Demonic Dominion

The good reverend Mikael Cain is not at all as “good” as his title implies. The head of a mega-church and the associated media empire, he revels in the abuse of the power he holds over his vulnerable flock.

Despite being middle-aged, Mikael maintains a healthy body subsidized by the offerings of his congregation. Despite posturing himself as a spiritual guide for his community, young men who are confused by their sexuality, looking for advice, are never safe around them as he’s more than willing to use their insecurities against them.

Unfortunately for Mikael, the newest target for his twisted schemes might prove to be more than he can handle.

DISCLAIMER: This story contains religious themes, blatant homophobia, and homophobic language. In essence, the main character is a dirtbag. Religious themes come in with regard to what the main character is (pastor of an evangelical mega-church), and the motivations/self-justifications that he makes for his actions. So tread lightly.

For centuries, the Church had claimed sole proprietorship over the idea of right and wrong. There were rules about right and wrong, the Church said, written in its holy book. As long as a person followed the rules, the Church asserted, that person was a good person.

In the 18th century, the moral philosopher Immanuel Kant dissented. To Kant, morality wasn’t just about doing the right thing or the wrong thing. To Kant, motive mattered. A good thing done for the wrong reason, Kant argued, was still wrong. To Kant, no act was good if the motive was corrupt.

The good Reverend Mikael Cain of the Church of the Divine Blood of Christ vehemently disagreed with Kant’s interpretation of morality. He much preferred the position that the Church had held for millennia, although to be precise, he quite liked the Evangelical view.

Sola fide, justification by faith alone, formed the cornerstone of Mikael’s beliefs. He chose to believe that regardless of the deeds that a person committed on Earth, that person could be saved simply by believing in God. To Mikael, forgiveness and salvation were granted to all who sincerely believed.

This was the message that Mikael preached every week from his pulpit in Mississippi. To his home congregation that never failed to turn out to his services in droves, to the thousands of faithful across the world that tuned in as his sermons were streamed across the airwaves. He reassured his flock that they need only believe wholeheartedly in their Lord and Savior to gain paradise.

"God will bless your Earthly lives if you prove that you believe in him with your whole being," Mikael said, looking meaningfully at his flock. "And the best way for you to do that is by inspiring one of your neighbors who has strayed to come back to the light and accept the word of God."

Mikael raised a finger and again swept his gaze across the congregation. "But I understand that many of you folks might not have the time to devote to working with a lost soul to bring them back to the love of God," he said. "I get it. We live in an imperfect world, and most of us have lives that we need to live. Money that we need to make to put food on the table for our God-given families…"

The dramatic pause went on for a few moments. "Of course, if you can spare the time to do this yourself, you should," said Mikael. He gestured toward the sides of the stage where staff were preparing the offertory boxes. "But if you can’t, then you should help someone who does have the time to inspire the lost to return."

Mikael returned to the middle of the stage and raised his arm to the flock. "If you contribute to this church, I promise you this, brothers and sisters, I will continue the work. I will seek out the lost souls in our nation and outside our nation. I will inspire them to accept God on behalf of all of you so that you can all be saved!"

The applause was deafening. People jumped to their feet and raised their hands to the heavens in joy, caught up in the fervor of the moment. As they did every week after the sermon, the staff passed the offertory boxes to the congregation. The faithful looked up at Mikael as they placed their hard-earned money as contributions, and many openly wept knowing that they were securing not just a place in heaven for themselves, but also God’s blessing in their Earthly lives.

As Mikael’s congregation grew, so too did the sum of contributions that he received for his cause week after week. The amount was vast—far more than any one person could use in a single lifetime. It was more than enough to cover the operating costs of the church and the more-than-adequate salaries of the enormous team that handled Mikael’s media empire.

Some of the money certainly went to charity works. Every month, Mikael sponsored evangelical relief missions to poverty-stricken parts of the world. Along with food and water, his missionaries brought the word of God to the people who needed the comfort of faith the most. Since not a single cent of the money ever went to initiatives aimed at solving the root causes of poverty, Mikael always had somewhere he could send people to make a token effort at being charitable.

As for where the rest of the money went, it depended on who a person asked. Mikael assured his congregation that the excess money went into the coffers of the church, to be spent for upgrades or repairs, and other such expenses. The flock was more than ready to take him at his word.

Human rights groups and social watchdogs, on the other hand, often raised a fuss about vast amounts of money pouring from Mikael’s church and affiliated groups into lobbying campaigns for regressive social policies. The unfortunate truth was that Mikael’s congregation didn’t care. They agreed with the policies being lobbied for, and it only served to strengthen their belief in Mikael.

The problem that few people who had never been affiliated with Mikael’s congregation failed to understand was that the flock had to believe in Mikael. To Mikael’s congregation, doubting Mikael was fundamentally the same as doubting God—the fastest one-way ticket to hell in their beliefs.

Even the people who pointed out that Mikael shouldn’t have had the money to buy his enormous Miami home, or the three private jets that he rented out to the church for functions, or the fleet of luxury sports cars displayed on his property couldn’t convince Mikael’s flock that he was undeserving of their faith.

To Mikael’s congregation, even if it was true that Mikael was skimming off the top of their contributions, it didn’t matter. To them, it was only right that he see some reward for all the hard work that he put into spreading the word of God. To them, he deserved more than a little luxury for saving all of their immortal souls from eternal damnation.

Truth was, Mikael was practically untouchable. His congregation loved him and protected him, not that he was doing anything bad as far as the law was concerned—he had an army of lawyers bankrolled by his flock to make sure of that.

Mikael couldn’t give less of a fuck about what everyone else thought, even if he wanted to. As long as his congregation remained faithful to him—and he’d spent a long time and a lot of money making sure they would—he could keep reaping the fruits of his labor.

Mikael took the hand towel that was held out for him and wiped the moisture beaded on his brow. He grinned. He always enjoyed the burn and sweat of a good workout, and he’d been needing one all day.

One of the benefits of funding the construction of a new megachurch and a residential annex was getting to specify the inclusion of certain amenities that Mikael had always wanted. A fully-outfitted private home gym was one such luxury that he’d shelled top dollar out for.

While the gym itself had been nothing but a money sink in terms of upkeep, it had paid back in spades in the form of peaceful workouts. Mikael had his faith, but he had been going to the gym so regularly from the day he turned 18 that working out was like a second religion to him.

Back then, Mikael hadn’t allowed the fact that he had always been a gangly kid stop him from bettering his body. He had no intention of letting being middle-aged stop him, either.

Mikael struck a pose in front of the mirror that went from the floor to the ceiling and from one side of the back wall of the gym to the other. Not even he had noticed in when he was young, but once he started filling out, it turned out that he was quite conventionally attractive.

With a grunt, Mikael flexed his muscles. His big, round biceps popped, his firm pecs bulged, and the cobbles of his rippling abs stood tightened around his stomach. The fact that he wasn’t wearing a shirt, and that there was a thin sheen of sweat all over his body that gleamed in the light only served to accentuate the sight.

Mikael relaxed and rolled his shoulders. He stood with his thick legs shoulder-width apart and crossed his arms in front of his chest. He reached up and stroked his angular, masculine jaw, grimacing at the light golden stubble that had grown there.

Leaving a mental note to shave as soon as possible, Mikael tilted his face to the left, then to the right. He still looked quite young for his age, though the years had definitely left its lines on him. If anything, he thought they made him look more authoritative when he spoke. Paired with his blue eyes that were brighter now than they had been in his youth, the close-cropped cut of his golden blond hair, and the killer, disarming smile he’d spent so long perfecting, it truly was little wonder that he’d taken the world by storm as "The Hot Mega-Pastor."

"U-Um… D-Did you need anything else, sir?" said a quiet, timid voice from beside Mikael, interrupting his train of thought. Mikael glanced over to the speaker, having forgotten that his gym buddy and personal trainer Tim was still in his place, as was expected of him.

Tim was a pretty boy from a well-to-do family that had been in Mikael’s church nearly from the beginning. If Mikael remembered correctly, Tim had graduated from college three years ago, after switching from a liberal arts program to graduate with a kinesiology degree generously paid for by Mikael’s church. Given how sheltered Tim had been growing up, Mikael wasn’t surprised at all that he still acted like a wide-eyed youth.

The strands of Tim’s dark bangs were plastered to his forehead. The boy had wanted to grow his hair out, but Mikael had managed to convince him that he looked better with it short. Mikael would have been disappointed if those wide amber eyes ended up hidden by hair at the end of a workout.

Mikael reached down and stroked the side of Tim’s face with his thumb. "Not tonight, Timmy. I have to be on my way soon. I have some business to attend to out-of-state," he said.

