back and forth over that special button deep inside Galad. The way that the big man mewled at the stimulation was nothing short of delicious, that hole clamping down around his finger as if it never wanted to let go.

A second finger went in without any trouble, and then a third. It was impressive how well Galad took him. He wasn’t a slight man, by any means. His fingers were far from delicate. Three at once was a respectable size and Galad’s hole yielded to him with barely a hint of resistance.

“You were born for this, whore,” said Vayne with a smirk. He fucked his fingers into Galad, twisting his wrist with every thrust. The way that velvet heat fluttered around his fingers was incredible. It made him want to sink his cock into it, but now wasn’t the time.

“L-Light preserve,” Galad moaned. “W-why does that feel so good, Brother?”

Vayne laughed. “Did I not just tell you? Keep up. You were born for this. No matter what Scripture might tell you.”

Galad nodded, his eyes glassy with pleasure. “I see that now, Brother,” he mewled. He pulled his cheeks further apart, pushing his ass higher into the air. “I should be grateful that you taught me the truth about my purpose.”

“You should be. I could have left you to languish in an unfulfilling life as a respected and influential member of the Order. But does it not feel so much better, being treated like the scum of the earth you were always meant to be?”

Vayne stretched his fingers apart, working Galad’s hole open for him. It would have to be looser than this for what he had in mind, but it didn’t look like it was going to be difficult to get it there.

Three fingers turned into four, Galad groaning all the while. Desperate little noises fell from his lips, his mouth hanging open as he drooled against the floor. “B-brother, isn’t that too much?” Galad moaned.

Vayne chuckled. “Is it?” he said with a laugh. “There’s no such thing for a slut like you.”

It didn’t take long until Vayne had five fingers inside Galad. He’d imagined that it would take a while to get to this stage but he was glad to be wrong. He licked his lips, knowing that soon enough he’d have Galad ‘s heat closed around his knuckles.

“Nngh… Brother… You’re going to break me!” Galad gasped as his hole stretched wider and wider around Vayne’s hand.

Galad must have felt like he was getting split in half but the pressure was relentless. Vayne knew Galad could take it—he certainly had the talent for it. And whether Galad could take Vayne’s fist, he would have taken it one way or another.

Resistance at this point was expected, especially as Vayne’s knuckles kissed the rim of Galad’s asshole. The pressure built and built, Galad pushed to the brink of what he could accommodate. And then, without warning, something slipped.

Galad groaned, his cock spewing hot cum all over the floor as his ass swallowed Vayne’s fist in one fell swoop. “S-so full…” he mewled as his thighs wobbled, his hole fluttering around the width of Vayne’s fist.

Vayne allowed Galad a few minutes to acclimate to having a whole hand in his ass, but that was all the reprieve that he allowed the big man. There was more to be done, and he wasn’t about to stop until the stalwart Knight-Captain of the Knights Protector of the Order was a quivering wreck.

He pulled his hand back, stretching Galad’s ring around him on the way out. He pulled it back all the way, his fist slipping out of Galad, followed by a gush of slick.

“L-Light, Brother…” Galad moaned. His hole had failed to close entirely. A constant stream of clear, glistening fluid leaked from his gaping rim. Just as Vayne had wanted.

Putting his fingers together, Vayne started pushing his hand back inside Galad. There was resistance, of course, but he wasn’t about to let that stop him.

Delirious groans spilled from Galad’s lips as his hole strained to stretch around Vayne’s knuckles once again. “I-it’s too much, Brother,” Galad whined. “I-I’m going to break!”

“That’s the point,” said Vayne with a laugh. He repeated the process. And then again. And again. And again. Each time, he went faster. Harder. Little by little, he broke through what resistance Galad had left, leaving the big man’s body with no choice but to yield to him.

In and out. In and out. Vayne shoved his fist in and out of Galad’s guts with impunity. He was punch-fucking his Brother’s ass, and taking glee in the process.

There was practically no resistance now. Galad yielded to Vayne with no trouble, his heat opening up to take Vayne halfway up his forearm. Galad’s earlier pleas had devolved into senseless, desperate babble, his cock leaking a constant trickle of creamy white from the tip.

Satisfied that he’d sufficiently broken in Galad’s hole, Vayne couldn’t help but smirk. Now the fun could begin.

Vayne wrenched his fist out of Galad’s well-abused hole with a lewd squelch. He took a moment to appreciate the fruit of his efforts. It was a work of art, really, about as near to perfection as he imagined was possible.

Galad had started their encounter with a perfectly normal asshole but Vayne had turned it into a sloppy, wet, fucked-out, and gaping cunt. It was a pity Galad didn’t have a rosebud for him, but it was just as well. The yawning, cavernous void that his fist had left behind had an appeal of its own.

