Maze of the Beast

Renowned explorer Evander Gladstone has set off on one of his daring adventures in search of the Mighty Golden Rod of Asclepius, a wand said to possess the power to heal any affliction. Deep in the heart of what the locals call the Forest of Milk, a place none of them dare enter, Evander finds an entrance into a massive underground maze. Evander is sure that the Golden Rod is inside, especially when he figures out the identity of the creature that resides within. Little does he know that the maze is a far deadlier trap than he could have ever imagined.

The quaint little town of Goldrun was one of the most picturesque settlements in the kingdom of Aurhelion. The cobbled pathways of the idyllic and bustling riverside promenade attracted visitors from all over the kingdom and the wider world beyond.

Most popular among the tourists were the eateries with outdoor dining. Evander Gladstone, renowned explorer and adventurer extraordinaire, wasn’t one to get caught up in the looks of a place but even he had to admit that there was something simply compelling about having lunch overlooking a sparkling river at the foot of a mountain.

Just this once, Evander was willing to indulge in a little luxury during one of his adventures. Normally he felt it a waste of time to visit such attractions when he was on a mission but the majestic views of Goldrun were just too pretty to resist.

Evander kicked back at his table right by the riverside. He took a deep breath, savoring the brisk mountain air. While he waited for the server to return with his order, he fished a small notebook out of his satchel and went over the notes that he’d collected before coming out here.

The scenic views and superficially-happy residents of Goldrun belied what Evander believed to be a dark secret. While on the surface the nearby forest was every bit as gorgeous as the town proper, the people trod carefully in those wooded paths and rarely strayed from the script when talking about it.

However, thanks to a dusty old memoir he’d found in the basement of Aurhel’s royal archive, Evander knew that the forest was the object of ancient superstition. The book had talked about a "Forest of Milk" in the depths of the woods but had not gone any further in describing it.

Judging from the frantic tone of the writing that surrounded that episode of the author’s life, Evander could guess that it wasn’t a pleasant place. From what he’d seen, it seemed the people of modern Goldrun knew of it, as well.

The innkeeper of the first inn that Evander visited upon arriving had looked shocked when Evander mentioned the name. Evander didn’t miss the brief moment of abject horror that had flashed across the man’s face before he schooled his expression and denied that he knew anything. Suffice to say, the innkeeper had suddenly realized halfway through their transaction that the inn had no vacancies.

It was to be expected. The people of Goldrun were surprisingly secretive for the residents of a tourist attraction. One week out of every year, the town and nearby woods were sealed off. Outsiders often wondered what it was about, but it was the unspoken taboo of Goldrun. Anyone who inquired found themselves run out of town one way or another.

Thanks to the memoir, Evander was probably one of a handful of people outside of Goldrun that knew what transpired during that week. It was unsettling. According to the book, every year, around the vernal equinox, a young man would be selected from among the residents to be used as appeasement for the monster that dwelled deep in the heart of the Forest of Milk.

The author had been a survivor of one such offering and had glimpsed the monster. He wrote about it in a tone that vacillated between awe and terror. It had a large, brutish figure. It was head and shoulders taller than even the tallest lad in the village. Its entire body was covered in a thick, coarse pelt of hair and while it sported the shape of a man, its head and legs resembled that of a bull. Instead of feet, it had hooves, and a short tail ending in a tuft of hair protruded from the base of its spine.

There was every chance that the memoir contained the ravings of a lunatic, but Evander couldn’t help but think that it was genuine. He’d never read a more vivid description of the mythological minotaur that the god Asclepius had allegedly placed to guard his fabled Golden Rod.

The entrance to the Maze was somewhere in the Forest of Milk. Evander was sure of it. The problem was getting there. Deep into the woods, deeper than most tourists were likely to go, some wards prevented further passage.

The wards were strong, but Evander wasn’t about to let some magic get in the way of an expedition he’d spent years preparing to mount. He was certain that the wards would have to come down at some point, and he was willing to bet money that they would open during the offering.

Luckily, Evander was no stranger to magic, himself. With a little bit of preparation, he would be able to hide from the villagers and wait for the opportune moment to sneak into the Forest of Milk. He could scarcely wait. If he was right, it would be the discovery of the century.

"Excuse me, sir?" said the handsome young server who came up to Evander’s table with a tray of his food.

Evander glanced up with a start. "Sorry," he said, hastily stuffing his notebook back into his satchel before sweeping it off the table to make space for his meal.

The food smelled sumptuous, and the good looks of Evander’s server only served to improve the atmosphere. "Thank you, uh…" Evander trailed off. He couldn’t remember if the server had introduced himself earlier. "I hope you don’t think I’m being rude, but I don’t think I caught your name, earlier…"

The young man’s eyes widened. "O-Oh. Uh. Really sorry about that, sir," he stammered. His cheeks took on a tinge of pink as he tucked a lock of his long black hair behind his ear. "I-I’m Vayne. It’s a pleasure to be at your service."

Evander wasn’t unaware of his own charms. If anything, he exploited them to finesse information out of people whenever appropriate. "Vayne…" he murmured. "That’s a very pretty name. And don’t you worry about it. The pleasure’s all mine."

Vayne flushed even harder. "T-Thank you, sir," he mumbled. "I-Is there a-anything else I can do for you, s-sir?"

Evander looked the young man up and down. He didn’t even have to act interested. He could tell Vayne was rather well-built under his serving uniform. Between that and his handsome, youthful face, Vayne was exactly Evander’s type. "I can think of a few things…" he drawled, "but actually I’d like it if you can answer something for me."

"O-Of course, sir!" said Vayne. Embarrassed as the boy was, Evander had to admire his dedication to good service.

"I heard that Goldrun gets closed off to outsiders for a week every year… Is that happening any time soon?"

As red as he was in the face, Vayne’s expression turned deadly serious the moment Evander brought it up. "Yes, sir. In two days’ time, visitors will be asked to leave. It’s a very important and solemn time for us. Did they not tell you about it when you checked-in, sir?"

Evander shook his head. Besides exploring, another thing he did remarkably well was lie. "No, sorry. I just arrived. I couldn’t wait to get a bite at one of Goldrun’s famous restaurants so I rushed here as soon as I could," he laughed.

"I see," said Vayne.

"Hey, I know it’s a bit of a long shot, but I came all the way from Siren at the other end of the kingdom. I don’t really want to have come so far only to experience Goldrun for two measly days… Is there any way I could get an exception?" said Evander.

As the pink faded from Vayne’s cheeks, his expression grew stern. "No, sir. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions. I’m sorry that you’ve come all this way to be disappointed, but you could always come back when the week is over."

