PR0N pt. 2

Denied control of his own body, Cecil is taken to a strange place where he tries and fails to resist the fate that is in store for him.

Bar a brief surge of nausea that evaporated as quickly as it came, nothing untoward seemed to result from Cecil’s crossing the threshold. That said, he didn’t crack his eyes open until he was certain he’d passed through safely.

What Cecil found on the other side of the door was beyond his wildest expectations. It was as if he’d stepped into some sort of sterile digital wonderland.

Beyond the glowing pink portal was what appeared to be an expansive spaceport of some description. Empty space stretched out to infinity above and, as far as Cecil could tell, below the platform.

The void roiled with dark clouds off in the distance. The churning masses were briefly illuminated by rapid pulses of light that raced through the sky on paths that traced out patterns reminiscent of those found on circuit boards.

Though there was no discernible sun anywhere Cecil could see, the port itself seemed nevertheless illuminated. It was one of the quirks of the digital world. A stark, omnipresent light seemed to shine from the air itself in some areas.

Cecil had never been able to figure out why some parts of the digital world were lit while others were not. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to it. Over the years, he’d come to accept it as just another feature of the digital world.

The port was truly massive. A long central walkway extended out into the distance. It was a shame Cecil couldn’t swivel his head a full 180 degrees. He would have liked to see how far it extended behind him. In any case, the walkway was quite wide, as well: easily the breadth of two or three real-world highways put together.

Other platforms, roughly the width and length of airport runways, branched from the central structure of the port at almost-perpendicular angles to the main walkway. They seemed to lead nowhere, ending abruptly some distance away from the center of the port. In a way, the branching paths looked like docks and Cecil suspected that they fulfilled a similar purpose.

Besides Cecil, other figures were walking down the length of the port. There were droves of Exos headed in the same direction.

A few paces ahead of him, Cecil managed to spot Chad. At least, he thought he’d spotted Chad. He couldn’t quite get a good look. Like most of the Exos around them, Chad was staring straight ahead and stiffly marching forward. Since Chad had entered the portal before Cecil, though, it stood to reason that the Exo in front of him was Chad.

A flash of pink light from nearby caught Cecil’s attention. He glanced in the direction of the flash, just in time to watch as a doorway, not unlike the one he’d passed through to come here, rose out of the ground.

A pair of Exos that had been standing at the side of the main walkway with a large flatbed cart rolled it in front of the doorway. A few seconds later, a torrent of fragmented data spewed out of the thin pink membrane stretched taut across the frame of the doorway.

As the data spilled onto the cart, the disparate fragments consolidated into small cubes instead of landing in a disorganized pile. As more data poured from the door, the cubes merged into larger and larger blocks. By the time the flow ceased, the cart was laden with large blocks of data piled taller than the two Exos that seemed to be in charge of it.

Once the cart was full, the Exos wheeled it away from the door and followed the rest of the crowd down the walkway. Shortly after their departure, an Exo stepped out of the doorway, followed by another a few seconds later. After the second Exo was clear of the doorway’s immediate vicinity, it slipped back into the ground as if it had not been there at all.

Cecil turned his attention back to his surroundings. As he looked around, he realized that objects were floating about in the void.

At first, Cecil could not make the objects out against the turbulent background. By squinting, however, he managed to get a better look.

It appeared large discs were drifting about in the empty space around the spaceport. The motion seemed random, at first, but the more Cecil observed the more he realized they kept a constant distance between themselves. Order seemed to spontaneously emerge from the movement that had seemed so disorganized at first.

Now was not the time to be mesmerized by the strange landscape of the digital world, however. Cecil shook his head. He was concerned about where his body was taking him.

Cecil watched the Exos around him. They seemed to know where they were going. It wasn’t much of a leap to imagine that if he kept a close eye on them, he’d figure out where he was headed.

It didn’t take long for Cecil to discover the Exos’ destination. Wherever the main walkway branched off, a handful of Exos broke away from the crowd to go down one of the ‘ribs’ jutting off the side of the platform.

As Cecil suspected, the platforms branching off the main structure of the spaceport functioned as docks. The discs floating about in the air were vessels of some sort and now and then they would approach and dock on one of the "ribs" of the station.

While the Exos on the dock in question waited in neat rows at the end of the path, a disc carefully approached from above. It drifted smoothly through the air, slowly rotating until it was in position.

