Princess-Cut Diamond Thief pt. 2

One night of passion with the young footman Alric turns into a torrid fling as the first little indication that Eli did not escape from Aellir’s lair fully unscathed surfaces.

The timid knock echoed loudly in the quiet room. "You asked for me, sir?" said Alric, voice meek and hesitant.

A smile tugged at the corner of Eli’s mouth. His whole body buzzed. The ceremony had gone off without a hitch, and he would have been lying if he said he didn’t enjoy the attention.

It was rare for a thief to get welcomed into a royal court. Eli could understand, given the circumstances. He didn’t think it was anything he could experience again. Unless, of course, he made a habit of stealing back priceless heirlooms from Dragon Sovereigns, which he really didn’t see himself doing.

Eli had left the feast early. The limelight during the official handover of the Stars had been nice. Exchanging pleasantries with the nobles during the feast had gotten old rather quickly. He’d been in his room, alone with his thoughts, for the better part of an hour, now.

"Come in," said Eli. "The door’s open."

Eli’s breath caught in his throat as Alric walked in. The only light in the room was the pale moonlight streaming in through the open window by the bed. It bounced off the cold stone floor and illuminated the young footman in its soft, milky light.

The loose silken blouse and flowing pants that Alric was wearing seemed to shimmer in the reflected light. The smooth, unblemished skin that could be seen through the plunging neckline looked ethereal.

Under the moon, Alric had an unearthly beauty to rival the elves—to say nothing of the way that his green eyes seemed to almost glow softly in the light. That he had come prepared took Eli off guard for a moment.

"Do this often?" Eli murmured. He leaned back in bed, propping himself up with his elbows on the mattress as his legs dangled off the side.

Alric flushed. "N-no, sir," he whispered, looking down and to the left as he tried to avoid Eli’s hungry gaze. "B-but we’re trained w-with the understanding that s-someone might avail of o-our… services."

Eli couldn’t help but laugh. "I must say, the region gave me the impression that people were more… conservative, in these parts," he murmured. as he beckoned Alric closer.

Alric took a deep breath. The trembling of his hands, which he’d clasped in front of him, eased. As he approached, it was clear that his initial nerves had given way to his training. He stood at the edge of the bed, in the space between Eli’s legs.

"I was surprised to find that your kingdom, such as it is, has not had a king regnant for centuries. Why not dispense of the name?" said Eli.

Alric leaned over Eli, planting his hands firmly on the mattress, on either side of Eli’s hips. The loose silk of his blouse hung off his body and gave Eli a tantalizing glimpse of the lean physique underneath through the gap. "I cannot profess to know her majesty’s mind," Alric murmured, in a low, husky tone.

"I should think the world would benefit from having more… progressive nations such as this one," said Eli, with a light chuckle.

"For certain," said Alaric. He pushed off the bed, looking down his nose at Eli, green eyes seeming to twinkle in the pale light. "But if so, then no doubt sir Blackblade will travel the world to visit each one. How is this one supposed to see him again?"

Alaric reached up to undo the ties that loosely held the two sides of his blouse together. He stopped when Eli sat up and lightly touched his hand.

"I want to undress you myself," said Eli.

"As you wish, sir," said Alric, letting his arms fall to his sides.

Eli reached up. The knotwork on the laces was aesthetically impressive but quite simple to unravel. Not that they would have posed a challenge to the deft fingers of a master thief were they to have been complex.

With every loosened lace, the smooth silk garment opened further. Once Eli undid the last one, the two halves fell away from one another, exposing Alric’s lean body to the cool night air. He leaned forward and lightly pressed his lips to the footman’s chest.

A quiet rush of breath slipped past Alric’s lips.

Eli chuckled as he pulled away. He placed his hands on Alric’s waist, letting them linger there briefly before sliding them up along Alric’s sides.

Alric’s skin was hot, and the way he quivered at Eli’s touch was nothing short of magical. He shivered as Eli’s hands drifted over his chest and curled over his shoulders.

