Hydro Homo pt. 5

The truth, at last, and it is beyond anything Bennett could have ever imagined. Strangely, Bennett isn’t as alarmed as he thinks he should be.

Ewan’s thighs were trembling by the time Bennett had satisfied his appetite. His cock was rock hard and bobbing between his legs.

Bennett couldn’t wait any longer. He’d never expected Ewan to be self-lubricating but that was a matter for another time. He needed to rut. He needed to fuck. He needed to breed.

Right now, all of Bennett’s willpower was focused on Ewan and that hairless pink hole just begging for attention. "Ben, please," Ewan whined, body covered in a light sheen of sweat.

Bennett could scarcely decline, especially when Ewan asked so nicely. He sidled up to the edge of the table, lining up with Ewan’s hole.

Nervous energy thrummed under the surface of Bennett’s as he tapped his cock head against Ewan’s pucker. He pushed forward with his hips and entered with surprising ease.

Ewan’s body tensed. He leaned back, elbows digging into the tabletop as he moaned.

Sweat dripped from Bennett’s brow. Ewan opened up for him, enveloping him in a tight, velvety heat. He leaned forward on the table, bracing himself with his hands on either side of Ewan’s waist.

Inch by inch, Bennett’s cock slid into Ewan’s eager grip. It felt good. It felt right. And all the little noises Ewan made as he stretched around Bennett’s not-inconsiderable girth encouraged him to push even deeper.

"Oh, fuuuck," Ewan groaned as Bennett’s cock bottomed out inside him.

Bennett had to agree. Sex had never been this good before and they hadn’t even really started. He wanted to say something, to express how right this all felt, but he couldn’t find the words.

As he moved his hips, Bennett realized the way he felt defied description. Instead of bothering with words, he let his body say what he wanted to.

Bennett leaned down and kissed Ewan. He pulled out, almost all the way, as Ewan’s arms wrapped around the back of his neck. Then, he slammed his cock home, making the table shake underneath them.

A low moan slipped past Ewan’s lips and into Bennett’s mouth. He savored the taste of it on his tongue and smiled. He started slow, gently working his cock in and out of Ewan’s heat.

Bennett could feel Ewan come undone under him. The younger man writhed with every thrust of his hips, moaning into the kiss as Bennett increased his pace.

Ewan didn’t even need to ask. Somehow, Bennett knew exactly what he wanted. What he needed. It was like their minds and bodies had synchronized on some profound, fundamental level.

Faster. Harder. Ewan’s back arched further off the table with every stroke. Bennett leaned over him, their bodies pressing together. He could feel Ewan’s cock rubbing against his stomach, throbbing.

The rhythm Bennett started with began to falter as he felt the edge approach. He moaned into Ewan’s mouth and was answered in kind. His back arched as he hunched his cock into Ewan, into his mate, and the pleasure pounding through him redoubled when he felt Ewan’s fingernails digging into the flesh of his back.

The two of them bucked and groaned and grunted like animals in a rut. The table shook under the force of Bennett’s thrusts. He was close. They were close.

In and out. Just a little more. In and out. Bennett broke the kiss and grunted. Sweat dripped from his brow onto Ewan’s chest. He moaned and bucked his hips, driving his cock as deep into Ewan’s tight heat as he could.

Ewan let out a low, keening moan. His body tensed, his legs tightening around Bennett’s waist. His toes curled, his back arched, and his fingers scrabbled at Bennett’s back.

As Ewan came, painting their stomachs with sticky, warm cum, his hole clamped around the base of Bennett’s cock. Bennett sucked in a sharp breath and groaned as the feeling of Ewan’s channel gripping him tightly proved too much.

Bennett’s cock swelled and pulsed as he came. The orgasm slammed into him, making his mind go blank for a moment. Waves of pleasure coursed all over his body, rolling one into the next until he was awash with bliss.

Spurt after spurt of thick cum spurted into Ewan’s tight ass. Bennett didn’t think he’d ever come so much. By the time the orgasm finally relented he felt like he’d come a gallon and was more than a little weak in the knees.

"Fuck," Ewan muttered, breathlessly. "That was amazing."