Cecil couldn’t tell if there was a mechanism that locked the disc in place but once it was where it needed to be, it stopped moving altogether. A panel on the wall of the disc slid aside, revealing a passage for the Exos to enter through.

Though he wanted to see into the disc, Cecil couldn’t find a good vantage point to do so. The opening on the side of the disc was just large enough to accommodate the Exos walking through. He’d hoped that he would get a better look once the Exos had finished filing in but as soon as the last Exo was safely on board, the panel slid back into place.

A cold knot of apprehension settled into Cecil’s stomach but it wasn’t like there was anything he could do. He attempted to wrest control of his body back but no matter how hard he tried, he simply couldn’t.

For the next few minutes, all Cecil could do was mull over his situation. He couldn’t even begin to piece together how he’d gotten into this mess. His mastery of the digital world was supposed to be peerless but, then again, it wasn’t like he had perfect knowledge of the place.

Cecil’s rumination was interrupted when, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Chad turn off the main walkway. He suspected he would follow soon after and he was quickly proven right.

Blood thundered in Cecil’s ear. His heart pounded in his chest. His legs carried him down the length of the dock, parking him firmly behind Chad as a large disc descended ominously from above.

The disc was much bigger than Cecil had first thought. Now that he was standing near one, he realized it was easily five or six stories tall. It had only seemed so flat from far away because it was so wide.

As the disc got closer to the docking point, Cecil felt the platform vibrate under his feet. A brief tremor shook through the ground as the disc locked in place and the panel on the side slid open.

Cecil’s eyes widened as he marched in with the rest of the Exos. Within the disc was what Cecil recognized as a panopticon. At the very least, the layout of the interior was very much reminiscent of one.

A panopticon was an archaic sort of penitentiary facility conceptualized long before the age of supers. Cecil had heard of and read about them but had never seen one outside of a movie.

In the center of every panopticon was a watchtower. From that vantage point, even a lone guardsman would be able to keep watch over every resident of the facility. This disc was no different.

The walls of the disc were covered in what appeared to be prison cells. Like in science-fiction movies, each occupied cell was sealed with a thrumming, translucent energy field of some description.

The walkways that demarcated the different floors of the structure and the narrow staircases that led between one and the next were designed in such a way that they would not obstruct the view from the tall watchtower that rose from the middle of the disc.

The true scale of the structure was breathtaking. Cecil could scarcely believe it. From the number of cells alone he could tell that it was built to house tens of thousands of Exos, if not more.

Cecil was startled when he heard the sound of the opening in the side of the disc sliding shut. He couldn’t help but think that escape had suddenly become a hundred times more difficult as he felt the ground vibrate beneath his feet.

Even if Cecil did manage to regain control of his body, there was no guarantee he could get away from the all-seeing eye of the facility’s warden. Even if he could somehow escape the panopticon, he couldn’t fly.

Even if everything went right, the only chance Cecil had was if the disc docked again. He didn’t know when that would happen next and didn’t have any way to find out as the disc was windowless. It wasn’t like he could ask the Exos.

Then again, Cecil supposed, escape was a secondary concern. He had to figure out why he had been taken to this place and what was going to happen to him if he didn’t manage to get control of his body back.

One other thing Cecil noticed was the presence of strange structures within the disc. They were arrayed neatly across the floor of the facility. It seemed each of the cells that lined the walls also contained one such structure.

The structures were made of two narrow black pylons roughly three feet apart. The pylons were vaguely trapezoidal, with a flat top, a flat bottom, a steeply sloped side on the outside, and a flat face on the side facing inward to its pair.

On top of each pair rested a perfectly-circular black ring made of the same material. A similar ring was embedded into the floor between the pylons, touching each one at the base.

Cecil might not have guessed what the structures were for had he not seen them in use. There were Exos strung up between some of the nearby pylons, their arms and legs outstretched and tethered to the structure with what appeared to be bindings made of solid light.

At first glance, it seemed that the Exos were in pain. They all writhed in their restraints, tugging helplessly at the hard light keeping them firmly in place.

It wasn’t until Cecil’s body walked him close to one that he realized he was mistaken. The Exos weren’t being tormented. Far from it. They were squirming in barely-contained ecstasy.

The Exos’ ass cheeks flexed under their skin-tight suits as they desperately humped the air and pulled at their bindings. The sound of their muffled moans filled the air and made Cecil’s cheeks flush.