Evander widened his eyes, pretending at surprise. "Oh!" he exclaimed. "I didn’t think of that! Thank you, Vayne. Is there anywhere nearby that you’d recommend while the town is closed off?"

Vayne scratched his cheek as he thought about it for a moment. "If you have some experience hiking, you could hike up the mountain, sir. I haven’t been, personally, but I’m told the view is fantastic."

"Hmm… Thank you, Vayne. You’ve been really helpful. I think I might do that, then," said Evander. He reached into his satchel and pulled out two fat Aurhelian silver marks. He pushed them into Vayne’s hands.

Vayne gawked at the money for a second before he looked up at Evander with rosy cheeks and exclaimed, "P-Please, sir. T-Take it back. I-I must insist. I-I can’t accept this!" Then, speaking in a lower voice as he leaned forward, "T-This is two months wages for me, sir. Y-You can’t simply throw money like this around!"

Evander laughed and clapped a hand on the boy’s shoulder. "You’ve earned it for being such a good server, Vayne. I insist you take them," he said. Two large silver marks were a paltry sum compared to what Evander had made thus far as an explorer. Besides, he’d placed a nifty little enchantment on the coins that he expected would come in handy during the week of the offering.

The two days came and went rather quickly, and Evander meekly followed along with the rest of the tourists when they were told that it was time to leave.

Just as he’d told Vayne, Evander made his way up the mountain slopes on the first day. From the memoir, he knew that the offering didn’t take place until the third day. The first day was the time for the selection.

What the memoir described was a peaceful and well-organized process, though Evander couldn’t help but think of it as a little gruesome. All the able-bodied men of the town gathered in the central square and took turns drawing lots from a box allegedly made from the wood of a tree that had been felled in the Forest of Milk.

Each lot was a small, rectangular sliver of wood painted black except for one that was painted white. The young men would continue to draw lots until the white one was drawn, at which point the young man who drew it would be selected as the offering.

Evander supposed there wasn’t a fairer, more humane method of choosing a human sacrifice but it didn’t sit with him all the same. That night, he peered down at Goldrun from his camp up in the mountains. The people seemed so small from up here, but there was nothing insignificant about what they were doing.

The selection took place shortly after supper time. Evander watched as people streamed from their homes to the central square. A man—the town elder, Evander presumed—stood in front of everyone and delivered some remarks that he couldn’t hear from so high up.

From what Evander had read, the wards around the town went up after the elder delivered his speech. Sure enough, a translucent dome shimmered to life for a brief moment around Goldrun. Shortly thereafter, the town vanished altogether, as if it had never been there in the first place.

Evander spent half of the second day working his way back down to where Goldrun was supposed to be. He reached up and ran his fingers across the magical threads that comprised the wards. They were simple but powerful, designed not to repel intruders but to turn them around.

Just to make sure that he wasn’t reading the weave of the magic wrong, Evander stepped through the boundary line. Nothing happened to him, but the moment that he took another step forward, he found himself facing out toward the way he came, outside the perimeter of the wards.

Evander grinned. He fished a silver mark out of his satchel and flipped it into the air. He caught it and whispered a few words over it to activate the enchantment. A moment later, he felt a tug as the mark pulled him toward its pair.

With a breath, Evander stepped past the border of the wards. Before taking another step, he used the silver mark to orient himself. Following the direction that it was tugging him, he ended up facing almost back the way he came. It was odd, but he trusted the enchantment to do what it was meant to and took another step forward.

An image of the town shimmered briefly in the air in front of Evander but disappeared again. He’d gone in the right direction, but there were more layers to the wards. This time, the mark turned him to the left, at which point he took another step forward.

The image of the town appeared again, much stronger this time. It was a good sign. Following the same steps, Evander took another step. And another. It took the better part of ten minutes before he managed to get through the wards and Goldrun emerged for good.

Now that he was in, Evander retrieved the invisibility cloak that he’d found in an earlier expedition from his satchel. It only had enough juice to last for about an hour, but he was sure he would be able to find a decent hiding place before his time ran out.

Since Vayne told him that the week was a solemn time for the village, Evander guessed that none of the tourist spots would be open. He made his way over to the restaurant that he’d eaten at. After checking that it wasn’t enchanted against intruders, he picked the lock to the front door and slipped in.

Once he was sure that there wasn’t anyone in the restaurant with him, Evander stripped off the invisibility cloak and took a deep breath. All that remained was to wait until it was time for the offering. If the memoir was to be trusted, it was supposed to happen at first light on the third day.

Evander woke with a snort. He’d fallen asleep after infusing the invisibility cloak with mana to restore its inner reserves. Though he was excited at the prospect of finally finding the maze, he couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed. He’d been thoroughly enjoying a dream that involved a scantily-clad Vayne serving him in the restaurant.

As the sky outside was already gray, Evander didn’t have time to indulge his erection. He gave it a few quick rubs through his pants but did little more than that.

Evander picked himself up off the floor of the restaurant and dusted his clothes off. He slung the cloak over his shoulders and slipped out. As he went back into the town proper, he saw that the residents had all gathered in the square closest to the woods.

Shortly thereafter, Evander watched as a young man, wearing nothing but sheer silks and gold ornaments, walked up to the head of the gathering. The town elder placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned in to say something, probably words of encouragement, before turning to the rest of the people and saying, "It is time."

Evander followed behind the townsfolk. He was careful not to stray too close. He might have been invisible, but he wasn’t intangible. His footsteps still made sounds, and the leaf litter on the forest floor rustled under the hem of his cloak. The last thing he needed was to be found out when he was so close to his goal.

The trip was mentally and physically taxing. Nearly three hours of gingerly walking through the forest behind the townsfolk took a lot of concentration. Evander’s cloak almost ran out of juice a few times along the way, too, but fortunately, he had just enough mana remaining in his system to feed the enchantment until the townsfolk stopped.

While the young man being offered to the Forest of Milk was giving his last goodbyes to his friends and family, Evander crept up alongside the column of people. He didn’t stop until he was standing right by the edge of where he knew the wards were, waiting for a chance to slip past them once they were pulled down.

The opportunity presented itself before too long. The elder raised his hands and placed them on the invisible barrier that surrounded the Forest of Milk. He closed his eyes and muttered a few unintelligible words under his breath. Shortly thereafter, phosphorescent threads of light surged out from his hands, forming a lattice that revealed the architecture of the wards around the forest.

