In Love And War

With his brothers too busy fucking like jackrabbits through the entire male population of the Earth, Hades is left in charge of godly affairs up on Olympus since Hera, after her messy split with Zeus, has gone on to a more fulfilling marriage and wants nothing to do with the crown.

His only option is to leave his beloved Iron Prince, Perseus, in charge of the Underworld. With Ares agitating for war and the unbelievable amount of work that it would require from the ruler of the Underworld, Hades does what he believes is necessary: he gives Ares a lesson that only the Lord of the Underworld could.

The sheer silk curtains swayed in the warm summer breeze that meandered through the wide-open window and caressed the side of Hades’ cheek. Bright brazen sunlight streamed from the outside, casting the windowsill in a sharp shadow against the gleaming marble floor.

For all that he hated being up here, away from his beloved Perseus, Hades’ time on Olympus had done wonders for his complexion. Gone was the sickly pallor that had clung to him from the days he spent as ruler of the Underworld, replaced by a crisp golden tan that highlighted the angles of his face and body. He had to admit, it was a good look.

Perseus, it seemed, was of the same mind. "Fuck, babe, you look so hot…" the Iron Prince grunted, his voice filtering through the speakers of the gilded laptop resting on the sheets between Hades’ legs. For all its flaws, the modern world certainly had an uncanny way of shrinking distances, even for the gods.

Hades licked his lips as he traced his fingers down the cobbled muscles of his abdomen. He had never been a particularly vain god, but there was no denying he enjoyed the way that his husband’s eyes hungrily raked over his chiseled form.

As the faint sheen of sweat on Hades’ bronzed skin glistened in the bright light of the sun, he almost looked like one of the grand renaissance masters’ marble sculptures. The comparison was rather apt. After all, the Greek gods had been the inspiration for the most renowned of the great masters’ works.

Hades’ cock twitched as his fingers briefly brushed against the gold ring cinched tightly around the base. He sucked in a breath, arousal surging through his veins as his fingers traced the gaps between the thin golden bars that restrained his manhood in the grip of chastity.

Mere mortal gold wouldn’t have been able to constrict a godly cock like Hades’. Fortunately, the cage that was filling him with such sweet frustration was no such thing. The precious metal had been mixed with ore mined from the depths of Olympus itself, scorched by the roaring flames in the bowels of the earth, and wrought by the masterful hand of none other than Hephaestus, God of the Forge.

It was no secret that Hephaestus had a kinkier side to him. Even so, Hades hadn’t expected his nephew to jump on the task of forging a chastity cage capable of restraining a god with such gusto.

"Mmm… Fuck," Perseus whispered, distracting Hades from his thoughts. His beloved Iron Prince was similarly naked, lying on his stomach on their marital bed. Where Hades had taken on a sickly pallor from his years in the Underworld, Perseus had gained a beautiful fairness that gave him a glimmer like the driven snow. "I love the way your cock strains in that little cage."

Hades’ member swelled against the bars of its prison, a glistening dollop of pre-cum beading at the tip as if on command. An ordinary cage would have burst apart, rendering the exercise moot, but Hephaestus’ handiwork was robust. The feeling of the thin metal bars digging into him made Hades’ cock tingle. There was a slight bit of discomfort that he could have avoided by making his cock smaller, but the cage was such exquisite torture that he could hardly deprive himself of the sensation.

The breath left Hades in short bursts as his muscles tensed. The way Perseus licked his lips was almost too much, the hungry, half-lidded gaze that felt like it could devour him whole making his legs tremble.

All these millennia together and Perseus still had the same effect on Hades that he had the first day they met. It was a wonder how they’d lasted together for so long, considering who Hades’ brothers were. But then again, he was the only one that married for love, and not for power—or lust—like his idiot brothers.

"Fuck… Perseus, you’re going to make me cum," Hades breathed, his cheeks flushed. He wrapped his fingers around the base of his cock and jostled the cage, the golden lock bouncing with a soft tinkle against the bars. "I wish you were here…"

"Oh yeah, baby?" said Perseus, his voice breathy with arousal. He pulled away from the camera, arching his back and pushing his ass into the air with his knees. He slid a hand down along the curve of his spine, fingers dipping between his round cheeks. "What would you do to me if I was?"

Hades rubbed his cock as much as he could through the bars of the cage. Gods. It was frustrating. "I’d push you down on the bed, baby," Hades growled, under his breath. "I’d grab you by the hips, and I’d pound you until you scream my name so loudly all of Olympus hears."

"Yeah baby?" said Perseus, his smoldering gaze sending an electric shock of pleasure right up Hades’ spine. He twirled the golden keyring that held the only key to the Lord of the Underworld’s cage. "What makes you think I’d let you out?"

Hades bit back the whimper that threatened to escape. Fuck. He hadn’t considered that. Now that he had, it was hot as sin. "Maybe I like knowing that that godly cock of yours belongs only to me," murmured Perseus in that low, sensual tone of his that never failed to make Hades’ ears tingle.

"Maybe…" Perseus whispered, licking his lips as his eyes raked over Hades’ perfect body once more. "Maybe I like being the only one with a key to your favorite toy… Maybe I like knowing that every day I don’t let you out, you get more and more frustrated and desperate to be let out…"

Hades moaned. This time, he couldn’t stop himself. He wasn’t a stranger to being on the submissive side of things. After millennia of being together, he and Perseus had had to switch it up a bit to keep things exciting. His Iron Prince’s possessiveness was, however, new and strangely titillating.

While the two gods were happily married, Hades and Perseus weren’t, in modern parlance, "exclusive." Early on in their relationship, they’d decided that they could sleep around and have other relationships if they felt they needed it—as long as they came back to one another and had no secrets in the end. They even had the occasional dalliances with the opposite sex that sometimes led to somewhat unintended, but no less loved consequences.

It had been a long time since last the halls of Hades’ obsidian palace in the Underworld were quiet. Nowadays he and Perseus lived with their gaggle of demigod children who were more than happy and willing to help with the day-to-day running of the place.

The possessiveness, though. Something about it just made Hades tingle from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. Chastity had been his idea in the first place and yet it seemed his husband had grown enamored with the idea of keeping him in it for gods knew how long. It was exciting.

Hades’ eyes fluttered as his cock swelled against the confines of its cage. A quiet moan slipped unbidden from his lips. His stomach tensed, his toes curling at the strange, exquisite pleasure of being treated as a plaything, a possession to be owned rather than the mighty god he was.

