Dumbing Doubter pt. 4

Sean crosses the finish line on his dumbing down journey and his life will never be the same.

Even though Sean did eventually end up telling his publisher that the three-month deadline was unreasonable and that he’d need time to figure out what he needed to write next, he ultimately decided that there was nothing wrong with trying to write his next book before three months was up.

It was purely a private effort. Sean hadn’t informed his publisher that he would be doing anything of the sort. He wanted to try and see if he could do it without the extra pressure of his publisher breathing down his neck.

Part of the reason Sean had been stressing so much was that he didn’t have any idea for what to write next when his publisher called. Now, he did. He’d had an epiphany in yesterday’s post-session clarity but he wasn’t sure if it would work out just yet.

Things weren’t going particularly well.

The story had mostly taken shape in Sean’s mind but he just couldn’t quite find the words to put it to paper. He’d been writing and deleting opening paragraphs repeatedly for the better part of the past two hours and he was getting increasingly frustrated at his lack of progress.

To make matters worse, Jack had begged off for their session today. He had something important to attend to, or so he said.

In lieu of the session, Jack had sent Sean a file entitled Workout.mp3. Though the name was pretty self-explanatory, Jack had still gone on to explain that Sean was supposed to listen to it while working out.

The whole spiel had been quite interesting, Sean had to admit. Allegedly, the file was one that Jack had been working on for the past couple of days. Jack had rattled off a list of supposed benefits to listening to the file on loop while Sean worked out.

Supposedly, the file would help Sean ease into and stay in trance while working out. More than that, it was supposed to help him maintain a more positive outlook and calmer mind throughout the day, leading to lower levels of stress and lowered risk of heart, kidney, and liver disease.

More importantly, though, Jack said that this file was supposed to start Sean on the road to getting dumber. It would, ostensibly, help him empty his mind of extraneous thoughts and keep it that way. It would help him just, think less overall and slowly drain his intelligence.

Sean didn’t think an MP3 file could do everything Jack seemed to believe it could but he saw no harm in trying it out, anyway. He was at the end of his rope with his writing and could use the distraction.

Besides. Sean still remembered how good and how relaxing it had felt while working out under trance. He didn’t remember much of what had actually happened during the workout but he did recall how good he’d felt throughout and afterward.

Sean got up from his computer, changed into his workout clothes, popped his earphones in, and started playing the file. Almost immediately thereafter, his ears were subjected to a background noise of static crackling and layered, indiscernible voices all repeatedly saying words that he just couldn’t quite parse.

"It’s time to start getting dumber, Sean…" said Jack’s voice.

"And just like that… Going deeper and deeper into trance with every rep… Feeling better and better as your mind empties of thoughts and worries…"

Sean groaned. His footfalls shook the treadmill. His consciousness was scattered. His mind was blank. His ears were open. Jack’s words seeped in, working their way into the depths of his being.

"Getting dumber and dumber with every repetition…"

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. The cadence of Jack’s voice, the backing of indistinct voices and static, as well as the rhythm of his own footfalls served to pull Sean even deeper under control.

"Not wanting to think. Just letting your thoughts slowly melt away… Getting dumber and dumber and dumber with every bead of sweat that rolls down your face…"

Sean was drenched. Sweat dripped from his chin and splattered on the belt of the treadmill underneath. His eyes were open but unfocused, his gaze distant and glassy.

"Feeling all that intelligence slowly melting away the deeper you trance, the more your muscles burn with every repetition…"

Sean moaned.

"Sure, those smarts will come back when you’re finished, when you finally come back out of trance… But not all of them…"

Sean pushed himself to the finish. His legs burned but it felt good. He listened to Jack’s words, let the smooth, gentle tone of his voice drip down into his subconscious.

"Getting just a tiny little bit dumber every time you listen, every time this file starts over again…"

Sean hopped off the treadmill. His workout was complete. All that remained were the cool-down stretches. The thought of turning the file off never once crossed his mind. In fact, not a single thought crossed his mind.

"And it’s not much at all. Maybe one tiny little bit of information that you learned at some point during school permanently forgotten. But over time… The more you listen to this file, the dumber you get."

