Super Sucker pt. 10

Corey gets bored in Marcus’ bedroom and looks for Castor just as Marcus suggested.

Corey woke up in bed. He was alone, now, but the ghost of Master’s presence remained. Master’s touch on his skin, Master’s scent in his nose. His body ached, but not in a bad way. It was pleasant, a tangible reminder of how Master had plowed him so deeply before he drifted off.

There was also a tingling in Corey’s hole. Not just because of the ever-present, now-reassuring heat of the buttplug he regularly wore. Master’s cum was still warm inside of him. He could still feel it sloshing around in his jockpussy, making the metal bulb of the plug slip around inside of him as he gyrated his hips.

A quiet sigh escaped Corey has he rolled over onto his side. It was wishful thinking to hope that Master suddenly materialized out of thin air in the space that he should have been. Deep down he knew it wasn’t going to happen just because he wanted it to happen. Still, though. Hope was free.

After a while, when it was clear that the laws of the universe wouldn’t bend for him, Corey rolled over onto his back. He stared up at the ceiling. Maybe in a past life he would have reflected, but he wasn’t one for rumination. At least, not anymore.

Corey’s life was so different now than it had been before he met Master. His mind wasn’t his own, anymore. He had given it away, surrendered it to Master. Now, thinking was difficult. Now, thinking was a thing he was supposed to do very little of.

It was one of the rules. Good jockboys don’t think for themselves. Good jockboys let Master do the thinking for them. Corey liked to imagine that he was a good jockboy. It was all that he wanted to be: a good jockboy for Master. The best jockboy, if that was possible.

Corey stared blankly at the ceiling. His head felt foggy. Fuzzy. It always felt that way, now, most of his thoughts drowned out by the pleasant static. What few thoughts he had were simple, and slow. But it wasn’t perfect.

At quiet times like these, Corey’s mind proffered recollections. Memories of a past life that bubbled up through the thick murky bog that had become Corey’s mind. He didn’t want them. He wanted them to stop. He feared that they would make Master disappointed in him.

But Master had reassured Corey that those memories were normal. Natural. That they couldn’t be helped. Master said it was because the human mind wasn’t meant to be completely passive. Corey didn’t know better, but it was what Master told him to think, so he accepted it without question. That was what good jockboys did, after all.

Master did remind Corey, though, that it was his responsibility to be as good a jockboy as he could be. Corey couldn’t ignore the memories, but instead he let them wash over him. He lived them, for the few moments that they were around, but he let them fade from his mind as soon as they were over.

Corey didn’t need the memories. It wasn’t his place to remmeber the life he had before Master. Master said that it was okay, but Corey didn’t really feel any need to remember how life was like before. He didn’t want to remember a time he’d belonged to anyone or anything else.

Corey knew his place now. At Master’s feet. And he loved his place. He loved his role as Master’s good jockboy and he didn’t want to do anything that could possibly compromise that.

However, Corey also had to admit that some of his memories were fun. Not because they reminded him of good times in his past life, but because they made him feel hot when he realized how far he’d come. When he was reminded of how much he’d given up to Master when he submitted. When he surrendered.

A memory bubbled up from the depths of Corey’s being. It was of difficult school problem he’d encountered in his second year. He remembered feeling elated at having solved it after a few days of hard work. He felt silly, remembering how excited he’d been to do something that made him feel smart.

The new Corey, the proud jockboy, couldn’t even begin to imagine how his old self had managed it. It all looked like gibberish to him. The numbers and the letters both. He used to be so smart. Not anymore. He’d given all of that up to Master.

Knowing that he’d willingly emptied his brain out for Master only made Corey’s cock strain even harder in its cage. He loved how he was now. He loved the emptiness in his head. All of the intelligence and ideas that had weighed him down in the past was just gone. Or, at the very least, locked away with a key that only Master had.

As the memory faded away, like ashes in the wind, Corey had to be honest with himself. He didn’t really want any of it back. He didn’t remember much, not when he was in Master’s house, not when Master had just fucked him blank. But he remembered enough.

Corey didn’t want the responsibility, the worries, the inconvenience of it all. He didn’t want to go back to having thoughts going through his head at a hundred miles an hour, making him more stressed than they were worth.

As the seconds ticked by, Corey struggled to remember what had even brought this train of thought about. The memory slipped through his fingers like water through a sieve. He certainly didn’t look forward to the day that he had to go back to that old life to make sure no one got suspicious.

Life now was so much better for Corey. So much simpler. All his silly little thoughts, the silly little concerns that had filled his days, had been replaced with a single concern, and a single driving purpose: Master.