It didn’t take long before Cecil realized why. He looked closely at the trussed-up Exo that was nearest to him and he saw something moving inside the poor guy’s suit.

Something was squirming in the seat of the Exo’s pants. It was attached to the fabric, judging from the way that the taut cloth was sucked into the crack of the Exo’s ass every time the thing inside moved.

It didn’t take much imagination to guess what was going on. Cecil’s cheeks flushed at the realization that the Exo was literally getting fucked by his own clothes.

Cecil had encountered many things in the digital world but he had never expected anything like this. His cock was starting to harden in his pants. He could see his erection, outlined almost obscenely in the form-fitting fabric of his suit.

Considering the gravity of his situation, Cecil knew now wasn’t the time to be getting distracted. It was just so goddamn hot he couldn’t help himself.

It didn’t help that a part of Cecil found the idea of being in a similar predicament so appealing. The loss of control spoke to something deep and instinctual inside of him.

Yes, Cecil knew he had to be a responsible adult. He knew he had to be a hero. People were depending on him. But for much the same reason that he gravitated to gooning, part of him didn’t want to have all that burden on his shoulders.

Cecil licked his lips. He couldn’t help it. Part of him wanted to just give in. Part of him wanted to face what was starting to seem more and more inevitable.

If he didn’t do anything, if he didn’t manage to break free of the invisible force controlling him, Cecil was sure he’d end up in those restraints, too. His body would probably walk him right into one of those structures and he’d be fucked. Literally.

It didn’t seem so bad. The Exos certainly seemed to be having a good time. So what if he spent the rest of his life tied up in a weird part of the digital world, getting fucked by his own suit? Was it really preferable to go back to his high-stress, high-expectations life?

Looking around as his feet carried him past, Cecil saw that the strung-up Exos were wearing something reminiscent of fetish gear. The upper halves of their faces were covered by something akin to sensory-deprivation hoods.

Thick padding covered the Exos’ eyes and Cecil had a hard time believing they could see anything through them. Similar padding was placed over the ear area of the hood, which Cecil could only imagine served the purpose of blocking out external sounds.

Even though the hoods covered only the upper half of the Exos’ faces, only their noses were exposed as the bottom halves of their faces were covered with tight muzzles. From the sounds of it, there were gags integrated with the muzzles as well.

If Cecil had to venture a guess, the gags were probably cock-shaped and buried halfway down the Exos’ throats. There was no other way to explain why the Exos could only make muffled groans and gurgling noises.

The hoods and muzzles weren’t the only gear the trussed-up Exos were wearing. Their hands and feet were stuffed into padded mitts and boots that looked like balls. Even if they did manage to escape their restraints, the mitts and boots would have made it impossible to stand or crawl.

One thing was present in the occupied structures that simply wasn’t there in the vacant ones. It was a thin rod that rose from the floor right in front of the captive Exo.

At first, Cecil couldn’t tell what it was from his vantage point. As his body walked him toward the watchtower in the middle of the disc, he got a better look.

Mounted on top of the metal rod was a transparent cylinder with a rubber sheath inside. The captive Exo’s cock, which was fully-erect but still tightly-wrapped in its suit, was inserted in one end of the cylinder.

Cecil had seen the like before in porn. The rubber sheath was pulsing and throbbing around the length of the captive Exo’s member.

In the real world, the milker worked on pneumatic principles. It would have had a tube attached to a pump of some description that would make it move. That wasn’t the case here. The milker moved on its own, probably programmed to do so despite the lack of a pneumatic pulsator.

Now that Cecil had a better idea of the Exos’ plight, he could see why they were squirming so much. As far as he could tell, the milkers weren’t going nearly fast enough to make them come.

Cecil even saw the pace change before his eyes. The more desperate the captive Exo got, the slower the milker went. It was like the Exos were being kept perpetually on the edge of orgasm.

Fuck, Cecil muttered, under his breath. He gulped audibly as he watched the Exo in front of him writhe. His cock was straining in his suit, tenting out the skin-tight fabric against his thigh.

Now that Cecil knew the Exos were being edged mercilessly, the temptation of giving in had never been stronger. The hero part of him knew he couldn’t just surrender to his desires but the pervert inside didn’t think it was such a big deal.

Cecil’s deepest, darkest desire was to spend the rest of his life as a solo-sexual, porn-addicted goontard loser. Being edged for eternity by an unfeeling machine was just that minus any agency. It was fucking hot.