Eli slipped his fingers under the silk and gently nudged the fabric off Alric’s shoulders. The boy’s soft, supple skin broke out in goosebumps as the silk slid off his arms, falling in a heap at the foot of the bed.

"Do you wish to give or receive tonight, my lord?" whispered Alric.

"So polite," Eli laughed. He looked up at Alric, eyes lidded and gaze smoldering.

A quiet moan spilled from Alric’s lips as Eli reached between his legs and lightly caressed his erection through the smooth fabric of his silk breeches. He wasn’t wearing anything underneath, so his sizable cock was tenting out the fabric.

"I think, tonight, I’m in a mood to get fucked," Eli murmured.

Alric flushed. "Of course, my lord," he said.

Eli untied the laces on Alric’s breeches, too. The waistband was only lightly perched on Alric’s hips and once it was loosened, the garment slid down the youth’s lean legs with ease, catching only briefly on the tip of his cock.

Alric’s hardness sprang free of the silk and stood rigid in the cool air. The single drop of pre-cum beading at the tip glistened in the moonlight. It throbbed when Eli’s fingers lightly brushed along the underside, eliciting a low moan.

Eli placed a hand on Alric’s shoulder and leaned back, propping himself up on a single elbow. Alric followed him down, stopping just short of a kiss. Their faces were so close together that scarcely an inch separated them.

"May I, my lord?" Alric murmured. The heat of his breath gently caressed Eli’s lips, making them tingle.

"You need not ask," said Eli. He moved his hand from Alric’s shoulder to the back of his neck as he pulled the younger man in for a kiss.

It had been some time since Eli last had a tryst. He hadn’t had the time, too busy running from Aellir. He’d forgotten how good a simple kiss could feel, especially with a receptive partner. A peculiar heat blossomed in his stomach as Alric’s lips parted for him.

Eli sucked in a breath as Alric bit his lip. There wasn’t any great force behind it, but the sharp pain sent a frisson of pleasure through his body. His cock stiffened in his pants, though it was stifled by his underclothes and the tight breeches.

When they pulled apart, Eli saw that Alric’s cheeks were tinged with a deep red. The boy’s green eyes were lidded, too, his gaze hungry.

"That’s a good look on you, lad," said Eli.

Alric smiled. He leaned in and pressed his lips to the base of Eli’s neck. He hummed, quietly, and said, "I’m glad you like it, my lord."

Unlike the loose blouse that Alric had been wearing earlier, Eli’s tunic was not as convenient to remove. He’d already undone some of the laces, in anticipation of tonight, but had left a few for Alric.

"Shall we get you out of these, my lord?" said Alric. Without wasting time waiting for a response, he reached for Eli’s collar with one hand, supporting his weight on the bed with the other. With a deftness that impressed even the master thief in Eli, the footman undid all of the remaining laces one-handed and in record time.

Eli chuckled. "Eager, aren’t we?" he said.

Alric hesitated. His fingers stopped just short of slipping under the bottom hem of Eli’s tunic. "Shall I go slower, sir?" Alric murmured.

"No." Eli shook his head. "I like it."

"Good," said Alric.

Eli’s tunic hiked up his torso as Alric’s hands slipped underneath. He sucked in a sharp breath as the footman’s strong fingers splayed on his tight, cobbled stomach.

"I didn’t want to, my lord," Alric continued.

A single glistening strand of pre-cum dripped from the tip of Alric’s cock onto the bed between Eli’s legs.

Alric pushed Eli’s shirt further up. He stopped to play with Eli’s nipples for a short while. He pinched them and tweaked them and rubbed small circles around them before moving on. Eli was straining in his pants by the end of it.

As Alric slipped the tunic over Eli’s shoulders, Eli fell back onto the bed and raised his arms over his head. Alric leaned over him, body so close that Eli could feel the heat radiating off him, and pulled the shirt the rest of the way off.

After tossing the shirt aside, Alric wasted no time and pushed off the bed. His fingers traced lightly down Eli’s sides, making him squirm. His hands lingered for a moment at Eli’s waist before he got to work untying the laces of Eli’s breeches.