"Y-yeah," Bennett stammered. "Amazing" was putting it lightly. It had been a transcendent experience. For a moment, when the peak of their mutual orgasms had overlapped, he’d felt like the two of them had become one.

After a moment, Bennett tried to pull away. "I’ll get something to clean up," he said, but Ewan’s legs tightened around him refusing to let go.

"No, stay," Ewan whined. "Stay inside me."

Bennett flushed. It seemed like such an innocuous thing to say and yet it made the blood rush into his cock. Ewan groaned, a satisfied look flashing briefly across his face as Bennett’s cock flexed inside him.

"What if we get caught?" said Bennett. It had only just dawned on him that he and Ewan had fucked in a public space.

Bennett had always been more of a private person. He should have been more alarmed, knowing they could have been caught at any moment. It was weird. He didn’t care as much as he thought he would.

Right now, Bennett felt like he could conquer the world if he wanted. He had never been so full of certainty and confidence. He didn’t mind the idea of fucking Ewan in front of an audience.

If anything, part of Bennett sort of wanted to fuck Ewan in front of an audience. Not as part of any sort of exhibitionism but more to show the world whom Ewan belonged to.

Courtesy was the only reason Bennett had asked, come to think of it. He was fairly certain Ewan wouldn’t mind getting caught, either, but he had to make sure.

There was every chance that the wrong person walking in on Bennett and Ewan could lead to disaster. Ewan was waiting on his thesis defense, after all. The last thing Bennett wanted was to jeopardize Ewan’s career.

Ewan chuckled. He didn’t seem concerned about getting caught, at all. "If I’m right and Robin instigated this, he probably made sure we wouldn’t get interrupted."

There it was, again. Bennett couldn’t help but frown. "What do you mean?" he said. Even he hadn’t expected that his first time with Ewan would be on top of a table at the lab. "How could he have known?"

That wasn’t the only strange thing that had happened all day, either. It had escaped Bennett’s attention until now but he was still baffled by Ewan’s self-lubricating asshole.

"And what the fuck was that?" Bennett said. He smacked his lips. The faint taste of Ewan’s slick still lingered on his tongue. "Why were you leaking from your asshole? And don’t tell me it was lube because there was no way that was lube."

Ewan grinned. He pulled Bennett down and kissed him briefly on the cheek. "Want me to let you in on a little secret?" he said.

Bennett felt a chill race down his spine. As playful as Ewan’s tone was, his words just sounded so ominous. "S-sure," he stammered. The look in Ewan’s eyes made him wonder if maybe this was a stone better left unturned.

The corner of Ewan’s mouth curled into a little smirk. "The reason you came here, that whole thing with the Mississippi and Hierarch Industries? It’s real," he said.

Bennett so sincerely believed the theory was true that what Ewan had said didn’t even register as strange to him. For a little bit, at least. He realized before long that Ewan seemed less convinced and more certain. So certain that he probably knew something Bennett didn’t.

"W-what do you mean?" Bennett stammered. A cold knot had settled into his stomach but he wasn’t nearly as distressed as he thought he would be.

"I mean, there is an agent in the water," said Ewan. He smiled up at Bennett.

Bennett gulped. He wasn’t sure he liked the implication. "How, uh… How do you know that?" he said.

"Let’s just say I interned with a certain company and worked on a certain project shortly after I got my B.Sc.," said Ewan.

Bennett felt numb. All the effort he’d gone through to avoid being exposed to the agent meant nothing if Ewan had been secretly slipping it into his food and drink the whole time.

On some level, Bennett was furious at the deception, but that wasn’t his primary concern. Tears pricked at his eyes. Ewan had made him happy. If it turned out that the only reason he’d fallen for the younger man at all was because of Hierarch Industries’ agent, he didn’t know how he could live with himself.

It was a question Bennett didn’t think he wanted an answer to, but he needed it all the same. "Then, did I? Did you… Was I exposed to the agent?" he said, feeling dread constrict his chest.

Ewan shook his head. "Oh, no, not at all," he said. "You did everything right, Ben."

