My Pet Incubus

When Puck, short for “Pucker,” a virgin incubus who’s relatively low on the infernal hierarchy, experiences his first summoning, he thinks the time has finally come for him to either forge a contract or get his hands on yummy mortal spunk. However, Puck has been summoned by Al, a down-on-his-luck demon hunter who has no qualms with resorting to unscrupulous means to make a living. Using his arsenal of skills to exploit the incubus’ weaknesses, Al bends Puck to his will and uses him to drive a protection racket that makes the money rain.

Humans were stupid. Not in the sense that they often had the same IQ as their shoe sizes, but more in the sense that they got these strange ideas about how the world worked, and rejected any evidence to the contrary as if the truth were a personal attack.

The guy was supposed to have been an easy enough mark. The target was a bit of a shut-in, had very few ambitions in life, and spent most of his time watching porn, or anime, or both, since he had no real friends to steer him onto a more wholesome path.

The target had been the ideal kind of guy for a virgin incubus to practice on. Lucifer, Puck moaned. How had things gone so wrong? All he’d said was that not all incubi were sensual, confident, and seductive. Incubi were people too, they weren’t just some garish evil caricature conjured up by some closeted pervert priest that had an encounter with them in the early days of the church.

"Ugh!" Puck grunted. He bristled at the thought. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to be confident, and sensual, and seductive. It was just that he didn’t want to be boxed into a stereotype, least of all by a fucking human. It was insulting!

Puck sighed. Suffice to say, he’d messed up. His daddy-devil kept telling him that it was okay, but that didn’t help. Maybe in the sense that it wouldn’t have any negative effect on his chances to get a license to forge a contract, but it had still bruised his ego. He’d thought he would be better at it than he ended up being.

His daddy-devil didn’t say so in as many words, but Puck could tell he’d disappointed him. His daddy-devil had been gifted in the art of seduction from a young age and had been blessed by Lucifer with an endowment that was prodigious for even an Incubus.

Puck’s teachers in infernal high-school had fawned over his daddy-devil. It made getting one-on-one help after school hours difficult because they’d always find some excuse to tell him about his daddy-devil when his daddy-devil had been about his age.

Going off to college hadn’t helped the situation much, if at all. His professors were a bit more impartial and professional, which made it even more of a shock when he realized that some of them were fans of his daddy-devil. It was always awkward to see his daddy-devil’s picture in their offices.

There were some very big shoes Puck had to fill, for sure. He couldn’t help but think that maybe he just wasn’t cut out to be his daddy-devil’s son. Infernal high school hadn’t prepared him for this. He knew the basics of seduction, but he didn’t know the first thing about seduction. Some incubus he’d turned out to be.

Puck whined softly, rolling over onto his side to face the wall. His experience with sex mostly had to do with experimenting with a couple of buddies in senior year. But those had been awkward little things that were more clumsy than sensual. He couldn’t imagine the techniques he’d learned would work particularly well on stupid humans.

It was frustrating. But Puck’s papa-devil hadn’t raised a loser or a whiner. If anything, this served to be a bit of a wake-up call. How could he ever hope to make his parents proud if he gave up at the first sign of trouble? Clearly, he had more work to do, and he was going to do it.

Puck wanted to see his daddy-devil smile, and even if he knew in his heart of hearts that he was never going to be as good an incubus as his daddy-devil, he sure was going to give it his best. Just like his papa-devil had taught him. He nodded to himself, resolute in his new goal.

Even though he’d found new determination to do his fathers proud, very little could be done to actually change the fact that Puck was a timid young devil. He excelled in many areas, such as infernal lore, the history of the great conflict, devil magic, and even human disciplines like math and science.

Puck’s weakness, however much he tried to wish it wasn’t so, remained the art of seduction. He was shy. He was meek. He wasn’t like the other incubi who often strayed dangerously close into the realm of arrogant and hubristic. He didn’t have their confidence, and certainly not a shred of hope that he’d ever be like them.

"Puck, baby, what’s wrong?" said Puck’s daddy-devil. Puck nearly jumped. He hadn’t realized his parents were home. He’d taken over the living room to do a bit of homework and get some studying out of the way, but he’d meant to clear out before they got back from work.

Puck glanced at the nearby wall-clock and gawked. He could scarcely believe the time. He’d been so lost in his thoughts he’d lost track. "Nothing, daddy," he said. "Just have a lot of homework and studying to do. Sorry. I lost track of time… I, uh… I’ll clean up."

Puck’s daddy-devil traced the glossy front cover of Puck’s History of Torture in the Medieval Age textbook and said, "Don’t worry about that, baby. Come on. Tell daddy. Is Intro to Seduction still bothering you?"

Nothing got past Puck’s daddy-devil. He was incredibly perceptive, so Puck wasn’t sure why he even tried to lie sometimes. Then again, he supposed it came with the territory of being a devil. "Yes, daddy," said Puck, sighing. "It’s just… I don’t get it! Everyone else acts like it’s so natural and it just feels so… awkward to me."

"Mmm…" said Puck’s daddy-devil. "I know, baby. I know." He patted the side of Puck’s face. "But here’s the thing, honey. You’re not like the others. A lot of other incubus boys would never be able to do as well as you do in school. And that’s not a bad thing. Sexy depends on the person you’re trying to seduce. There’s no universal standard for sexy, you know."

Puck looked up at his daddy-devil. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate the moral support, because he did, but that was too easy for his daddy-devil to say. His daddy-devil was probably the origin of the phrase "handsome devil" and if not, then his daddy-devil’s picture was probably right next to it in the dictionary as an example.

Even as his daddy-devil’s son, Puck couldn’t help but react to the enthralling, mystical gaze of his daddy-devil’s glittering gold eyes. He shifted around in his spot on the couch to give his cock a little bit of space. Those golden eyes were what gave his daddy-devil the code-name Aurus, and there was hardly a man or devil in the world that could refuse those eyes when they locked on. The only person Puck had seen resist his daddy-devil was his papa-devil.

Aurus made being an incubus look easy. His body was amazing—perfectly proportioned, broad at the shoulders, narrow at the hips, with a delicious taper that drew the eyes down from the firm pecs, to the cobbled abs, and then further on to the massive package between his legs. Just his body guaranteed that he could land any man he wanted.

His body and his eyes weren’t Aurus’ only weapons. His face was a force to be reckoned with, too. He had a shock of thick, glossy black hair that was always just mussed up enough to look casual but still look good. He had a perfect nose, an angular jawline, high cheekbones, and a set of dimples that made even the coldest devil hearts melt.

As good as he looked from the front, Aurus looked just as good, and according to some, even better from behind. The corded muscles behind his shoulders left little doubt to the strength of Aurus’ arms, and the rock-hard, bouncy bubble butt was the subject of envy throughout all of Hell. Even Aurus’ slender, spade-tipped tail, draped over the crack of his ass, screamed pure sex as the tip playfully swished from side to side between his legs.