Eli watched the younger man at work and chewed on his lower lip. He would never admit it out loud but he was rather ticklish. Extremely so, even. He couldn’t say he was pleased Alric had just come perilously close to unearthing that particular secret.

It took Alric some small amount of effort to peel the tight breeches off of Eli’s legs. "They really make you work for this, don’t they, my lord?" said Alric, with a light chuckle.

"You should try getting them on," said Eli. He did not remember the struggle with fondness.

"Well, you shan’t have to worry about that any longer, my lord. Not for tonight, at least," said Alric. He took a step back and yanked the wretched breeches free. He nearly lost his balance in so doing, stumbling back with a laugh that echoed in the darkened room. With hardly the decorum that such a fine piece of clothing deserved, Alric tossed the pair of pants over his shoulder and walked back over to the bed.

Eli bit back a moan as Alric reached into his under breeches and fished out his cock. The young man’s fingers were hot on his rigid shaft. It had been too long since he was last held by someone else, and it showed. He was leaking profusely, even though Alric’s fingers were only loosely wrapped around him.

"Shall I pleasure you lovingly tonight, my lord? Worship every inch of your body ’til you come to a breathless, shuddering release?" Alric whispered, leaning down to murmur the words right against the base of Eli’s cock. The heat of his breath and the vibration of his voice sent tingles up Eli’s spine.

Alric’s walked two fingers up along the tight V of Eli’s sides, splaying the rest over the cobbled muscles when he reached Eli’s stomach. Eli tilted his head back and moaned as Alric tugged lightly on his cock.

After a few moments, Alric looked up to meet Eli’s gaze and said, in a lower, more dangerous tone, "Or perhaps my lord Blackblade would like this one to fuck him into the mattress until either the bed breaks or my lord forgets his name."

That it was even a question proved only that Eli hadn’t sufficiently impressed upon Alric what it was that he truly craved tonight. He reached up and grabbed the boy the nape of the neck and practically growled, "Fuck me as a beast would."

Alric grinned. In the moonlight, his teeth seemed to gleam. Gone was the hesitant, uncertain boy that had first entered Eli’s room. In his place was a man more than ready to take that which had been freely offered him.

"Then shall I do my lord the courtesy of preparation? Or shall I forgo that as I shall any tenderness?" Alric whispered, as he gently pushed Eli’s hand off his nape and stood. His erection pulsed in the moonlight. It was bigger than Eli remembered. It seemed what he’d thought was Alric’s full size earlier was only the boy at half-hardness.

"Perhaps it would be wise to avail the use of some oil," said Eli. He didn’t think he could handle Alric dry. Not after some months of being out of practice.

With a smirk that seemed all the more dangerous on his handsome, boyish face, Alric walked over to the nightstand beside the bed and retrieved a pot of oil from the drawer. "Perhaps it would be wiser, indeed, sir," said Alric, as he returned. He grabbed one of Eli’s legs and tossed it onto his shoulder. "I should not like to be prosecuted for breaking a national hero."

Eli laughed, though it was cut short with a moan as he felt Alric’s oil-slicked fingers enter him. He couldn’t help but grunt. It had been too long. He had tightened up. His ring burned as Alric’s two fingers slid in to the first knuckle when he would have taken such a thing with ease, before.

Alric worked quickly and efficiently. There was pain there, as Alric worked Eli open, but all it did was give a delicious edge to the pleasure. As his body remembered what it was to be filled, it became easier to stretch him out. The third finger slipped in with ease, and there was scarcely any pain when the fourth entered as well.

"I’m ready," Eli said.

Moonlight glistened off a thin stream of oil as Alric poured some on his cock. He chuckled, the sound rich and dark. "I was not prepared to wait for much longer, my lord," he said. The tone of his voice made Eli’s cock jump.

Alric pulled his fingers out of Eli’s ass and slid that hand under Eli’s knee, hefting that leg onto his shoulders. He clambered onto the bed, pushing Eli back across the silken sheets with his weight.

Eli slid across the bed with ease—unsurprising as the bedcovers were of unimpeachable quality. He ended up somewhere in the middle, surrounded by crumpled sheets.