The elder pulled his hands away from the wards and tapped them while chanting in a tongue that Evander didn’t recognize. The entire surface of gleaming threads shook and rippled, almost like a membrane. When the elder removed his hands from the barrier yet again, a roughly door-sized section of the threads dissolved into motes of light that drifted away in the slight breeze.

Evander saw his chance once the elder stepped away from the opening to speak to the offering one last time. He sprinted past, bracing himself for the unexpected once he crossed the threshold. Nothing untoward happened when he stepped through.

Elated and unwilling to risk discovery, Evander walked deeper into the Forest of Milk without casting so much as a backward glance.

"W-Who’s there?"

Evander nearly dropped his notebook into the pool of musky white stuff he’d been examining. He thought he’d gone far enough off the obvious path that the offering wouldn’t notice him since the invisibility cloak had already run dry.

The voice sounded faintly familiar, but Evander wasn’t stupid enough to look and potentially give his position away. He wasn’t even sure if he’d been spotted or if the young man had merely gotten spooked.

Trying to be as still as he possibly could, Evander turned his attention back to the pool. It was nestled between the roots of a tree, and more of the sticky liquid inside was splattered all over the bark halfway up the length of the trunk. It looked and smelled suspiciously like semen, and if the stories about the minotaur’s virility were to be believed, he was pretty sure it was.

Evander supposed he’d finally figured out why it was called the Forest of Milk. There were similar pools scattered all over the place.

"H-Hey! Y-You’re not supposed to be here!" This time, the voice was much closer.

This time, Evander couldn’t pretend that he hadn’t been found. He stood up and turned around, eyes widening in surprise when he came face-to-face with the young man who’d been selected for the offering. It was Vayne.

"H-Hey, wait a minute. D-Didn’t I serve you at the restaurant a few days ago? How… How are you here?" said Vayne.

Despite himself, Evan couldn’t help but look appreciatively at Vayne’s body. He raked his eyes hungrily over Vayne’s lean, muscular form. "Uh… Trade secret," he said, with a grin, as he looked up from the sheer silk draped loosely over Vayne’s manhood.

Once Vayne realized his state of undress, his cheeks rapidly turned a deep shade of scarlet. Even the tips of Vayne’s ears went red. He tried to cover up but gave up when he realized there wasn’t much point. The sheer silks that covered him did little to hide his body.

Vayne reached for Evander and grabbed his forearm. "Y-You need to get out of here," Vayne said, urgently. He looked around, eyes wide and darting. "There’s a monster that dwells in this forest. You’ll die if you stay!"

Evander shrugged. "Actually, I was hoping that I’d get to see the monster," he said.

Vayne stilled. He looked at Evander as if Evander had grown a second head. "What?" he said. "You want to… meet the monster?"

Vayne blinked. "Are you fucking insane?!" he shrieked.

Evander chuckled. He pulled his arm away from Vayne. The boy was strong. His tight grip had left a mark on Evander’s skin. "Very sane, actually. I’m an explorer, you see, and I think an artifact I’ve been looking for can be found in these woods but I need to see the monster to make sure that I’m in the right place."

"You’re throwing your life away for a fucking artifact?" Vayne said, clearly at a loss for words.

"The fabled Golden Rod of Asclepius, capable of healing any ailment," said Evander. "I think something that powerful is well worth the risk. Don’t you?"

"No. No, I don’t! Do I look like I want to be here? I had a life! I had plans! But do you know what makes this bearable? Knowing that by giving myself to the monster, it will stay put for another year and my family will be safe," Vayne seethed.

Evander tried to say something but Vayne cut him off before he could begin. "I was prepared to die for the people I love! And then I come in here, find someone who wants to meet the fucking monster that’s going to eat me because he’s looking for some fucking bullshit rod?!" Vayne screamed.

"You know what?" said Vayne, refusing to let Evander get a word in edgewise. "Fuck you. I hope you do find the Minotaur. Maybe when it eats you it will be too fucking full to come after me because you are so fucking full of yourself."

With that, Vayne stomped away and gave Evander a death glare when he tried to follow.

After giving Vayne a few minutes of a head-start, Evander followed him. The boy seemed blissfully unaware of it, but standing so close to him, Evander was able to not just sense an enormous amount of magic pouring out of the gold ornaments that adorned Vayne, he could smell the musk that they exuded.

If Evander was going to have a chance to see this "monster" of the Forest of Milk, his best shot was keeping Vayne in his sights.

Evander’s persistence paid off faster than he expected. He heard the thudding of heavy footfalls followed by the snapping of branches. Vayne must have heard it, too, because what followed was a strangled shriek. Evander hurried along, wanting to get to the poor boy before it was too late.

"L-Let go of me y-you big brute!" Vayne screamed. Just as the monster came into Evander’s view, it picked Vayne up by the waist. Its enormous hands easily dwarfed Vayne’s slender form. Evander was sure the thick fingers could have easily crushed Vayne, but the monster’s grip was surprisingly gentle.

In his panic, though, Vayne didn’t realize that the creature wasn’t acting like a hungry beast. Instead, he beat his fists on the monster’s wrists to little effect. Evander crept as close as he could without attracting the monster’s attention and, with the last of his mana, sent a cloud of the chili powder he carried with him for repelling monsters right into the monster’s face.

It worked like a treat. The monster took one breath and instantly dropped Vayne as it tried to bat away the cloud of burning agony that had surrounded its muzzle. It stumbled into a tree, shaking a few branches loose, as it fled.

Once the monster was gone, Evander went to Vayne to make sure he was alright. Other than a bruised behind and a haunted, shaken look, he seemed okay. "Looks like you owe me one," Evander said, holding out a hand for Vayne.

Vayne slapped the hand away. "I was fine," he growled, clambering back up to his feet on his own. He dusted himself off and glowered at Evander. "Why are you even still here? Didn’t you want to meet the monster? Look, you don’t owe me anything, so just go look for your stupid artifact and leave me alone."

"That thing’s going to leave a lot of tracks now that it’s running home in a panic," said Evander, looking toward the direction where a bunch of trees had been stripped of their bark all in a straight line. "I wanted to propose a deal. You don’t want to die. I want to get my artifact. Why don’t we work together?"

Vayne narrowed his eyes at Evander. "Work together, how? To find your artifact and then escape? I can’t do that. If the monster isn’t fed it’s going to come out and attack the town!"

Evander smirked. "That’s why I’m not proposing we run away," he said. "I won’t be able to break through the wards before the beast finds us again, anyway. What I’m proposing is that we kill it. Put an end to this barbaric practice so no one else will have to die."