Corey used to question why he was put into this world, why he’d received powers that no one else had. Master made all that thinking unnecessary. Master told him what to think. Master told him his purpose. And it was to please Master. To do everything that Master asked of him. To be a good jockboy for Master. The best jockboy for master.

Corey blinked. And just like that, he’d forgotten what he was thinking about. He’d long since learned not to struggle to remember. It was better to let go. It felt better to just surrender. It wasn’t his place to think, anyway.

A shiver of pleasure coursed through Corey’s body as his mind returned to the peaceful, droning static that he’d now gotten accustomed to. It was nice. Calming. Serene. He loved being empty. The fuzz in his head made his entire body hum with arousal, making sure he was ready for Master whenever Master needed him.

Corey’s eyes drifted half-shut as he sank back into his world of blissful emptiness. It felt so good to have no thoughts. To be blank. To have nothing in his head but his purpose as Master’s jockboy. The thoughts that had been coalescing at the edges of his consciousness slowly faded back into the fog of his mind.

A small, lazy smile crept across Corey’s face. He was being a good jockboy, emptying out his head. Good jockboys like him didn’t need thoughts when Master wasn’t around. Good jockboys like him just existed. Horny and blank. Like him. No thoughts. No mind. Just a pleasant, horny, empty, existence.

But Master had never wanted an empty shell. Master wanted a jockboy, not an inanimate toy. After a while, Corey drifted out of his trance. It was like waking from a dream, the kind that pulled a person in and made them want to stay forever.

Master gave him some latitude, gave him some autonomy. He was nowhere near his old self, of course. His memory, his knowledge, held gaps that only Master could fill. But at least, this way, he could function without Master literally dictating his every move.

Totally empty, mindless jockboy Corey was reserved for the bedroom. Or whenever Corey was on his own and had nothing better to do. He wasn’t supposed to stay too deep for too long, but more often than not he found himself craving the trance right after coming out of it.

His mind now partially his own again, Corey curled up to face Master’s side of the bed. His thoughts were still slow. Math was probably still impossible. But he could at least think for himself. A little bit. He would have preferred the more intense stuff, but he didn’t mind. This was lovely. Besides, this was what Master wanted.

For a while, Corey wondered if Master would finish early and return to strip his mind down to the bare essentials again. He loved getting his mind fucked out by Master’s cock. But he knew it was unlikely. He mostly spent weekends at Master’s manor, but whenever Master said he had work, Master was often away doing said work for a while.

Boredom won out, eventually. In this state, Corey couldn’t stay in bed forever. In his trance, he would have happily, contentedly, stayed there, staring blankly at the ceiling until Master returned. No matter how long it took.

But alas, things were as they were. All Corey could do was huff. The problem was that he didn’t quite know what to do other than tidy up. Master came to the rescue, though. A memory of Master, at least, of Master giving him a suggestion on what to do if he got bored.

It was as good as anything Corey could think of—not that he could think of much. Besides, Corey wasn’t about to not do something that Master said, even if it was just a suggestion.

Gently sliding the blanket off his naked body, Corey swung his legs off the side of the bed. He couldn’t very well leave Master’s room without tidying up. Besides, he wanted it to be perfect in case Master came back while he was away.

His cock straining as he thought about how happy Master would be to return to a neat room, Corey set about making the bed. He spent a few minutes to make sure that the blanket, the sheets, and even the pillows were all in perfect condition. Only once he was satisfied did he give himself a figurative pat in the back, and permission to leave.

Corey left the room without bothering to pick up any clothes on the way out. There wasn’t much to speak of in Master’s room to begin with. Most of it was sexy underwear. Master didn’t want him to cover up. Good jockboys showed off their sexy bodies for Master, and Corey was more than happy to follow that particular rule.

Besides, most of the other boys at the manor, some of whom Corey crossed paths with as he made his way through the halls, wore nothing on their day-to-day duties. And since Corey was one of the boys, he figured that it was only right to fit in.

Even so, Corey knew he would never fully fit in. He occupied a privileged place among Master’s boys. They were all enslaved like him, but at the same time none of them were enslaved like him. None of them had the same filigree cage marking them special like him.

Corey would never think to hold it over the other slaves. He was Master’s possession. It wasn’t his place to feel superior to the others. But Master never said anything about feeling happy that Master chose him. Knowing that he had Master’s favor made Corey feel all sorts of warm and tingly on the inside.

Regardless, there were times that Corey worried he wasn’t doing enough to make Master’s life better. Not like the other boys. But Master never gave him any tasks to do around the house. And it certainly wasn’t his place to question Master’s decisions or lack thereof. Master’s wishes were the only thing that mattered.