Alric planted his knees on either side of Eli’s hips. He leaned forward, using his body weight to wedge Eli’s legs apart. He placed one hand on Eli’s shoulder and used the other to line his cock up with Eli’s eager hole.

Eli’s whole body trembled with anticipation. His breath tensed as he felt the blunt head of Alric’s cock at his entrance.

Alric pushed his hips forward, using his grip on Eli’s shoulder for leverage.

Eli could only moan as he was wedged open by Alric’s cock. It was big. Bigger than he’d judged by eye. It was another mark of how out of practice he was. The burn of the muscle stretching wasn’t unwelcome, though. It made the sensation all the more intense.

"Fuck, my lord, you’re still as tight as a vise," Alric breathed as the head of his cock popped in.

"It’s been a while," Eli grunted, through gritted teeth. He’d forgotten how intense it felt to take a big cock.

Alric placed his other hand on Eli’s hip. Eli flinched as the fingers brushed lightly against his side. Luckily, it didn’t look like Alric noticed his reaction.

After taking a breath, Alric pressed forward. He pushed down on the bed with the hand he had on Eli’s hip and pulled toward him with the hand he had on Eli’s shoulder.

The pressure was almost too much to take. Eli could only moan as inch by inch of Alric’s substantial cock slid into him. The thick oil rendered any attempts to resist futile.

What felt like an eternity passed before Eli felt Alric’s hips come to rest against his. "Fuck," Eli groaned, as he tried to get used to the feeling of Alric’s cock seated firmly inside of him.

It felt great. Eli had missed this. He was glad that his first time after so long was with a big cock It felt so good. Mouth-wateringly intense, too.

"We haven’t quite made it to the fuck, part yet, my lord," said Alric.

Eli appreciated the cheek on the lad. "Well, then," he said. "Get to it."

Alric chuckled. A faint sheen of sweat on his brow glistened in the moonlight. "I had thought it would be thoughtful to give sir a chance to adjust," said Alric.

"Has there ever been so conscientious a feral beast?" said Eli.

Something dangerous gleamed in Alric’s bright green eyes. "No, my lord," he whispered, the tone of his voice promising many things.

"Didn’t I—" Whatever else Eli might have said died in his throat as Alric pulled back, sliding his cock almost all the way out. Only the head remained inside. Their eyes met. A heartbeat passed in silence. Alric snapped his hips forward with enough force that it jarred Eli’s jaw shut.

Eli’s mind went blank as the blunt head of Alric’s cock slammed right into that button inside him. He could but squeeze his eyes shut and yell, "Oh, gods!"

Alric moved his hand up from Eli’s waist to his shoulder. He leaned forward, using his weight to fold the master thief in half and force his legs even wider apart. "They can’t help you tonight, my lord," he said.

Eli could only moan as Alric fucked him. The boy’s large cock hit every button inside of him.

The bed creaked under the two of them. The canopy shook with the brutality of Alric’s thrusting. Eli felt like he was going to be split in half. He loved it.

Eli moaned. He was used to being so analytical about everything he did. It wasn’t a bad thing. A master thief always had to be aware of his surroundings. It did mean, however, that Eli rarely, if ever, was spared a moment from his thoughts.

This was the one occasion that Eli got the chance to give in to the desires of his body—to let someone dictate the pace, for once. Alaric, for all his apparent inexperience, was doing a splendid job.

The jackhammering of the footman’s thick meat into Eli’s hole was a sublime pleasure. He’d forgotten how much he enjoyed this. His whole body buzzed with excitement.

Eli’s senses were afire, too. Alric was leaning over him, head nestled into the crook of his neck. The feeling of Alaric’s breath on his shoulder, the weight of Alaric’s body on top of his, the heat of Alaric’s skin…

The atmosphere was electric, too. The air was filled with the wet, lewd sounds of Alric’s cock ramming into Eli’s hole again and again and again accompanied by the rhythmic slap of skin against skin. There were also the soft, guttural grunts that Alric made every time he jammed his thick hardness into Eli and the quiet, stifled moans that Eli reciprocated with.