Tim kept eye-contact with Mikael but shifted his position slightly. Mikael supposed it was his fault that the boy was feeling a bit uncomfortable, spending so long admiring himself in the mirror. But then again, he had specifically had rubber mats installed in the gym so that their after-workout ritual wouldn’t be so hard on Tim’s knees.

Mikael turned away from Tim and went back to looking at himself in the mirror. "I know how much you enjoy our time together, Timmy, but I just don’t have time to stick around tonight," he said, gently brushing his thumb over his collar.

With a glance at his watch, Mikael realized that he really did need to get going in the next few minutes or risk running late. Not that anyone would say anything if he showed up late, but he personally liked to be punctual.

Mikael quickly patted most of the sweat off his torso with the hand-towel. He casually dropped the towel and smirked as Tim scrambled to catch it. Tim managed to overcome the challenge and promptly returned to the proper position, folding his hands over his lap, one hand clutching the towel.

"I have to go. I’ll see you when I get back tomorrow," said Mikael. He patted the top of Tim’s face and wiped the sweat off on Tim’s cheek. He turned to leave, but stopped at the door and said, "I expect that you’ll have something short but intense planned out to help me wind down from my trip."

"Y-Yes, Sir!" Tim stammered. "U-Um, there was something I was hoping to talk to you about, sir…" Mikael pivoted on his heel and crossed his arms just in time to see Tim flinch. He said nothing, but he’d made it pretty clear before that he didn’t like to be kept waiting.

"A-About Sunday, Sir… I-I was maybe hoping I could take the day off…" Tim swallowed audibly. A bead of sweat rolled down the side of his face. "I-It’s my little brother’s birthday a-and we’re supposed to go out for dinner that night at around the time that you usually like to have your Sunday workouts…"

Mikael kept a neutral expression, but he let the silence stretch and watched Tim squirm. Tim ducked his head and said, "O-Of course, I-I could always say that I have work to do here at the church…"

"Oh, no, it’s okay," said Mikael, in as soothing a voice as he could manage. "I won’t mind if you break your promise and leave me to my old devices. We’ve been friends for a while, haven’t we, Timmy? Oh, by the way, how’s your dad? I’ve been meaning to talk to him…"

Tim froze in place, though after a moment he was visibly trembling. "The last time we met we didn’t manage to chat and he was asking how you were doing. I wanted to talk to him and congratulate him for having such a wonderful and helpful son. Though you know how it is, I’ll probably mention something embarrassing you’ve done during your time here and you’ll probably never hear the end of it," said Mikael.

"Please don’t…" said Tim. His eyes were shiny with unshed tears, and his knuckles were white from how tightly he’d balled his fingers. "I’ll tell them I can’t come, Sir. Please…"

"I told you, it’s okay. Take all the time off that you need," said Mikael. He gave Tim the sweetest smile that he could muster. "After all, I only want what’s best for you."

Tim took a few deep, shaky breaths. "Please, Sir… I don’t want to go with my family to have dinner for my little brother’s birthday," he said, through gritted teeth. "I want to be here. I want to spend time with you, sir. I want to help you with your work-out."

Mikael shrugged. "Well, if you insist," he said, walking out the door. An idea occurred to him, and before the door could even swing shut, he burst back into the gym. Tim, who’d braced a hand against the bench to get up on his feet, let himself back down to the floor.

"Actually," said Mikael. "I had a great idea that can solve both our problems. We’ll start our workout early on Sunday so that we can get through everything we want to do, and then we’ll head over. I’m sure your parents won’t mind you’re a little late if you bring me with you, and your brother will be thrilled that his pastor is there to bless him on his special day."

Tim stared at Mikael, jaw slightly agape. "It’s a wonderful idea, isn’t it? I’m really looking forward to it now. Don’t tell your parents. I want it to be a surprise! Anyway, I really should be going now. Make sure you clean up before you lock up for the night, yeah?"

The meeting, as Mikael had anticipated, was a huge waste of time. He wasn’t going to dispute that the meeting had been necessary to have, but he didn’t have to fly all the way to Chicago to reiterate the same points he’d already said a thousand times throughout the whole negotiation process. He could have as easily phoned. The Internet was a thing. Sometimes, he couldn’t help but think that the government perpetually lived a couple of decades behind the real world.

Mikael tugged at his collar as he walked through the airport. The suit was feeling a little bit stuffy after all the hot air he’d had to deal with in the meeting. He straightened his tie and brushed down his jacket before continuing, flanked on either side by bodyguards.

Luckily, Mikael had something to look forward to on the flight home. It was one of the benefits of being a prominent religious figure in his community, as well as having a private jet he could take practically anywhere in the country.

Mikael hadn’t had one of these in a long time and he was looking forward to really getting into the boy’s mind and fucking with it. God, he loved how naïve and trusting they all were, how much power over them they handed him on a silver platter.

As far as Mikael was aware, the boy, Jack, had boarded the plane an hour earlier. That had been the original departure time, but despite the whole thing going around endlessly in counterproductive circles, the meeting had overrun its scheduled time.

Mikael knew the type. Though the faces were different, the story was the same. It always was. Over the years, boys would approach Mikael when they thought they could get a word in. They would often be quite nervous and unable to make eye contact. They would tell him that they needed spiritual advice and that they needed to hear it from someone as close to God as possible.

It was probably Mikael’s good looks or the body that he was never afraid to show off that drew the closeted fags to him, but like moths to a flame, they came. He often wondered why they bothered to ask for advice when he was very clear with what the Bible said about fags, but he supposed that they hoped there was some sort of exception to the rule.

There wasn’t. Mikael was certain there wasn’t. Even though he wasn’t exactly doing the whole religious leader thing out of the goodness of his heart, he’d actually studied his dogma. Still, he entertained the boys all the same. In his mind, they were all as good as damned anyway. Besides, he enjoyed lording his moral superiority over them, enjoyed the way they bowed and scraped to serve him knowing that with one word he could irrevocably destroy their lives.

Wealth, fame, and political clout were all wonderful things that Mikael enjoyed in his privileged position, but there was just something so exhilarating about holding the power of ruination at the tip of his fingers. It didn’t matter if it was wrong. He knew he would be forgiven in the end.

Mikael smirked as he boarded the plane. Jack was there, sitting at one of the tables, nervously bouncing his right leg up and down. He raised his glass of water to his lips a few times but never actually took a sip.

From what Mikael knew, Jack was a sophomore at university, studying for a degree in English. He was cute, in that boy-next-door way. His green eyes were rather nice, and the way that his cheeks dimpled made him look like a little angel.

Nothing made Mikael happier than defiling boys that looked like Jack, who hid their inner perversion from the world under a mask of innocence. It sickened him to think that normal people could be walking around, interacting with Jack’s kind, and be none the wiser for it.

Mikael took a sort of perverse glee in showing those boys the truly depraved nature that was lurking inside of them, the disgusting truth that meant they would never be saved. Ugh. He was getting hard just thinking about it. He could already imagine Jack’s pretty little lips wrapped around the base of his cock, those bright green eyes swimming with tears as Jack realized the truth about himself.

Mikael wasn’t a fag like the boys, though. He hadn’t taken a wife by choice. He said it was because he was married to the church, but the truth was he just didn’t want to be tied down. He wasn’t a fag. He wasn’t attracted to men. He just enjoyed doing his duty as a real man to show fags what their proper place in the world was.

Sucking in a sharp breath to temper his growing arousal at the thought of having another boy to play with, Mikael crossed the cabin and gently tapped Jack on the shoulder. "You said that you wanted some advice, right?" he said. "Come with me to my private section of the plane. That way you can talk to me in confidence."

Jack nodded, knocked back his entire glass of water, and got up to follow Mikael to his private section toward the back of the plane. Mikael unlocked the door and showed the boy in. He motioned for one of his bodyguards and said, "I don’t want Jack and me to be disturbed unless this plane is literally going down in flames. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," said the bodyguard.

Mikael’s private room was quite cushy, with a carpeted floor and a large upholstered couch that he liked to lounge in when he had downtime. There was a desk toward the back of the room, and a small dining table with space for guests when he had them over while flying.

"Please, sit," said Mikael, putting a hand on Jack’s shoulder. He motioned toward the couch and gently walked the boy over. He sat down and patted the cushion next to him. "What was it that you wanted to talk about?"

Jack seemed skittish as he sat down, his eyes darting every which way in the cabin except for anywhere near Mikael. His anxiety was palpable, and it only served to confirm Mikael’s suspicions about what, exactly, Jack was seeking advice for. Mikael schooled his expression, not wanting to let on just how excited he was for this.

"So… Um… Y-You know how you always tell us that the faithful will go to heaven?" said Jack. He looked at his feet and twiddled his thumbs. It seemed he still couldn’t muster the courage to look Mikael in the eye. "T-That’s true for everyone, right?"