"I guess…" Puck grumbled. "But daddy, you’ve never had any trouble getting in bed with people. It’s like you meet someone and you have them wrapped around your finger just like that. It’s like you don’t even have to try. I do."

"Alright," said Aurus, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. "I was going to head up to the human world to visit one of my contracted humans. He’s super hot, and I think he’ll help me make my point. Why don’t I take you?"

Puck wasn’t looking forward to going back to the human world, but getting to go with his daddy-devil was a rare opportunity. "What would papa think?" he murmured, as he took the hand that his daddy-devil had held out to him.

"What would papa think about what, baby?" said the man himself, standing in the doorway. In contrast to his daddy-devil’s athletic appearance, Puck’s papa-devil was a big boulder of a man. The bulk of his form obscured the doorway and made the threshold impassable.

Puck’s papa demon had hair of blazing flames and two mighty black segmented horns that curved up and over his head before tapering to wickedly sharp points. His arms and legs were thick as tree-trunks, and his chest and stomach were round like a barrel.

"I was just going to take him up to the human world with me, Rog," said Aurus, slowly walking his fingers down the ridge between the big guy’s firm pecs. His hand slipped lower, fingers gliding over the abs stretched taut over Rog’s stomach. They slid past the waistband of Rog’s ragged loincloth and he purred, "You don’t mind, do you, babe? I know you’re a border guard… And it’s technically illegal… But I promise I can make it worth your time…"

Rog grabbed Aurus by the wrist, his thick fingers easily wrapping around Aurus’ comparably thin forearm. "Are you trying to bribe an officer of the law, babe?" he growled, under his breath.

"Mmm… Maybe…" said Aurus, slyly. "What are you gonna do about it, officer?"

Rog laughed and leaned down, pressing his lips to Aurus’. "I’m going to consider how right I was taking you to be my mate. Just make sure I don’t see you leave."

After pulling away from Aurus, Rog walked over to Puck and patted him on the head. He leaned in to kiss Puck on the forehead. "You’re only in your mid-twenties, Puck. You’ll get a hang of it, baby. I promise."

"Thanks, Papa," said Puck. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his daddy-devil motioning for him to come, so he did. He ran over to Aurus and before his papa-devil could turn around, his daddy-devil opened a portal to the human world and whisked him away.

Puck didn’t mind human clothes, the casual ones, anyway. But when he and Aurus stepped out onto the street, they were both wearing formal, corporate attire. "Ugh," said Puck, immediately feeling rather uncomfortable as he tugged on the collar to loosen it a little.

Aurus seemed right at home wearing the attire that he did. He looked sharp in a suit, and it didn’t take long at all for heads to turn. A few guys looked at Puck, but he managed to convince himself that he was just seeing things, that they were clearly looking at his daddy-devil.

"Come on," said Aurus, placing his hand on the small of Puck’s back. Together, they walked toward a nearby high-rise. Posted in big letters at the top of the building was the name of a company that Puck recognized from his contemporary human studies class as an up-and-coming tech company that was taking the country by storm.

No-one stopped Aurus and Puck from entering the building. A few of the guards seemed to recognize Aurus and gave him quick nods as he and Puck walked by. The ones that didn’t, seemed too busy staring to accomplish anything, otherwise.

Aurus flashed one of his killer smiles at the receptionist and Puck could have sworn he heard her heart stop beating for a moment. "I’m here to see Mr. Kim," said Aurus.

"O-Of course, sir," said the receptionist. It seemed she couldn’t bear to look Aurus in the eye because she kept looking at her keyboard even when she didn’t have to. "Y-You can take the elevator to your r-right," she stammered.

Aurus gently guided Puck onto one of the nearby elevators. Puck expected that he and his daddy-devil would get off halfway-up, that his daddy-devil’s contracted human was a member of middle-management or something, but they kept going well past the point Puck thought they should have stopped. They went all the way to the top of the building, to the executive floor.

If Puck was being honest, the place looked great. It looked like a glorified nerd cave more than a CEO’s office. He was almost too busy gawking at the arcade cabinets lined up against the wall opposite the elevator to notice his daddy-devil’s hand on his shoulder gently steering him toward the hallway deeper in.

Aurus led Puck to an office deeper into the building and opened the door without knocking. Inside, sitting behind a nice wooden desk, was a smartly-dressed man furiously typing away at his keyboard while muttering sharp words in Korean into a Bluetooth earpiece.

"Excuse me, who the hell do you think you are just walking into my office unannounced like that?" said the man. His irritation was palpable, and Puck bristled at his dismissiveness. Two demons were standing in his office and the man hadn’t even looked up from his computer screen.

Puck was about to say something when Aurus stopped him with a hand on his chest. The man behind the desk spoke a few quick words into his earpiece and reached up to turn it off. The blue indicator light at the tip of the device turned red as he got up, buttoning his suit. "How did you even get in here? I left explicit instructions I wasn’t to be disturbed. And I’m sure I locked the door," he said, all before he’d even looked to see who his visitors were.

"Is that really the way to treat an old friend, Ahji?" said Aurus. The man froze and looked up for the first time since Puck and his daddy-devil entered the room. The change in his demeanor was dramatic. Puck didn’t think he’d ever seen anyone do a faster 180. A faint pink flush spread across the man’s cheeks.

"A-Aurus, I-I-I-I didn’t know," the man stammered. It was remarkable how quickly he went from a confident CEO to a blushing schoolboy. Puck wanted to have that kind of effect on men. "A-And can you stop calling me that? I have a name, you know…"

Aurus crossed the distance to the man’s desk. He leaned forward, placing his hands on the edge. "Alright. If you insist, Jay," Aurus purred. He reached up with one hand, cradling Jay’s chin between his thumb and index finger. He leaned in and murmured, "Personally, I think Ahji fits better, though. Isn’t that right, puppy?"

"Please, Aurus," said Jay. He shifted in his spot and cast a furtive look at Puck. When their gazes met, Jay abruptly averted his eyes, a faint pink tinge blossoming across his cheeks. "You—You know I want this but… Not when we have company… Please?"

Aurus grinned, a dangerous gleam in his eye. It was a reminder to Puck that his daddy was a devil through and through despite his otherwise pleasant demeanor. "That’s just my son, Puck," said Aurus. "I brought him here because I wanted to teach him an important lesson. Just… pretend he isn’t there…"

Puck had known his daddy-devil was proficient in the use of infernal magic, but he hadn’t been aware of just how proficient he was. Aurus’ words echoed and reverberated with power. The compulsion was layered so thickly into the syllables of his speech that Puck wanted to pretend he wasn’t there.

"Oh…kay," said Jay, pupils wide and eyes glassy. His lips parted, just enough for a quiet gasp to escape him as Aurus cupped the side of his face. His eyes fluttered as Aurus’ fingers threaded through his hair. "Mm… Aurus… Please… I’m at work," he said, chewing on his lower lip as he fixed the incubus with a smoldering look.