Time blurred as Alric had his way with Eli. He was brutal, just as Eli had asked for. A veritable beast in bed.

Eli felt as if his insides were being rearranged—molded to best fit Alric’s substantial endowment. It wasn’t the biggest he’d had, by far, but it was the biggest one wielded with any sort of skill.

There was every chance that Alric would ruin Eli for any other men, tonight. It certainly felt that way, in the moment.

Eli’s thighs quivered. He was close. Alric was still going. His hands were above his head, arms akimbo, fingers tangled in loose silken sheets. He lowered one and bit on his knuckles as he approached the edge.

A delicious sort of tension coiled in Eli’s groin. The heat in his belly spread to the tips of his fingers, making them tingle. His toes flexed in the air as Alric’s weight continued to bear down on him, folding him nearly in half and trapping him underneath.

"I’m close," Eli breathed.

Alric straightened somewhat. His dark curly hair was damp and plastered to his forehead. Beads of sweat dripped from his brow onto Eli underneath him. "Me too, my lord," he said.

"More," Eli begged.

Alric grinned. His teeth gleamed in the moonlight. His bright green eyes seemed to sparkle. "Yeah?" he said, the pace of his thrusting reaching a fever pitch.

Eli moaned. "Harder!"

"A-as you wish, my lord," Alric groaned. He slammed his hips into Eli’s with every thrust. He crammed every inch of his fat footman dick into Eli’s quivering hole, grunting and growling like a beast with every thrust.

"Fuck!" Eli screamed. "Fuck, Alric. I’m gonna come. I’m gonna cum. Fuck. Your cock feels so good!"

"Nnnh…" Alric groaned. "I can feel it, my lord. You’re getting tighter."

Alric gasped for breath. "You’re squeezing me. So. Fucking. Tight."

Eli’s toes curled. He threw his head back. His fingers clawed uselessly at the silken sheets. He bit down as hard as he could on his knuckles. "Alric!" he said.

"Fuck. I’m going to come, my lord," he said.

Eli’s cock pulsed. His balls churned. His hole cinched tight around Alric’s meat, making every thrust, every stroke, feel even more intense than before. "Come inside me, Alric," he said, breathlessly. "Fill me with your seed. Breed me."

The only answer Eli got back was a low grunt and one final thrust so hard that he almost felt a rattling in his skull. As he felt the first spurt of hot seed inside of him, the dam broke. It was too much.

Eli’s whole body tensed as he came. Thick ropes of white cum splattered his and Alric’s stomachs as the footman continued to unload inside of him.

Waves of pleasure washed over Eli’s body, intense and lingering long after his orgasm slowed to a trickle. He basked in the afterglow for some few minutes thereafter, until Alric’s softening cock slipped out of him with a soft wet pop and he heard the lewd bubbling sounds of cum leaking out of him.

"It’s almost a shame, my lord, that I don’t have…" Alric trailed off.

"Hm?" was all that Eli could muster.

"Never mind," said Alric, sounding almost impressed. "As one might expect of the famous sir Blackblade. I admire your foresight, sir."

"Wait, what—"

Eli grunted as Alric crawled over him. He heard the scrape of something metallic against wood and he looked over to see the footman retrieving the strange magical bauble that he’d retrieved from Aellir’s cave. He’d been examining it, wondering what purpose it served, shortly before Alric arrived.

Alric returned to his place between Eli’s legs. Eli didn’t have the energy to resist as Alric pushed his legs apart. He flinched when he felt the cold metal of the bauble rub up and down his crack, getting coated in the cum that was dripping out of him.

"What are you—" Eli started, the words catching in his throat Alric pushed the bulb of the bauble between his ass cheeks and into him. His hole, fucked open by Alric’s club of a cock, let it slip in without any trouble and closed around the stalk that connected the bulb to the jeweled base.

"There we go," said Alric, before coming around to lie beside Eli. "Now we don’t have to worry about my seed leaking out of you until morning, my lord," he whispered, as he wrapped his arm about Eli’s midriff and pulled him into a spooning position.