"Of course," said Mikael. He placed his hand back on Jack’s shoulder and squeezed comfortingly. "It’s okay. Whatever’s troubling you, you can talk to me about it. I’m here to listen and to give you the advice that you need, alright? You’re safe here."

"A-Am I really?" said Jack. For the first time since the moment they met, Jack looked up to meet Mikael’s gaze. Those green eyes were just remarkable in the way that they sparkled. Mikael couldn’t wait to see them filled with despair and resignation, couldn’t wait to see them glazed over with lust as Jack gave in to the perverted instincts that were inside of him.

Mikael nodded. The safer the boys that approached him felt, the more likely they were to say something incriminating. Once they did, Mikael owned them. A word for him, and their world would crumble, so they had no choice but to keep him happy. No one in the congregation would believe boys like Tim over Mikael, but even if they did, the recordings he kept more than made sure they eventually came around to the right side.

Jack took a deep breath. Mikael rubbed his shoulder and felt him shiver. "S-So even if I have these feelings that I know are wrong, I can still go to heaven, right?" said Jack. His voice trembled. He’d scarcely gotten the first few syllables out when he averted his eyes. "I-I won’t go to hell? A-As long as I believe in God?"

"Well, why don’t we go back to the beginning?" said Mikael, scooting closer to Jack. He gently patted the boy on the back. "What are these feelings that you’re having? And why do you say that they’re wrong?"

For a moment, Jack was quiet, but Mikael was used to that. It usually took them a little while to gather their thoughts and put the words in a way that they thought would offend him the least. "I-I… I have feelings for other men…" said Jack. "A-And I know it’s wrong because you’ve taught me that it is! And I don’t want them. But I can’t help but feel the way that I feel…"

"Ah," said Mikael. He pulled his hand away and shifted away from Jack. "I wish you’d started with that," he said stiffly. He looked away, but not before Jack looked up at him, wide-eyed.

Mikael wiped the hand he’d been using to comfort Jack on his pants and grimaced. It was such a simple action, but profoundly devastating. He cast a glance at Jack and could already see the tears brimming in the boy’s eyes. He hid his smile behind a scowl.

"Short story is, you’re going to hell," said Mikael. He shook his head and got up from the couch. He looked to the side of the cabin and clasped his hands behind his back. "God. If I had known you were a faggot I wouldn’t have let you in here. You were going to seduce me, weren’t you, boy?" he said, putting as much venom as he could into his words.

"W-What? N-No! T-That’s not what I was going to do at all, Sir!" Jack protested. Mikael smirked, now that Jack couldn’t see his face. It was funny how they immediately resorted to calling him "Sir," as if acknowledging his authority would make things any easier on them. "I-I just needed some reassurance… Since you said—"

Mikael whirled around and glared at Jack. "I know what I said!" He turned away, satisfied at the fear he’d seen in the boy’s eyes.

"And it is true," said Mikael. "Mankind can attain salvation through faith alone. That’s what the Bible says. But you fags aren’t men, are you? The Bible’s pretty clear on that, too. You’re abominations. So justification by faith alone doesn’t apply to you."

The first sniffle, the first sob, never failed to arouse Mikael. He felt the chill travel up his spine at the choked sound that Jack made. He was already half-hard from the diatribe, and now hearing the breakdown had made him incredibly hard. "You should just get out. I can’t help you. You said your parents brought you up in my church, right? I should apologize to them for failing to help you see the light," said Mikael.

"No… Please… Sir…" Jack begged. The quaver of his voice made Mikael’s cock twitch. "Please don’t do this… I’ll be ruined… I-I don’t want to go to hell!"

"Alright, fine," said Mikael. He turned to face Jack, placed a hand on his hip and pinched the bridge of his nose. "I suppose I do feel responsible for you since you’re part of my congregation. How would it look if I didn’t at least try to help you save yourself?" he said.

The glimmer of hope Mikael saw in Jack’s eyes excited him. It felt so good to watch that last sliver of hope for a good life in a fag’s eyes die. "Maybe if you devote the rest of your life to God, and the service of God’s people, He might find it in him to forgive you," said Mikael.

"This is how it’s going to work. From now on, you do everything I tell you to do, or else this is over. I’ll kick you out. I’ll tell your parents. And I’ll leave you to pick up the pieces of your pitiful life, do you understand?" said Mikael.

Jack nodded. "Y-Yes, Sir," he said. He sniffled and wiped the tears from his eyes. "T-Thank you for giving me a second chance. I-I mean it, Sir. I-I don’t think I can tell you how much it means to me that you’re so forgiving."

Mikael smirked. "That’s what a good Christian man would do," he said. "Why don’t you prove your commitment to earning God’s forgiveness right now? I need to know that you’re serious about this and that you won’t run when the going gets tough."

"O-Okay, Sir," said Jack. "I-I’m ready to prove that I’m committed to making myself better. W-What do I need to do?"

Mikael walked back to the couch and sat down. He draped his arms over the backrest and spread his legs. "Suck my cock," he said. "That’s what you have to do. Suck my cock."

Jack’s eyes widened. He scrambled away from Mikael, completely aghast. "W-What? I-I… N-No that’s… I-Is this a test, Sir? Are you trying to see if I will give in to temptation? B-Because I won’t. I promise you, sir. I’m committed."

Mikael reached down with one hand and unbuttoned his pants. He reached into his underwear and fished out his cock. A clear drop of pre-cum had gathered at the tip and slowly rolled down the underside of his throbbing shaft. "No, it’s not a test. Suck my cock and I’ll accept that you want to fix yourself."

"B-But aren’t I s-supposed to resist the urges of the flesh?" said Jack. His voice was quiet and sincere, but his eyes never left Mikael’s cock. His hands were folded over his crotch, but Mikael could guess what they were hiding. "A-And isn’t sucking your cock g—"

"Gay?" Mikael interrupted. "I’m not a fucking fag, but I’m a man, and I have needs. It’s only gay if you’re the one getting fucked and liking it, and I don’t do that. Besides, this is going to prove to me that you’re willing to serve all the needs of God’s men. But you could always just leave. And I’ll give your parents a call and explain the situation when we land."

"N-No, Sir! Please! Don’t do that…" said Jack. His expression was pained. He looked torn and conflicted, just the way that Mikael liked. "T-The problem is I-I don’t know how."

"What’s there to know about it?" said Mikael. "You’re just going to put my cock in your mouth and sucking it until I cum. Haven’t you watched porn?" Mikael leaned forward. "Are you telling me you’ve never experimented with a guy?"

Jack shook his head. "I-It’s just… I want to do good," he said. He looked at Mikael, his green eyes locking onto Mikael’s blue. "A-And I don’t want to hurt you, Sir, by doing something wrong. W-What if my teeth scrape you, or something like that? I-It would make more sense if you showed me how to do it first. Right, Sir?"

Mikael stared at Jack for a moment. He was sure the boy would grow a second head any time now. He couldn’t believe the fag had the gall to imply that he, the good reverend Mikael Cain, should suck cock as a demonstration of what to do.

But as much as Mikael hated to admit it, Jack did have a point. It would make more sense if he showed Jack how to do it so that Jack could do it well the first time. He did hate it when new fags scraped his cock with their teeth. "Alright, alright," he said. "The things I do for my flock," Mikael grumbled.

"Thank you, Sir," said Jack. Mikael rolled his eyes as he slid off the couch onto the carpeted floor. He crept along on his knees until he was in front of Jack. He placed his hands on the boy’s knees and wedged Jack’s legs apart, insinuating himself into the space between them.

A quick tap on Jack’s hands, still folded over his crotch, prompted Jack to pull them away. Mikael took a deep breath. He couldn’t believe he was doing this, but if it led to a halfway-decent blowjob he supposed it was worth it.

Mikael reached up, unbuttoned Jack’s pants, and pulled the zipper down. With Jack’s help, Mikael slid Jack’s pants and underwear halfway down Jack’s thighs.

"S-Sorry," Jack said, as his soft penis flopped out of his underwear. "I-I got nervous… I-I swear it was hard already, before."

"It doesn’t matter," said Mikael. Truth be told, he was hoping to do a few demonstrations and get it over in a few seconds. That was clearly not going to happen. But it was just as well, he supposed. If he was going to teach the boy how to do a proper blowjob, he figured he might as well teach the boy how to get a cock hard.

Mikael yanked Jack’s pants all the way off him and tossed them behind his back. He clasped one hand on either of Jack’s thighs and leaned forward, wrapping his lips around the first couple of inches of Jack’s soft cock. "This is how you get a cock hard," he said, through the cock in his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the head and felt it twitch. "Use your tongue. Make sure to apply a little suction."