"Mmm… Yeah… Look at that little cocklet swell…" said Perseus with a lopsided smirk. The low rumble of his voice as he trailed off sent shivers up Hades’ spine. "You liked that, baby? You like having a constant reminder that you’re mine? Knowing that you don’t get any pleasure unless I let you?"

Hades’ breath caught in his throat. It was no secret that he loved it when Perseus got aggressive with him. He never would have fallen in love with the younger god if not for the fire that he’d first seen burning behind those bright greenish-gold eyes. "Fuck, baby… I want to cum so bad…"

"Aww… That’s cute. But this was your idea. You made your bed, baby, now you gotta sleep in it. I mean… I could get Hermes to take the keys over but why would I do that? Maybe you come home faster if I hold on to this…" said Perseus. The way the corner of his lips curled in a devious little smirk sent a chill down Hades’ spine.

"Please, baby, I might be up here months or years… You wouldn’t do that to me, would you?" Hades begged. He was desperate. Despite having lived for thousands of years his libido had never for one day flagged.

Hades was used to some sort of sexual fulfillment every day. The cage had made sure he had been frustrated ever since the day he ascended the slopes of Olympus. The ache in his loins was maddening, and yet it was exquisitely arousing as well. He didn’t really mean to beg, but the vulnerability and the denial were part of the fun.

"How else would I know you aren’t fucking some pretty new thing while you’re up there?" Perseus purred, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "And besides… I like the idea of you holding audience for all of Olympus, squirming in Zeus’ throne, distracted by how hard your cock is trying to break out of that pretty little cage…"

Hades reached up, pinching one of his perk nipples between his thumb and forefinger. "Fuck, baby… That’s hot… Tell me more, please… I’m so close…"

Perseus’ breaths were hot and heavy into the mic. His back was arched as far as it could go, his hips bucking into the air as he reached under him to jerk his cock—a luxury that Hades had been denied for weeks.

"I love it when you get like this, baby," said Perseus. "Whining and moaning and begging like a good little husband should… If anyone saw this they wouldn’t see the great Lord of the Underworld and his Iron Prince… They would see the Iron Prince and his horny locked boy."

Hades grunted. Gods. He was so horny. He’d let go of his cock. It was fruitless to shake the cage, anyway. Hephaestus had enchanted the cage in such a way that Hades could never get himself to cum whatever he did to the cage. He still felt everything, but it was never enough. He reached down between his legs and massaged his twitching pucker.

"Oh yeah, baby… Push those fingers in for me…" Perseus moaned. Hades lifted his hips to give his husband a better view. "Oh yeah. Just like that, baby. Slide those fingers in for me. Yeah… Nnnh…"

Hades threw his head back and moaned. "Oh, baby. Oh, baby, I wish you were here to fuck me. I feel so fucking horny. Please. Please, can you unlock me? I’m really, really close. I just want to cum. Please, baby. Please!" He wasn’t normally much of a bottom, but the cage just made him so much more sensitive back there. Before he knew it he had three fingers inside him, stretching his hole open for Perseus’ entertainment.

"No, baby, I’m not going to unlock you…" said Perseus. "I love it when you’re this desperate and horny. Besides… Don’t you feel good working those fingers into that tight little hole of yours?"

Hades chewed on his lower lip and nodded, his stomach tensing as tension coiled in his loins. He was so close. Just a little more and he could cum. He bucked his hips, moving them up and down on his fingers as Perseus watched. "Please, baby, please…"

"You want to cum, don’t you baby?" said Perseus, a devilish glint in his green-gold eyes. Hades could only nod as he frantically worked his fingers in and out of his ass. "Then cum. It shouldn’t be that hard, right? You said you were so close, baby. So just cum. Cum for me. Cum!"

A low keening cry escaped Hades before he could stop himself. His entire body tensed, his toes curling against the sheets. "Oh, fuck, baby," he whimpered. "Fuck, I’m cumming!" he cried out. His cock twitched and swelled, straining against the bars of the chastity cage as he felt the trickle of hot jism dribble from the tip of his confined erection.

Waves of exquisite torture rippled through Hades’ body as the orgasm he’d been seeking for weeks finally tore through him. In its wake followed no relief, but instead only more frustration. He didn’t feel any less horny, as if the orgasm itself had only just been another cruel tease.

"Fuuuck, baby, that was so hot…" Perseus panted. "I-I think I’m going to cum t-too," he stammered, through gritted teeth, as his eyes rolled back in their sockets and his hips tensed. Hades watched as his husband achieved the climax that he’d been denied, cock aching and throbbing in its cage.

Perseus leaned back with a grunt and squeezed the last pearlescent drop of cum from the tip of his cock. He looked into the camera and grinned. "I enjoyed that a lot, baby. Thanks. Look how much of a mess I made."

Hades moaned as he saw the streaks of cum that Perseus had blasted all over their bedsheets. The little puddle he’d made between his legs looked so pathetic by comparison. "If you were here, I’d make you clean this up with your tongue," Perseus whispered, with a grin.

"Fuck, baby. Don’t get started again. I’m still so horny," Hades moaned. He’d cum, but not quite had an orgasm. The sensation was more intense than he’d anticipated and despite the frustration of it all, he couldn’t help but look forward to experiencing it again.

Perseus looked like he did want to get started again, but a knock on Hades’ door interrupted whatever the Iron Prince had to say. "Looks like the interim Lord of Olympus is needed by his subjects," said Perseus, wryly, as Hades shook his head.

Without bothering to put on any clothes or hide the fact that his godly cock was currently imprisoned in a masterfully crafted golden cage, Hades strode to the door of the bedchamber. Halfway there, he heard a boyish voice call out from the hallway beyond. "Lord Hades? I apologize for the intrusion, but might I have a word?"

Ganymede. Cupbearer to the Gods, though that was just a nice way of saying "boy-toy" of Olympus. He’d since grown out of his lost puppy phase and had stopped following Zeus all around the place, which was a relief. A young god like Ganymede couldn’t have had a worse influence than the King of the Gods himself.

Hades pulled open the door. Ganymede was standing respectfully just outside, his hands folded in front of his chiton. He was a pretty boy. Looked not a day over twenty even though he was thousands of years old by this point.

Ganymede’s bright eyes raked shamelessly over Hades’ muscular form. A faint tinge of pink blossomed across his cheeks as his gaze followed the V of Hades’ torso to his locked cock between his legs. There was a discernible shift in the way the younger god was holding his hands in front of his chiton, which brought a small smile to Hades’ lips.