"But I was straight," Bennett said, despondently. Was. He could scarcely remember the last time he’d thought about a woman. "If it wasn’t the agent then how did I…? How did we…?" He couldn’t bring himself to finish the questions.

Ewan reached up and gently cupped the side of Bennett’s face. "Everything we have is real, Ben," he murmured.

As confused as all these revelations had made him, Bennett knew Ewan was telling the truth. The sincerity in his voice, the warmth of his words—these were things that couldn’t be faked.

"But didn’t I turn gay?" said Bennett, swallowing thickly.

Ewan shrugged. "If you mean ‘turned gay’ in the sense that your preferences have irreversibly shifted toward men, then I guess you did," he said.

Bennett couldn’t help but laugh at Ewan’s nonchalance. It was a monumental paradigm shift and yet he talked about it like it was just another Tuesday. "Why do I get the sense there’s more?" he said.

Ewan smiled. "That’s my Ben. Always so inquisitive," he said. "Because you’re right. It’s so much more than just turning gay. It’s the next step in human evolution."

Bennett gulped. Such words, from anyone else, would have sounded like the deluded ramblings of a cultist. From Ewan, they seemed terrifyingly credible. "If it wasn’t the water, then…" Bennett mumbled.

"It was me," said Ewan. He pulled Bennett down and looked him in the eye. "Well, my pheromones, anyway."

It was ludicrous. There was no other way to look at it. "Your… scent changed me?" said Bennett incredulously.

"Changed?" Ewan shook his head. "No. Not changed. Not yet, anyway. It just awakened something special that’s been inside you all this time."

Bennett frowned. "Something inside me?" he said.

"Yeah," said Ewan, tracing his index finger down the middle of Bennett’s chest. "The yin to my yang. The Alpha to my omega. The part of you that’s been yearning to be completed all this time."

"This is some soulmate bullshit," Bennett scoffed. He could scarcely believe what he was hearing. If it hadn’t been Ewan, he would have dismissed it all offhand.

"I mean, I guess?" said Ewan. "You can’t deny it."

Bennett’s expression softened. He expected to be more alarmed about this whole thing, more outraged. Part of him felt like he’d been deceived, hoodwinked, and betrayed. He was angry, but at the same time, it was Ewan.

And besides, it was true. From the moment Bennett and Ewan met, he’d had a strange feeling about the younger man. He should have known something was up when he felt like they’d been friends for years despite having only spent a few short hours with one another.

Bennett nuzzled into the crook of Ewan’s neck. His temper was starting to diffuse. "I wish you’d told me earlier," he said.

Ewan barked a quiet laugh. "Like you wouldn’t have gone running for the hills if I didn’t wait for the right moment," he said.

Bennett chuckled. "I guess you’re right," he said.

After a few tender moments, Bennett said, in a more serious tone of voice, "I still don’t approve of what Hierarch Industries is doing. You can call it what you want but changing people against their will isn’t right!"

"Tell me, Ben, do you feel happy?" said Ewan.

Bennett’s heart ached. "Yes," he said, and it was true. He had never been happier, in his life. He felt complete. Satisfied. Content. He hadn’t yet gotten back at the world that fucked him over but that suddenly didn’t seem so important.

"Don’t you want other people to have a chance at this same happiness?" said Ewan.

Even though he hadn’t been dealt the best hand in life, Bennett had always been a bit of a softie. Of course, he wanted people to be happy. "Not if it means turning them into something they’re not!" he said.

Ewan shook his head. "I told you, we’re not changing anyone. All we’re doing is awakening what’s buried deep inside. We’re giving people a chance to be happier. To be better."

Bennett thought back to the stuff Jet had uncovered about relationships around the Mississippi. "What about all the heartbreak you’ve caused? All the families and relationships that have broken up because of your great ‘awakening’?"

For the first time, Ewan had a little remorse in his eyes. "All we want is to build a better world, Ben," he said. "And sometimes, the path there is littered with broken hearts."

Bennett couldn’t imagine living without Ewan. Not anymore. But at the same time, he couldn’t countenance participating in something so callous. "I don’t know if I can support that," he said.

"I won’t force you to," said Ewan. "But would you believe me if I told you how it was better for everyone, in the long-term?"