It took a little while, but Jack’s cock soon responded to Mikael’s ministrations. He felt it twitch against his tongue as he flicked the tip against the piss-slit. It swelled in his mouth, gently prying his jaws apart as it filled him. He kept sucking until it stopped growing. It was quite large, though not as large as his.

Mikael let the cock slip out of his mouth with a quiet, wet pop. He licked his lips. Cock tasted… weird. He’d never tasted it before, and now more than ever he found himself wondering how fags could stand it. But that wasn’t his cross to bear. This was a one-time thing to teach a new fag about what to do.

Glancing up at Jack, Mikael could see that the boy’s cheeks were tinged with a healthy shade of pink. His lips were slightly parted, and his breath seemed to come in short puffs. Mikael didn’t know why, but a part of him actually quite liked how flustered Jack had become just from a little sucking.

"Tease the head," said Mikael. He leaned forward and grabbed Jack’s cock, wrapping his fingers around the base of the shaft. He pulled it toward him and kissed the head, gently running the tip of his tongue around the crown before teasing the piss slit.

"Feels good, doesn’t it?" said Mikael. Jack nodded, cheeks reddening even more. "I expect you to do that. Pay attention to the head. It’s the most sensitive part." Mikael leaned down again and wrapped his lips around the head, swirling his tongue around and around the sensitive glans as he sucked hard.

Mikael pulled off with another soft, wet pop. He looked up into Jack’s bright green eyes. He hadn’t noticed that they had what seemed to be flecks of gold in them. They were very pretty. He almost lost his train of thought just looking into them.

Shaking his head, Mikael continued the lesson. God he hoped Jack learned something from all of this. Because he didn’t really want to have to repeat himself—not that he particularly minded if it meant that he got a blowjob the way that he wanted one.

"Then start working it little by little into your mouth," said Mikael. "If you’re just starting out or you’re afraid your teeth might get in the way, put your lips over them like this," he said, demonstrating as he took the first two or three inches of Jack’s cock into his mouth.

Mikael pulled off again. "Slowly start moving back and forth," he said. "Take a little bit more into your mouth every time you go back down. Relax when it hits the back of your throat. Just act like you’re swallowing it."

Jack nodded. Mikael couldn’t help but wonder what about those eyes made them so distracting. "You will show me, right, Sir?" said Jack. Mikael nodded. Without breaking eye contact, he lowered his mouth onto Jack’s cock. He slipped the first few inches in his mouth and then bobbed his head up and down as he worked his lips slowly down the length of it.

There was a strange sort of satisfaction in Mikael’s stomach as Jack writhed at his ministrations. It was weird but, in a way, he was a bit proud that he was good at sucking cock. He wasn’t even a fag, but he was sure he could beat any old fairy when it came to sucking cock.

Jack let out a grunt as Mikael wrapped his lips around the base of Jack’s cock. He’d been worried that he might gag or choke, but surprisingly enough he’d managed to take all seven inches into his throat.

"F-Fuck, Sir," said Jack. "Y-You’re really good at this." Mikael smirked around the cock in his mouth. "Y-You must love the taste of cock if you’re this good at it sucking it, Sir."

The pride strange pride that Mikael felt in his stomach curdled into something ugly. He pulled off Jack’s cock and spat in disgust on the carpet. "Are you fucking with me, boy?" he said, fury slowly building in his veins. "Are you trying to say I suck cock a lot? I told you, I’m not a fag. I’m only doing this for you," he said.

Jack whimpered. "I-I’m sorry, Sir, I just thought…"

Mikael balled his fingers into fists. He was ready to hit the boy but just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He needed to keep a level head. He didn’t want to have to explain any bruises if the boy left his private company with them.

"I-I just wanted this to be a safe place for you, too, Sir," said Jack. "You know I won’t say anything to anyone. They wouldn’t even believe me. And if I talked, I’m sure you’d ruin my life… Trust me. You can tell me those things that you haven’t told anyone because I promise I won’t say anything… You have all the power here, Sir."

Mikael frowned. He was about to cut in, but Jack continued. "I know what it’s like to have a secret that weighs on you, Sir. Please don’t lash out at me because of it. It’s okay. Just admit it. You love the taste of cock."

Where Jack was getting all of this, Mikael had no idea, but he was going to put a stop to it. If anything, he distinctly hated the taste of cock. It was gross, and he didn’t know how fags could stand it. But as he smacked his lips he realized that it wasn’t actually all that bad.

Mikael took a deep breath. Jack had a point. Holding in a secret wasn’t healthy, and he was taking it out on Jack. "Well, I wouldn’t exactly say that I love the taste of cock," said Mikael. "But I’ll admit that I don’t hate it. I guess I just don’t have enough experience to say so for sure."

Jack’s cock twitched in front of Mikael’s eyes. "You want to know for sure though. Don’t you, Sir?" said Jack.

That was true enough. Mikael didn’t like being on the fence about anything. He liked having strong positions on things one way or the other. "I guess that’s true," he said.

"Then there’s only one way to figure it out," said Jack, grabbing his cock by the base. He shook it in front of Mikael’s eyes and Mikael watched as a single, perfect, glistening strand of pre-cum dripped from the tip of his cock. "I want to help you, Sir. You’ll let me help you, won’t you, Sir?"

"Alright," said Mikael, somewhat reluctantly. He had always been private about personal matters. He wasn’t quite sure how to act given Jack’s offer, but he did need to know for sure whether he loved the taste of cock because if he did, then he needed to make sure to fix that, somehow.

Mikael licked his lips and leaned down. He parted his lips and worked them over the head of Jack’s cock. Slowly, keeping eye-contact with Jack, he swallowed it inch by inch until his nose was touching the smooth skin of Jack’s crotch and he could feel Jack’s warm balls under his chin.

"Nnnh… Fuck, Sir." Jack breathed. The redness of his cheeks darkened. His arms trembled as he clutched the edge of the couch. He threw his head back and let out a soft moan. "I-I think that answers that question, Sir… I-If you didn’t love the taste of cock you would have just licked it. But you swallowed it all the way to the hilt…" he said.

Fuck. Mikael had acted without thinking. Jack was right. He could have figured it out just by licking Jack’s cock, but instead, he’d swallowed it whole without a second thought. He did love the taste of cock, and as he realized that he had a whole cock lodged in his throat, a tingle ran down his spine right to the tip of his cock.

Mikael pulled off Jack’s cock with a wet slurp. He wiped the spittle from the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand. "Fuck. You’re right. I love the taste of cock," he said, unable to tear his gaze from the glistening pole between Jack’s legs.

"You better not tell anyone about this, fag," said Mikael. He mustered the willpower to look away from Jack’s cock. He glared at the boy, tried to intimidate him with a single glance.

Jack met Mikael’s gaze for a moment but quickly averted his eyes. "I-I promise I won’t, Sir," said Jack. Mikael could have sworn that the flecks of gold in Jack’s eyes had grown. That was impossible; eyes didn’t change color. "I-I think I know enough to suck your cock, Sir. S-Should we switch?"

Right. Mikael had almost forgotten that Jack was supposed to be the one sucking him off. He’d only sucked Jack’s cock to demonstrate what Jack should do. He wasn’t a fag, after all. This was a one-time thing. But the taste of it lingered on his tongue.

When he thought Jack wasn’t looking, Mikael licked his lips as he stared at Jack’s cock. "You can’t get the taste out of your head," said Jack. Mikael glared at the boy. "I-I don’t mean anything about it, sir… Just… You want to keep sucking my cock… Right?"

Mikael caught Jack’s gaze. The boy’s eyes were wide and sincere, and for a moment, Mikael felt like he was falling into them. "What? No. Stop trying to convince yourself that I’m a fag like you are," said Mikael, though his heart was pounding in his chest. The truth was that he did want to keep sucking Jack off. He couldn’t stop thinking about the taste.

Mikael licked his lips again before he realized what he was doing. He glared at Jack, daring him to say anything. "I-It’s okay, Sir. I-I don’t mind. I-I want to make you happy a-and if that’s what you want to do, I-I won’t stop you."

A small smirk tugged at the corner of Mikael’s lip. For a moment, he’d had the strangest thought that the tables were turning, but it was clear that Jack was still terrified of him.

There probably wasn’t much harm in sucking Jack’s cock off for a little bit longer. Mikael controlled all the copies of the recordings he made in his private chambers, and Jack wouldn’t dare say a thing out of fear of being exposed. He could indulge himself all he wanted, whether Jack wanted to or not.

Mikael pushed Jack’s legs even further apart and lowered his mouth back onto Jack’s cock. He sucked it delicately, bobbing his lips up and down the first three or four inches so he could truly savor the taste of it on his tongue. He moaned, his mouth vibrating around the sensitive head and eliciting a grunt from Jack.