"There has been an… incident that Lady Athena would like you to take a look into at your earliest convenience, Lord Hades." The flush on Ganymede’s cheeks deepened as he continued, unable to avert his gaze from Hades’ cock which was still straining against the bars of its cage. "It’s about Lord Ares…"

Hades rolled his eyes. "Good grief. What has my utter buffoon of a nephew done now?" Ares alone of his kin probably had the worst penchant for causing destruction down in the mortal world and that wasn’t something he wanted to deal with right now.

"Lady Athena didn’t tell me, unfortunately, my lord," said Ganymede. He licked his lips. "Is there anything else that you need assistance with, my lord?" he added, the corner of his mouth twitching into a small smile. "Anything at all?"

Hades wasn’t entirely opposed to the idea since Perseus had likely heard everything anyway. However, if Ares was doing something in the mortal world and Athena had called for him rather than doing anything about it herself, the chances it was anything good were rather low. The last thing he wanted was for the world to end on his watch because he was too busy getting serviced.

"As much as I appreciate the offer, Ganymede, I’m afraid I must decline," said Hades. He still wasn’t quite used to how formal things were up here in Olympus. He rather liked the more laid-back atmosphere of the Underworld. "Please inform Lady Athena that I will be with her shortly."

"As you wish, my lord," said Ganymede, slipping into a low curtsy but not before Hades caught the disappointed look on his youthful face. "Should you ever require my assistance, my lord, you need only call," Ganymede added.

"I shall keep that in mind, Ganymede," said Hades, as the younger god took off down the hallway. Why he was the one running around delivering messages on Olympus rather than Hermes was beyond him, but he supposed Hermes was busy delivering messages everywhere else.

When Hades got back to the laptop, Perseus had moved his onto his lap. "Ares up to no good again?" he quipped, before Hades had even sat back down on the bed. "Not much of a surprise. My half-brother’s always been a bit of a… you know… himbo."

"Ugh," grunted Hades. "Don’t insult those precious souls by comparing them to my idiot nephew. He takes after his father, making his cock do the thinking. It’s just unfortunate the only thing that gets him hard is war."

Perseus laughed. "Our family tree is so fucked up." Hades glowered at his husband, who also happened to be his nephew. The look only made Perseus laugh harder.

Hades pinched the bridge of his nose. Athena’s briefing, as always, was impeccable. His issue wasn’t so much with the delivery, but with the content. How Zeus had managed to fuck things up to such a degree, he had no idea. Why he was the one sitting on Olympus’ highest throne instead of his brother, he understood better all of a sudden. He had always been the responsible one and, as he should have learned to expect by now, it was up to him to fix the messes of his younger siblings.

"So what you’re telling me is… the reason the world is the way it is right now is because of Ares?" said Hades. Athena gave him a curt nod in response.

Hades sighed. "Populism?" Athena nodded. Hades doubted Ares even knew what the word meant, but it was likely he’d seen how violent people could get over it.

"Civil unrest? Rise of the far-right?" said Hades. Athena, again, wordlessly nodded. Hades was fuming. It was likely his dumbass nephew didn’t understand the things going on around him but liked all the rioting and the military-fetishism going on all over the place.

Hades had expected that he would have to clean up after Zeus and Poseidon when he agreed to look after Olympus while they took a "Sabbatical." What he hadn’t expected was that it would fall to him to un-fuck the world.

The back of Zeus’ throne would have cracked with the force at which Hades rammed his skull into it had the marble not been enchanted to survive a god going full-nuclear right on top of it. He took a few moments and leaned forward to say, "And all this stupidity because Ares has a hardon for, how did you put it? Total world war?"

"It would seem that you have adequately summarized the contents of my report, uncle, albeit in cruder language than I would have personally preferred," said Athena, her lips twitching in her cold, logical equivalent of amusement.

"Alright," said Hades, rising from the throne. He walked down the steps of the dais with purpose, schooling his face to hide the fury brimming underneath the surface. He walked over to his eldest sister, knelt beside her in front of the hearth, and said, "Forgive me, Hestia, for what I’m about to do, but there’s a brat in the family that needs a bit of discipline."

Hestia’s laugh was light and playful, filling Hades with a warmth that both made him feel happy and rather rueful because it reminded him of Perseus, of home. "Do what you must, Hades. But between you and me, I think he deserves it."

Hades chuckled and shook his head. He stormed down the steps of the grand temple at the peak of Olympus and strode to the edge of the mountain overlooking the mortal world. It took little effort to find his quarry and he disappeared in a cloud of roiling shadow and glimmering gold.

A flurry of golden motes and shadowy wisps preceded Hades’ return to the grand hall of Olympus. He smoothed down the front of his suit as he stepped out of the shadows onto the marble floor in front of Zeus’ throne. He’d only been gone an hour at most, but he was surprised to find that Athena was still there.

As comfortable as it would have been to change back into his chiton, Hades quite liked the sharp figure that he could cut in the modern suit-and-tie. He liked that it gave him an authoritative air that no crown of golden laurel ever quite could. For all the strange things that the modern world was inexplicably fixated on, he had to admit that most of their fashion sensibilities were quite pleasing, aesthetically.

Hades wordlessly ascended the steps to Zeus’ throne and sat down as the shadows continued to swirl at the base of the dais. A few moments later, a loud clank reverberated through the grand hall as Ares, helplessly bound in the deep black chain links of Stygian iron Hades had used to restrain him, was deposited unceremoniously on the floor.

Just because Ares was the God of War didn’t mean that he was the most powerful of the gods. Strongest in terms of brute strength, perhaps, but Hades had seniority. Not to mention, he held dominion over the land of the dead. A brat like Ares couldn’t hold a candle to the things he had to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Hades rolled his eyes. Ares was still straining against the chains, flexing his brutish muscles as if his life depended on it. "I told you already, nephew. The more you struggle, the more the chains will sap your strength."

"You’ll. Never. Bind. Me," Ares growled. He’d managed to wriggle one arm into a position that he could grab the chains, but Hades wasn’t worried. If these chains could bind the Titans that came before the gods, and the Giants before them, Ares didn’t stand a chance.

"I think, brother, you’ll find that you already are," chimed Athena. Hades glanced at her and raised an eyebrow. He didn’t think he’d seen the goddess look so satisfied in all his years. "It seems to me, uncle, that Ares is now in your capable hands. It would be an honor if you chose to leave fixing the damage in mine."

Hades pondered the proposal for a moment, tuning out Ares’ cursing and indignation at being treated like a piece of meat. "You know what? Sure. I’ll leave the humans to you. I’d like to take the opportunity to really drill some discipline into Ares."