There was a brief glimmer of hope in Vayne’s expression before he shook his head and said, "If it were that easy, don’t you think we would have done it? The elder is a powerful magician and they say his apprentice will surpass him one day, but even they can’t kill the monster."

Evander doubted that was the case. The wards were ancient, even the ones around the town. He’d managed to get a glimpse at the elder and he couldn’t imagine someone with such a pitiful core of mana could be as powerful a magician as Vayne seemed to think he was.

Regardless, Evander kept his mouth shut. He didn’t want to antagonize the boy any further. "Look, sometimes people get stuck on tradition. They’re told that something is impossible for so long that they forget to even think about trying. Did your elder ever try to put the beast down?"

Vayne’s cheeks turned a deeper scarlet color as he floundered for words. After a few moments, he said, "W-Why would he ever try? H-He’s smart and wise enough to know it would be suicide, which apparently you’re not."

Evander shrugged. "Have it your way," he said. "I’m just saying, do you really have much to lose? If you fail, you get eaten anyway, and your town is safe."

Vayne’s mouth opened and closed for a few seconds as he tried to come up with a comeback. Eventually, he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and said, "Fine."

Evander grinned. "Glad you could see it my way," he said.

"Don’t think this makes us friends," said Vayne. "Besides, how do you even propose we kill the thing? I don’t know magic. I don’t know how to fight. And I doubt your chili powder trick is going to kill the damn thing."

Evander shook his head and clapped a hand on Vayne’s shoulder. "My dear boy, you’re thinking too small. Remember that artifact I told you about? Asclepius’ Golden Rod?"

"Yeah, you also told me it was for healing," said Vayne, thoroughly unimpressed.

"Yes, but something like that undoubtedly has vast divine power at its disposal," said Evander. "I’m sure we’ll find some way of using it to kill the minotaur."

Vayne didn’t seem the slightest bit convinced. However, he didn’t complain either, so Evander supposed that was good enough.

Following the trees with stripped bark led the two to a small brook in the middle of the woods. The monster had moved on, but it was clear that the water hadn’t helped things too much. More trees with stripped bark led away from the brook, in a different direction than the tracks that Evander and Vayne had followed.

"Is this really the best idea?" said Vayne, as he and Evander crept along, doing their best to be quiet. Now and then, they would come across a tree drenched in copious amounts of sticky white fluid. More and more such trees cropped up as they made their way deeper into the forest.

"Do you have any better ones?" said Evander. He stopped and crouched, urgently motioning for Vayne to do the same when he heard a rustle from nearby. It turned out to be nothing, but they couldn’t be too careful. An ambush, at this point, meant certain death.

"No, not really," says Vayne. "Gods. I’m going to die today, aren’t I?" he muttered.

Evander rolled his eyes and shook his head. "With an attitude like that, I wouldn’t be surprised," he said.

Vayne glowered at Evander, but Evander did his best to ignore the hostility. Pessimism was a dangerous thing to pay attention to while on a mission. It tended to unbalance people mentally, which usually meant disaster wasn’t far behind.

Evander tugged at his collar. "Awfully hot for a forest out here, don’t you think?" he said, popping open the top button on his shirt.

Vayne wiped the beads of sweat off his brow. "It’s not too bad," he said. "It’s because you’re wearing all of that shit."

Evander laughed. He supposed Vayne was right. He stopped for a moment, setting his satchel down by a tree. He undid the buttons on his coat and slung it off his shoulders. The relief was immediate.

"I think we’re getting pretty close," said Vayne, while Evander was stuffing the coat back into his satchel.

"What makes you say that?" said Evander, cocking an eyebrow.

"The smell," said Vayne.

Evander chuckled. Attitude problems aside, the boy had good instincts. He’d noticed it too, earlier. The musk in the air had gotten thicker. It probably had something to do with the increasingly-copious amounts of cum hanging from the tree branches. The temperature didn’t help things, either.

After a few more minutes of following the trail of the monster, the musk was so thick in the air that not only was it difficult to breathe, it was also difficult to not get aroused. The whole damn place smelled like so much sex that Evander couldn’t help but get hard in his breeches. So it wouldn’t get in the way, he’d shoved his not-insignificant endowment down one of his pants legs, where it created an obscene bulge against his thigh, but was at least out of the way.

Vayne had no such luck. The boy’s stiff cock was swinging about for all to see. The bolt of sheer silk draped over it, that shook from side to side with every step, did little to hide the evidence of his arousal.

The deeper they got, the muggier the air around Evander and Vayne became. The heat was intolerable, and Evander’s shirt was soaked through with sweat. His cock was another problem, pulsing insistently against his thigh as lust and the desire to find the artifact raged inside of him.

Unable to bear the temperature and humidity any longer, Evander stopped, growled under his breath, and tore his shirt off. He couldn’t much care where it landed when he tossed it aside. It was hard to think with how thick the musk in the air was. Only the dogged, single-minded dedication Evander had kept him on his goal.

Vayne stumbled after Evander with glazed eyes and unsteady steps. His hand was loosely wrapped around his cock, giving it a few tugs now and again as he struggled to contain the moans that threatened to escape.

Truth be told, Evander was impressed that Vayne had lasted so long without succumbing to it. For a while, he’d even thought that Vayne would manage to hold on until they found the maze. Unfortunately, lust and arousal were powerful enemies and it was little wonder that Vayne had given in.

Circumstances being what they were, Evander battled with the urge to pin Vayne up against a cum-slicked tree and take him then and there. He couldn’t afford the distraction, though. He was so close to his goal. He could feel it. He just needed to survive this current trial.

"Wait," said Evander, heart racing in his chest. He thought he’d just been seeing things, but it was real. He’d seen a break in the treeline, and beyond it, what appeared to be an artificial stone structure in the clearing. "Wait, I think I see something," he said.

"H-Hunh?" Vayne groaned. The boy had stopped walking briefly. He was standing in a pool of white, wriggling his toes with a dumb little smile on his face and a slack expression. His fingers flew up and down his shaft a few times before the glassy expression in his eyes cleared up and he realized what he’d been doing.

"O-Oh, s-sorry. I-I’ll be right there," said Vayne, letting go of his cock as the flush in his cheeks took on a deeper scarlet color. He grimaced as he stepped out of the puddle of cum, leaf litter crunching under his bare feet and sticking to his soles.

Once Vayne had caught up with him, Evander slung an arm around the young man’s shoulders and pointedly tried to ignore the hard cock poking the side of his thigh. Together, they made their way to the edge of the trees. Evander couldn’t help but laugh. "Finally," he said. "I found it!"