Time was running out for Cecil. His body had turned him in the direction of a vacant pair of pylons and was walking him that way. If he was going to make a break for it, now was the perfect opportunity.

As his defeat inexorably approached, Cecil fought back with all his might. Miraculously, this time he made some headway.

Cecil made his fingers twitch. He felt his body’s pace slow. He stopped a single step short of the ring that marked the base of the structure and breathed a sigh of relief.

Even though he’d regained some control, Cecil knew he wasn’t out of danger yet. The important thing was that he’d stopped.

Cecil had managed to win a momentary reprieve. That was all it was. Even if he had control back, it was spotty at best. He had to consolidate his control before he made a break for it.

When he was confident he was firmly back in the driver’s seat, Cecil closed his eyes and took a breath. He needed to be calm. A hasty decision now could spell the end for him.

The one thing Cecil couldn’t afford to do was alert whoever was in charge of the facility that he wasn’t like the others. Even if the "warden" wasn’t the one controlling him like a puppet, there was no telling what the reaction would be if he was discovered as an intruder.

Opening his eyes, Cecil looked around. The Exos that had been picked up alongside him were all slowly filtering into their designated spots. Most stayed on the main floor, submitting themselves to one of the restraint structures or another. The rest made their way to the cells that lined the walls.

The problem with a panopticon was that there was nowhere to hide. Or maybe there was somewhere to hide. Cecil cast his gaze toward the tower in the middle of the facility.

If the warden—or whoever was in charge—was standing at the top of the tower, there was bound to be a massive blind spot at the base. Granted, that was only if there weren’t any security cameras to cover the blind spot but Cecil couldn’t see any from where he was standing.

Slowly pivoting on his heel as to not attract unwanted attention to himself, Cecil turned to face the tower. He couldn’t even run for it as he was likely to be spotted long before he made it there.

Even so, Cecil knew he had to try. It was his only option. All he had to do was act natural. Well, as natural as an Exo could act, anyway.

What the fuck could go wrong? Cecil thought to himself. A hundred different things, if not more, was the correct answer. On this occasion, though, he felt justified in erring on the side of optimism. After all, it wasn’t that hard to act like a robot.

Just as he was about to step away from the restraint structure, however, Cecil paused. He didn’t even know why he did it, but he did.

It was a rookie mistake. Every veteran hero knew that all it took to fail a mission was a single moment of hesitation. In situations where life and death hung in the balance, a heartbeat of indecisiveness was sometimes all it took for things to suddenly go pear-shaped.

Cecil couldn’t help himself, though. He cast a longing glance at the pylons. Here was an opportunity to fulfill one of his darkest fantasies. All he had to do was take one step and he’d have the life he always dreamed of: reduced to a sexual beast, every thought turned to the pursuit of pleasure, his cock the center of his universe.

If Cecil left now, he would be giving it up. This was his one shot. If he did the right thing, if he resisted this temptation, chances were he would have to bear the burden of being a hero for the rest of his life.

What’s the worst that could happen? Cecil asked himself. It wasn’t like the Commonwealth would suddenly collapse if he up and disappeared.

The only thing that made Cecil valuable to the Hall of Heroes was his ability to directly deal with threats in the digital world. Were he gone, the Hall still had a team of technopaths and white hats capable of fending off all but the most sophisticated attacks.

Cecil’s powers were convenient. They weren’t necessary. Besides, new heroes were popping up every day. If he vanished, it would only be a matter of time before someone with the same powers showed up.

The only matter was that Cecil didn’t want people to think he betrayed the Hall. Then again, it wasn’t like they’d know what happened to him if he did give in. It wasn’t like they could send someone else into the digital world to find out what had happened to him.

Fuck, Cecil muttered under his breath. He couldn’t believe he was seriously considering this. It was one thing to fantasize about willingly throwing his life away and another thing entirely to do it in reality.

Cecil needed to focus. He couldn’t afford to let his cock think for him. Not right now. Not when the stakes were high.

The two halves of Cecil were at an impasse. The hero wanted him to do what was right. The pervert wanted him to surrender to the desires of the flesh.

There was a choice in front of Cecil. It was one he imagined most heroes had to confront at one point or another. That said, he didn’t think many other heroes had ever had to face a similar decision.

Unfortunately for Cecil, he would not get the opportunity to decide for himself. In that single moment of hesitation, he once again lost control of his body.