Athena delivered a low curtsy and said, "Thank you, uncle. I vow you shall not be disappointed." Hades certainly hoped so. Of all his relatives, Athena was probably one of the most reliable. He didn’t think he’d be able to handle fixing one of her messes on his own.

Once Athena was gone, Hades turned his attention back to Ares. "Now…" he muttered to himself, "what to do with you, nephew? What to do?"

The issue with having to deal with a brute like Ares was that corporal punishment didn’t work nearly as well as it could. All the same, Hades brought out the tools of the trade. He had plenty of experience punishing recalcitrant souls. A god wasn’t quite what he was used to, but it was a challenge he was willing to take on.

Hades smirked as he walked around Ares, the razor-sharp tail of his whip trailing across the marble floor behind him. Large braziers at the cardinal directions shed flickering light and cast dancing shadows across the room. Two pillars spaced a few meters apart anchored the thick Stygian iron chains that kept Ares strung up in the middle of the room, his arms and legs spread wide.

Despite the clear predicament Ares was in, he seemed to be enjoying himself. His cock was hard, pulsing with blood, bouncing up and down between his legs. Hades had to admit, the God of War’s thick, musclebound form did look quite pretty all trussed up in chains.

The tip of Hades’ Stygian lash whistled through the air as he swung it overhead. With a flick of his wrist, he cracked the whip against the flesh of Ares’ back. The razor-thin end dug into Ares’ skin and drew golden ichor in a perfectly straight line from the god’s waist to his left hip.

Ares let out a grunt. "Is that the best you can do, uncle?" he called out, fingers wrapping tight around the thick chains that bound him. "I scarcely felt that one."

Hades scoffed and continued to circle his nephew. Ares would have to try harder than that to get a rise out of him. In his thousands of years, he’d seen and encountered worse. The petulant words of a brute like Ares had little effect on him, though they did give him the excuse he needed to enjoy himself.

Without saying another word, Hades delivered a quick flurry of lashes across the front and back of Ares’ body. His masterful work of the whip meant that his target had little chance to prepare for each strike. The deep, black length of the lash seemed almost to disappear as it arced through the air.

Once Hades was done, thin, crisscrossing lines of dripping gold decorated Ares’ skin. The God of War’s face was flushed, sweat dripping from his brow. His cock, unsurprisingly, seemed harder than it had been at the start.

The whipping wasn’t as much about teaching Ares a lesson in discipline as it was about Hades taking out some frustrations on his idiot nephew. The true lesson would come later, and while he would enjoy Ares’ torment, Hades wasn’t going to get a chance to get this violent again. "Is this turning you on, you nasty little pain pig?" Hades growled.

The way Ares’ cock twitched in response to him was all the answer that Hades needed. He smirked, ignoring the way that Ares spat at the floor and said, "Fuck you!" because the god’s own body was far more honest than his pride would ever let him be.

Hades dropped the whip, which scattered into motes of darkness before it hit the floor. He walked up to Ares, standing in the god’s personal space. He reached down, gently cupping the brute’s sizeable balls. "You’d like that, wouldn’t you, nephew?" he said, tightening his grip.

Ares grunted. "Like anyone could get off on your saggy asscheeks, Hades," he hissed, between gritted teeth. "How does Perseus do it? I can’t imagine fucking you would be anything exciting. You probably just lie there pretending to be dead like all the souls you say you care about."

The corner of Hades’ lips curled upward in a devilish little smirk. His grip tightened around Ares’ balls. There was a certain sadistic delight in watching the younger god’s strained expression as he winced from the pain of his balls getting crushed in hands that had their fair share of experience eliciting exquisite agony.

"Ow, fuck!" Ares shouted as Hades’ vice-like grip continued to squeeze around the most tender parts of his otherwise-combat-hardened body. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" he continued, sweat dripping from his brow onto Hades’ forearm as his face flushed a deep crimson color.

"Good job, kid. You’re not going to get a rise out of me, but you did manage to expose how much you’ve thought about my ass," said Hades. He smirked as he let go of Ares’ balls. "Unfortunately for you, I don’t sleep with stupid, irresponsible idiots. So, if you want to get a chance at me, you’re going to want to shape up sooner rather than later."

Hades conjured one of the sex toys that he and Perseus loved to use most often. It was a Celestial Gold cock ring enchanted to prevent the user from orgasming. He slipped it onto Ares’ erection with little difficulty and savored the quiet little groan that the younger god made as he roughly pulled those tender balls through.

Once that was done, Hades conjured a riding crop and gently cradled Ares’ nutsack with the flexible tip. He looked up at his nephew, smirked, and delivered a sharp blow with a flick of his wrist.

"Fuck!" Ares screamed, straining against the chains that bound him. It was a fruitless endeavor, of course. Ares was much more likely to give up the idea of war altogether than he was to break free of the chains without being released by Hades.

"I get that this isn’t really teaching you anything," said Hades, "but if you don’t mind, I think I’m going to beat on your body for a few more hours. I have a lot of stress to unload."

Ares’ eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets. "You’re lucky I didn’t decide to keep you here for days," said Hades. "Now, if it ever gets to be too much for you, I just need you to clearly say the word ‘red’ three times. With proper enunciation. Now, how you do that with a gag in your mouth, I don’t know, but that’s the only way you’re getting out of this until I let you."

"W-What gag?" said Ares.

Hades conjured a Stygian iron ball gag in his hand. "This one," he said, slapping the ball behind Ares’ teeth when the younger god opened his mouth to complain. Once the ball was settled, the straps moved of their own accord and cinched tight around the back of Ares’ head.

"Now, nephew, it’s time for me to have some fun… at your expense," said Hades.

Sweat trickled from Ares’ brow. He was hard as a rock, his cock dripping globs of pre-cum onto the marble floor under him. His skin was red with welts from the whip, his ass glowing with bruises from the paddle. A single long stripe encircled his dick from that one time that Hades had made him howl with pain.

Divinity had its perks—immortality, agelessness, nigh-invulnerability. Most relevant to Ares’ predicament was his expedited healing. Because of it, Hades could move on to punishing other parts of his body when one part got too damaged, and by the time that he got back to the first part, it would have already healed.

Pain wracked Ares’ body but it was an exquisite torture unlike any other. If he had known Hades had such a sadistic streak, he would have done something to piss off the God of the Underworld much earlier. Every moan, every grunt, every howl of pain that Hades managed to elicit from him was accompanied by a twitch of his cock.