"D-Doesn’t look like much to me," said Vayne, stammering as Evander sank to his knees and took him down with him.

The building was rather simple. It looked like a small shrine, with a rather utilitarian architecture. But the symbol etched into the two tall stone doors was unmistakable, a serpent wrapped around a golden staff—the mark of Asclepius.

"No, no," said Evander, sweat trickling down his body from the heat. "This is it. This is the place, Vayne. There’s a maze underneath, and the Golden Rod is in the middle."

The only thing inside the shrine was a small room with a set of stairs leading down into darkness. Evander and Vayne could feel the muggy heat rising from the depths, and even the enthusiastic explorer hesitated for a moment.

Rummaging in his satchel for a light-producing crystal, Evander channeled the dregs of mana he’d managed to recharge into the tiny artifact. While the crystal sputtered briefly, it eventually shed a bright light that allowed both men to descend the stairs without accident.

The heat was intense, at the bottom. The air was so thick, Evander felt as if he was inhaling soup. The musk that lingered made thinking even more difficult than it had been before but he gritted his teeth and fought through it. He had to keep his wits about him.

As expected of allegedly one of the most devilish mazes from the age of myths, the only thing that Evander and Vayne found at the bottom of the stairs was a wide passageway leading to the right. Evander held his light-stone up with one hand while tracing the wall with the other as they went down the only path available to them.

The stone walls and the floor were slippery, slimy, and slightly sticky to the touch. Evander had a guess as to what it was, but he tried not to dwell on it too much. He needed to focus on finding the Golden Rod so they could get out of there before they succumbed too much to the treachery of the Forest of Milk.

Vayne didn’t have the same mental fortitude as Evander, though, and Evander had to pull him away from the wall as he was about to lick it.

The two men encountered a few branches and dead-ends as they made their way through the maze, but eventually, they stumbled into a somewhat larger chamber. The floor of the chamber was depressed, forming a dish filled with milky white jism. Evander grabbed a pebble from his satchel and dropped it into the liquid to gauge its depth, only to find that there was barely an inch covering the floor.

To the best of Evander’s abilities, he couldn’t discern any magical traps, but he had to be vigilant about pressure-plates hidden underneath the opaque white fluid.

While Evander was busy thinking about how to cross the room, he briefly lost track of what Vayne was doing. Dazed, the boy stumbled past the entrance into the chamber. Vayne had already crossed most of the way when Evander noticed and seemed largely unharmed. "W-What did you do?" Evander stammered.

"I… just… walked across…" Vayne mumbled, eyes unfocused and distant.

Evander was skeptical about the whole thing, but he had no other options. Powerful waves of arousal were coursing through his body. His cock throbbed against his thigh, making it difficult to think. With a clearer mind he might have figured out why he thought it was such a bad idea, but clarity was out of his reach.

Taking a deep breath and stifling the moan that threatened to escape when it filled him with heat, Evander took a step forward into the pool. He took another step forward before he realized that he was stuck.

However much Evander tried to pull his back foot off the floor, it resisted. It made no sense. He’d watched Vayne cross at least some of the floor, and he’d done so with relative ease. It wasn’t until he saw Vayne wiggling his toes that he realized what he had to do.

Leaning down, Evander untied the laces of his boots. If he was wrong, he was probably going to die, stuck to the cum-filled floor of the room, but if he was right, then he would be one more step closer to the Golden Rod.

Heart filled with trepidation, Evander pulled his foot out of the boot and placed it firmly on the smooth stone floor. The cum felt weird as it spilled over the arch of his foot and squeezed between his toes but when he tried to lift his foot off, it was as easy as anything.

Fingers trembling, Evander quickly undid the laces on his other boot and stepped out of it. Freed of the restrictions, he was able to walk, barefooted, across the room with no resistance. When he got to the other side, Vayne was leaning on a wall, one arm pressed against it, the other gently jacking his hard cock off.

Evander resisted the urge to join the boy. He placed a hand on Vayne’s shoulder and, with just enough pressure, pushed him away from the wall. Vayne groaned, bucking his cock into the loose ring of his fingers, but Evander had no time to indulge the boy’s lusts.

With a hand on Vayne’s lower back, Evander pushed on deeper into the maze. It was strange walking along the monotonous, cum-covered corridors bare-foot. He could feel the emission sticking ever so slightly to his feet, coating his toes. For whatever reason, it made his spine tingle.

The passage of time was a difficult concept to hold onto when every stretch of wall looked roughly the same. Evander couldn’t say how long he and Vayne had been there, only that it had been long enough that he was starving.

Since it didn’t seem like they were getting anywhere, anytime soon, Evander pulled Vayne to the side and sat him down. He leaned against the wall and slid down, himself, as he rummaged in his satchel for something to eat. Luckily, he still had a few slices of bread and cheese.

Since Vayne didn’t seem to be in any state to converse, Evander just handed him a hunk of bread and some cheese before eating in silence. There wasn’t much, but there was enough to alleviate the grumbling of Evander’s stomach. As soon as he saw that Vayne was done, he pulled the boy up and continued their journey.

A few times along the way, Evander had to stop and rub his hard cock through his breeches. It was the only way to relieve some of the tension he felt. Still, it was dangerous. Every time, he became more and more reluctant to stop.

Fortunately, it wasn’t much longer before Evander and Vayne stumbled upon another chamber. Strewn about were golden ornaments not dissimilar to the ones worn by Vayne, along with damp scraps of silk.

As soon as he saw what was around him, Vayne grinned. He stripped off the ornaments and silks that adorned his body. Before Evander could stop him, he staggered across the room and into the passageway on the opposite side.

Evander suspected what he had to do, but he couldn’t see any mechanism that would stop him from just walking across like Vayne had. He didn’t want to strip naked, and potentially expose himself even more to the effects of the environment, if he didn’t have to.

Tentatively, Evander took a step into the room. Nothing untoward happened. Nor did anything happen when he took another step. And another. The only thing that changed was that when he reached the other end of the room, a large slab of stone slid across the passageway, sealing it shut.

With a sigh, Evander untied his breeches. He hesitated as he hooked his fingers into the waistband. Without his pants in the way, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to resist the temptation to play with himself, but it was clear he wouldn’t be able to proceed with them on, anyway.

With a groan, Evander pushed his breeches down his legs and stepped out of them, kicking them aside. Luckily, he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Despite standing fully nude in front of where the passageway should have been, however, the section of wall that had slid out didn’t budge.