Sean moaned again. His cock was so fucking hard as he did his stretches.

"Chipping away at your intelligence. Little by little. And you don’t even realize. Giving up more and more and more of your mind until there’s nothing left. Just a dumb little himbo, working out and looking pretty, letting others think for him."

Sean sat down after his workout and wiped the sweat from his brow. He’d just come out of trance and was still feeling a little bit fuzzy. Combined with the lingering burn of his workout, he felt great.

Compared to when he usually went under trance for Jack, Sean could remember, for the most part, what the file had contained. He couldn’t help but chuckle as he recalled Jack’s words. It was going to take more than repetitive assertions that he was getting dumber to make him dumber.

SeanKingAuthor: Hey, Jack. I just tried out your file. It was pretty good! But I don’t think it works quite the way you hope.

Mensmerizer09: Oh yeah, bro?
Mensmerizer09: Why do you say that?

SeanKingAuthor: I still feel pretty intelligent. I don’t feel any dumber than before. It’s gonna take more than just telling me I’m getting dumber over and over again to turn me into one of your himbos.

Mensmerizer09: Were you even listening to the file, bro?
Mensmerizer09: It’s a gradual process!
Mensmerizer09: You won’t be able to tell you’re getting dumber
Mensmerizer09: Until it’s too late!

SeanKingAuthor: Ha. Wow. Isn’t that convenient?

Mensmerizer09: Whatever you wanna think, bro
Mensmerizer09: Hope it made your workout feel pretty good though

SeanKingAuthor: Oh yeah. It did. I have to take care of something now though so I’ll talk to you later.

Mensmerizer09: LOL
Mensmerizer09: I bet I know what you’re going to take care of
Mensmerizer09: Have fun, bro

SeanKingAuthor: I doubt that.

Mensmerizer09: LOL
Mensmerizer09: Well, whatever you do
Mensmerizer09: Here’s another file for you to listen to

Sean slipped a hand into his shorts while he waited for his phone to download the file Jack had sent. It was called post_workout.mp3 so Jack could imagine what it was for.

There was a sizeable lump in the front of Sean’s shorts. The fabric was tented out almost obscenely from his rock-hard erection. He was so fucking horny he scarcely knew what to do about it.

Sean grabbed his cock. He stroked himself off in his underwear and licked his lips as he looked at the file that Jack had sent. Trance had helped his sleep and his workouts so far. It stood to reason that it might make masturbation more intense, as well.

Against his better judgment, Sean tapped on the file. The same static backdrop with layered voices crackled in his ear. His cock twitched the moment Jack spoke.

Sean tilted his head back and moaned. He was already slipping into trance and he was powerless to stop it. He was gone before he knew it. His thoughts fled from him. His conscious mind faded.

"And you’re back to getting even dumber…" Jack’s voice whispered, in Sean’s ear.

"Enjoying this more and more… Feeling nice and horny as your mind sinks even deeper into trance…"

Sean’s cock throbbed.

"Stroking yourself up and down and up and down…"

Sean slid his shorts down his legs. His cock strained in the cool air. He grasped it, mindlessly stroking to the cadence of Jack’s voice.

"Losing just a little bit of your intelligence with every stroke…"

A low moan escaped Sean. His cock felt so good. It was the only thought in his head. Jack’s voice was echoing in the emptiness of his mind, words slowly dripping down into his subconscious.

"Getting hornier and hornier with every little tidbit of information that pops away like a delicate soap bubble…"

Sean stroked himself. Up and down. Up and down. He could feel his brains melting, his intelligence slowly leaking out of him as pre-cum dribbled over his fingers.

"Getting dumber and dumber the hornier you get…"

Sean moaned.

"Getting hornier and hornier the dumber you get…"

Sean’s jaw hung slack. Drool trickled out of the corner of his mouth.