If Hades thought he was teaching Ares a lesson by being so brutal, then Hades had another think coming. He enjoyed the pain. Enduring it was a war on the smaller, more personal scale, fighting his own body’s desire to break down and give in.

Hades was going to have to try harder if he wanted to drill any sorts of lessons into Ares’ head with a whip. His uncle’s Stygian lash was the most painful whip he’d ever experienced, especially considering that every stroke was masterfully aimed, but it was pain all the same and that, Ares knew how to deal with.

The frustration was something else, though. Ares liked to edge. Something was exhilarating about riding that precipice just before orgasm. But he had always been in control. Right now, he wasn’t. He was so hard and so close, but thanks to that damn cock ring that Hades had put on him, his godly cock could do little more than twitch and swell.

The pain had allowed Ares to largely ignore his arousal but now that the hail of blows from Hades had stopped, it hit him like a sack of bricks. With a groan and a grunt, Ares pulled on the chains that tethered him to the two pillars in the center of the room. For all his divine strength, that allowed him to tear a man in half with his bare hands and slay hundreds on the battlefield with a single swing of his sword, the chains would not yield.

Hades stood there, watching Ares with a smug air of superiority that grated on his nerves. "Let me go, Hades!" he bellowed. He didn’t even remember when Hades had taken the gag out of his mouth. As Ares’ frustration built, so too did the anger in his veins. "It’s useless! I don’t even know what the point of this is!"

The corner of Hades’ lips twitched. His dark eyes sparkled with what Ares assumed was amusement. "The point was stress-relief, nephew," said Hades. "I knew pain wouldn’t work to teach a brute like you a lesson, but it did help me work out a lot of tension in my shoulders."

Ares fumed. He opened his mouth to speak but Hades interrupted him, the Lord of the Underworld’s cool voice cutting through the expletives that Ares would have spewed. "It’s time for the lesson proper, though, I think," said Hades.

Hades clicked his fingers. The sharp sound echoed in the large, spacious chamber. A moment later, the wide double doors flew open and a pair of minor spirits wheeled in a cart with what looked like a large bronze urn into the room.

Ares’ eyes widened. Hades wouldn’t. The first few days, Ares had actually somewhat enjoyed, being trapped in a bronze jar by those giant twins. Soon after that, it had gotten cramped and unpleasant. He really would have rather forgotten and had been glad when Zeus said that no one was to speak of the incident again because it was beneath the dignity of Olympus.

Hades took over for the spirits and wheeled the cart in front of Ares. "Oh, don’t look so terrified, nephew," said Hades. "This one isn’t as boring as the one Otis and Ephialtes put you in. This one is going to be a bit more fun."

There was just enough space below Ares that Hades could wheel the giant urn under him. "See for yourself," said Hades, as he pulled the lid away.

Ares’ eyes widened. Inside the jar was a mass of slithering, slimy tentacles. The smooth tubes glistened with the secretions that covered them, and a spicy-sweet scent wafted up from the mass. Ares wrinkled his nose. Traitorous old bat. He could smell Aphrodite all over the damn things, and despite himself, he felt a little bit of dread well in the pit of his stomach.

Seeking tendrils, much thinner than the other tentacles but with tips that looked like little balloons, rose from the jar. Three headed in Hades’ direction but came to an abrupt halt after getting within a foot of the Lord of the Underworld. The tendrils trembled, sending a tremor through the mass of tentacles in the jar. The tendrils snapped back so fast that they were there one moment, and gone the next.

Ares had other problems. More of the seeking tendrils were rising from the jar. He didn’t know, exactly, what kind of creature Hades had put in the damn thing to torment him, but he did know that he had to do his best not to get found by those tendrils.

Unfortunately for Ares, he didn’t have a lot of options. The chains binding him to the pillars didn’t have much slack. While he could pull himself up and away from the jar, he couldn’t do so indefinitely. It was only a matter of time before the tendrils found him.

Ares was able to evade the tendrils for a good five minutes. By the end of it his arms and shoulders were burning. His biceps were trembling from the strain of supporting his whole body weight.

A single moment of weakness, a momentary falter while he was trying to get more comfortable, spelled the end of Ares’ efforts. A chill ran down his spine as he felt the bulbous end of one of the tendrils tap the tip of his big toe with a feather-light touch.

Ares looked up, eyes wide, and met Hades’ gaze. The other god’s lips twitched as thick tentacles surged up from the jar to wind around Ares’ ankles and calves. "Agh!" he yelled, fighting against the surprising strength that was trying to pull him down into the jar, but between trying to keep himself above the tendrils and the whipping he’d endured beforehand, Ares didn’t have nearly enough stamina left.

"You’re going to—answer for this, Hades!" Ares growled, interrupted halfway through when the pull of the tentacles gave him a jolt. The chains around his ankles had pulled taut, preventing him from being pulled any further down.

"Hmm… I don’t think so," said Hades. He raised his hand and snapped his fingers. Ares heard a faint click as the black Stygian iron manacles around his ankles fell away. The tentacles, which had eased on their pulling, gave Ares another tug.

As if realizing that the chains were gone, the tentacles pulled even harder the second time. Ares cried out in pain as this time, the chains binding his wrists pulled taut. He felt like his arms were going to get pulled out of their sockets, but there was more that he had to worry about.

Just as Ares had suspected, there was something strange about the tentacles’ secretions. As the slime soaked into his skin he could feel a not-unpleasant tingling numbness spreading through his muscles, making them relax, filling them with a fuzzy sort of heat.

The sensation wasn’t altogether bad. In fact, it was quite good. It made Ares’ cock twitch. It was still concerning, though. He could already feel the warmth spreading, climbing his legs as the tentacles did the same. He moaned, unable to resist, as they wrapped around his thighs and hips, leaving glistening trails of slime all over his skin.

Slender tendrils cradled Ares’ balls. They slid around the ring at the base of his cock, tickling the sensitive skin, making his cock even harder than it already was. It was intense and almost overwhelming. A part of him almost wished that the tentacles could pull him in all the way already.

It seemed as if that small voice in the back of Ares’ head was going to get its wish sooner than later. Tentacles slid up along his torso from his waist, slithering across the hard muscles and taut, bronzed skin.

Even though he knew it was fruitless to struggle against the brute strength of the tentacles and the unyielding chains that bound him to the pillars, Ares had to try. Surrender wasn’t in his vocabulary, not as the God of War, however hopeless the situation seemed.

Ultimately, Ares’ efforts were in vain as the tentacles wrapped around his arms. The heat from the tentacles’ secretions had spread all over his body now, making his skin tingle, and his muscles relax. The tingling warmth had pooled in his stomach and his chest, filling every breath with a strange haze of arousal that he could not escape.