It didn’t take long for Evander to realize what he would have to do. He still had his trusty satchel. It contained all the equipment that he usually had on him to make exploring easier. He was loath to part with it, but it wasn’t like he had any choice.

With a heavy heart, Evander tossed the satchel aside, as hard as he could. Nothing happened until he realized what he was holding in his hand. He tossed the light-stone aside, as well. As soon as he was relieved of it, the wall in front of him slid open to reveal Vayne, grinding his cock against the slick-covered wall of the passageway beyond.

As Evander stepped out of the chamber, the light from his light-stone sputtered and died. In its place, a strange ethereal glow that seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere at once filled the immediate vicinity. It was fascinating, but Evander didn’t have the time nor the patience to indulge his curiosity.

Pointedly ignoring the slab of meat sticking straight out from between his legs, Evander grabbed Vayne by the wrist and dragged him down the passageway. They were so close. He could feel it.

Dead-end after dead-end chipped away at Evander’s flagging resolve. The complexity of the maze had soared after the second chamber. He was just glad that there weren’t any loops because otherwise he and Vayne would have ended up wandering forever. As far as he could tell, anyway, and at this point, he couldn’t even trust his usually-reliable mind.

Fuck, Evander whispered, under his breath. He stopped and leaned against a nearby wall, cock throbbing as he stroked his fingers on the cum-slick masonry. He tugged at his erection, no longer able to resist the temptation. He was so fucking horny. He wasn’t sure how he would survive.

Evander found it disturbingly easy to lose himself in the pleasure and the thick, muggy air. He was no stranger to good sex and the pursuit thereof, but he wasn’t supposed to be this vulnerable to arousal. He prided himself on his restraint and discipline, but all of that seemed to have crumbled since he and Vayne entered the maze.

Managing to wrest control of his body against the arousal, Evander shook his head and let go of his cock. With a growl, he grabbed Vayne by the wrist and stomped down the passageway.

The further the two of them traveled, the more abstract the concept of time seemed to become. Evander had no idea how long they had been down in the maze.

"T-Thirsty…" Vayne moaned.

Evander licked his lips. He was thirsty, too, but there wasn’t anything around to drink. Hunger gnawed at his insides as well, and his eyelids were heavy with lack of sleep. They needed to find the Golden Rod and get out soon, or they were going to die.

A wet smack distracted Evander from his struggling thoughts. He looked behind him and saw Vayne, plastered against the stone wall, desperately lapping at the sheen of cum on the stone. "N-Not enough…" Vayne whined, rubbing his face against the wall as if that would somehow make water gush out.

Evander was nearly overcome with the urge to pin the boy against the wall and take him then and there, but he restrained himself. He grabbed Vayne by the wrist and dragged him along. Evander could only hope that they’d come across something to drink soon.

What Evander had thought was a vain hope became a harsh reality sooner than he could have imagined as he and Vayne stumbled into yet another chamber. This one was different than the previous two. Where the others only had an open exit to the next part of the maze, this one had a large stone door.

Flanking either side of the doorway were what appeared to be two large glass tanks filled with what Evander could only assume was copious amounts of cum. Attached to the tanks were stone spigots in the form of erect cocks with a slight downward curve. White fluid beaded at and dripped from the tips.

All at once, Evander became acutely aware of how dry his mouth and throat felt. Despite decades of adventuring experience and instincts honed by multiple run-ins with deranged dungeon designers, Evander couldn’t resist the pull.

Unlike in the previous two chambers, Evander was the first to enter this one. Vayne was close behind as they each went for one of the stone cocks.

Some cum had pooled under the phallic spigots and before Evander could even think of putting his unworthy mouth on them, he realized he needed to clean up. He lowered his face to the floor, part of him rebelling against the obvious trap, but need dictated his actions now.

Moaning quietly to himself, Evander shoved his face into the pool and lapped it up like a starving dog. The warm, musky, salty-sweet taste exploded on his tongue like scintillating fireworks. His cock throbbed with every desperate swipe of his tongue across the slick stone floor and for once in his life, the analytical mind he’d so often relied on was completely silent.

Not a single thought crossed Evander’s mind as he lapped up every last drop of spilled jism from the floor. When he was done, he knelt before the mighty stone manhood that seemed so big from up close.

Still parched despite the taste of cum coating every inch of his mouth, the last of Evander’s caution evaporated into thin air as he sank his lips down the smooth stone phallus.

Evander’s nostrils flared as the first droplet of cum from the stone cock hit his tongue. His hole mouth tingled. His nerves sang. It was as if every meridian in his body had been blasted open at the same time, flooding him with ecstasy.

A slow, lazy grin spread across Evander’s lips as he worked the stone cock deeper and deeper into his throat. He didn’t stop until his chin had hit the stone balls underneath. His neck bulged obscenely from the bulk of the stone cock buried in his gullet and yet, despite that, Evander could only whine as the cock continued its torturously slow trickle.

Evander knew his way around a cock, and he was proud of that. To his dismay, nothing changed when he bobbed his head up and down the stone shaft. However hard he tried to massage it with his throat, the precious nectar he craved continued to leak out drop by drop.

It wasn’t until Evander cast a glance sideways that he realized what he had to do. Of course. It was so simple! But his head was so foggy that it wasn’t much of a surprise he hadn’t figured it out earlier.

Sitting back, Evander let the stone cock slide out of his throat until only the head was left inside his mouth. Locking his lips tight around the blunt head because he didn’t want even a single minuscule droplet to escape him, he sucked.

Using all the strength he could muster in his body, Evader sucked and slobbered and slurped on the thick, juicy head of the stone cock attached to the tank of cum. His efforts were rewarded. After a disappointing spurt the first time he sucked, cum gushed out of the stone cock as fast as he could swallow.

Evander felt so good, so right, as he suckled on the fat cock like a calf that he barely noticed the passage of time. His eyes, glazed over, didn’t register the level of cum in the glass tank gradually decreasing. All he could manage was a disappointed whine when no more cum came rushing out of the stone cock.

When he pulled off the stone cock with a wet pop, Evander was so thrown off by the change in his center of mass that he nearly fell over. He looked down at his bulging belly and could only chuckle rather dimly as he ran his hands over where his firm muscles should have been.

As the copious amounts of cum he’d imbibed settled inside of him, warmth began to spread through Evander’s whole body. It was pleasant, like lying under a thick blanket. His cock was still hard and dripping but he didn’t even feel the slightest inclination to touch it.

A few minutes passed as Evander dazedly rubbed his distended belly. Across from him, by the other stone cock, Vayne was doing the same thing. It felt so, so good that for a moment, Evander couldn’t even remember the real reason why he and Vayne had ventured down into the maze.