"F-Fuck," Jack whimpered. "Y-You just can’t get enough of the taste, can you, sir? That feels so good. It must feel so good for you to feel my cock going down your throat, too, Sir. Fuck. Oh, fuck, Sir. Swallow my cock. Just like that!"

Mikael wished that Jack would shut up. The last thing he needed was Jack’s voice restating the obvious while he swallowed Jack’s cock over and over again. God. It tasted so good. He would have been satisfied just sucking on the head, swirling his tongue around it, but he’d felt an itch in his throat and swallowing Jack was the only thing that could scratch it.

Every slurp and every swallow, Mikael went faster and deeper. Snot trickled from his nose and his eyes watered every time he choked or gagged around Jack’s cock, but it just felt and tasted so good he couldn’t get enough.

Before long, Mikael was mashing his nose into Jack’s groin. "Fuck. You love the smell of man, don’t you, Sir?" Jack moaned. His fingers crept up the sides of Mikael’s head and threaded into the short locks of his golden hair. "You’ve been bumping your nose against my crotch so much. You must be addicted to musk, too, Sir."

Yes. God, yes. Mikael’s cock was so hard. Every breath smelled like cock, smelled like man, smelled like sweat and sex and it just made him so fucking horny.

Mikael felt Jack’s cock swell and pulse in his throat. A brief moment of clarity punched through the haze of arousal as he realized that Jack was about to cum. "I’m cumming!" Jack exclaimed. Frantically, Mikael tried to push himself off of Jack’s cock, using his grip on Jack’s thighs for leverage, but Jack’s hands in his hair kept him in place.

Mikael grimaced as he felt the hot shots of slimy cum slide down the back of his throat. There was so much. He gulped, forcing Jack’s cock even deeper into his throat. It wasn’t until the orgasm had tailed off that Jack let up his grip.

Sputtering, Mikael pulled off of Jack’s cock and coughed. A few last drops of cum had strayed onto his tongue. He grimaced at the strange, salty-sweet tang. "O-Oh fuck, Sir. I-I’m sorry I didn’t warn you earlier…"

Mikael glared at Jack while he contemplated where to spit the last bit of cum that was pooling on his tongue but felt the fury inside him soften at the genuinely apologetic look in Jack’s now mostly-golden eyes. "W-Wow, Sir! Y-You swallowed every drop! I-I didn’t know you were so greedy for cum…"

Blinking, Mikael struggled to process what Jack had just told him. Greedy for cum? He was anything but. He hated the texture, the taste. He thought he was going to be sick. But as the last few drops in his mouth slowly spread over his tongue he realized that he didn’t dislike the taste all that much.

Mikael smacked his lips. The taste had already faded. He wasn’t sure how to feel about the taste. At first, it had been so repulsive but he was coming around to it. If only he could taste it again to make sure.

Out of the corner of his eye, Mikael noticed a single milky glob clinging to the tip of Jack’s still-hard cock. It was about to fall off. Mikael dove for it, and the moment that it hit his tongue he felt fireworks go off in his head. He moaned before he could stop himself, his cock twitching. It tasted so good!

Once the taste faded, Mikael had to take a deep, shaky breath to re-center himself. He got up from the floor and straightened his shirt. His cock was still hanging out of his pants, and it wouldn’t stop twitching.

"Fuck, Sir, you’re so hard," said Jack. Mikael could have sworn that Jack’s eyes were supposed to be green, not gold, but he couldn’t bring himself to say anything about it. The fact slipped his mind before long, anyway, as Jack extended a finger toward Mikael’s cock. "It almost looks like you’ll explode if I just touch you…"

When it dawned on Mikael that Jack was going to do just that, he felt a cold knot in the pit of his stomach. He was so aroused that he was sure he was going to blow with just a little direct stimulation. He started to take a single step back, but before he could. the very tip of Jack’s finger grazed the underside of his cock.

"Oh, fuck!" Mikael grunted. His stomach tensed, his ass clenched. His toes curled in his shoes as his cock blasted thick ropes of cum into the air.

Mikael sagged to the floor, his knees feeling like jelly when the orgasm finally tailed off. His chest rose and fell rapidly. His head was spinning. He didn’t think he’d ever had such an intense orgasm before. "Holy crap, you got that horny just by sucking my cock, Sir?" said Jack, his eyes wide with wonder. "I never knew you had a hair-trigger!"

Mikael clenched his fists as he struggled to regain his composure. It wasn’t his fault that he had a hair-trigger. He just got so horny. Fuck. He could feel his cheeks and the tips of his ears burning. "I-I’m not a fag," he muttered. But damn if getting so horned up from sucking cock that he shot his load with a single touch made it look like he was. "You won’t say a single word of this to anyone," Mikael hissed.

"I promise I won’t, Sir," said Jack. Something had changed about the boy, but Mikael just couldn’t put a finger on it. Jack seemed calmer and more composed. He didn’t seem so terrified, anymore. "But it looks like you’re still horny… You’re already craving cock, aren’t you, Sir?"

Mikael licked his lips. He wanted to deny it, but he couldn’t. The ghost of the taste was still on his tongue, and there was a strange itch in the back of his throat. Just looking at Jack’s cock was making his mouth water, and he couldn’t stop thinking about wrapping his lips around it again.

"You have to admit, that’s a bit gay," said Jack. Mikael tore his gaze away from Jack’s cock. He looked up at those enchanting golden eyes and felt the indignation melt away. "I mean, you got so horned up sucking cock that you shot your load. That’s gay. You can’t expect me to believe that you’re 100% straight."

Mikael looked down at the carpet between his knees. Because of his beliefs he’d spent his whole life thinking that he was 100% straight. He had always known for sure that that was what he was, but if there was anything recent events had proven, maybe he wasn’t, at least not 100%.

"Maybe not," said Mikael. "But that doesn’t mean I’m a fucking fag. I like cock, so what?" Jack raised an eyebrow. "Okay, maybe that was a bit of an understatement. I love cock. But so what? Lots of straight guys experiment like that. It doesn’t mean I want to spend the rest of my life with another man."

Just imagining it made Mikael’s stomach turn. He grimaced. "God. Even the thought of regularly sticking my cock in another man’s dirty asshole for the rest of my life makes me sick."

"Ah, I see," said Jack. He seemed taller when he got up from the couch, better built. His shirt fit over his torso a bit better than it had when Mikael had met him. Mikael shook his head. What was he thinking? That was impossible. People didn’t grow over the space of a few hours. It took weeks of determination and discipline.

Jack lowered himself onto his haunches in front of Mikael. His juicy cock seemed huge pointing straight out of his crotch. Mikael licked his lips, but felt a finger hooked under his chin tilting his head up. He looked into Jack’s eyes. "You’re probably thinking about it the wrong way."

"What do you mean?" said Mikael. Even if he wanted to, he didn’t think he could look away from those golden eyes. They seemed to shine with an internal fire that drew him in. He could get lost in them for eternity.

"Well, maybe the reason you’re so against the thought of being with another guy is because you keep thinking that it means having to fuck another guy," said Jack. "But you’ve always been curious about what it feels like to get fucked, don’t you? You’ve always wondered why ‘fags’ choose to keep being ‘fags’?"

Mikael gulped. He felt like Jack was peering into his very soul. He didn’t know how it had come to this, but Jack was speaking to the truth. He had always wondered that. What was so good about getting fucked that fags couldn’t get enough of stuffing their assholes with cock?

"I mean, I’m not saying you’re not straight," said Jack. "But you love cock in your mouth… That’s a little gay. You wonder if maybe you’re not as straight as you think, don’t you? Don’t you want to know for sure?"

"I-I guess," said Mikael. He’d never really doubted himself. His confidence in his own identity had been as rock-solid as his faith in God but after discovering just how much he craved the taste of cock, he had started to doubt himself. Jack was right. He did want to know for sure.

"You said it yourself, right? It’s only gay if you’re the one getting fucked and enjoying it?" said Jack. Mikael couldn’t contest the wisdom of those words. They were his. "Why don’t we give it a try? If you don’t like it, then you’re probably straight. But if you don’t, everything you’ve known and taught people has been a lie, but at least you know for sure, right?"

"I don’t know," said Mikael. He eyed Jack suspiciously. He didn’t like the way that Jack had changed in the last few minutes, even though he couldn’t quite say why. "I don’t think I’m comfortable with that…"

"I get it, you’re scared it might upend everything that you’ve built your life around," said Jack. "But you said it yourself. This is a safe space. You don’t have to hide anything here. Don’t you want to know the truth?"

Somehow, Mikael doubted that this was what he’d meant when he said those words what felt like hours ago, now. But his thoughts were so foggy from all the arousal that he just couldn’t muster a decent defense. "Okay, okay," said Mikael, reluctantly acquiescing. "Let’s do it. But if I feel uncomfortable with where things are going, we’ll stop."