Ares chewed on his lower lips, fighting back the whimpers as the tentacles slid along the length of his cock. With the ring still in place, he couldn’t cum. No matter how good the tentacles felt wrapping around his hardness, squeezing him, making him throb.

Two more tentacles rubbed at Ares’ nipples, drawing slow, tantalizing circles around the rock-hard nubs. His chest was tingling all over, but the sensation of a particularly thick tentacle slithering up and down the crack of his ass was distracting enough that he nearly didn’t notice.

Ares’ mouth opened in a soundless groan as the tentacle at his ass pushed into him. It stretched his asshole around the formidable girth with ease. It felt so hot as it worked its way inside of him, pulling out and then pushing in, but deeper than it had been when it first pulled out.

Slowly, inch by inch, Ares felt the tentacle work its way into his guts. It was going deep, deeper than even the biggest cock he’d ever had. He could almost feel it in his stomach, could see the outline of it squirming underneath his flesh.

Ares glowered at Hades. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy the experience. It felt good. So good. He didn’t think he’d ever been so aroused before. It was just humiliating, degrading for the God of War to be diminished like this, reduced to a plaything for a tentacle creature in a bronze jar.

Before Ares could get the words out to cuss at Hades, another tentacle, as thick as the one that was working its way into his guts, slid past his lips and down his throat. Ares choked on his words and the tentacle as it fucked in and out of his mouth with little mercy.

"Take your time in there to think about what you did, Ares," said Hades. With a snap of his fingers, the manacles that held Ares’ wrists up in the air fell away and the tentacles were able to pull the God of War nearly all the way into the jar.

As angry as it made Ares to experience yet another humiliation in a bronze vessel, he couldn’t help but moan. Down here, this close to the writhing mass of tentacles, it was impossible to ignore their heady scent. Every breath filled his lungs and his head with a strange fuzzy pleasantness that made it difficult to think, much less strategize for a way out.

Every time Ares gulped, he felt just a little bit more of the slime from the tentacle in his throat trickle into his stomach, making the heat even more unbearable. He was so fucking horny he felt like he was going to explode but with the tentacles binding his limbs the only thing he could really do was thrust his cock into the squirming mass. Even that was an exquisite torture. The ring cinched around the base of his member made sure of that.

Ares moaned around the tentacle in his throat as Hades approached with the lid of the jar. "I won’t be letting you out until you realize why agitating for global war is a bad idea. In case that doesn’t happen—and I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t—I’m not letting you out until you’re so desperate to cum you’re willing to swear on the Styx to be more sensible."

So horny. Ares moaned again, his hips moving of their own accord. The sensation of the tentacles slithering against his hard length was maddening, and yet he couldn’t get enough of it. Thinking was nigh-impossible. Hades’ words took longer than they should have to process.

Ares’ eyes widened. He struggled in the clutches of the tentacles but they were too strong, and he was too drained. Already, he was desperate but desperate enough to swear on the Styx? Hades was insane. He had to get out. Now, if ever.

As lust and arousal overtook him, the fear in Ares’ eyes was replaced by a glassy sort of mindless acceptance. He moaned again, thrusting his hips and fucking his ass on the tentacle buried deep inside him, swallowing the gobs of cum dripping from the tentacle in his throat.

The flickering light of the braziers was slowly eclipsed as Hades lowered the lid over the bronze urn. In the darkness, the tentacles pulled Ares deeper into the vessel, closing over his head as his desperation to cum reached a fever pitch.

Hades rubbed the front of his cage. It had been months since the last time he came, and his duties had kept him on Olympus, away from his beloved. Perseus had visited him, because otherwise, Demeter would have flipped her shit, but Perseus had been pretty clear that Hades wasn’t getting unlocked until he came back home to the Underworld—though even that wasn’t certain.

Now that autumn had ended, Perseus had gone back to the Underworld and Demeter got to throw her yearly tantrum. Hades’ Iron Prince loved his mother very much, but Hades could see why Perseus always seemed relieved when he got to escape back into the world of the dead.

Hades’ cock was straining against the bars of its cage. He didn’t realize he’d be so turned on by the prospect of fucking an oath out of Ares. Then again, he was more turned on than not these days, thanks to Perseus’ inviolable control over his cock.

The servant spirits of Olympus had already rolled Ares’ bronze urn into Hades’ chambers. The lid was trembling, muffled moans filtering through the little gap between the cover and the rim of the vessel. It didn’t matter how strong-headed Ares was. After months of this kind of torture, it was likely that he’d already broken.

Hades traced a single slender finger along the rim of the urn. The rattling of the lid diminished as the tentacles within no doubt felt his presence and recoiled. He smiled, hearing the loud, unintelligible groan from within the urn.

The sound of Ares’ desperation sent a shiver down Hades’ spine. It fed his inner sadist, a titillating promise of what was to come. Perseus was often too strong-willed for it, but the few opportunities that he’d had, Hades had loved fucking his husband into submission.

A soft rasp accompanied the silken robes as they slid off Hades’ shoulders onto the floor. He kicked them aside, not wanting to soil them despite having the ability to clean them at a whim. He rubbed his hands down his sides, his fingertips grazing the rock-hard muscles of his abdomen.

Reaching between his legs, Hades cupped his swollen balls and constrained cock. He had been leaking like a faucet all day, and right now was no exception. His fingers came away, trailing glistening ropes of pre-cum from the ends. Arousal was torture, but also exquisite.

Hades grunted, heaving the urn onto its side. The lid clattered across the floor, dumping slippery tentacles in its wake. Slime poured out of the open urn, flooding the marble floor with glistening slick. Ares followed soon after, sliding smoothly out of the nest of tentacles with a loud groan as the tentacle buried in his throat was unceremoniously ripped out.

"Please…" Ares croaked, his hands immediately flying to his rock-hard cock as soon as the tentacles binding his wrists slipped back into the jar. His other hand reached behind him, grabbing as tightly as he could on the slippery tube of the tentacle buried in his ass.

"Please what, nephew?" said Hades. With a flick of his wrist the excess of slime on the floor disappeared, leaving little more than a shiny sheen on the polished marble. He walked close to Ares, his presence more than enough to drive away the last tentacle molesting the God of War, the one in his ass, which slipped out of his grip with little effort.

"L-L-Let me cum…" Ares mumbled, stumbling over his words as if he’d forgotten to speak over the last few months of being confined in a jar with only tentacles as his companions. "P-P-Please," he whimpered, thick, calloused fingers pushing into his tender asshole.