When Evander regained his senses, the clarity of his mind was shot. He couldn’t help but groan when he moved the wrong way, cum sloshing around inside of him and derailing his thoughts. It was like a pleasant fog had descended over his head.

On some level, Evander recognized that he should have been alarmed by it, but the concern scarcely registered. Simpler thoughts reigned in his mind since they were less likely to fall apart. All he knew was that he needed to find the Golden Rod and that it likely laid beyond the door.

Try as he might to stand, Evander couldn’t manage to rise further than halfway. Not only did his inflated gut throw off his balance, but it was also almost as if he’d forgotten how to stand on two legs.

No matter. Evander didn’t mind. The sticky layer of cum covering the floor felt pleasant against his fingers, anyway, and he felt like such a good little cow while he made his way along on all fours.

Vayne joined Evander as they pushed past the heavy stone doors with their shoulders. The thick musk that assaulted their senses briefly made their already-addled minds short-circuit.

Evander moaned, his stiff cock dribbling pre-cum onto the floor in between his legs. The air beyond the door smelled so thick and full of manly essence he couldn’t help but shiver. Eager for more, he crawled as fast as he could into the next passageway with Vayne not far behind.

The two didn’t have far to travel before the relatively narrow confines of the maze opened up into a large circular room. In the middle, on a circular stepped dais, was a pedestal on which a single shaft of golden light fell.

A lustrous gold cradle stood on the pedestal, but it was empty. The Golden Rod that Evander had come so far to get was nowhere to be seen, but the loss hardly registered as a blip in his head. Instead, he searched the room in vain for the source of the heavenly musk that suffused the air, convinced that that was what he’d come all the way down here for, not the mythical artifact.

From the shadows that clung to one of the side-passages leading into the central room emerged a large and hulking figure with the head and lower body of a bull, but the upper body of a very well-built man, all covered in a thick pelt of hair. Evander moaned, feeling the cum churn inside of him, soaking into his flesh and changing him as he drooled at the sight of the minotaur.

Mewling softly as heat flushed through his entire body, thoughts of adventure and exploration fading away from his mind, Evander felt something hot, wet, and slick dribble out of his ass. His eyes widened, cheeks reddening in shame. He clenched his hole as hard as he could but all he managed was to let out a wet fart as slick splattered out of him uncontrollably.

The minotaur grinned broadly. In his hands, he held the artifact that Evander had come down into the maze to find. It didn’t look anything like Evander had imagined. Instead of the straight, cylindrical rod he’d always imagined, the Golden Rod turned out to be an enormous golden cock.

Evander groaned at the realization that it had been a farce to come down here. The last remaining parts of his adventurer’s will admitted defeat as he felt heat bloom in his lower body and yet another rush of slick escaped him with humiliating noises.

"Foolish intruder," said the minotaur. Though his Common was broken, his deep, bass rumble sent tremors up Evander’s spine all the same. A loud, belly-laugh escaped the creature. "Golden Rod is for Rokan people only. Was silly to come, but will make for good cow like offering."

The smell of man and sex was so thick in the air that Evander couldn’t even begin to comprehend what the minotaur was saying. All he could focus on was the thick piece of meat swinging between the beast’s legs.

Beside Evander, Vayne was in a similar state. Both men were mind-fucked and drooling all over themselves, cradling their swollen bellies and leaking sweet-smelling slick from their asses.

It wasn’t long before Evander and Vayne’s pheromones mingled with the musk in the air. The minotaur’s large nostrils flared and it was almost as if its two deadly horns gleamed in the light as it flashed them a grin. "Very good cows, for sure," said the minotaur, as it lumbered toward the two helpless humans.

Each of the minotaur’s steps shook the room but neither Evander nor Vayne felt fear. Instead, as the beast approached, the volume of their emissions grew as well. A steady, thick stream was flowing out of Evander’s ass, while Vayne’s twitching hole kept burping up large globs that slid down the insides of his thighs as he spread his legs desperately and rocked his hips.

Evander squealed when he felt the minotaur’s hot breath on his backside. It was like searing air had wafted over his ass. He wouldn’t have been surprised if all the fuzz on his cheeks had been burned away, but nothing prepared him for the sensation that followed.

A long, low moan was ripped out of Evander’s throat as the thick, molten-hot tongue of the minotaur slithered up the cleft of his ass. It slid over his pulsing entrance and the intense heat of the wet muscle sent spasms through his inner walls.

Slick spluttered out of Evander’s hole onto the minotaur’s face, which did nothing to discourage the beast’s rough licking. Evander could only work his hips back onto the minotaur’s mouth as he lowered his face to the floor and hiked his ass higher into the air.

Beside Evander, Vayne was also squirming, panting, and moaning. The minotaur had reached over to him, thick fingers pushing, squeezing, and kneading Vayne’s muscular butt. The minotaur’s thick index finger was rubbing circles around his quivering boyquim, eliciting delirious sounds of pleasure and thick, sticky globs of slick from him.

Evander couldn’t afford to pay any attention to Vayne. His eyes flew open as the minotaur’s tongue pushed into him. It was hot. So hot. He felt as if a red-hot poker had been plunged into his ass and yet it felt so good, as well. It made his chute tingle and his legs weak.

The minotaur’s tongue stabbed in and out of his hole, flexing and swirling as it lapped up his insides. Tears streamed out of Evander’s face at the exquisite humiliation and pleasure as the slick he could feel dripping out of him increased twofold.

Whenever the minotaur thrust his tongue into Evander’s hole, Evander felt as if the minotaur was also licking his brain with that rough, wet tongue. It felt so, so good, but at the same time, he could feel it rubbing away knowledge, intelligence, and willpower. The more it happened, the less inclined he felt to stop it.

A quiet whimper of desperation escaped Evander when the sloppy slurping sounds of the minotaur feasting on his ass stopped. He bucked his hips, needing his hole to be filled. He whined, begging solely with his body for the minotaur to go back to his ass.

The minotaur’s thumb brushed over Evander’s hole. Evander’s body jerked at the electric sensation of the calloused pad rubbing against his entrance. He moaned, pushing his hips backward as the minotaur pressed into him. He gasped as it breached him, his hole stretching around the thick digit.

To the side, Evander heard the sounds of slurping and slobbering and realized that the minotaur had moved on from him to feast on Vayne. The delirious, blissful look in the boy’s eyes made Evander’s cock even harder and made his hole clamp tight around the minotaur’s thumb.