"Sounds good to me," said Jack. He sat down on the floor in front of Mikael. He sat with his legs in a V, with Mikael in between. Mikael licked his lips as he watched Jack’s cock bob up and down enticingly between Jack’s legs.

Demonstrating surprisingly flexibility, Jack leaned forward and helped Mikael peel his suit jacket off. Jack tossed the article of clothing to the side. "Let’s get this off. You feel more comfortable when you’re naked. Isn’t that right?" said Jack, grabbing Mikael’s dress shirt and undoing the buttons from the bottom up.

Mikael had never really put any thought into it, but he did feel best when he was wearing gym clothes, which were far less formal and covered less skin. It stood to reason that he’d be a lot more comfortable wearing nothing at all. He supposed there was a certain freedom to being naked that was appealing.

"Hey, are you going to help or are you going to let me do all the work?" said Jack. There was an impatient edge to his voice that Mikael didn’t like. And yet, when he opened his mouth to rebuke the boy, he caught sight of those bright golden eyes and felt the words fade from his mind.

"I-I’ll help," said Mikael. He wasn’t used to being told what to do. All his life he’d been the one doing the telling. But he supposed Jack had a point. He reached up and fumbled with his tie, undoing the button on his collar.

"Keep the tie on," said Jack. Again, Mikael didn’t quite like the tone that Jack addressed him with. It was as if the boy had forgotten his place just because Mikael had sucked his cock. Jack was still a fag who was going to hell, and Mikael was still a man of God. Yet again, though, the words failed him when he tried to say something about it. "Loosen it a bit so we can get the shirt off you, though," said Jack, and Mikael found himself meekly doing as he was told.

Jack helped Mikael slide the shirt off his shoulders and tossed it after the jacket. "Take your pants off, too," he said. Mikael pushed his pants down his legs, and then kicked them off.

"Turn around and get on your hands and knees," said Jack. Mikael didn’t know why he was doing everything Jack told him to do. It was almost like he was under some sort of spell, but it wasn’t like his body was refusing to do what he wanted it to do. He was choosing to do what Jack told him to, he just didn’t understand why he was taking orders from someone who was his inferior.

"Arch your back. Yeah, just like that," said Jack. Mikael shivered as he felt fingers lightly brush along the curve of his spine. Jack’s touch left warmth tingling on the surface of his skin. "That make your pucker twitch? Yeah, it does…" said Jack.

Mikael bit back a moan. He could feel his asshole clenching and unclenching. It was weird, but it wasn’t entirely unpleasant. "Things aren’t looking good for your straightness, Sir," said Jack. The way "Sir" rolled off Jack’s tongue made it seem like he was mocking Mikael, but the sensation in his ass made it difficult to concentrate on anything else.

"Looks like you’re a bit sensitive back here, Sir," said Jack. A shiver shot up Mikael’s spine as he felt Jack’s thumb gently rub against his hole. His cock, hanging down between his legs, twitched. "Mmm. That’s an eager hole, Sir, as far as I can tell."

"W-What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Mikael stammered, barely able to string the words together at the novel sensations coursing through his body like electricity from the simple act of Jack rubbing circles around his hole.

"It means your back end wants to taste cock just as badly, if not worse than your front end, Sir," said Jack. Every time Jack said the word, it sounded less and less deferential and more and more sardonic to Mikael. For some reason, it was starting to turn him on.

"W-What? Hell no," said Mikael. He was just glad that Jack couldn’t see his face. His cheeks felt like they were about to burst into flame any second. God. This was humiliating. His ass itched with the same sort of itch he felt in the back of his throat. It was even worse, actually. Now that he’d had a taste of cock, it was almost like it had awakened something inside of him that he hadn’t even known was in there all along. "T-That’s not true."

"Really?" said Jack. "It feels like your hole’s trying to suck my thumb in, Sir. I think it is true. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe it’s just because you haven’t had a cock up there, Sir. Maybe you won’t like it. But it definitely looks like your ass wants to find out if you will."

"F-Fuck," Mikael murmured under his breath. "Okay, fine. You’re right. My ass itches. It feels weird. I want to know what it feels like to have a cock up there. Are you happy now?" he said, his fingers clenched so tightly that his knuckles were turning white.

"Of course, Sir. I only want you to be true to yourself," said Jack. He removed his thumb from Mikael’s hole. Before he could stop himself, Mikael groaned. It had felt so good. He was relieved, but he was also more than a little disappointed that the stimulation had stopped.

Mikael winced as he felt two hands clap onto his ass cheeks. He could feel the fingers digging into his flesh, gently kneading his cheeks apart. Jack whistled behind him. "Damn, Sir. You’ve been holding out on your flock. We’ve always known you have a sexy butt, but seeing it like this is something else."

Mikael’s hole quivered as he felt Jack’s warm breath wafting over the sensitive ring. His legs trembled and he couldn’t help but inch them apart a little. His back arched and a high-pitched sound escaped him as he felt Jack’s hot, wet tongue lick a stripe up the crack of his ass.

"H-Holy shit," Mikael moaned. The sensation was so intense. More intense than he could have ever expected. He was starting to get an idea for why fags liked ass stuff so much. He didn’t know that his body could even feel this good.

"Don’t worry about getting too carried away, Sir," Jack murmured. The vibrations of his voice against Mikael’s hole sent gentle shivers of pleasure up Mikael’s spine. "I know you have a bit of a hair-trigger, but that’s okay. I just want you to feel good."

Shit. Fuck. Shit. Fuck. Mikael had never sworn so much, even mentally, in his life but as Jack’s tongue swirled around his pucker he felt his balls draw up against his body. The tension coiled in the pit of his stomach, building far too quickly compared to what was normal. A strangled moan forced itself out of Mikael as his cock blasted a fresh wad of spooge onto the carpet.

Mikael’s hole quivered and clenched, but the orgasm just let Jack work his tongue even deeper. Mikael could feel it pushing into him, hot and wet, easing his hole open. It squirmed inside of him, fucking in and out of his hole, making his ass tingle. It felt so good.

"Well, you obviously like having a tongue in your ass, Sir," said Jack, pulling away from Mikael’s hole. Mikael had to suppress the groan of disappointment that tried to climb its way out of his throat. "I’d say that at least makes you only 70% straight. But then you came as I was rimming you, so probably more like 60%."

A small part of Mikael was low-key panicking. In less than an hour, his once-certain view of himself had been chipped down to 60%. He wasn’t sure he wanted to keep going. In fact, he knew he didn’t want to keep going. But his body had other ideas. He felt a longing in the pit of his stomach, a craving for more. Not just Jack’s tongue back in his ass, but also a cock down his throat.

"Turn around," said Jack. Mikael did as he was told. Jack looked even bigger now than he had before. His shirt was stretched over his broad shoulders and muscled chest. His abs were visible just under the cotton and they were amazing.

Mikael’s eyes drifted down. Jack’s cock looked even more enticing. He could have sworn it was at least half an inch bigger, and proportionally thicker. He could already imagine how it would feel in his mouth and he could feel himself salivating at the thought.

"You like my body, Sir," said Jack. It was a statement, not even a question. As if it were so obvious that the sight of Jack’s rippling abs was making Mikael’s cock rock hard again despite having cum twice already.

Mikael’s breath hitched in his throat as Jack reached down, hooked his fingers under the bottom hem of his shirt, and hiked it up his torso. If his mouth was open, Mikael would have drooled at the sight of those impeccably-cut abs.

"Come closer," said Jack. Mikael crawled toward him. Mikael felt a hand on the back of his head. "I can tell how much you want it in your mouth so go ahead. Suck it," said Jack, pushing Mikael’s head down toward his crotch.

Mikael didn’t even fight. A small part of him tried to resist, tried to tell him that this was all wrong, but the small voice in the back of his head went ignored. He moaned as he felt the hot spongy head of Jack’s cock on his tongue once again, though having one end filled up was only intensifying the feeling of being empty in the other end.

Acting on an instinct that he’d never really had before, Mikael arched his back and pushed his ass out, hoping that Jack would notice. A moment later, he felt Jack reach over his back. A few fingers lightly brushed up and down his crack, making him groan every time they grazed his hole and made it twitch.

"I’m going to use your cum as lube so I can finger your ass, Sir," said Jack. His fingers dipped under Mikael for a moment, and then after a few seconds, Mikael felt something slightly warm and slimy being smeared around his hole. He moaned around Jack’s cock as he felt the tip of the first finger pushing past his entrance.

Mikael’s ass gave way for Jack’s middle finger easily. The tonguing from earlier had loosened it up, and the cum served as a fantastic lube. Jack pushed all the way down to the knuckle, though he had to force Mikael to deep-throat him to do so.