Puck was taken aback. Jay wasn’t particularly handsome, and while he had some tone, he didn’t have much definition in his body. At least, so far as Puck could tell. All that considered, however, there was something undeniably sexy about Jay.

Maybe it was the shy softness of Jay’s voice as he traced his fingers over the back of Aurus’ hand and said, "are you sure this can’t wait?" Or maybe it was the way that he looked into Aurus’ eyes, chewing on his lower lip, with a faint pink flush in his cheeks. Up until then, Puck hadn’t even imagined that being shy and innocent could be sexy but the proof was right before his eyes. He couldn’t deny it. His cock had gotten rock hard the moment his daddy-devil reached up with his other hand to pop open the top button of Jay’s dress shirt.

"A-Aurus… P-Please…" Jay whispered. His eyes flitted from one end of the room to the other and then the door. "S-Someone might catch us… Maybe… Maybe we should take this to the room…"

Puck had a long way to go before he was comfortable with acting all cool and confident like his daddy-devil but acting all shy and bashful like Jay was definitely within his reach. Puck didn’t think he’d ever been so hard as when he watched his daddy-devil reach up to straighten Jay’s glasses only to pull them off with his teeth.

"Then let’s go," said Aurus. He grabbed Jay’s necktie and tugged him along to the adjoining room. Puck followed close behind and rolled his eyes upon realizing it was a bedroom on the other side of the door. He should have known Jay was a workaholic.

Puck stood by the door as his daddy-devil pushed Jay over onto the bed. Aurus clambered on top of the young executive and flashed a devilish grin over his shoulder at Puck. "Fuck, Aurus," Jay panted, as Aurus grabbed either side of his dress shirt and pulled.

Buttons popped off the button-down, ricocheting once or twice off the walls and ceiling of the room. One somehow managed to Puck in the shin. He watched, rubbing his erection through his pants as his daddy-devil leaned over Jay and passionately made out with him.

Puck moved around to stand at the side of the room to get a better view as Aurus moved up to straddle Jay’s midriff. Aurus placed a hand on Jay’s shoulder and reached back to slide his other one down the front of Jay’s pants.

Jay sucked in a sharp breath. Aurus grabbed Jay through his pants. He gripped tightly with his fingers as he moved his hands up and down, rubbing the thick erection through the coarse cotton of Jay’s underwear. "Take your pants off," Aurus commanded, licking his lips as he looked deep into Jay’s eyes.

Though the movements were somewhat awkward with the weight of a full-grown man on top of him, Jay managed to shuck his pants off in record time. Aurus let go of his cock, which sprang free of his underwear and bobbed up and down in the air a few times. A single glistening string of pre-cum dripped from the tip.

Puck licked his lips. A part of him wanted in on the action, but it was rude to butt in. His daddy-devil had only brought him on this trip to give him a chance to observe, after all. Still, he had to admit that Jay’s cock looked particularly juicy.

Jay was bigger than Puck imagined the otherwise nerdy Asian tech executive to be. Apart from the charm of Jay’s adorable modesty, he could see why his daddy-devil liked the guy so much. He’d never had a cock anywhere other than his hand before, but his incubus instincts were making his mouth water.

Aurus’ clothes burned off his body as his eyes glowed with a reddish-gold light. His teeth had sharpened, and his skin had taken on a faint red hue. He looked somewhat feral in this form but if Jay was afraid of it, he certainly didn’t show it. If anything, his cock seemed to throb all the more eagerly as two little horn nubs emerged from Aurus’ temples.

"Oh, fuck," Jay breathed. His eyes were wide. "I’m fucking the devil," he whispered as if this was the first time even if it was, quite soundly, not.

"Not yet you’re not," said Aurus with a lopsided grin. He scooted his ass backward until he could feel Jay’s cock resting in the cleft between his cheeks. He reached back and grabbed Jay’s cock, pressing it into the valley between the muscular mounds as he worked his hips into a slow, rolling motion.

Jay and Puck both took a breath. Puck was so fucking hard he could scarcely resist the urge to take it out and give it a few tugs. His daddy-devil looked at him with a wolfish grin and said, "It’s okay. Go ahead. Have a little fun for once, baby."

That was all the excuse that Puck needed to tear off the corporate attire. He took immense pleasure in burning the scraps. Lucifer, it felt so much better to be in his natural state. His cock, freed, quivered in the air between his legs, dripping hot devil pre-cum onto the carpeted floor.

Puck didn’t bother with shaping his cock into a more human-friendly size. He let it swell to its full sixteen-inch length and four-inch girth. He grabbed it by the base and slowly jacked his hands up and down the prodigious endowment as he watched Aurus guide Jay’s cock into his hole.

"Now, you’re fucking the devil, puppy," said Aurus, his back arching as a quiet sigh of contentment escaped him. He sank onto Jay’s cock, burying it to the hilt in one smooth motion.

Puck squeezed his thighs together, his hole twitching to the same rhythm as his cock. Lucifer. He’d never felt his instinct to take cock and cum as badly as he felt it now. His daddy-devil looked so satisfied he wanted nothing more than to experience that same level of pleasure.

"Fuck. Fuck. ***Fuck!***" Jay shouted, his voice hoarse. Aurus hadn’t even really started moving yet, just slowly grinding his ass down into Jay’s groin. "You’re so tight, Aurus. God. Oh, you feel so fucking hot around me." His hips bucked, and Puck had his doubts it was voluntary. He pistoned his cock into Aurus’ tight, vicelike chute, tossed his head back, and moaned.

"God is an asshole, and not the tight, hot, sexy kind," said Aurus, with a grin as he leaned down and bit hard on the curve of Jay’s neck. His sharp teeth left a nice mark on the tender, sensitive skin of the area. "And he has nothing to do with how good this feels."

Fuck. Puck groaned under his breath. His daddy-devil had such mastery. Aurus pinned Jay to the bed, making it clear he was in charge despite being the bottom. He slammed his ass up and down on Jay’s cock, impaling himself over and over again until Jay’s words slurred into nonsensical babbling.

"Shh, puppy," said Aurus, as drool dribbled from the corner of Jay’s mouth. He grabbed Jay by the face, fingers digging into the CEO’s cheeks. "I fulfilled my side of our bargain and made you successful. Now it’s your turn to make good on yours," he added, with a vicious grin.

Jay’s body went rigid. His back arched off the bed, his elbows digging into the mattress as his fingers clawed into the sheets. His legs went stiff and his toes curled as he thrust his cock one last time into Aurus and came.

The long, low moan that Jay let out made Puck shiver. Puck squeezed another bead of pre-cum out of his cock and watched as his daddy-devil hopped off Jay’s still-rigid, still-throbbing pole. A little bit of cum trickled down the inside of Aurus’ thigh, but he managed to keep the rest inside him.

Jay sat up in bed. Little curlicues of steam rose from his skin, illuminated in the late afternoon light streaming in through the window. He’d been shrimpy before but somehow his body had put on a fair bit of muscle.