Bennett frowned. "How could you possibly know that?" he said.

Ewan smiled. "We talked to them."

That wasn’t the answer Bennett expected. "What do you mean?" he said.

"The couples that broke up. The families that fell apart. We talked to them," said Ewan. "We want to build a better world, Ben. We wanted to make sure we weren’t making a worse one."

Bennett was speechless for a moment. "I see," he said. Maybe it was a weird time to be aroused but goddamn if the sincere conviction in Ewan’s eyes hadn’t made him hard. "We’ll have to talk about that, later," he said, in a low, gravelly voice.

"Why not now—" Ewan’s eyes widened. It didn’t take long before his cock was hard as well and rubbing against Bennett’s stomach. "Oh," he moaned, as Bennett gave him a little thrust.

"Because I just realized I need to punish you for hiding things from me," said Bennett, with a wolfish grin. He pulled almost all the way out, leaving just the head inside. Then, a heartbeat later, he snapped his hips forward and slammed his cock hilt-deep into Ewan.

Ewan lay splayed across the tabletop, panting. Thick gobs of cum bubbled out of his asshole. He wobbled as he propped himself up on his elbows and said, "You know, it’s not much of a punishment if the one being punished ends up enjoying it."

Bennett shrugged as he pulled on his pants. He smiled at his younger lover and said, "I could always do it for real if you want," as he walked back toward the table.

The devilish little smirk that tugged on the corners of Ewan’s lips should have told Bennett all he needed to know. "Oh please, punish me, daddy, I’ve been a bad boy," said Ewan, a glint of mischief in his eye.

Bennett’s cock twitched in his pants but he ignored it, for the most part. "There’s time for that later," he said, finding it surprisingly easy to play along. It certainly helped that the idea of having Ewan bent over his lap with ass cheeks as red as his hair was quite appealing all of a sudden.

"You said you talked to the people affected by this whole thing," said Bennett. He wanted to know what Ewan had said was true. If, in the end, things turned out better for everyone.

Bennett wasn’t going to leave Ewan because of his involvement. Not now that he’d found happiness. It was simply out of the question. He just needed to know if this project was something he could be part of or if he would have to live the rest of his life complicit in something he didn’t, fundamentally, agree with.

"I didn’t," said Ewan. It seemed he was about to say something else but he restrained himself. He just cast an enigmatic smile at Bennett and said, "Well, you’ll see."

"Could you—" Ewan started. Before he’d even finished, Bennett had already picked up his bag and handed it to him. "Thanks," Ewan grinned.

It was eerie how in-tune with Ewan’s desires Bennett felt. It wasn’t a form of telepathy or anything—as far as he could tell, at least. It was just a sort of intuition.

Ewan rummaged in his bag and pulled out a sleek metal buttplug that made Bennett blink. Ewan grinned. "Can’t waste the good stuff," he said, popping the buttplug into his hole and pushing it in until the round flared base nestled neatly between his cheeks.

Sitting up, Ewan reached for his laptop. It was perched dangerously close to the edge of the table but he didn’t seem to mind. He pulled up a video and set the laptop down beside him for Bennett to watch.

"Is this it?" said Bennett.

Ewan nodded. "Yeah. There’s a lot in there, though, so you might not finish before we go home."

Bennett looked up at Ewan as he sat down. Home. He couldn’t help but smile warmly. It hadn’t occurred to him until now. He had a home. A warm one. A real one.

"That’s fine," said Bennett. "Though maybe we should just order in tonight."

Ewan chuckled. He dismounted the table and said, "Yeah, probably." He snatched his clothes up off the floor. He put his pants back on but deliberately left his underwear off, stuffing the tight pair of briefs into his bag instead.

"Little slut," Bennett teased.

Ewan slid into a chair beside Bennett, giggling. "Always," he said, pulling his baseball cap back on as he leaned against Bennett.

Bennett laughed and pulled Ewan close as he clicked "play" on the video. It started with an empty chair against a plain background. Off to the side of the frame was the silhouette of, presumably, the interviewer.

A woman entered the frame and sat down. Once she was settled, the interviewer spoke. "Hi! Could you tell us your name?"