The coldness of the metal was short-lived. It warmed to match Eli’s body as it settled inside of him, with only the base sticking out between his cheeks. "I had been wondering what that was for," Eli groaned, as the tip of the small metal bauble rubbed gently against his prostate.

"Did you not know what it was, sir Blackblade?" said Alric.

Eli shook his head.

"I suppose that’s to be expected. They’ve only recently come into fashion here in court. I know of them because we were introduced to them during supplementary training. They’re called butt plugs," said Alric.

"I suppose they make a lot more sense once you know the name," Eli hummed. He enjoyed the heat of Alric’s body against his. He’d spent too many nights alone, of late. He’d missed the feeling of being in bed with another man.

"Though I must say, my lord, I have yet to see one of such masterful make," said Alric.

Eli moaned as one of Alric’s hands slipped between his cheeks and rubbed the stone at the base of the plug.

"Is this a real rose diamond?" Alric inquired.

Eli chuckled. "As far as I, and a half-dozen master appraisers besides, have been able to tell," he said. "Though if you have designs on it, I must warn you, I am a master thief. I will be able to tell."

Alric chuckled as he pressed his lips to the base of Eli’s neck. "I would never dare, my lord. Though I am curious as to its provenance."

"Would you believe me if I told you that I got it from a Dragon Sovereign’s hoard?" Eli murmured, as his eyes slowly drifted shut.

"Well, yes?" said Alric. "After all, were today’s festivities not to celebrate your successful retrieval of the Stars from the clutches of just such a dragon?"

Eli laughed. "I guess," he said. "Now go to sleep. I’m tired now but I want to go again bright and early tomorrow morning."

Eli shifted in his chair. The metal plug was firmly seated in his ass and he could feel Alric’s load from earlier in the day still sloshing around inside of him. It had been a few days since their last encounter and he’d not hesitated to avail of Alric’s "services" a few times since.

Today, Eli was wearing a loose silk blouse, not unlike the one that Alric had worn to their first night together. It was, apparently, what passed for casual summer wear in the royal palace.

Eli idly stroked one hand back and forth over his stomach while he perused a book on the local history with the other. He was only half paying attention to the text. His mind was on other things—Alric’s cock, namely.

A soft sigh exuded from Eli’s lips. There was a strange but not-unpleasant warmth in his belly. A faint flush crept into his cheeks. His cock stiffened in his loose pants. All day he’d been haunted by the phantom sensations of his and Alric’s lovemaking.

Eli closed the book and set it down. He chewed on his lip as his arousal grew. He slipped his other hand down the front of his breeches and squeezed his hardening cock.

There was a reason Eli had chosen a quiet little alcove in the corner of the palace library. It afforded him some privacy to enjoy his arousal.

Eli had been unusually amorous over the last couple of days. More and more he looked forward to opportunities to get Alric to himself. He loved the way that the lad’s thick cock broke him open.

A quiet moan escaped Eli before he could stifle it. His hand shifted down between his legs. He moaned again as he rubbed the jewel at the base of the metal plug inside him. He wanted more of Alric’s seed inside of him. Needed it.

Maybe, just maybe, Eli was a little bit hooked on the juicy piece of meat that dangled betwixt Alric’s legs.

It was almost a shame that sooner or later Eli would have to leave the young footman behind. He had never planned on staying, in the first place. Now he knew he definitely couldn’t, not without getting attached.

There was no need for haste, though. Until the kingdom managed to scrounge up the reward they’d promised Eli, he could indulge himself. If there was ever a time to bask in life’s little luxuries, Eli was pretty sure it was this.

Out of the corner of his eye, Eli spotted Alric. Eli had not pegged Alric as the bookish type. Besides, the lad was supposed to be working so it was unlikely he had come for leisure. Therefore, Eli surmised, Alric had come looking for him. As for the why of it, Eli didn’t know.

Though Eli’s alcove was fairly hidden away from the rest of the library, Alric found him with surprising ease. Eli looked up and greeted him with a lazy little smile as he approached.