There had been a little definition on Jay’s body before he had sex with Aurus. Puck was pretty sure, though, that the firm pecs and rock-hard washboard abs were new. The perfectly-tapered V of Jay’s waist, his thick new arms and powerful new legs certainly hadn’t been there before, either.

Puck had to make an effort not to drool. Where Jay had once had the body of a stereotypical nerd who gave half of a shit about his body, he now had the kind of form that could get a guy a gig as a porn-star.

"Fuck, dude," Jay grunted, holding his head in his palms. His voice was lower, too, sexier in a boy-next-door way, but also duller in a meathead jock kind of way. "My brain feels so… Like… Mushy, bro…"

Jay trailed off. One of his hands, resting on his thigh, inched upward. One of his knuckles grazed the base of his hard cock. A slow, dumb grin split his face. "Heh. Heheh. Mushy." he said, voice sounding utterly devoid of intelligence. He spread his legs, grabbing at the base of his pole with his meaty new fingers. "Brain so mushy. Heh. Feel so fuckin’ stupid and horny!"

A strand of drool dribbled from the corner of Jay’s mouth onto his chest. He chuckled, voice low and brutish. He jacked his cock. "Cock big. Cock hard. Cock so horny," Jay murmured, staring at his cock with wide, glassy eyes as if enamored by it.

"Fuck," Puck said under his breath. He could feel his cum boiling in his balls, but he couldn’t stop tugging on his cock either. He groaned, toes digging into the carpet under his bare feet. He managed one more stroke before he exploded, thick ropes of cum blasting out of the tip of his monster cock and rocketing across the room.

Jay chuckled. "Cum! So much cum! I want to cum too!" he said, jerking his cock faster with every stroke. Puck had cum so much that there was a pool of cum on top of the bedsheets. Moments later, Jay was bent over the pool, groaning and thrusting his hips into his hand like a wild animal as he unloaded his own meager volume into the puddle.

Some semblance of clarity seemed to return to Jay after he’d cum. The dumb, happy look on his face faded into horror. "W-What did you do, Aurus?" he mumbled.

"Well, you did say you would give me anything to make your product and your company successful," said Aurus, with a shit-eating grin. "If you had wanted to stay on as the CEO instead of the company muscle-bitch you should have said so."

Puck shivered. His daddy-devil’s eyes were glowing with this strange, reddish-gold fiendish light. It was hot. At first, he’d thought that his daddy-devil had some sort of genuine affection for the human but as it turned out that was more like the fondness of an owner for a pet. Lucifer. His daddy-devil was so awesome.

"But you know what?" said Aurus. "I’m not a cruel devil. I’ll give you your smarts back and let you keep the body for free if you can answer something for me while I’m playing with your cock," he added. By the glint in his daddy-devil’s eye, though, Puck doubted Aurus was going to give Jay much of a fair chance at getting his intelligence back.

Jay chewed on his bottom lip for a moment. He looked at Aurus, uncertain. Puck was sure Jay didn’t have a choice, though. If he wanted to stay in charge of his company, he had to try and get his intelligence back. "O-Okay," he stammered.

Aurus leaned over the side of the bed. He placed one hand on Jay’s back and pushed him down onto his hands and knees. He reached between Jay’s legs with his other hand and grabbed the human’s cock. "Tell me, puppy, what’s four times four?"

Jay opened his mouth to say something but at the same time, Aurus squeezed his cock. Whatever Jay had been about to say was drowned out by a moan. He tried again, but this time Aurus tugged on his cock. Aurus did it again when he gave it another shot.

It didn’t take long before Aurus was jerking Jay off. Every stroke seemed to make Jay’s eyes glassier, more unfocused. Drool dribbled from his mouth and his hips bucked involuntarily, pumping his cock into Aurus’ fist.

"What’s four times four, puppy?" said Aurus, suddenly letting go of Jay’s cock.

"Uh. Guh… Uh… Nnnh…" Jay’s eyes were wide and terrified. He tried to speak but nothing intelligible came out of his mouth. Puck couldn’t help but snicker. It sounded like the poor guy’s brain was short-circuiting from the effort. "T-That’s like… twelve right?" Jay finally managed.

"Sorry, puppy, but that’s the wrong answer," said Aurus, with a laugh. Those words seemed to break something as Jay let out a long, low moan and his cock started spurting thick cum onto the sheets without being touched. Shortly afterward, Jay collapsed face-first into the puddle of Puck’s cum.

"Enjoy yourself?" said Aurus, as he walked over to where Puck was standing with a renewed erection. "Come on. It’s time to get you back before your papa-devil gets too worried. I hope you picked something up from today."

"I-I did, daddy," said Puck. He looked over at Jay, thinking about the shy and somehow still sexy man he’d been before Aurus took his intelligence away. "I definitely did."

Puck adjusted his necktie and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose as he walked up the front steps to the summoning office. It had been a few months since his daddy-devil had taken him to the human world and he’d been hard at work at perfecting his personal style. He’d come a long way and now he was looking forward to getting the chance to forge his first contract.

The building was rather imposing from the outside, a massive marble monstrosity resembling the Parthenon. The columns at the front looked like normal columns from afar but from up close one could see that they were made up of the petrified souls of humans that had made the devil’s bargain. It was horrific, but the sight of it always filled Puck’s dark little soul with a little bit of glee.

As soon as he was inside the building proper, Puck made a beeline for the receptionist’s desk. "Hi Rig!" he said, bouncing on his heels as he stood across from his friend. "Got anything good for me today?" he said.

Rig, a friend of Puck’s from infernal high school, and now a trained Seer-devil, looked up at him with a grin. "I think I do," said Rig, sliding a manila envelope toward Puck. "We don’t have too much information on him, but honestly that’s to be expected of his kind."

"What do you mean?" said Puck, as he ripped open the manila envelope to take a look at the file inside. After giving it a quick scheme, he said, "Oh. Um. You do know this is my first time, right? Are you sure this is safe?"

"Oh, yeah," said Rig. "We’ve been keeping an eye on this guy for a while. He’s a bit of a loser, honestly. He keeps fucking up his assignments so I wouldn’t be too worried. He must be pretty desperate to be performing a demon summoning so he should be fairly easy to turn even for a beginner. Especially a cute one like you."

Puck’s cheeks warmed. "Aw, shucks, Rig. You’re making me blush," he said. "I can’t believe you’re giving me a hunter for my first summoning. If this goes wrong, I’m blaming you, okay?"

"You’ll be fine, Puck!" said Rig. "I’m sure of it!"

Puck rolled his eyes. "Alright. I’ll be off then. Wish me luck!" he said, sliding the file back into the envelope before taking off.

"Good luck!" Rig called out. "I’m rooting for you!"

"Thanks, Rig!" Puck said, before going down the corridor to the summoning waiting rooms, out of earshot of the receptionist’s desk.