It happened so fast Cecil didn’t even notice until it was too late. He was horrified as he felt his body turn back toward the structure and take a step forward. At the same time, though, a part of him was glad that someone else chose for him. He didn’t think he could have.

As soon as Cecil’s foot crossed over the ring at the base of the structure, a strong suction force pulled him right into the middle. Tight bands of hard light formed around his wrists and ankles moments before tethers pulled his arms and legs taut toward the pylons.

Just like that, escape became all but impossible. It shouldn’t have turned Cecil on as much as it did but he couldn’t help himself. His cock throbbed, the sensitive head rubbing up against the smooth inner lining of his suit.

Ever since he’d started coming into the digital world, Cecil’s authority over his avatar had always been absolute. Now that he was at the mercy of the warden of this place, however, it was clearly no longer the case.

The uniform that Cecil had used time and again on his countless dives began to change without his input. The first things to go were any markers of his identity.

The symbol of the Hall of Heroes on Cecil’s shoulder disappeared. His emblem, a keyhole inside of a narrow diamond, met the same fate. All of the little accents and designs he’d spent weeks painstakingly getting right faded away in a matter of seconds.

New patterns began to emerge. Softly glowing lines of cyan traced their way over Cecil’s suit in a circuit board pattern, bringing his appearance more in line with the other Exos around him. Even the color of his suit changed to better match theirs.

Cecil normally kept his hands free of the suit but on this occasion, he could feel the fabric creeping over his knuckles. His hands were enveloped in tight gloves.

Shortly thereafter, the fabric swelled. Where the extra padding came from, Cecil didn’t know. The mitts engulfed Cecil’s hands. They weren’t uncomfortable but they pressed into his hands from all directions with such force that he couldn’t move his fingers even a little.

Before long, Cecil felt the same thing happening to his feet. Looking down, it was like his legs ended in large rubbery balls instead of feet. The same was true for his arms.

Escape was now well and truly impossible. If it hadn’t been before. And yet, despite the trepidation he felt in the back of his mind, Cecil was excited. His cock twitched against his leg. He could feel a glob of pre-cum sliding down the inside of his thigh from how fucking turned on he was to be so helpless.

A quiet whimper escaped Cecil as he felt the fabric of the suit climb up his neck. It wrapped around his head, getting thicker, stiffer, and taking on an almost leather-like quality.

The fabric crept up over the back of his head, swooping down to cover his eyes and the top of his nose. For now, it seemed that the padded parts that went over his eyes and ears weren’t coming in yet but he could feel the muzzle already forming over his mouth.

A flap of leathery suit material crossed from one side of Cecil’s face to the other. It clamped down tight around his mouth and jaw, rendering it immobile.

As he was trying to get used to the sensation of his jaw being essentially wedged shut, Cecil felt something firm and rubbery prodding at his mouth. It was gentle at first, but increasingly insistent until he parted his lips as much as he could.

The object, likely a dildo gag of sorts, slithered into Cecil’s mouth. It got thicker and longer, somehow, forcing his jaw as wide open as the muzzle would allow.

Tears prickled at Cecil’s eye as the gag slithered down the back of his throat. He gagged and choked around it, the sounds muffled by the muzzle and the rubber cock that was still slipping deeper into his gullet.

The dildo gag went so deep that by the time it stopped inserting itself, Cecil could practically feel it in his stomach. The rubber cock was so thick breathing around it was laborious. Cecil’s chest heaved as he struggled to get enough air and only just managed.

It didn’t take long before Cecil was feeling light-headed and weak from the lack of air. It shouldn’t have felt so good but it did. A strange sense of fuzzy euphoria descended over him, muting the worry he felt in the back of his mind.

A muffled gurgle escaped Cecil as his cock throbbed in his pants. He felt like his head was stuffed with cotton and it was making him so fucking horny.

A low groan issued out through the muzzle as Cecil felt something slick and tentacle-like sliding up and down between his ass cheeks. The tapered head slithered down his crack and flicked across his twitching pucker.

The tendril was slimy to the touch. It leaked lubricant through its rubbery skin, slowly teasing Cecil’s hole open. The tapered tip slid inside, rubbing the inner rim of Cecil’s asshole. The sensation was so alien and yet so good that Cecil couldn’t help but whine impotently for more.

The teasing was intense. Cecil’s cock was leaking pre-cum profusely down the side of his leg as the tendril worked him open. There were no words to describe how it felt to have the narrow, flexible tip of the tendril gently rubbing at his insides.