"My lord," said Alric, giving Eli a courteous little bow of the head.

Eli chuckled. How he must have looked, reclining in his chair, legs spread, with a hand down the front of his pants and a lump against his thigh besides. "Come for more, have you?" he said, quirking an eyebrow.

Alric licked his lips and swallowed audibly. "No, my lord," he said. "The master of coin bade me come find you quickly. He sends word that her majesty has decided to apportion you a daily stipend while you reside in the palace."

Eli’s eyes gleamed. He wasn’t going to complain about free money. "I hope this isn’t her way of weaseling out of the reward she promised me," he said.

Alric’s eyes widened. "No, my lord," he said, hastily. "I am certain her majesty only wishes that you enjoy your time here at the palace as much as possible."

Eli chuckled. "That’s kind of her," he said.

"The master of coin also wishes to send his sincerest apologies." Alric’s cheeks turned a pretty shade of pink. "He says that he would have delivered the stipend personally but that his duties have gotten in the way. He said that he would have loved to speak to you earlier this morning but that you were otherwise… occupied when he paid a visit to his chambers."

"Oh?" said Eli, with a light laugh. "Tell him I appreciate his courtesy and that I would like to speak to him as well."

"Very good, sir," said Alric, still slightly red in the face. He unclipped a small pouch from his waist and handed it to Eli. "Your stipend, my lord."

Eli licked his lips as he pulled his hand out of his pants and reached for the pouch. It was quite hefty and the coins within clinked as he pulled it open to examine the contents.

There was some substantial amount of gold and silver currency inside the pouch. It was generous, as far as stipends went. The kingdom being in the state that it was, the queen must have apportioned some of her personal wealth to fund it.

"Is my lord satisfied?" said Alric.

Yes, Eli thought to himself, this was a good offering. Outwardly, he smiled at Alric and said, "Please convey my gratitude to the queen and the master of coin. I appreciate their generosity."

"Very good, sir," said Alric. "If that is all, I will be taking my leave, now."

The corner of Eli’s mouth quirked into a little smirk. "Wait," he said.

"Yes, my lord?" said Alric.

Eli grinned. "Would you like to… occupy me for a little bit?" he said.

Alric’s eyes widened. He seemed sorely tempted, but he was a good footman first before he was an amazing lover. He leaned forward and, in a low voice, said, "I would love to, my lord, but I have to get back to my work."

Eli laughed. "The master of coin sent you to find a master thief. Just tell them you had difficulty finding me," he said.

"I… I guess that’s a plausible excuse," said Alric.

"Good," said Eli. He got up from the chair and pushed Alric into the seat he’d just vacated. "Now just relax and let me take care of you," he said, as he sank to his knees in the space between Alric’s legs.

"Fuck," Alric whispered.

Eli reached up and undid the laces on Alric’s tight breeches. Alric was already rock-hard and ready to bust out of his pants, by the looks of it. As one would expect of a hot-blooded young man.

Alric helped Eli work his breeches halfway down his thighs. It wasn’t ideal, but it would have to do. Eli couldn’t wait any longer.

"Eager, as always," said Eli, as he fished Alric’s cock out of his underclothes. Come to think of it, he hadn’t yet sucked Alric’s cock. The lad was about to get an education in just how talented a master thief’s mouth could be.

As Eli rubbed Alric’s cock against the side of his face, he looked up, into those bright green eyes, and murmured, "You said I’ll be getting this stipend every day?"

"Y-yes, my lord" Alric murmured.

"Good…" said Eli, licking his lips at the thought. "Very good…"

"M-my lord, y-your e-eyes—" A strangled groan interrupted whatever else Alric might have said as Eli swallowed him root to tip in one smooth motion.

Eli pulled off of Alric’s cock with a wet pop. "What about my eyes?" he said.

Alric frowned and blinked. "N-nothing, my lord. I-I just thought I—"

Eli chuckled. "Just shut up and enjoy this," he said. He leaned in and rubbed the head of Alric’s cock on his lips. "Though you might want to be a bit quiet. Wouldn’t want to attract too much attention, would we?"

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