"Fuck, Sir," said Jack. "I don’t think this is an ass. This is a pussy. Fuck. It’s so hot and wet on the inside. And it’s so fucking tight." Mikael squirmed, his throat spasming around the considerable girth of Jack’s cock as the finger buried in his ass slowly moved in and out of him.

Mikael had never thought of his ass as a pussy before, but the notion made a twisted sort of sense. He’d just gotten tongued up his ass, fingered up his ass, and soon enough fucked up his ass. It was definitely more of a pussy than an asshole, in that sense. Fuck. The feeling of Jack’s finger inside of him set off Mikael’s hair-trigger again. This time, instead of a powerful orgasm, he felt the cum dribble out of him like a weak trickle of piss.

The sheer humiliation of it all was too much. Mikael felt a thrill of arousal course through his body, making his dick twitch and forcing another dribble of cum out of him. He’d never felt so degraded in his life, coming with a finger in his ass, without touching his cock. He didn’t think it got more pathetic than that.

Mikael could only squirm and moan around the cock lodged in his throat as Jack finger-fucked his pussy. He didn’t know why it felt so good, but it did. He could feel his walls clenching around the finger every time Jack pulled it out, his hole desperately trying to suck it back in.

God. Mikael felt like such a slut, bucking his hips, rolling them back onto Jack’s finger. It just felt so good he couldn’t help but chase after the sensation. He was turning into a total faggot and it was so wrong but his body couldn’t get nearly enough.

Mikael felt Jack’s cock twitch and swell in his throat as he let out a high-pitched desperate moan when he felt a second finger enter his hole. He struggled to breathe around the thick cock as Jack’s fingers slowly worked him open, the fingers scissoring apart and then together to loosen him up.

A shuddering gasp was choked by the cock in Mikael’s throat when he felt Jack’s fingers brush up against a certain spot inside of him. It sent a bolt of electricity surging up through his taint to the tip of his cock and forced another weak dribble of watery cum out of him.

"God, you’re like a girl, Sir," said Jack. His tone was openly mocking Mikael now. "Coming like this over and over again while getting your pussy worked over. That must be humiliating for someone who thought he was a man all along. But that doesn’t matter, does it? Because you love humiliation, too. It turns you on."

Mikael whined. Hearing it said out loud like that, stated so bluntly, was even more degrading. He felt his pussy flutter around Jack’s fingers and another orgasm rippled through his body, radiating from that spot inside of him.

"Jeez. You’re a bit of a disgrace, aren’t you, Sir?" said Jack. "Imagine what your flock would think if they saw you the way I saw you right now… Three fingers shoved into your gaping, eager hole. Your cheeks puffed out around a thick cock shoved into your gob. Mmm. Fuck."

"I’d say that puts you at around 20% straight, Sir," said Jack. "But let’s find out if 20% is a generous figure, why don’t we?"

Mikael felt fingers tangling in his hair. The fingers in his ass-pussy, loosening him up, slid out of him with a wet sucking sound. The fingers in his hair pulled him off Jack’s cock, but he tried to keep sucking on it for as long as he could. It slid past his lips with a pop, glistening with his spit and throat slime.

Jack got on his knees and shuffled around behind Mikael. He worked Mikael’s knees apart with his own and nestled his cock between Mikael’s muscular ass cheeks as he leaned forward. Using his weight, and a hand placed between Mikael’s shoulder blades, he forced Mikael’s chest and head to the carpeted floor.

Slowly, Jack rolled his hips, fucking his cock up and down Mikael’s crack. Mikael trembled with anticipation. He was afraid of what he would find out once that huge monster entered him, but at the same time he was excited to confirm just how much of a fag he had been this whole time.

The feeling of the blunt head against his quivering pucker made Mikael’s body tense. It didn’t even push in. It hovered there, bot and hard just outside of his ass, teasing him with its presence. He tried to buck his hips, but it didn’t get him anywhere.

After a little more teasing, as he squirmed underneath Jack, Mikael finally felt the cock pressing forward. It was bigger than he anticipated. Somehow, he felt that it was bigger than when it had been in his throat. He could only moan as it pushed into him, wedging his pussy open, making him stretch to his limits.

The burn of being split open provided an exquisite edge to the pleasure that Mikael felt at finally being stuffed with cock. As soon as the thick, hot head of it popped into his hole, his cock started squirting his weak cum onto the floor.

"I guess that makes it clear, Sir," said Jack, derisively. He didn’t have to say it. Mikael already knew the truth in his heart. "But I think that makes you 0% straight." The flush of humiliation that Mikael felt, as his whole world came crumbling down around him, made his pussy clamp down hard around Jack’s cock, and made his limp dick squirt more cum on the carpet.

Inch by thick inch, Jack pushed his cock inside Mikael. Mikael moaned as it filled him up in a way he’d never been filled up before. When he felt Jack’s balls touching his own, he realized that he felt complete.

"To think that you thought of yourself as a respectable man of God when the truth was that you were just a closet-case hypocrite," said Jack, shaking his head. The shame Mikael felt at the truth made his hole clamp tightly around Jack’s cock, sending a bolt of pleasure up his spine.

"You wasted all that time using your mouth to talk about how evil being gay was when really you were just afraid of the truth deep inside," said Jack. "Imagine that. You could have spent years fulfilling your true purpose instead: slurping down whatever cock you could."

Mikael moaned. Fuck. Jack was right. He’d squandered years of his life in service of a belief that he was now pretty sure was a lie. He’d once been so certain that he was a straight, red-blooded man but now here he was, moaning like a cheap whore at the sensation of being stuffed with dick. If he’d been wrong about that, then he figured he was probably wrong about all the other stuff, too. Tears trickled out the side of his face. All those years wasted, all of those cocks that he’d failed to taste, that cum he’d failed to guzzle.

"But don’t worry. At least now you know your true purpose,’ said Jack. Mikael felt a thumb stroking the side of his face. "From now on you can be a good little cumdump. A cock-hungry slut. A set of holes for men to put their cocks in. Yeah. That’s what you want to be from now on, isn’t it? You’ll be a greedy little cock-dumb, cum-guzzling whore. You’ll spend the rest of your days impaled on cock one way or another, and you’re going to love every moment of it."

Fuck. Jack was right. Mikael knew his purpose now, and he wasn’t going to waste another moment on the grand lies of his old life. He moaned. Jack’s cock felt even bigger inside of him. He rolled his hips, bucking them back onto Jack’s, fucking himself on that cock as much as he could.

"That’s a good little slut," said Jack. With that, he started moving. Jack pulled his cock almost all the way out of Mikael. Only the head remained inside. Mikael groaned, missing the sensation of being so completely stuffed full. He didn’t have to miss it for long because cum was flying out of his limp cock the moment that Jack snapped his hips forward and slammed all the way back into Mikael.

Every thrust that followed was just as merciless. Mikael was getting pounded into the floor and he loved it. He moaned and groaned and screamed in pleasure, getting louder every time that Jack angled his cock just right and drove it right into that special spot inside of him.

Mikael didn’t care how loud he was or who heard him. He wanted the whole world to know the truth, the humiliating, shameful truth about the secret that had been dwelling inside of him the whole time. "Oh. Fuck. Oh. Fuck," he cried, the words jolted out of his mouth by Jack’s ferocious thrusts.

"I’m. A. Faggot!" Mikael deliriously declared as Jack’s pace picked up into a full-blown rut. For the first time in his life, Mikael said the word "faggot" not with disgust or derision, but with a strange sense of pride.

Jack fucked Mikael like a jackhammer. In and out. In and out. Every thrust was faster than the last, harder than the last. It wasn’t long before Mikael felt like the very soul was being fucked out of his body. It felt like his brain was rattling around inside his skull. It felt so good.

Mikael’s body was locked into what felt like one endless orgasm after another as Jack’s cock reshaped his guts. It felt so good, and it was almost like Jack’s cock was getting bigger with every thrust.

The pleasure was so overwhelming that before long, Mikael’s brain checked out. He lay there, drooling, feeling everything, living in every moment, but unable to think a single coherent thought. The only time some semblance of clarity returned to him was when Jack’s thrusts slowed but didn’t get any less vicious.

Mikael glanced underneath him, at his belly. He watched as the lump made in his stomach by Jack’s cock slowly retreated out of him. "I’m gonna fill you up with cum, you little slut," Jack grunted.

With a guttural roar, Jack thrust his cock as deep into Mikael as it would go. Mikael’s eyes bulged at the way that his stomach distended around the cock inside of him. It was huge. Inhuman. And yet instead of disturbed, he felt incredibly aroused by the sight.