The waiting rooms were just that, individual rooms where devils could make their last-minute preparations before getting summoned to the human world to forge contracts with unsuspecting mortals. The process had been largely standardized over the centuries, but it didn’t mean that accepting a summoning was entirely safe.

Puck stood in front of the floor-length mirror in his waiting room. He smoothed down the front of his suit and adjusted his tie for the third time in as many minutes. He looked fetching. He liked to think he did, at least.

Although he hadn’t really liked them at first, Puck had come around on the idea of suits: those that were tailored to be a perfect fit, particularly. The craftsmanship was masterful and the fabric hugged his body, showing off his slender physique.

The suit helped Puck turn up the innocent schoolboy vibe that had helped him secure his license to forge a contract. He remembered the day like it was yesterday, walking into a game store, acting all bashful and naïve for the worker at the till. He licked his lips. It had been his first successful seduction of a human, and he could still sometimes taste the guy’s cum on his tongue.

A red light at the top right corner of the mirror turned on. Puck took a deep breath. He had a minute before the summoning ritual was completed and even though he was nervous, there was no point in overthinking things. Even if he was being paired with a hunter for his first attempt at forging a contract, it was a bad one. Besides, he was a devil. One puny little human probably couldn’t do anything to him.

When the leaping flames cleared, Puck was standing in the middle of a summoning circle crudely inscribed into a hardwood floor. He couldn’t help but wince at the sight. He was a devil, but there were just some things that even he could admit were wrong.

Looking around, Puck was unsurprised at the mess. The place looked and smelled like a pigsty. Dirty clothes were scattered everywhere, and empty bottles of alcohol littered the room. The miserable man that had summoned Puck was standing just outside the summoning circle, tottering as he tried to ignite a stick of incense with his lighter.

The whole place reeked of misery and incompetence. All the anxiety Puck had felt in the waiting room felt misplaced, now. Al Grayson looked and acted nothing like the demon hunters he’d been raised to fear and respect.

If he was being honest, Puck found the man contemptible. From what he’d read about Al, the guy was a drunkard, a cheat, and a bum. Even though some demon hunters took it too far, they were an integral part of infernal society, helping infernal authorities track down and deal with the more deviant of their kind.

Puck rocked back and forth on his heels, hands clasped in front of him. "Ahem," he said, clearing his throat. If Al had noticed him, though, Al didn’t show it. "Sir… Um… Excuse me…" he said, quietly, in the most vulnerable, nervous voice that he could muster.

Al looked over his shoulder and fixed Puck with a withering look. He said nothing, held up a single finger and went back to what he had been doing when Puck had appeared. "S-Sorry," Puck stammered, as he tried to get a better look at what Al was occupied with.

A bright, yellow-orange light flickered into existence as Al used a pocket lighter to ignite a stick of incense. Puck very nearly rolled his eyes at the sight. It would have been so funny if it hadn’t been so sad. Then again, there was a reason Al was a terrible demon hunter.

Al lit two more sticks of incense and stuck them in a pot with the first before he turned to face Puck. Once the incubus was sure that he had the demon hunter’s attention on him, he did his best to act bashful and shy. Puck chewed on his lower lip, his cheeks taking on a faint tinge of pink as the blood rushed to them. "S-Sorry, sir. But. Um. You see… This is my first time and…"

Puck took a deep breath and ducked his head. He could feel his ears burning as he directed the warmth from his cheeks to spread to the tips of his pointed ears. "A-All I’m asking, sir is that… Um… You t-take it easy on me. P-Please, Mr. Demon Hunter?"

Al was getting aroused. Puck couldn’t quite see the fruits of his little charade, but he could certainly smell it in the air. Human male arousal had a peculiar scent that Puck had decided he rather liked. It was salty-sweet and musky in all the right ways. It never failed to make his mouth water. "I-Is there anything that I=I can help you with, M-Mister Demon Hunter?" he murmured.

"Shurrr… Boyyy…" Al slurred. Puck glanced up just in time to watch as Al drunkenly teetered forward on the tips of his toes. Al barely managed to catch himself before he could fall flat on his face, but in doing so he stumbled forward into the circle, his foot crossing the threshold and breaking the magical barrier that would have protected him from Puck’s influence.

Al managed to take a few more tottering, unsteady steps before he got his two feet under him again. His little trip-up had taken him right into the inner circle of the sigil, and he’d ended up mere inches away from Puck.

Puck took one step back, making his lower lip tremble. The fact that Al had broken the circle of protection was startling, but Puck wasn’t about to complain. It made his job easier, after all. "You can shurrr help me boyyy… I wanna be one of ’em famous demon hunters…" Al mumbled.

Of course. It was typical, really. Puck didn’t know why he’d expected otherwise. Humans, in general, seemed to want one or more of three things: power, fame, and wealth. As far as Puck could tell, Al seemed to be no different from others of his kind.

"O-Okay, sir. A-Are you sure?" said Puck, leaning into the stammer. "I-I don’t know if I c-can do that, sir. I-I’m really new, you see, a-and I don’t know if I have the p-power to help you get f-famous and all…"

"S’okay, boyyy…" Al mumbled. He took a step forward and grabbed Puck by the waist. Puck let out a faint little yelp of surprise, though it didn’t bother him as much as he tried to make it seem.

"S’not that hard, right? You jus’ gotta make ’em all call me and pay me lots when they have a li’l demon problem or some shit…" said Al, letting out a gruff, bawdy chuckle.

Puck couldn’t help but scrunch up his face. The smell of alcohol was thick in Al’s breath. It was almost repulsive. But the sweet, tantalizing taste of his sin, of his avarice, of his envy, of his pride, of his lust, was more than enough to make up for it. "O-Of course, sir," said Puck. "Y-You summoned me. I-I’ll do anything I can to help you, s-sir. A-As long as you make a contract with me…" he said.

Al grinned. "Shur, babyy," he mumbled, as he pulled Puck close to him. He took the chance to wrap his other arm around Puck’s back. His hands didn’t even hesitate before moving down to cup Puck’s ass. "Mmm… Baby, you look so pretty in this suit…" Al grunted.

"Mmmf. Fuck. Baby your ass feels so good. Can you feel what you’re doing to me, baby?" said Al, leaning in to whisper the words into Puck’s ear as he clumsily humped his crotch into Puck’s leg. "Maybe you can do me a favor, yeah? Before we make that contract shit… Daddy’s really horny right now. Can’t think right. You can help me with that, right?"

Puck licked his lips. He could, indeed, feel what he was doing to Al and he approved of it. The utter failure of a demon hunter had at least one thing going for him: a thick piece of meat stuffed down one of his pants legs that was now making an obscene outline against the denim.

"A-Are you sure, s-sir?" Puck stammered, trying not to sound too pleased with himself for having so easily snared a human using his bright-eyed and innocent act. "I-I haven’t d-done anything like this b-before but if you promise we’ll make a contract after…"

"’course baby," said Al, cutting Puck off before he could finish. "Ya make me cum, baby, and I’ll sign any contract you want me to sign."