Maddening, Cecil guessed, was an appropriate word. It felt good but it wasn’t good enough. He needed more. Craved more. It didn’t even cross his mind anymore that this wasn’t the kind of thing a hero should be doing.

Not that Cecil was a hero. Not anymore. It was clear he’d let the pervert deep down win. This torment was what he got for wanting to live the life of a porn-addicted loser.

It was no one’s fault but Cecil’s. He could have stopped watching porn. He could have stopped wasting so much of his time gooning out on his fat dong. He could have been a hero the people could look up to and depend on to protect them but he’d chosen differently.

Cecil had corrupted his own mind. He’d laid the seeds for his own destruction. He’d fapped himself so addicted to porn that he couldn’t resist when the digital world presented the opportunity to live the rest of his life as a cock-brained slut.

There was just enough slack in the hard light tethers that bound him to the pylons that he could gyrate his hips a bit but it was a vain endeavor. The tendril was attached to his suit. No squirming or writhing could force it deeper inside him than it wanted to go.

For what felt like an eternity, the tendril teased Cecil’s guts relentlessly. At some point—Cecil wasn’t sure when exactly—its behavior changed.

By then, Cecil had started drooling around his gag. With the muzzle in the way, the frothy mix of spit and throat slime had nowhere to go. It could only well up in the muzzle, soaking Cecil’s chin with the mess. It slowly slid down the bottom of the muzzle, oozing out past the seam where it met Cecil’s neck, drenching the front of his modified suit with his own throat juices.

Cecil was past caring how messy he got. His eyes widened and he moaned deliriously as the tendril slid deeper inside of him. The tapered tip led the way but its body followed close behind.

A low, muffled grunt escaped Cecil as the thicker parts of the tendril split him open. His asshole burned as it stretched around the steadily-increasing girth of the tentacle’s body.

At the same time, Cecil had to deal with the sensation of the tendril winding all the way through his guts. He could feel it in his intestines, wriggling around in his belly like he’d swallowed a snake. The feeling was intense. Indescribable.

Whatever dregs of resistance Cecil might have retained through the initial teasing were wiped away in an instant. The tentacle buried deep inside him thrust back and forth, rubbing up against his guts.

Cecil could feel the tendril getting thicker, more aggressive. He couldn’t help but moan into his muzzle as the sensations became almost too intense to handle.

Thinking coherently was difficult enough from the motion of the tentacle alone but it became outright impossible as the secondary effects of its slime took hold. Cecil threw his head back and whimpered as a strange heat spread out from his belly. His insides tingled and itched.

Desperate whines escaped Cecil as he squirmed, tugging on the tethers of hard light that lashed him to the pylons. The sensation was driving him mad. He felt like he was burning up from the inside with need.

Cecil’s chest heaved as he writhed. He breathed hard, nostrils flaring, choking around the gag buried down his throat. His eyes watered as he rolled his hips, bucking and grinding uselessly in the air as he tried to fuck himself on the tentacle and escape it at the same time.

As if the tentacle rearranging Cecil’s insides wasn’t bad enough, Cecil realized that there was one thing he’d forgotten. Glancing down, he saw with both horror and anticipation, the cock milking sheathe rising from the floor between his legs.

Cecil’s suit flowed like liquid around his crotch as it reconfigured itself. It enshrouded his cock, the smooth fabric clinging to every nook and crevice of his throbbing member.

The milker rose until it was at roughly the appropriate height for Cecil’s cock. The rubber sheath within pulsed rhythmically. The small hole in the front of the tube twitched and winked invitingly and despite his better judgment, Cecil couldn’t help but thrust his cock inside.

Cecil cried out the moment the sheath wrapped around his cock. It was tighter than he thought. It massaged and rubbed his length so well that it brought him right up to the edge in seconds.

The interior of the sheath was slimier than Cecil expected, too. With every desperate thrust of his hips, he felt like he was shoving his cock into a squishy, slick asshole overflowing with lube.

It took the sensation of tingling heat on his cockhead before Cecil realized, with dawning horror, that the "lube" was the same substance the tentacle was pumping into his insides. He moaned and whimpered but no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t pull his cock out of the milker. He didn’t have the leverage.

"Having fun?" said a quiet, playful voice from nearby.

Cecil’s eyes widened. His gaze flicked in the direction of the voice. Approaching from a few feet away was what Cecil could only assume was the warden of this place.