Jack’s fingers dug into Mikael’s hips. Mikael felt the first shot of burning cum sear his insides. He saw it, saw his stomach distend at the tip of the bulge of Jack’s cock from the force of the blast. The most powerful orgasm that he’d had to that point shook through Mikael afterward as more and more cum pumped into him.

Mikael’s back arched, his toes curled, and his legs turned to jelly as the orgasm ripped through his whole body, crashing into him like a tsunami of utter bliss. Searing hot cum flooded his guts filling him with even more pleasure and sending him into another orgasm.

It felt so good that Mikael’s mind went completely blank. When he regained consciousness, the carpet under him was drenched, his thighs were sticky with cum, and his belly was so swollen that he could feel the fibers of the carpet against his stomach.

Something large was in Mikael’s ass, but it wasn’t Jack’s cock. He could tell, because Jack’s cock was in front of his face, massive, red, and glistening with cum and ass juices. Struggling with the weight of all the fluid in his belly, Mikael sat back and looked up at Jack.

The man standing in front of Mikael was nothing like the boy that had he’d met before. Jack was huge. His muscles had swollen to the point that they had torn through his clothes. He looked almost like a God, though his enormous cock was certainly divine.

As Mikael watched, the complexion of Jack’s skin changed. He became pale, almost as white as the driven snow. His hands and feet were a midnight-blue color so dark it might as well have been black, though the darker skin gradually faded to the same white as the rest of his body toward the knees and the elbows. His cock was the same, black at the tip and white at the root, just above a pair of large, pendulous balls.

Something slender and spade-tipped, colored much the same way as Jack’s limps slithered from behind him. Mikael’s eyes bulged as he realized that it was a tail.

Heart racing, Mikael looked up at Jack’s face. He was handsome in an unearthly way, and his bright golden eyes caught the light and seemed to burn with a strange inner fire. Above his brow, just under the line of hair that looked like polished silver, two large horns at Jack’s temples protruded and curved back over his head and around his ears.

"Y-You’re a demon," Mikael stammered. He couldn’t think of anything else to say. He’d just been fucked by a demon. He’d fallen to the temptation that he had always warned against, but for some reason, he didn’t feel any despair at the thought. In fact, he felt a strange sort of ecstasy. Before he knew it, his cock was twitching and squirting again.

"Astute observation," said Jack. "And as you can imagine, my name isn’t as pedestrian as Jack. It’s Seth. You should be so honored that I’ve deigned to give you my name."

Mikael nodded. He bowed in front of Seth. Despite having never thought he would ever find himself bowing and scraping in front of a demon, the notion turned him on so much. A part of him hoped that Seth would fuck him again.

"My job here is almost done, now that you know your true purpose, but there are other things that remain to be done," said Seth. "Listen to me, pet. You will continue to be a minister to your flock. You will continue running your business as you always have. You will be a good pastor and a spiritual guide for your congregation."

Mikael opened his mouth to protest but thought the better of it. Seth didn’t seem like the kind of demon to contradict. Besides, a part of Mikael felt that Seth was, in a way, his master and owner as the one that had shown him the truth about himself. He didn’t want to disappoint, but he was uncertain about his orders. If he had to do his duties as he used to, then he wouldn’t be able to fulfill his true purpose.

"You’ll serve your true purpose whenever you have the time," said Seth, as if reading Mikael’s mind. "I’m sure since you found some time to fuck over hundreds of misguided gay men, you’ll find time to service hundreds of cock if you want to. Besides, you’ve done so much damage think of it as your penance for your crimes. You have to make amends, somehow."

Mikael nodded and hung his head. For the first time in his life, he felt guilt over his actions. He’d damaged lives irreparably, and if what he’d believed was false, that faith alone wasn’t salvation, then he needed to make things right.

"The only difference is that you’ll stop preaching that Biblical literalism crap. You’ll stop preaching that being gay is wrong," said Seth. "You’ll throw the Bible out and start preaching from a position that everyone should be good to everyone else, and not for the sake of some reward in the afterlife, but because it’s the right thing to do."

"The petty thing to do would be to transport you to a brothel and have you live out the rest of your days there, happily serving whatever cock comes your way," said Seth. "But that doesn’t help anyone."

Mikael understood. The money and influence that he’d gained over the years better served to change the world. If he just disappeared, someone else would take over for him, and nothing would change. His mind was becoming clearer, now. He still felt that hunger inside of him, but he knew that he’d been wrong in the past, and was determined to make things right.

"You’re more useful to us alive and using all that power that you have for our cause," said Seth. "I don’t care how you justify it to them, but make it believable. Tell them God came to you in a dream declaring that the way religion has been taught was wrong this whole time. Be a force for good in the world, for once."

"Why?" said Mikael. "Aren’t you a demon? Why are you talking about good when you’re supposed to be evil? Don’t you want to see the world burn?" That was the one thing he didn’t understand.

Seth scoffed. "We demons are forces of chaos, not evil," he said. "Do you think we like torturing humans who end up in Hell because of the stupid bullshit that goes on upstairs? No. We’re forced to do that. And now we’re going to make it stop."

"You, pet, are going to be instrumental to those plans," said Seth. "You’ll make me proud, won’t you?"

Mikael nodded. Of course, he was. He was going to do everything in his power to help Seth’s cause.

"Oh, and one last thing," said Seth. He grabbed his cock by the base and slapped Mikael across the face with it. "From now on, this is your god. Cock. Don’t you forget it."

With that, Seth snapped his fingers, and the whole world went white.

Mikael jolted awake. He was alone in his private chambers, fully dressed, and with his normal, flat, muscled stomach, not a belly full of cum. At first, he was relieved. He thought everything that had happened with Seth was just a dream. An incredibly erotic one that had him hard in his pants, but a dream nonetheless.

If it had really just been a dream, as real as it might have felt, then Mikael wasn’t actually gay. And yet, for some reason, that felt disingenuous to say. He tried to think of bedding women, but the thought just didn’t appeal to him. Not to mention, his throat itched at the thought of sucking cock.

The convictions that Mikael once held weren’t faring any better. He doubted them. All of them. In fact, a part of him knew that it was all a bunch of bullshit. He shook his head. If the whole Seth thing really had been a dream, then it had fucked him up in a very real way.

As he shifted his weight on the couch, Mikael felt something slightly warm, firm, and weighty roll against his thigh. He looked down and saw a perfect rubber replica of Seth’s cock. The realization that it had all been true crashed into him and he let out a little moan as his cock, which apparently now had a hair-trigger, exploded in his pants.

There was a small square of paper sticking out from under the dildo. Mikael picked it up and read it. "Just in case you miss me, pet. — Seth," said the note. The corner of Mikael’s lip twitched. His mind was still a bit fucked up. He felt like he had two concurrent sets of conflicting values and beliefs, but he could tell the old set was already beginning to fade. His pussy itched. He was definitely going to use the dildo when he next had the opportunity.

A new line of text appeared on the paper. "P.S. Might want to stuff this somewhere, quick," it said. Mikael stared at the writing that had magically appeared, trying to puzzle out what it meant. Then, he heard a knock on the door.

Mikael’s eyes grew wide. He couldn’t let anyone see the dildo, couldn’t tell anyone the truth before he’d spun it in a way that wouldn’t cause a major scandal. The dildo was too big to fit in any of the crevices of the couch, so he picked it up. He didn’t have time to go to the desk to hide it, but he had to do something.

Mikael decided that he was going to throw the dildo over the back of the couch, but as he stood to do so, he realized that there was a hole in the seat of his pants, and he could feel the cool air against his ass.

"Sir? Are you alright?" said the bodyguard standing outside the door. "I’m opening this door now."

Mikael realized that he had a better place to stuff the dildo. He braced it against the couch and sat on it, letting out a low moan as his cock exploded again and as the length of the toy slid into him, filling him in a way that instantly settled all his nerves. "Come in," he said, shifting in his spot.

"Sorry about this, Sir," said the bodyguard, as he opened the door into the room. "He said he forgot to say something to you and insisted that I knock. You didn’t answer so I thought something must have happened."

"I-It’s alright," said Mikael. "Who said he forgot to say something to me?"

"I did," said Jack. He waved at Mikael from behind the bodyguard. Mikael’s face flushed at the sight of those familiar golden eyes. "I just wanted to say thank you, Sir, for being so helpful. I really needed to hear those words from you. I hope you can continue to inspire people like me, Sir."

"I-It was nothing. I was just doing my job," said Mikael. It felt weird addressing Seth from the position of a superior, but he had to do it to keep up appearances. "Is that all?"

"Yeah," said Jack. "Thanks again, Sir." Before he turned away, Jack winked at Mikael. Mikael gripped the edges of the couch. It was all he could do not to moan as his cock exploded again.

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