It was almost comedic, watching as Ares tried to get on all fours for easier access to his hole. He slipped and fell over and over again, frantically masturbating and fingering himself until he finally managed, somehow, to prop his ass up with his knees.

"P-P-Please f-fuck me… S-S-So empty…" Ares moaned, his fingers digging into his sloppy, slimy hole with abandon. "P-Please… I-I’ll do anything," stammered the God of War.

Hades smiled. There was a certain pleasure to be taken at seeing someone so brutish be reduced to such a state. There was just something so titillating about watching Ares’ musclebound body tremble with desperation as he tried to get his fingers as deep into his muscular ass as he could.

With a snap of his fingers, Hades conjured the strap-on that Perseus had suggested he use to finish Ares’ punishment. It was large—larger by far than the size he normally kept his cock at—but it was what was necessary to do the job.

Hades stroked the dildo, biting his lower lip at the strange tingle of pleasure that surged up his spine as he did so. He wasn’t jerking himself off, but there was a phantom of a sensation every time he pumped his fist along the length of the rubber shaft.

Lowering himself to his haunches, Hades grabbed Ares by the chin and forced the God of War to look at him. "How does it feel to be reduced to begging, Ares?" he said.

Ares’ eyes didn’t even meet Hades’. The God of War’s gaze immediately flew to the massive rubber cock between Hades’ legs. "P-Please put that i-i-inside me…" Ares moaned, shamelessly licking his lips.

Hades smirked. He let go of Ares’ chin and ignored the grunt as Ares fell back to the floor, face-first. He walked around and delivered a sharp smack to one of Ares’ ass cheeks with the palm of his hand. The quick blow left a bright-red impression of a hand on the thick, firm muscle, which Hades was all too happy to grope right after.

Squeezing and kneading Ares’ ass cheeks, Hades slotted the thick dildo into the crack between the two supple mounds. There was no lube to speak of, but Ares’ body was so drenched in tentacle slime that there was hardly a need for it to begin with.

Hades could only imagine what was going through Ares’ head at that moment, the desperation battling against his pride as the God of War, the shame of being reduced to such a state, the humiliation at knowing he wasn’t even really fighting back. "What would the others think if they saw you like this?" said Hades, with a laugh, as he teased Ares’ quivering hole with the tip of his strap-on.

"Ares, Warrior of the Gods, reduced to a simpering little bitch after a few months in an urn?" Hades savored the way that Ares’ muscles tensed, ass cheeks clenching around the shaft of his strap-on.

Hades pulled his hips back and slid one hand toward Ares’ hole. He brushed against the twitching pucker with his thumb, rubbing gentle circles around it, teasing it with the tip but never quite pushing it in as Ares moaned.

"Have you learned your lesson yet, nephew?" said Hades, enjoying the way that Ares’ hips bucked backward. It was an effort in vain. Hades was in control. He wasn’t going to let Ares get any more pleasure—any more satisfaction—than he wanted. "Did you reflect on your actions while you were in there?"

The only answer that Ares could muster was an unintelligible moan. "I’ll take that as a no," said Hades. "But I’m not too surprised… Your type isn’t big on self-reflection, or self-awareness for that matter. You really do take after your idiot of a father."

It wasn’t just Ares’ attitude that he’d inherited from Zeus, though. Hades licked his lips as he palmed Ares’ ass. It looked and felt as good as his father’s, if not a little bigger. He could imagine it would be just as tight and eager, from the way it had tried to devour his finger.

"How about this, Ares? I fuck you if you swear, right now, on the Styx, that you will leave humans to start their own wars and never intervene before, during, or after?" said Hades. However much pleasure he was deriving from toying with Ares, the stakes were very real and very serious.

It might have been the way of the gods in the past to meddle in human affairs, but humanity had grown since those days. People were capable now of fending for themselves without divine intervention. Ares’ meddling would only cause more grief than was necessary.

Ares moaned against the floor. Hades could see the struggle and understand it. Oaths on the Styx were inviolable for eternity. Gods did not like binding themselves in such a fashion. However, it was the only way he could see to curtail Ares’ aggressions on the mortal world.

"P-Please j-just fuck me…" Ares moaned. He wriggled his ass in a transparent attempt to get Hades to fuck him anyway. Hades was keen on Ares’ ass, but not that keen. When Hades didn’t respond, Ares blurted the words out, likely unable to resist any longer, "I-I swear on the Styx to leave wars to humans and to never meddle in them again!"

As soon as Ares had finished speaking, the sky rumbled with distant thunder and Hades felt the oath take hold as the Styx was part of his domain. Satisfied, he said, "Well done, nephew. Now, let’s see what we can do about this pretty ass of yours, yeah?"

Hades lined the tip of the dildo up with Ares’ hole. He hadn’t even pushed yet and it was already sucking the toy in. He smacked the God of War’s ass again, for good measure, and snapped his hips forward.

Ares’ back arched, a guttural moan ripped from his throat as the massive dildo sank into his yearning fuckhole in one smooth stroke. He whimpered as Hades’ hips came to a rest against his, the walls of his ass twitching and spasming around the length of the rubber cock buried inside of him.

With little concern and no warning whatsoever, Hades pulled all the way out and slammed the dildo back inside Ares. Ares yelped, his back arching even more. It was harder and rougher than Hades usually went, but Ares was made of rather tough stuff, not to mention the fact that Ares’ hole had been stretched by the tentacles over the last couple of months and was more than able to take it.

In and out. In and out. In and out. Hades didn’t let up for one second, driving Ares closer and closer to that pinnacle of pleasure but never quite legging him get close enough.

Hades smacked Ares’ ass, making the supple muscle ripple from the force of the blow. It must have hurt because Ares cried out, his voice trailing off into a high-pitched and desperate moan as Hades angled his hips just so and drove the next thrust right into his prostate.

Months of edging and denial had already brought Ares to the breaking point. It was the only way he would have ever made that oath on the Styx. But Hades needed more. The oath was not without its loopholes. He needed to be sure that Ares wouldn’t mess things up the next time he felt the itch for some violence.

Fucking the dildo into Ares harder and harder with every thrust, Hades brought Ares to his absolute limit. "P-Please!" Ares babbled, barely able to get the words out as Hades mercilessly drilled his hole.

Ares was close. So close. Hades could feel it. He’d been a bit disappointed when Perseus refused to let him use his cock to do this to Ares, but he could see the advantage to using the strap-on. With the dildo, he could keep at this for hours, bring Ares to the edge and then back down over and over and over again until the only thought left in the God of War’s head was desperation.