Vayne got up and pulled his chair closer to Galad. He sat down with a smirk, wrapping the fingers that had just been inside Galad around his cock. The slick felt great on his sensitive meat, and his cock throbbed at the thought of getting Galad’s ass juices smeared all over it.

He raised his foot and traced the twitching rim of Galad’s gaping fuckhole with his big toe. Galad’s whole body trembled with need and it was delicious. More so was the feeble way that Galad’s asshole had tried to tighten around his toe.

Vayne had fist-fucked Galad so loose that anything narrower than his wrist was bound to be too small to be satisfying. Luckily for Galad, he wasn’t planning on using anything as inadequate as that.

“B-Brother, please… This is torture…” Galad groaned as he hiked his ass higher and spread his legs wider. “I-I need more. Don’t tease me. Please…”

Vayne was impressed. He hadn’t expected Galad to get back to making sense after being reduced to unintelligible babbling. Not that Galad was going to stay that way for long if he had anything to say about it.

He pushed his big toe inside Galad. He wasn’t unfamiliar with the process, but this was the first time he’d done it himself. It felt better than he expected, the wet heat of Galad’s insides wrapping loosely around his toes.

“L-Light, Brother, i-is that your foot?!” Galad moaned, his hole clenching—as much as it could—around Vayne’s toes.

“And what if it is, Brother?” said Vayne with a little smirk as he sank his foot deeper into Galad’s heat. A second and third toe slipped inside, enveloped almost instantly by the warm, fluttering walls of Galad’s inner channel. “I told you I would teach you how to warm our hellborn masters’ feet, did I not?”

A low groan spilled from Galad’s lips. “Y-you did, Brother,” he moaned. “Light… Why does that feel so good?”

Vayne smirked. So good already? he couldn’t help but think. He’d barely dipped his toes in. There was much more fun to be had.

Licking his lips, he leaned forward. He put his weight behind his foot, squeezing the rest of his toes into the heat of Galad’s asshole.

Light, Vayne hissed under his breath. The way that Galad’s velvety, well-fucked cunt enveloped the front part of his foot was incredible.

“B-Brother!” Galad gasped. His spine arched as a low moan tumbled from his lips. His hips moved all on their own, pushing back against the foot sliding slowly and deliberately into him.

Vayne had done well to loosen Galad, which made the process easier. But of course, the width across the arch of his foot was greater still than the width across the knuckles of his hand. It wouldn’t have done to stretch Galad too loose to appreciate this part.

“That’s it, you stupid little welcome mat. Take my foot up your desperate whore hole,” Vayne all but growled as he pushed deeper into Galad. He managed to elicit a drawn-out whine as he stretched Galad’s ass around the widest part of his foot.

Y-yes, Brother!” Galad hissed as he helplessly scrabbled against the stone floor and writhed on the end of Vayne’s foot. “Light. I-it’s so big. You’re going to split me in half, Brother. B-but it feels so good…! S-somehow!”

Vayne chuckled. “As it should Brother,” he said. “This is the role you were born to perform. But if this is already too much, well… Suffice to say that our hellborn masters will have bigger, thicker feet.”

“O-oh, Light help me!” Galad gasped, his hole spasming around the width of Vayne’s foot. The way his body tensed, and the sudden gush of warm slick that squirted out past the stretched-out lips of Galad’s newly minted ass-cunt betrayed the sheer arousal that the prospect inspired.

“The Light won’t help you here, Brother,” said Vayne with a laugh. “So I suggest taking a deep breath to focus on this. Because practice is the only way you’ll manage to take their feet inside your pathetic pussy without breaking.”

Galad took a breath, then. It was a ragged, shaky breath that made his cheeks jiggle and his thighs wobble. His asshole fluttered around the half of Vayne’s foot that was buried firmly inside it—almost as if it were trying to suck it deeper.

“Though if I were to be truthful, Brother…” Vayne trailed off, a smirk tugging at the corners of his lips. “I don’t imagine they would much complain if you were to break while fucking yourself on their feet.”

“I-I’ll do it, Brother,” Galad moaned, his eyes going glassy. “I’ll break. If that’s what they want. I want them to step on me. Inside me.”

Galad rocked his hips back and forth, his asshole squelching lewdly as he fucked himself on Vayne’s foot with escalating desperation. He was wrecking himself, of course, irreversibly ruining his own asshole at the imagined prospect of having it blown out even worse by the hellborn when they finally arrived.

That was how Vayne knew Galad was too far gone to be rescued. Even if they discovered the corruption now, Galad was going to be like him. Ruined. Stained. Unable to ever go back.