Fool. It took a great deal of willpower not to laugh. Puck had the human now. The idiot had pretty much signed a verbal contract with him, stipulating that if he could get the human to cum, the human would agree to any written contract that Puck wanted him to sign. It was absolute carte blanche and Puck’s mind swam with the possibilities.

"O-Okay, Sir," said Puck. "W-What do you want me to do?"

Al grinned. "Gimme a kiss, baby," he said. His fingers dug into the meat of Puck’s ass, squeezing and kneading with his palm as he leaned in and mashed his lips against Puck’s. As clumsy as Al was, there was something to be said about the way that he kissed, though Puck couldn’t quite tell if he liked.

Knowing it would probably be in his best interest to rile the demon hunter up even more, Puck moaned into the kiss and wrapped his arms around the back of Al’s neck. He allowed Al’s tongue past his lips, let it explore the ridge of his sharp teeth as he mewled softly.

The quiet little sounds of need and desperation that Puck made seemed to have the desired effect. He could feel Al’s cock jump, pressing up against his leg. He ground his hips into Al’s, making sure the human could feel his erection, too.

"Mmm… Fuck," Al breathed, briefly breaking the kiss. Puck took a moment to look at his prey. Al’s eyes were lidded and glazed, though how much of that was Puck and how much of it was alcohol, Puck wasn’t sure.

"You’re so tasty, baby…" Al muttered, licking his lips. He leaned in for another brief kiss, massaging Puck’s ass with his calloused hands. As Al pulled his cheeks apart, Puck let out a strangled little moan and bit his lower lip. "Can’t get enough of you. Want more. More."

Puck didn’t resist as Al switched places with him. For someone so clearly inebriated, Al showed remarkable strength and balance as he slid his hands under Puck’s thighs and heaved him into his arms. Puck moaned, wrapping his legs around Al’s lower back as the demon-hunter leaned in for another kiss.

Despite himself, Puck found the proximity to another man, especially one that was so horny, intoxicating. Al was getting better at kissing, too, which didn’t help. Every instinct Puck had was screaming at him to reciprocate and it didn’t take him long to realize that he couldn’t resist. He kissed Al back, moaning into the demon-hunter’s mouth with genuine arousal.

A loud grunt escaped Puck as his back thumped against a dresser. Al broke the kiss. "Fuck, baby. ‘m so hard for you," Al managed, breathlessly, before Puck grabbed him by the sides of the face and pulled him back in for another kiss.

Half a minute later, Puck broke the kiss and took a deep breath. Something strangely spicy and sweet prickled the back of his throat and his lungs. He opened his eyes and saw the cloud of smoke hanging around his head and realized that Al had pinned him against the dresser with the incense on top.

Puck liked the scent. It made his insides tingle and made his cock throb. He took another breath, reveling in the intoxicating aroma as it filled his nose and lungs. He moaned, pupils dilating as something electric rushed through his veins and made his asshole twitch.

There was so much smoke. It smelled so good. Puck took another deep breath. He couldn’t get enough of it. He took another gasp. And another. He sucked in as much smoke as he could, breathing out only sparely as he was reluctant to let any of it go.

A long, low-moan escaped Puck. He felt like his skin was tingling with electricity and on fire all at the same time. He’d nearly forgotten about Al and almost screamed when he felt the demon-hunter’s teeth graze the sensitive patch of skin just above his collarbone.

"Oh, baby, love it when you make noises like that," Al murmured, his tongue sweeping hot, wet strokes back and forth across the curve of Puck’s neck. "Can’t wait to shove my big dick inside that tight li’l pussy of yours, baby. You want that, yeah? You want that? C’mon tell daddy you want it."

"Oh, daddy, p-please stick your big dick inside my slutty b-boypussy!" Puck moaned. Heat rushed into his cheeks and a high-pitched whine slipped past his lips as he felt one of Al’s hands slip into the back of his pants. He bucked his hips backward, involuntarily, as the demon-hunter rubbed a callous finger over his fluttering hole.

It felt so good the only thing Puck could think of was wanting more. "Daddy please, please put it inside me now. Please, I want it. I want it so badly!" he whimpered. Lucifer. He sounded so desperate, but he did. He wanted it. No. He needed it. Cock. Inside him. Right now.

All thoughts of getting his first contract forged vacated Puck’s head as he felt Al’s thick finger push into the center of his pucker. He moaned, like a wanton bitch, feeling his hole stretch and clamp around the invading digit.

Puck threw his head back, right into a cloud of incense smoke, and mewled as Al nibbled on the crook of his neck. He felt high, his head fuzzy. He struggled to put together basic thoughts much less coherent ones. His head was stuffed full of cotton that got thicker with every breath of that luscious, addicting smoke.

Al’s finger stroked Puck’s velvety insides for a little while. Puck couldn’t help but rock his hips backward onto it, needing it to be bigger, to go deeper, to scratch that burning itch that he could feel inside of him.

Puck was so desperate, so focused on the emptiness that he felt in his ass and the dryness of his throat that he scarcely noticed as Al carried him over to the bed and tossed him down. Acting purely on instinct he got on all fours, arching his back, pressing his face against the mattress, and spreading his legs to push his ass into the air as far as it could go.

Al clapped his hands on Puck’s ass. "You gotta nice fat ass, baby," Al slurred, as he gave one of thick mounds of meat a quick swat.

Puck moaned. He could feel the muscle ripple, feel the fabric of his dress pants stretched taut across his ass while Al’s fingers pushed his cheeks apart. "P-Please, sir… Please give me your big cock!" Puck begged, unable to think of anything other than cramming a thick, juicy fuckpole up his chute.

"Yeah, baby?" said Al, his fingers digging into the seam at the seat of Puck’s pants. "You gotta get daddy’s big cock in you, don’t you? Can’t think of anything but daddy’s cock, yeah? Feel so empty, baby?" Puck whimpered, bucking his hips, begging for Al’s cock with his body.

There was a loud rip as Al managed to loosen enough stitches to find purchase to tear the seat of Puck’s pants open. Puck moaned, feeling the cool air over his twitching asshole. Any objections he might have had to having his pants ruined were drowned out by the sheer ecstasy of being so humiliatingly exposed.

"Want fucked, baby?" said Al, gently tapping Puck’s hole with two fingers.

The teasing was torture. Puck moaned, shaking his ass desperately in the hope that Al would grab him by the hips and fuck him already. "Yes, daddy. Please. Please, please, please fuck me!" he moaned.

"Yeah, baby’s pussy is hungry, isn’t it?" said Al. He delivered a quick swat right to Puck’s twitching pucker. It felt so good Puck could only let out a strangled little yelp. "Baby’s desperate for cock, isn’t he? Look at that pretty pink pussy. It’s winking at me."

Puck growled, clutching the sheets in his fists as he felt Al’s fingers breach him. There was only one finger at first, slowly fucking in and out until a second finger joined it. Puck moaned, back arching as he felt the stretch. He wanted more. Needed more.