It didn’t look like Hades would need to do that, though. "P-Please let me c-cum," Ares moaned, exactly the words that Hades wanted to hear.

"Yeah, bitch?" said Hades, grabbing Ares by the hair. He pulled his recalcitrant nephew up, forcing Ares to arch his back. Hades leaned forward, bringing his lips right next to Ares’ ear. "I’m just going to need one more oath from you."

"N-No," Ares moaned, still somehow able to muster the last dregs of resistance that he had. "I-I c-can’t… I-I won’t…" he said.

It wasn’t much of a surprise to Hades that Ares still managed to fight, even a little. There wasn’t the tiniest chance that Ares would be able to keep it up, but it was a testament to just how much gods despised binding themselves with unbreakable oaths.

A few more thrusts of Hades’ thick rubber strap-on were all that he needed to break Ares’ will his way. "O-Okay I-I-I’ll make the damn promise… J-Just make me cum!" Ares growled.

"Good," said Hades, without missing a beat. With one hand in Ares’ hair, he took the other and stroked the side of the God of War’s face, sending a shiver down Ares’ spine. "I just need you to swear on the Styx that the next time you feel even the tiniest inkling of a need to start a war, you come to me to get it out of your system."

"W-What?" Ares stammered, his eyes rolling back in his head after Hades delivered a particularly hard thrust. A moan slipped past his lips before he could continue. "T-That’s ridiculous, I-I wouldn’t…"

"Oh well, that’s too bad, then," said Hades. Just like that, he stopped, the dildo half-buried inside Ares. The hand he had on Ares’ face, he moved down to Ares’ hip to make sure that however much the God of War squirmed, he’d get no more stimulation. "Guess you’ll just have to settle for not cumming until you do."

Ares shivered. He tried to back his ass onto the dildo, but Hades held firm. "I-I can’t… No… P-Please, Hades… Please…" Ares moaned, as he looked over his shoulder, eyes wide and pleading. Hades, however, kept his lips pursed and stayed still.

The way that Ares’ resolve crumbled was amazing to watch. Hades watched all the fight drain out of him, the haunted look in his eyes as he said the words of the oath.

"I-I-I swear on the Styx that the next time I feel even the slightest inkling of desire f-f-for…" Ares trailed off. He squeezed his eyes shut and took a deep, shuddering breath. "…for war, I-I… I will go to my uncle Hades to get it out of my system," whimpered Ares.

Hades rubbed the side of Ares’ face and grinned. "That’s a good boy," he said, as a faint rumble confirmed that the oath had taken. "Now, hands off your cock."

Ares whimpered but did as he was told. He placed his palms flat on the floor as Hades reached down between his legs. With a twist, Hades pried the cock ring loose. Ares winced as his balls were pulled through the solid gold ring, and then his cock.

The God of War’s prodigious member throbbed in the air, now free of the cursed ring that had kept it from reaching climax despite months of endless stimulation. "Ready?" said Hades, placing both hands on Ares’ hips, intending to make the younger god cum with just the strap-on.

Hades started slowly, easing the dildo in and out of Ares’ hole at a glacial pace. Ares pawed at the floor, whining under his breath. It was a bit cruel, but Hades just wanted to stretch the experience out as long as he could.

Picking up speed with every half-thrust of his hips, fucking only the last two or three inches of the dildo in and out of Ares, Hades reveled in the desperate little whines that he managed to elicit out of the God of War. It was a rare treat to see the otherwise arrogant young god so bare and vulnerable before him like this.

With a smirk, Hades increased the depths of his thrusts, knowing that every little pump of his hips was likely enough to make Ares explode. There was just something delicious about knowing that Ares was now probably fighting the orgasm he’d begged so hard for.

If all the cum that had been churning in Ares’ balls came out now when Hades was providing barely any stimulation at all, Hades could only imagine how frustrated Ares would get. He hadn’t promised Ares that he would give him a proper orgasm, after all, just that he’d let him cum.

Hades chuckled to himself. It would be cruel to reach down between Ares’ legs and ruin the orgasm himself. Just a little direct stimulation would no doubt send Ares hurtling over the edge. But he wasn’t that mean. After all, Ares had sworn two unbreakable vows for this.

Grinning, Hades picked up the pace even more. The harder and faster he went at it, the more Ares would struggle to keep it in. He could already hear it in the hoarse gasping breaths that the God of War made. He could feel it in the trembling of Ares’ limbs.

Ares was close. So close. But it was a testament to the strength of his spirit that he hadn’t yet cum. Any lesser god wouldn’t have been able to take it. Ares had grit, Hades had to admit.

Ultimately, though, not even grit could outlast a rubber cock. Fucking in and out of Ares’ hole so hard he was jolting Ares forward with every thrust, Hades knew that Ares had reached his limit. With one final snap of his hips, he drove the dildo as deep into the God of War as he could.

Ares’ back arched and his lips opened in a wordless howl of pleasure. His toes curled and his fingers clawed fruitlessly at the marble floor. His cock throbbed and pulsed and then exploded. Jets of thick white cum shot out of Ares’ cock, shooting out over the floor with such force that they hit the far wall.

Hades moaned, his cock swelling in the bars of its cage, burping out a dollop of pre-cum from the tip. Ironic that he’d tortured Ares over his release when he couldn’t achieve his own.

Ares’ arms gave way as the last bits of cum trickled from the tip of his cock. He sank to the floor, his legs splaying out. The dildo slid out of Ares’ ass with a wet pop and a little bubbling gurgle of slime from inside the God of War.

As Ares’ eyes fluttered shut, Hades got up and cleaned himself off. Even if Ares hadn’t learned his lesson at this point, the vows would make sure that he didn’t mess things up.

Hades moaned, his legs in the air, a fat dildo stuffed in his ass. It had been a year since the last time he came like a man. Perseus was intent on keeping him locked in his cage until Zeus returned and let him go back to the underworld.

Not even the quiet knock on the door could distract Hades from his desperation. "Come in!" he said, voice a little bit strained as he worked the dildo in and out of himself.

The door quietly swung open as Ares slipped into the room, looking all sorts of sheepish. "I’m only here because of that stupid vow you made me do but… uh…"

It really was amusing to watch the God of War act all meek and cowed. Hades would have had a hell of a time showing Ares to the stocks, but right now what he needed was a good hard fucking. Surely it wouldn’t be so bad if he gave the God of War an outlet for his aggression?

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