Vayne stroked his cock, pumping his hand up and down his dick with fervor. It felt so good to see a Brother fall like this. It felt so good to trample Galad into the dirt.

He thrust his foot into Galad’s sloppy, wet, ruined cunt in time with the rhythm of Galad’s hips. He savored the moans. The pleas.

“I-I want their big, musky feet so bad, Brother,” Galad moaned. “I want to suck on their toes. I want them to smother me with their soles.”

“That’s right, Brother,” said Vayne with a devilish smirk. “Because that’s where you belong, isn’t it?”

Yes, Brother. I’ve never been so certain of anything in my life. Yes. This is where I belong!” Galad moaned, eyes glassy with delirium as his legs tensed and his toes curled.

“Under their feet?”

Light, Yes, Brother!” Galad hissed. “Trampled underfoot. Not a gate but a welcome mat!”

Vayne chuckled. “Beneath their notice?”

“Oh, Light, yes!” Galad moaned, his eyes rolling back in his head as his thighs wobbled. A string of desperate whimpers spilled from his lips as his well-worn ass-cunt tried to clench around Vayne’s foot. “The dirt beneath their feet. No. Worse.

“You can’t imagine you deserve their attention, can you?” Vayne egged on. Galad had already slipped from the cliff. Galad was already falling into the pit. But it never hurt to add a few lead weights.

“No,” Galad shook his head. His mouth hung open, drool trickling onto the floor from the corner of his lips as he moaned. “No, no, no. I’m scum. Useless. Unworthy. That they would trample me with their big, musky feet alone is too much of an honor already.”

Vayne grinned. “It’s good that you know that,” he said, as his fist flew up and down along the length of his rigid cock. He was close and he could tell that Galad was close, too.

Light. I know it to be true with more certainty than I’ve ever known anything else to be true,” Galad panted. “I want them to break me. Use me to warm their toes. Ruin my pussy with their huge feet!”

“Then you ought to display your loyalty, Brother,” said Vayne, his words smooth and slick like oil. He relished the little shiver that went down Galad’s spine as he continued, “Show that you mean to serve them. To dedicate yourself to their cause. To their pleasure.”

Galad reached back to peel his ass cheeks further apart. He rocked his hips faster and harder, fucking himself on Vayne’s foot with ever more desperation. “Tell me what I must do, Brother!” he gasped.

“Renounce your oaths. To truth. To virtue. To justice. To the Light. Renounce them. Now,” Vayne hissed.

This was a risk. It wasn’t a matter he’d pushed before, with the other brothers. There was a chance that Mireillor might retaliate and smite Galad then and there, but Vayne had his doubts.

Galad gulped audibly. “I-I’ll do it, Brother,” he said almost breathlessly. There wasn’t even a hint of hesitation in his voice. Not as he then continued to say, “I renounce my oaths. I turn my back on the Light. I dedicate my life, my body, and my soul to the hellborn!”

Vayne tensed for a moment, half-expecting a pillar of divine light to descend from on high to burn Galad to ashes but the punishment never came. Even Galad seemed surprised.

It was a good thing Vayne knew how to spot an opportunity and take advantage. “I suppose even the Light recognizes that this was where you were always destined to end up, Brother,” he said. “Either that or you’re simply too pathetic and pitiful for the Light to be bothered with smiting you for speaking against it.”

Galad’s whole body shook. “B-Brother!” he moaned as his toes curled and a long, low moan spilled from his lips. “I-it must be true! I-I am nothing! Not before the hellborn. Not before the Light!”

The rhythm of Galad’s ass rocking back and forth on the end of Vayne’s foot faltered. “I am nothing. I am no one! I’m just a thing to serve the hellborn!”

With that proclamation, Galad came. Hard. His body shook with the force of the orgasm that ripped through him, painting the floor white in the space between his knees.

The feeling of Galad’s tight heat squeezing around his foot sent even Vayne over the edge. He came, too, shooting thick ropes of hot cum over Galad’s ass and back.

As a treat, Vayne shifted forward in his seat and pushed down on his foot. There was substantial resistance and a low groan that spilled from Galad’s lips as he forced his toes deeper into Galad’s guts.

The relentless pressure had the desired effect. Galad resisted, but only for so long. The deeper parts of him eventually opened up, Vayne’s foot sinking so deep that only the heel remained at large.

“B-Brother that’s too much!” Galad cried out hoarsely, his body shaking as the shock of Vayne’s foot slamming so deep into his guts sending him into the throes of another orgasm.

Vayne chuckled. “You’ll find, Brother Galad, that when you’re dealing with the hellborn, there’s no such thing as too much.” His hole twitched, his entire body aflame with arousal and pining for Master Azzagg. “There’s only ever too much for now.

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