When a third finger entered him, prying his asshole open in a way that it hadn’t been before, Puck felt tears prickling at his eyes. He didn’t even know why he’d waited for so long. If he’d known it would be so good he wouldn’t have waited until it was time to forge his first contract before getting the living daylights fucked out of him.

Puck moaned, wiggling his ass on Al’s fingers as they stretched him out. It burned a little, but he was an incubus. He enjoyed the slight hint of pain, and his ass was already better suited to getting impaled than most humans’.

There wasn’t a question in Puck’s mind that this was what he was meant to be doing. He took a deep breath, his lungs filling again with that strange, delicious incense smoke and it felt so good. It felt like fireworks setting off sparks in his head, burning away all the silly unnecessary thoughts that were telling him something wasn’t right.

A quiet groan of disappointment escaped Puck before he could help himself as Al pulled the fingers out of him. His ass felt so empty all of a sudden. Even more empty than before, somehow.

Puck wanted those fingers back. No, he needed them back. He needed something in his ass because he was pretty sure he was going to go nuts if he had to endure being so empty for another second longer.

The quiet little "please" that Puck had wanted to say died in his throat as he felt Al’s hot breath wafting over his twitching hole. A shiver raced down his spine, bursting into sparks at the base of his neck and eliciting yet another moan out of him as he arched his back and pushed his ass further into the air.

"Fuck, baby, you smell so good," said Al. His hot breath felt even hotter as he buried his nose in the cleft between Puck’s ass cheeks. Every exhale felt like molten pleasure dripping down Puck’s back and biting the sheets was all that the incubus could do to not quiver at the sensation.

Puck cried out, like a cheap whore, as he Al’s tongue traced a gentle, teasing circle around his trembling asshole. It felt like an electric shock of pleasure that went straight to the head of his cock. Puck moaned, legs shaking, as the tip of Al’s tongue came tantalizingly close to the center of his rosebud.

"Taste so good too," said Al. The rumble of his voice sent shivers down to Puck’s toes and up his spine. Puck’s back arched, a strangled moan bubbling out of his throat as Al’s tongue stabbed into his tender boypussy.

Puck panted, burying his face in the sheets as Al’s hands came up to molest his ass while he got his hole eaten out. It felt so good. Between the feeling of Al’s fingers roughly squeezing his ass cheeks and Al’s tongue sliding in and out of his fuckhole, Puck felt his mind go blank.

Puck didn’t know how long he spent there, face-down and drooling onto the sheets as Al’s tongue explored every nook and cranny of his fuckhole. He got lost in the pleasure, drifting in the sensations until they suddenly stopped.

"Daddy, please…" Puck whimpered. He waved his ass back and forth, already missing Al’s tongue. He whined, begging over and over again until he heard the sound of unzipping. He licked his lips, pushing his ass in the air and arching his back as alluringly as he could manage, moaning as he felt Al’s cock slot into his crack.

Al grabbed Puck by the hips. Puck groaned, feeling Al’s fingers dig into him. It hurt, but it hurt so good. He could scarcely wait for his first cock. He rubbed his ass on Al’s cock as much as Al would let him, hole so ready to get impaled on the thick piece of meat.

"You want my cock, you stupid little demon bitch?" said Al. His voice sounded decidedly soberer, and his tone was a fair bit crueler than it had been earlier. Puck barely noticed and just nodded, eager for it. "Then you’re gonna have to put this on for me," said Al.

Puck jumped when something heavy and metallic was dropped onto the bed in front of him. It was an iron collar, and he could tell it was heavily spelled. Not just by looking at it, since the inner side was engraved with runes, but by the sheer amount of magical energy that it exuded.

A part of Puck, the rational part that hadn’t quite been overtaken by his horniness, was screaming at him to get away while he still could. Since Al had asked him to put it on, it likely couldn’t be forced on him, which meant that, at least theoretically, he still had the upper hand.

Unfortunately for Puck, that reasonable voice in his head was so small that he could scarcely hear it. His fingers tingled when he touched the cold iron of the collar. "I-I put this on and you’ll fuck me, daddy?" he whispered, his cock throbbing eagerly between his legs.

"Of course, you little slut. What, are you calling me a liar?" said Al, grabbing Puck by the hair and jerking his head backward. The pain that raced through Puck’s scalp was intense but it only made his cock harder. "Go on. Put it on already."

"Y-Yes, sir," said Puck. He pulled the collar open and brought it up to his neck. The closer the band of iron got to his skin, the warmer it felt in his hands. The runes on the inner rim also started to glow.

For a moment, it was all suspicious and foreboding enough that Puck hesitated. The moment quickly passed when he felt the head of Al’s cock pressing against his pucker. With a low moan, cock dripping pre-cum onto the sheets under him, Puck closed the collar around his neck.

The two sides of the metal band joined together with a click. As soon as it had, the iron got so hot that Puck had to let go of the collar with a yelp. Despite the heat that he’d felt at his fingertips, the thick metal band felt cold and heavy once it settled on Puck’s neck.

"Such a fucking stupid cunt," said Al, with a derisive laugh. He grabbed Puck by the back of the head and shoved him back down into the mattress. Puck moaned. He could feel Al entering him, forcing his asshole open, making him stretch around the not-inconsiderable girth.

"Invalidate the verbal contract," said Al. The sternness of his voice, the authority in his words, it sent a shiver down Puck’s spine. But he couldn’t cancel the verbal contract. He didn’t know why, exactly, since it was so hard to think, so hard to remember, but he knew the verbal contract was supposed to be important.

The longer Puck hesitated, the warmer the iron collar felt against his skin. He didn’t even know why he wasn’t just obeying his master. It was his purpose as a pathetic demon bitch to serve his master, but for some reason that didn’t feel right.

Puck was a demon. Puck was an incubus. He made contracts with greedy, selfish humans for their souls. He was supposed to be the one in charge. Or at least, for some reason, that was what he thought. He was so sure that a worthless demon cunt like him was only good for doing his human master’s will.

Searing hot iron sizzled against Puck’s skin. He cried out. "Y-Yes, sir!" he said. "I-I invalidate the contract. Y-You don’t have to sign a contract for me when I make you cum!"

The heat dissipated from the collar and as a reward for his obedience, Al thrust his cock hard into Puck’s eager fuckhole. Puck moaned, shivering as Al’s hand in his hair tightened. "Yeah, that’s right, bitch. I’m in charge now. You like being a good obedient demon bitch, don’t you?"

Al’s cock jackhammering into his boypussy left Puck little space to think between the strokes. The collar was getting hotter again. He just knew it would hurt if he didn’t answer right away. He didn’t have to think of the answer. It was better not to think. It hurt less. If he didn’t want to feel pain, he probably should just say the first thing that came to his mind.