"Learning to want this. Learning to crave this… Getting aroused at the thought of stroking away all of the intelligence in that pretty little head of yours…

"Up and down. Up and down. Wanting this. Needing this. Craving to come back to this dumb, mindless, and horny state…

"Of course when you wake up you’ll feel most of it come back. Only most of it. Just a tiny little bit remains permanently lost…

"Chipping away at your mind. Slowly wearing away your intelligence little by little…"

Sean gripped tighter. He squeezed his cock. His chest rose and fell in quick, short breaths as he approached his climax.

"But you want this. You need this. You can’t help but want to come back to listen to this file again and again and again jerking your cock, getting dumb and aroused, aroused and dumb, slowly turning all that intelligence into mush…"





In addition to the files that Jack had already sent him, Sean now had half a dozen hypnosis MP3s to listen to throughout the day. The files were nice. Sean appreciated them. He loved the way they always pulled him deep into a nice state of trance.

Whether they were working to actually make him dumber, Sean didn’t think so. He felt every bit as intelligent as he had at the beginning.

Granted, Sean had been having a few difficulties with focusing on his work for the past week. He didn’t think it was too big of a deal. For the most part, he chalked it up to how horny he’d been of late.

Every time Sean would sit down to work on his next book, he’d manage to struggle through writing a couple of paragraphs before his hard cock drove him to distraction. Writing took up a lot of brainpower and it was just so difficult to think while horny that he ended up needing to take care of his erection before he could continue.

Sean was sure the spike in his libido had nothing to do with the files. Sure, the files had suggestions about making him horny all the time and making him dumber the hornier he got and hornier the dumber he got but he knew, for a fact, that the files weren’t working at all as Jack intended.

For one thing, Sean wasn’t horny all the time. Just most of the time. For another, Sean was at his horniest when he was writing his book.

Sure, Sean was having some trouble finding the words to use for his writing but that wasn’t a big deal. He’d had similar issues before. It was just that he was writing a whole new sub-genre of erotica. His cognitive abilities hadn’t suffered at all.

Besides, Sean was writing erotica. He was getting horny not because he was having trouble writing. He was getting horny because every time he sat down to write, he had to imagine the filthy-hot sex scenes he wanted to write about.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the files weren’t working on Sean because hypnosis didn’t work the way Jack thought it did. That was the truth, and Sean had never been more sure of it.

Granted, from the outside looking in it might have seemed that Sean was, in fact, experiencing the effects of the files but that was just an illusion. The pleasant haze in his head—the way he was struggling to remember basic words—had nothing to do with the files at all. Everything had a reasonable explanation that didn’t have to invoke the magical woo of hypnosis.

Sean sighed. He stuck his hand down the front of his shorts. Damn it. He was getting horny again. The only reason he’d even brought his phone out was to check whether he’d gotten a message from Jack about their next session.

Even though Jack had given Sean the files, they were still supposed to have regular sessions. That was the only reason Sean had even glanced at his phone. So he could have an idea of how he could plan his day.

There was no other reason at all.

Sean wasn’t trying to figure out if he could listen to a file. He had not gotten stressed because he was having trouble figuring out where to take the story next and he most certainly had not been looking to whip his cock out and beat it to the stress_relief.mp3 file because he was definitely not stressed. At all.

But now that Sean had his phone in his hand, his earphones in his ears, and his other hand wrapped around his cock, there couldn’t be any harm in listening to the file, could there?

A quiet ping and a notification from Sean’s phone jolted him from his thoughts. It was a message from Jack.

Mensmerizer09: Sorry, bro!
Mensmerizer09: Something came up last minute
Mensmerizer09: So I can’t make it today
Mensmerizer09: But here’s a file for you
Mensmerizer09: If you’re having some trouble
Mensmerizer09: With your writing

The file came through and Sean tapped it to download the attachment without thinking twice about it. All the files so far had been great for trancing. He was looking forward to the new one: stress_relief2.mp3

SeanKingAuthor: Thanks, man
SeanKingAuthor: Take care
SeanKingAuthor: See you tomorrow

Sean didn’t wait for the response. He fished his cock out of his shorts and pressed play on the file once it was finished downloading.

The file started just like the others, with the hiss of static and layered voices. Sean was gone before he knew it.

"I bet you’re listening to this because you’re having trouble writing, bro…"

Sean groaned.