Bennett froze. That voice was one he’d recognize anywhere. "Is that… Jet?" he whispered.

"Yeah," said Ewan. He held Bennett’s hand, their fingers entwining together.

Bennett couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh. To think he’d been getting played the whole time. Then again, he probably shouldn’t have been surprised. It made more sense now, in retrospect, why Jet was allowed to have access to genuine Hierarch Industries documents.

"I can’t believe he was working for you the whole time," said Bennett. The strange thing was, he still felt an affinity for Jet. "Was anything on the podcast even true?"

Ewan rested his head on Bennett’s shoulder. "Most of it was. Jet really was a journalist. He really did get fired for writing about Camp Sherwood. It was just he didn’t care when he was because he’d found his Alpha there."

Bennett nodded. Fair enough, he supposed. A massive lie could only stand for so long. A fabrication founded on the truth, on the other hand, was much more lasting. He turned his attention back to the video.

The interviewee onscreen said "Hi! I’m Hannah. Nice to meet you."

Jet chuckled. "Nice to meet you too, Hannah," he said. "Tell us a little bit about yourself, if you don’t mind."

Hannah looked straight at the camera. Bennett expected to find her introduction largely boring but he listened to every word. She talked about where she was from, St. Louis, and what she did for a living.

When Jet asked, Hannah talked briefly about growing up in Baltimore and moving to Minneapolis for university. They talked about mundane things for a short while before Jet got to the meat of the interview.

"So, the reason we called you here today is actually to talk about relationships," said Jet.

Hannah seemed surprised but she took it in stride. "That’s a bit weird but alright," she said. "What do you want to know? I’m single now, by the way, if that’s one of the questions."

"It isn’t, but that’s good to know," Jet laughed. "Anyway, you mentioned that you’re single now, which leads me to the important question: were you in a relationship that recently ended?"

Hannah nodded. "Yeah," she said.

"I’m sorry to hear that," said Jet. "Was the break-up amicable, at least?"

Hannah nodded again. "It was. It was. We just didn’t want the same things and decided it was for the best if we stopped seeing each other."

"I see. If you don’t mind my asking, how long were the two of you together?" Jet asked.

"Not very long. Just shy of a year, maybe?" said Hannah.

"Was it a serious relationship?"

"I’d say so, yeah," said Hannah. "Like, we were with each other for 11 months but I really thought he could be the one at the start, you know?"

Jet nodded. "Could you elaborate on that? What made you think he could be the one?"

"I dunno," Hannah murmured. "Well, I guess because he seemed pretty level-headed and mature. He seemed pretty driven, you know? I thought he’d be the perfect guy to settle down and have a family with."

"And he wasn’t?" said Jet.

"Not in the end, no," said Hannah. There was a hint of sadness in her voice, but it was more a nostalgic sort of sadness.

"Was it good, the relationship?" Jet asked after a few moments of silence had passed.

"Oh yeah," said Hannah. "We had some good fun together. There was friction, obviously. No relationship is perfect. And I guess I bulldozed him a bit. But that’s just who I am, you know?"

"Perfectly understandable," said Jet. "What would you say was the reason for the breakup?"

"Like I said before, we just wanted different things," said Hannah. "He sort of wanted to just take life easy and go with the flow. I had a plan I wanted to stick to. In the end, we realized we just weren’t as compatible with each other as we thought we were.

"Would you say the breakup was hard on you?" said Jet.

"I guess, yeah. I mean, what break-up isn’t, you know?" said Hannah.

"Do you regret it?" said Jet.

"God, no," said Hannah. "It was better we found out we weren’t meant for each other early on. Could you imagine if we were a few years down the line, instead? I would have felt like I’d wasted the best years of my life."

"So you’d say you’re better off, now that the relationship is over and done with," said Jet.

"For sure. For sure," said Hannah. "It’s a bit disappointing, but that’s life, you know? And I’ve found a really nice guy who seems to want the same things now so fingers crossed."

"That’s good to hear. Do you know how your ex is doing now?" said Jet.

"No, not really," said Hannah. "I meant to keep in touch but I guess it just didn’t feel right to contact him, you know?"