"Y-yes, sir…" Puck moaned, his eyes rolling back into his head at the little jolt of pleasure that he felt at the admission. He didn’t know why it felt so good, but it did.

Al clucked his tongue. The faint disappointment in the sound sent Puck’s good mood plummeting into a pit. "I feel like you didn’t really mean that," said Al. He stopped moving his hips, keeping just the head of his cock inside Puck. It was torture. "Say it again. With feelings, this time."

"Y-Yes, sir! I love being a useless demon cunt for you, master!" Puck screamed, the words spilling out of him before he could even really think about what they meant. Pleasure, unlike anything Puck had ever experienced before, flooded his body and he screamed, his cock pulsing and throbbing between his legs.

Al laughed. "Yeah, that’s right," said Al, grabbing Puck by the face, fingers digging into Puck’s cheeks. "Except for one thing. You’re going to be a useful little demon slut for me. You’re going to make me a rich demon hunter, and I won’t even have to give up my soul for it."

Roughly slamming Puck’s face back down into the bed, Al held the incubus down and leaned over him. His hips jackhammered into Puck’s. His cock delivered long, brutal strokes right into Puck’s prostate, making him scream with ecstasy.

It felt so good. So, so good. Puck was going to explode. Any moment now. He could feel the cum churning in his balls, poised to surge up his stiff pole to paint the bedsheets white. He got closer and closer and closer to his climax, sure that he was going to go straight off the edge, but he never did.

Puck could only moan as Al’s thrusts came faster, harder, and more brutal. The bedframe creaked underneath them. The headboard slammed so hard against the wall that it left a sizable dent in the drywall.

A long, wordless moan escaped Puck as he continued to get closer and closer to the edge, heat building in his tight little body until he felt like he was burning from the inside out. His face was so, so hot, his head even hotter. It was sweltering. He was sweating buckets. He could feel his brain melting from all the pleasure and the heat raging through him.

"Yeah, that’s it. Melt all those useless demon thoughts and free will into cum for daddy. Good little demon cunts don’t need to think and let their human masters do all the thinking for them," said Al, and somehow, Puck knew that every syllable of it, every word, was true.

Puck panted, drooling as his tongue lolled out of his open mouth. Words had deserted him and all he could manage was a few guttural sounds as Al cored out his ass. "There you go. That’s a good little demon bitch. Let it all out."

Al’s rhythmic fucking faltered. He thrust his hips, hard, burying his cock as far up Puck’s ass as he could. Puck moaned, feeling the thick member swell and pulse inside of him. Shot after shot of cum painted his insides, making his walls flutter and spasm with pleasure.

"Cum for me, cunt," said Al. "Cum all that free will out for master."

Puck’s eyes flew wide open and promptly rolled back into his head. His entire body went rigid, his back arching, his toes curling, his hole clamping down hard around the base of Al’s cock. Cum surged out of his balls, his cock exploding a torrent of cum all over the bedsheets. He moaned. He could feel his head emptying out, all the thoughts, all the intelligence draining out of him through his cock as spurt after spurt after spurt of cum splattered on the sheets.

Once the orgasm had faded, Puck collapsed onto the bed with a whimper. Al’s cock slipped out of him with a wet pop. He groaned in disappointment, but the sound quickly died away as the world seemed to fade to black.

Puck clambered into Master’s house through a second-floor window in Master’s study. He felt so empty, and it wasn’t just his head, either. The taste of cock lingered on his tongue and he couldn’t stop licking his lips, wanting more. He crawled over to the desk, where Master was currently on the phone with someone.

"Yes, hello Mrs. Matthews. How are you? Did the anti-demon charm I sold you last week end up working out for you and your husband?" said Master, as Puck crawled under the desk. His nostrils flared. Master smelled so good and he was so hungry. He could only hope that Master would let him feed tonight.

Master tapped the inside of his thigh. Puck’s eyes widened. He let out a quiet moan as he reached for Master’s pants button and zipper with trembling fingers. He fished Master’s cock out and shivered as the scent of it filled his lungs.

Without any preamble, Puck wrapped his lips around the head of Master’s cock, moaning as he felt Master’s fingers thread through his hair. He swallowed Master’s cock all the way to the root. It tasted so good. He couldn’t get enough of it. He would do anything and everything Master asked him to do just for a taste of Master’s cock.

"So, let me get this straight, Mrs. Matthews. This demon, he held your husband down during the night and sucked him off?" said Master. Puck grinned around Master’s cock. That had been him. He did that! He held the man down because Master asked him to, and he’d been rewarded for being an obedient devil bitch for Master.

"I see. Well, if the harm that I gave you didn’t work to keep the demon away, I’ll see if I can fit you in and we can try an exorcism at your house," said Master. "Yes, the rate on my website is correct, Mrs. Matthews. I know it seems a little high, but unfortunately exorcising such a powerful demon takes a lot of time, effort, and materials, and the price tag reflects that."

Puck beamed as Master patted him on the head. "Yes, Mrs. Matthews, I do take credit cards," said Master. After a second, Master randomly tapped a few keys on his mechanical keyboard, leaning in to make sure that the person on the other end of the line could hear him type. "It looks like I can fit you in this upcoming Tuesday, Mrs. Matthews. Yes. There was a cancellation. You’re in luck!"

Master’s fingers tightened around Puck’s hair. He rolled the office chair back and straightened, pulling Puck out from underneath the desk. Using Puck’s hair for leverage, he thrust his hips, sawing them back and forth to fuck his cock into Puck’s tight, wet throat.

"I promise that this will work to drive the demon away, Mrs. Matthews," said Master. "I can’t promise that I’ll be able to purify your husband, though. He might have gotten too exposed to the demonic energies. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about it if that’s the case. Yes, Mrs. Matthews. I hope so, too."

Master ended the call and grinned down at Puck. "What a stupid bitch," he said, with a laugh. He’d scarcely finished when his phone rang again. He held it up to his ear. "Hello Mr. Matthews, I was expecting that you might call. I know. It feels so good, doesn’t it? Well, I can help you if you want to feel that good again. It’s just going to cost you."

Puck grinned up at Master. He’d done such a good job that the target wanted seconds. He tried to make sure the victims got addicted to him. He knew Master liked it when he did that. Master liked it a lot. "I’m sorry, Mr. Matthews, but I wouldn’t want to take all of your rent money. We’ll just have to speak again when you’ve got more funds," said Master.

"I’m just saying, Mr. Matthews, I don’t want you to end up broke and homeless," said Master. "But if you’re sure that a demon slut is worth more than paying your rent, I won’t complain. Wire me the money and I’ll set you up for tomorrow. Tonight? Well, that’s going to cost you extra."

"Alright, Mr. Matthews," said Master. "Yes, you can come over right away. As long as you transfer me the funds right now. Alright. Pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Matthews. I’ll see you in a bit."

Master laughed. He pulled his cock out of Puck’s mouth and slapped him across the face. "See, cunt? I told you you’d be useful to me. Never could have done this without that stupid little demon head of yours."

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