"The files have started to affect you… The effects have started showing up in your everyday life…"

Sean’s conscious mind might have denied it but deep down, in his subconscious, he knew it to be the truth. Hypnosis was real. Hypnosis was powerful. He’d opened himself up to it and now he didn’t have the strength to resist.

"Your conscious mind can’t even tell you’re getting dumber… That’s how dumb you’ve become…"

Denial. Rationalization. Sean had always been proud of being pretty smart, of having a strong will. His conscious mind couldn’t stomach the thought that it had been defeated without its knowledge.

"But you can see the effects… You’re making more mistakes… You’re having trouble finding words…"

All the excuses that Sean had come up with to explain what was happening to him were useless in front of the truth. His cock lurched in his hands. His whole body felt like it was going to catch on fire.

"You’re getting distracted more easily… Getting nice and horny at the slightest provocation…"

Sean was so fucking hard. He was so fucking horny.

"Finding it more and more difficult to think the moment that you get turned on even just a tiny little bit… Getting dumber and dumber the hornier you get… Getting hornier and hornier the dumber you get…

"And you can’t get enough of it… You need it… You crave it… You can’t help but go back to the files again and again and again…Slowly turning your brains to mush… Willingly throwing away all the intelligence in that pretty little head of yours."

It was true. Sean barely even had time to write, anymore. He kept coming up with excuse after excuse to turn to the files. Stress. Horniness. Needing to work out. Needing to clean up. Every opportunity he had to do anything but think, to just listen to the files and drop into mindless bliss, he took.

"The more you listen, the dumber you become… And the dumber you become, the more you listen… Getting addicted to these files… Listening to them over and over and over again until your head is empty of all thoughts and all intelligence…"

Sean moaned. He was definitely getting there. His subconscious knew it. With every loop of the files Jack had sent him, the brains he was so proud of leaked out of him.

"From now on you’ll notice it even more. You’re getting so dumb. You’re too dumb to even write…"

A pang of fear struck through Sean’s heart. Writing had been his passion ever since he was young. It was difficult enough as it is but this file was going to make it even more difficult.

Sean was afraid, but at the same time, he was also so fucking horny. He was powerless to resist. He jerked his cock, stroking it up and down as he listened to the file, as he internalized the words.

"You’ll notice that you’re making mistakes… Typos… Spelling errors… Using the wrong words… Making grammatical errors…"

Sean panted, jerking his cock harder and harder as the file pretty much described the end of his writing career.

"Watching your computer put those red squiggly lines under your words… Correcting your writing… Knowing that a dumb machine is smarter than you now…"

Fuck. Sean was close. So close.

"Knowing that with every mistake, you’re getting even dumber… And getting so horny because you’re getting dumber… And getting dumber because you’re so horny… And making more mistakes because you’re getting dumber…"

It had started so slowly, so gradually, that Sean hadn’t even noticed he was sliding down. Now he was falling. Plummeting. It was too late. There was nothing he could do about it.

Sean could only go along with the destruction of his mind, of his intelligence. It made him so fucking horny. He was getting so dumb. His brain was getting drained. His cock was so fucking hard.

The only thing left to do was enjoy it as he kept getting dumber and dumber and dumber.

"It’s a vicious cycle… Keeping you mindless and dumb and horny from now on…"

Sean’s cock strained. He was riding the edge. He was so close. Just a little more and he’d be coming, spurting out even more of the precious few brain cells he had left.

"Too dumb to think… Too dumb to write…"

It was Sean’s destiny. His fate had been sealed the moment he agreed to the bet.

"But that’s okay. You don’t need to think. You don’t need to write. You just need to be mindless and dumb and horny… Working out and looking pretty…"

Sean sat down at his computer, drenched in sweat. The document with his latest book was untouched on his second screen. It was riddled with errors. He couldn’t even remember when the last time he touched it was.

The moment Sean saw all those red squiggly lines he couldn’t help but moan. It showed off how dumb he’d become. He could scarcely think. His head felt like it had been stuffed with thick cotton.