"Fair enough. Fair enough. We have some information. Would you like to know?" said Jet.

"Oh, sure," said Hannah. She seemed a bit uncertain, though.

Jet handed over a small board. "Here," he said.

Hannah’s eyes widened. She showed the camera. On it was a picture of a happy gay couple. "Oh that’s so weird to see," she said. "But I have to say they look so cute together. For what it’s worth, I’m glad he’s happy."

Jet chuckled. "Do you think you’ll be sending him a message now?"

Hannah frowned for a moment. "I’ll think about it," she said. "I really did mean to stay friends but it was just so awkward right after the breakup. I think now might be a good time to reach out, actually."

"That sounds reasonable enough," said Jet. "Anyway, Hannah. Thank you so much for coming."

"No, thank you," said Hannah. "It’s been weirdly comforting talking about these things," she laughed.

Bennett stopped paying attention as the two said some quick goodbyes and Hannah stepped out of frame. It was strange. The interview had left him feeling oddly positive, especially after the way Hannah characterized the split between her and her ex.

One story was evidence, sure, but it wasn’t enough to constitute a case. Bennett continued watching the videos, one after the other until it was time to start heading back.

Jet didn’t just interview women. He interviewed the guys they broke up with, too. He interviewed Randall, Hannah’s ex, and he talked about their break-up in positive terms as well.

What was different was that Randall was more candid about the difficulties of the aftermath of the split. He talked about feeling numb and lost for a while, of having to drown his sorrows in drink.

Ultimately, though, Randall still characterized the split as the best for all parties involved. He also talked about the fundamental incompatibilities between him and Hannah, deal-breakers that might not have surfaced until much later in their relationship if not for Randall’s chance meeting with his current partner while still with Hannah.

Bennett watched the testimonials throughout dinner. Even now, lying in bed, he was watching the last handful with Ewan.

What surprised Bennett the most was the testimonials from the couples that had kids. They spoke frankly about the difficulties of separation, both on themselves as parents, and on the children. However, they were also very open about the difficulties they’d already faced at home before the split.

In the end, all parties agreed that splitting up was the best choice. No one denied that it was tough on the kids at first, but everyone attested that the kids were doing much better with the new arrangement.

Bennett hadn’t thought about it before but he supposed it was much more difficult for children to grow up in a home with constant tension. All the testimonials said the same thing: the kids flourished once their parents were happy.

"What do you think?" said Ewan. He’d been so quiet throughout the night that the sound of his voice startled Bennett. Ewan chuckled as he put away the laptop.

"I think… I might have misjudged things," said Bennett.

Ewan smiled. "So… Do you think you’ll join us?" he said.

"I’ll have to think about it," said Bennett.

Ewan clambered on top of him and straddled his hips. "And if I bribe you with my body?" he said, leaning down to kiss Bennett on the lips.

Bennett placed his hands on Ewan’s waist. When they broke apart, he said, "You can’t bribe me with something freely given," he said.

Ewan had a look of mock indignation on his face. "You think this is free?" he said, gesturing toward his body. "No, sir. This is worth at least two pints of hot Alpha cum every day."

Bennett chuckled. "You said your pheromones haven’t changed me yet," he said. "Does that mean they will, eventually?"

Ewan nodded. "Given enough time, yeah," he said. "You’ve probably noticed that you feel a lot more self-sure and confident."

Bennett nodded. He’d never been the most assertive person but now he definitely felt like he could take charge of a situation if he had to. He wasn’t as conscious about his body, either.

That wasn’t to say Bennett saw nothing to improve. He just wasn’t ashamed of who he was and how he looked, anymore.

A thought crossed Bennett’s mind. "Should I worry about, uh… About becoming self-lubricating?"

Ewan blinked. Then, after a moment, he burst out laughing. He was shaking by the time he regained control over himself and Bennett was less than amused. "No," Ewan said, breathlessly. "No, no. That’s an omega thing. And even then it’s incredibly rare."

"So what changes should I expect?" said Bennett.

"Hm. That’s a difficult question," said Ewan. "It’s different for every Alpha. A lot of it’s psychological. Your confidence is going to skyrocket. You’ll become more assertive. You won’t be afraid to take charge when appropriate."