Evander panted as he worked his hips backward, fucking his ass on the thick digit inside of him. The minotaur’s hands were so broad that each finger nearly felt like a cock—the thumb, most of all. As Evander rocked back and forth on his knees, the minotaur pushed his finger in and out, fucking the desperate little cow with his thumb.

"Mmm… Yes. New cows tasty," said the minotaur, shortly after he stopped eating Vayne out. He pulled his thumb out of Evander soon after. "Now, need to make sure new cows look right. And need to make sure new cows stay with Rokan people forever."

Evander had no idea what the minotaur meant, but he didn’t care. Adventuring, exploring, and hunting for artifacts were concepts he knew were supposed to be important to him, but he didn’t even really understand what they were anymore. His mind felt shiny and smooth, largely empty, dripping with the drool of the minotaur.

With a blank grin, Evander could only groan as he felt something large, and blunt, and hard press up against his hole. He glanced over his shoulder and saw that the minotaur was still standing behind Vayne. "Take god blessing for good health, pretty cow," said the minotaur.

Understanding hit Evander briefly before it drained away like water to a sieve. He moaned as he felt the object press into him. His hole stretched around the considerable girth, burning with a mix of pain and pleasure that made his back arch. The minotaur was fucking him with the Golden Rod of Asclepius.

As the priceless artifact sank into Evander, he heard a rhythmic squelching sound from nearby. He cracked open an eye he hadn’t even realized he’d closed and saw that the minotaur was fucking Vayne with gusto. The sight was obscene. Even despite the bulge of cum in Vayne’s stomach, Evander could see the head of the minotaur’s cock pressing up under the skin.

Whatever meager thoughts Evander had about the situation quickly disintegrated as the Golden Rod started moving. It fucked into him slowly at first but quickly picked up speed.

Despite being made of metal, the artifact felt hot and almost lifelike as it slid in and out of Evander. All Evander could do was hang on for the ride, eyes rolling back in his head as the Golden Rod pummelled his ass.

Some time later, Evander wasn’t sure, as the Golden Rod was sawing in and out of him, it abruptly stopped. He felt it swell and pulse and throb. He shivered, knowing what was to come next. Ropes of something as hot as lava shot out of the artifact and seared Evander’s insides, making him scream in a mixture of agony and ecstasy as the heat spread out from his ass and consumed his body.

The heat concentrated in Evander’s hips, ass, and temples, but it suffused the rest of his body as well. His whole body tensed, his joints locking up as his muscles strained and spasmed. The heat built until Evander was just short of passing out before disappearing as if it had never been there in the first place.

Evander collapsed onto the floor, arms and legs like jelly. The Golden Rod shot out of him with a wet plop. He felt… strange. As if his body wasn’t his own.

Once he could muster the strength to do so, Evander pushed himself off the floor. His muscles felt bigger. Stronger. He ran his fingers over his biceps, moaning quietly at how sensitive and perfectly smooth his skin had become. Scars from injuries he’d sustained from a lifetime of adventuring had faded, leaving him free of blemishes.

Evander’s lower body felt strange. His backside felt heavier. Heftier. The way his legs sat on his body made him feel as if his hips had gotten wider, though he wasn’t too surprised about that. The ample endowment between his legs had shrunk, but he felt no real sense of loss despite the length of his full erection being less than four inches long, now.

Even though he’d maintained most of his definition—except for his abs which were still distended by the sheer volume of cum in his stomach—Evander’s whole body was softer. His muscles weren’t as firm as they used to be. His pecs, in particular, were larger than before but more supple than hard.

Weirder still was the sensation Evander felt at his temples. He reached up and felt at the area, eyes going wide when he realized that he’d grown small horn nubs. It made him leak even more.

Before Evander could explore his new body any further, a wet thwap off to the side made him look. He glanced that way just in time to watch Vayne flop bonelessly to the ground as the minotaur pulled its massive cock out of him.

The minotaur grinned at Evander as if to say that he was next before bending down and retrieving the Golden Rod that had shot out of him. The minotaur shoved it into Vayne’s asshole, putting a stop to the torrent of cum bubbling out of it. Moments later, Evander watched in amazement as the artifact moved on its own, fucking the jelly-legged Vayne into the ground.

Anticipation mounted in Evander’s body. He felt his insides flutter as slick gushed out of his hole. Rough, calloused fingers on his hips meant that it was his turn to be fucked with that enormous cock and he couldn’t wait.

There was no ceremony to Evander’s taking. The minotaur lined its massive cock up with his quivering hole and pulled him onto it. The pain that Evander felt as his ass was split open by the monstercock was nothing compared to the pleasure he felt at being fulfilled.

Evander moaned, writhing in the minotaur’s strong grip as the fuck began in earnest. There was neither mercy nor tenderness in the way that the minotaur took him. Every thrust shook his body. Only the tight grip around his hips kept him in place. Otherwise, the force of the minotaur’s fucking would have sent him spilling across the ground.

The fuck was brutal and animalistic. The minotaur’s cock felt like a battering ram as it plunged into Evander’s guts. He felt like it was rearranging his insides, pushing deeper and deeper with every thrust until he could have sworn he felt it poking at the back of his throat.

The pleasure was so good, the force of it shaking his head so much that the last dregs of Evander’s humanity had no hope of holding out. Something inside of him broke as he moaned out loud, cock spilling a pathetic dribble of seed all over the floor as the minotaur grabbed him by the wrists and pulled him upright.

Evander felt like his wrist bones were going to break with the force of the minotaur’s grip. He was sure his arms were going to get torn from their sockets. But there wasn’t a trace of alarm or concern in his mind as he arched his spine and threw his head back in a long, low moan.

In and out. In and out. Every thrust pounded not just Evander’s ass but his skull, as well, fucking out anything that wasn’t horny or subservient as his mind was reshaped to match his new role as a cow for the Rokan people.

The minotaur bellowed as it thrust its cock deep into Evander one last time. Evander felt its balls churning and the cum surging up its gigantic endowment. Still, he wasn’t prepared for the force of the orgasm.

If not for the minotaur’s grip on his arms, Evander was sure that the first shot would have sent him flying across the room. He groaned as jet after jet of cum forcefully flooded his guts, making his stomach swell to the point of being painful.

As the orgasm continued and Evander’s belly continued to expand, he eventually felt something gurgle in the back of his throat. His eyes widened as he felt it, bubbling up into his mouth. He coughed and hacked, cum spilling out of his mouth.

Unable to breathe through the seed surging up his throat, Evander passed out. When he next came to, there were a handful of large minotaur cocks in his face, and he couldn’t have been happier.

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