Sean yanked his pants down and stroked his big hard cock. Jack’s voice droned in his ears, keeping him mindless and horny and dumb. He let his mouth hang open, tongue lolling out as he pumped his fist up and down his cock.

A slow dumb grin spread across Sean’s face as his VL popped up with the notification that Jack was calling him. He paused the file and answered the call, leaning back in his chair to give Jack a good show.

"Hell yeah!" said Jack. "How’s my dumb bator bro?"

Sean let loose a low chuckle. "Feel so fuckin’ good, bro!" he drawled.

"Aw yeah, bro!" said Jack. "Stroke that fat dong dumb!"

Sean chuckled dumbly. A string of drool dripped from the tip of his tongue onto his chest. "Aw fuck, bro…" Sean groaned. The haze in his head got thicker, making thinking even more difficult. "Aw fuck I’m getting so fucking dumb, bro!"

"Yeah, bro! Lol. You look like a total fucking dumbass," said Jack. "Could you believe you used to be a writer?"

Sean giggled and shook his head. "Nah, bro! I’m too dumb to write!"

"Fuck yeah, bro, that’s right!" said Jack. He held his phone up to the camera to show Sean a message that he’d received. It was a garbled mess of misspelled words with no punctuation whatsoever. "Look at that mess, bro! That’s you! Fucking dumbass. Lol. You think a writer would text like that?"

"Nah, bro!" said Sean, jerking his cock harder. Being reminded of how dumb he’d gotten always turned him on so much.

"Do you know what today is, bro?" said Jack.

Sean shook his head. He had no idea. He had no idea about a lot of things he used to have ideas about. But that was okay. Ideas were for smart people, anyway. He wasn’t one of those anymore. He’d let Jack drain all of his smarts out so he could be nice and mindless and horny and dumb all the time.

"It’s the last day of our bet, bro!" said Jack.

"Oh!" said Sean. He faintly remembered something about a bet but not really.

"Lol. That means you’re gonna have to take an IQ test, dummy!" said Jack.

"What’s that?" said Sean, panting as he hunched his cock into his hands.

"It’s a test to see how smart you are, bro!" said Jack.

"Aw fuck, bro. I’m gonna bomb that test so fuckin’ hard!" said Sean with a deep, dumb chuckle.

"Yeah, bro! You’re gonna funk so fucking hard!" said Jack.

"Fuck, bro, I can’t wait!" said Sean.

"That’s my big dumb jockbro. Who’s a big dumb jockbro? Who’s a big dumb jockbro?" said Jack.

"I am, bro! Fuck. I’m such a fucking dumb meathead, bro!" said Sean.

Jack chuckled. He sent over a link. Sean at least still knew how to use those. For the next half hour, Sean struggled through the IQ test one-handed as the thought of letting go of his dick never crossed his mind even once.

After no small amount of distraction, Sean finally finished the test.

"How’d you do, bro?" said Jack.

"Says I got 69, bro!" said Sean, with a big, boisterous laugh.

"Nice!" said Jack.

"Fuckin’ nice, bro!" said Sean. Suffice to say, there wasn’t a question as to who won the bet.

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10 thoughts on “Dumbing Doubter pt. 4

  1. Would yiu do a bonus chapter where Sean can regain his intelligence bit by bit but can still become a brain drained meathead when Jack says his trigger phrase

  2. Loved the story! The denial and gradual progress were really well done. I’d love to see another chapter as Sean adjusts to being a dumb himbo obsessed with his looks and his bros.

    • Thank you! I don’t currently have any plans for an epilogue but if I do write one I’ll certainly remember this suggestion!

    • Thank you! It was a pretty tough month last month for writing but here’s hoping that April is better!

  3. Someone’s been listening to Vive’s dumbing down series! This was so hot from start to finish! I’ll add my wish to the pile of potential follow-up stories: What if Jack starts missing Sean’s writing and decides to smarten him back up, but Sean just don’t want to come out of his sexy haze?

    • I love ViVe’s dumbing down series a lot! I’m sure people who are familiar with it recognize the callbacks to the script.

      I don’t have plans for a sequel right now but I’ll certainly keep that idea in mind for if I decide to!

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