As far as Bennett was concerned, those things all seemed pretty positive to him.

"You’ll probably get a bit possessive of me. Well, maybe not possessive, per se, but definitely protective. Honestly, omegas feel the same way about their Alphas," said Ewan.

Again, Bennett saw nothing wrong with that. Ewan was someone to protect and cherish and he certainly hoped Ewan thought the same of him.

"On the physiological side, you’re probably going to start producing a thicker, headier, more potent musk. That’ll be due to your Alpha pheromones coming in. Oh, and you’ll probably get bigger, too."

The way Ewan waggled his eyebrows at that made Bennett question what he meant. "Body-wise or endowment-wise?" Bennett asked.

"Yes," said Ewan.

Bennett chuckled. "Alright. How long is this going to take? I don’t mind smelling you all day but I gotta know when to expect these changes to happen."

"Oh, no, we’re not doing this the old-fashioned way," said Ewan, with a laugh. "It’d take months to get there."

Bennett raised an eyebrow. "So what’s the plan?" he said.

Ewan smiled. "Hierarch Industries can fully awaken the Alpha inside you in a matter of minutes," he said.

Bennett frowned. "Why do you seem so excited about that? It’s kind of suspicious," he said.

Ewan grinned. He leaned down to whisper his answer in Bennett’s ear. "Because afterwards, you’re going to get so horny you’re going to want to flood my guts with so much cum I’m walking around with a belly bump."

Everything Ewan had just said went straight to Bennett’s cock like a bolt of lightning. "Shit," he muttered, under his breath. Suddenly he wasn’t feeling so apprehensive about having Hierarch Industries awaken his inner Alpha.

"Hello, hello, ladies and gentlemen. Hope you’re having a great day so far."

Bennett had to admit, it was a little weird to be sitting across the table from someone he’d admired from afar for so long. And to think that the podcast had been broadcasting from Camp Sherwood all along. It really was the height of irony.

Jet winked at Bennett. He was cute and charming and quite carefree, too. He made Bennett want to protect him but, then again, what omega didn’t do that to an Alpha?

Not that Jet needed any more protection. Bennett had met his Alpha, Greg, on the drive up. He’d seemed like a strong and capable man.

"We don’t have Derek with us today, unfortunately. He’s otherwise engaged," said Jet.

Bennett had to suppress a snicker. He could see the people in the control room—Ewan included—doing the same. Everyone knew where Derek was. It was hard to miss when he was squealing so loudly one cabin over.

"Anyway, I think you’ll be pleased with the surprise guest I’ve got lined up for us today. Everyone, I’d like to introduce Bennett. Say hi, Bennett," said Jet.

"Hi there," Bennett said into the microphone. His old self would have been petrified at having to speak in front of an audience but he’d since become a lot more confident.

"If you don’t remember, that sexy voice belongs to a loyal fan of the podcast who went up to Minneapolis a few months ago. So, Bennett, did you find what you were looking for?"

Bennett chuckled. "Yeah," he said. After a moment, he added, "And something I didn’t even know I needed," saying the words while looking straight at Ewan, who turned as red as his hair.

Jet laughed. "It looks like your trip paid off," he said. "I know we’re just getting started but if you could say one thing to our listeners, what would it be?"

Bennett grinned. "I would say: it’s real. I’ve seen the evidence with my own eyes, and you should, too. Come up here if you can because the truth is beyond anything you could imagine."

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3 thoughts on “Hydro Homo pt. 5

  1. This took a really unexpected, positive turn. I love this story. It’s hot, it pushes my buttons, especially the alpha/omega, and musk ones. While still being very sweet and kind of wholesome.

    It’s really incredible where you can end up taking a prompt. Your writing is magnificent.
    Thanks for another awesome story.

  2. I’m glad that you aren’t one of those writers who dismiss women entirely in your stories! As a pansexual man, seeing women being treated like crap in porn is a huge turn off so thank you for not doing so!

    • I think, considering the kind of story that I write, that I just avoid the topic of women altogether. Thank you for the kind words, though. I try to be respectful whenever they do get involved, somehow.

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