The warden didn’t look like an Exo. At least, not one that Cecil had ever seen before. He couldn’t necessarily accept that the warden was human like him, though. He was pretty sure he’d have known if there was another technopath capable of diving into the digital world like him.

As if he could read Cecil’s thoughts, the warden giggled. "You’re probably thinking I’m some sort of self-aware program, aren’t you?" he said.

The warden skipped the rest of the way toward Cecil, stopping just in front of the ring at the base of the pylons. "Trust me, baby, I’m a real boy!" he said, grabbing his half-hard cock and giving it a shake.

Cecil didn’t know how much he trusted the guy’s words. It was difficult to tell an Exo without seeing its face and the Warden’s was covered in a glossy black visor that showed a pixelated, animated face that looked like the ":3" emoji in bright pink.

In his time, Cecil had seen many Exos, but none quite as exotic as the warden. For one thing, the warden had the stereotypical twink physique. He was lean and slight, with well-defined muscles.

The warden’s whole body was covered in a tight, form-fitting suit that highlighted his slender musculature. The fabric clung to every cleft and crevice, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Had that been all, Cecil might have accepted that the warden was just an odd Exo. There were other signs he wasn’t, though. For one, the accents on his suit were bright bubblegum pink and the lines served to highlight the curves and edges of his body.

To add to that, the warden had a pair of functional, mechanical cat ears perched on top of his head, and a mechanical tail that swished back and forth behind him. In many ways, the warden would have fit the image of the stereotypical cat boy if one was turned into an android.

There was one last aspect of the warden’s outfit that would have been strange to find on an Exo. He was wearing a collar, one with a D-ring in the front, and a small paw tag.

As the warden moved, so too did the tag on his collar. It settled in such a way that Cecil could read it if he squinted. There was only one word on the tag—N3M0—and it made his blood run cold.

Having noticed the horror in Cecil’s eyes, N3M0 glanced down at his collar and giggled. "Aw, man! I guess that means I don’t have to introduce myself anymore!" he said, pouting.

N3M0 grumbled to himself. "And here I had a whole thing prepared. Oh well. Hi Cypher! Big fan! Can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to get you in here!"

Cecil could only whimper. He was fucked. Honestly, he should have expected that the worst, most prolific hacker in the Commonwealth was a super with a similar ability to his. It certainly explained why N3M0 was so notoriously difficult to pin down.

"I guess you’re wondering what I’m going to do to you now," said N3M0.

The blood in Cecil’s veins felt like ice. He’d thought getting him restrained was the end goal. What N3M0 just said implied it was just the beginning.

N3M0 giggled. "Don’t worry, baby! You’ll find out soon enough! It’s about to start, anyway! I’m gonna make you a star!"

Cecil gulped around the thick dildo buried in his throat. He had a bad feeling about this.

The whole disc shook. Simultaneously, across the entire facility, the rings at the bases of the pylons began to glow. They hummed as they rose into the air, a thin sheet of rippling cyan light in the middle of each one.

Cecil’s skin tingled as the ring rose. The cyan light washed over his body, marking its position with a thin bright line that slowly rose along his legs.

It was a scan, but Cecil couldn’t even begin to imagine what for. The ring continued upward, gradually scanning every inch of his body until it came to a rest with the ring at the top of the structure.

Once the scan had run its cycle, the ring drifted back down and settled into its groove in the floor. A square section of the floor in front of Cecil, just outside the ring, rose to reveal something akin to a cryo-pod.

Through the transparent glass window that faced him, Cecil could make out rippling sheets of light making their way up and down and across the interior of the vessel. He realized, with a start, that a humanoid figure was beginning to take form inside.

To Cecil’s shock, the capsule reproduced a perfect copy of him, but as an Exo. It opened its eyes, which glowed with the same cyan light as any Exo’s eyes would.

The front window of the pod popped open and the Exo stepped out. N3M0 sidled up next to it, rubbing his hands all over its body. Cecil still couldn’t quite believe it was such a perfect copy of him.

N3M0 giggled as he saw Cecil’s baffled expression. "I’m gonna send him out to do some porn ads for me!" he explained. "And then when he comes back, he’ll merge back into you and you’ll experience everything he felt while he was away!"

Cecil’s heart sank into his stomach as he saw that the vessel was producing a second copy of him. He could already see where this was going.

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