Even with his limited capacity, Corey was able to quickly make it through Master’s home. It didn’t take him too long to find the servants’ wing, and from there, Castor’s quarters. They were the biggest rooms in the entire wing, more meant for the head of the household than a servant. Corey would venture to say that Castor’s room was downright luxurious.

As Corey made to knock, he noticed something that gave him pause. Quiet moans filtered through the dense wood. It was Castor. That in itself wasn’t all too strange. It was par for the course. The dumb little slut was far more of a nymphomaniac than Corey, and walking in on him bouncing on a dildo or riding his brains out on a vibrator would not have been a surprise.

What made Corey hesitate was the sound of a second voice from within. As far as Corey could remember, which wasn’t saying much, he was pretty sure that Castor had never expressed an interest in Master’s other boys. And Master surely would have said something if he had a visitor who was going to play with Castor.

The giddy, squeals of pleasure from within the room were enough to pique Corey’s curiosity. That second voice was definitely not Master. Eager to get to the bottom of the mystery, Corey swept into the room, not bothering to announce himself.

What Corey saw made his eyes widen, his jaw drop, and his caged cock swell against its confines. Castor was being triple-teamed by what looked to be a set of triplets. Identical ones. Three hot men who looked exactly alike were in the process of liquefying the remains of Castor’s brains with their cocks.

A golden beam of sunlight streamed in through the wide-open window, inviting a cool draft that wound through the room. Even so, the air was thick with the intoxicating scent of sweat, sex, and cum. It wasn’t particularly hard to figure out why.

Castor was being speared from both ends like a suckling pig, moaning like the empty-headed little slut he was while taking a cock down his throat and two up his boypussy. Corey gently squeezed his locked cock. It was so fucking hot.

The thin veneer of sweat on the back of the triplet currently face-fucking Castor gleamed in the sunlight. And even though Corey didn’t get much of a glimpse of the cock pistoning roughly in and out of Castor’s mouth, he could see the lump of the deliciously thick member sliding up and down Castor’s throat.

The guy on top of Castor was a little bit more visible to Corey. He was handsome, in a bad-boy kind of way. He had a chiseled, masculine jawline. His arms and legs bulged, making Corey more than a little jealous and a lot aroused.

The man’s muscles looked like they had been sculpted by a master from the finest marble. Little droplets of sweat joined into rivulets that coursed over the man’s tight abs, rolling over the firmly packed muscles, and through the sharp crevices between them. The man’s skin, every inch glowing with a healthy golden tan, was stretched taut over his muscular frame.

And yet, the more that Corey watched, the more he ended up confused. The triplets not only looked alike. They sounded alike, too. So much so that Corey was sure he would hear only two voices, Castor and another man, if he closed his eyes.

There was a loud, wet, sucking sound as Castor finally noticed that Corey was standing at the doorway. "Corey!" said Castor, a dumb, blissful grin on his face. "I’m, like, so glad you’re here! Look who Master found for me!" said Castor, giggling vapidly.

"I didn’t tell you to stop," said the triplet that had been fucking Castor’s throat. Corey’s cock twitched in its cage as the handsome man pulled Castor back onto his cock, fingers tangled in Castor’s locks. The man spared Castor no quarter as he crammed his cock into Castor’s mouth.

Corey licked his lips. His mouth was watering. For a few moments, he’d seen the man’s cock. It was big. Beautiful. Thick. The thought of it made his hole twitch. "W-Who are you people?" Corey said.

A fourth identical man walked up to Corey, nearly scaring the living daylights out of him. He shook his hand, dispelling the crackling lightning that had come to life between his fingers. "Sup, Sparky," said the man.

Corey was fairly certain that when he’d entered the room there was only Castor and the triplets fucking him. And yet, there was no denying what Corey could see in front of his own eyes. Yet another impeccable copy of the three men currently pounding Castor into oblivion.

"Name’s Pollux," said the man, crossing the space between him and Corey. Pollux extended his hand. But instead of shaking Corey’s when Corey held his out, Pollux instead gently took hold of Corey’s locked package. "Nice cock cage you’ve got here, Sparky."

Corey blushed. He’d never been complimented on the chastity cage before. "Master gave it to me," he said, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips. As far as Corey was concerned, the cage was basically the equivalent of an expensive bracelet or a beautiful necklace.

"Hmm… Yeah. I’ve heard a lot about you from Master," said Pollux. Corey shivered as he felt Pollux’s piercing grey eyes looking him up and down once. Corey couldn’t resist doing the same to Pollux, but his gaze caught on the rock-hard cock poking out from between Pollux’s legs.

"You’re a pretty boy, Sparky," said Pollux. "Gotta say, I’m impressed. Anyway… As you might have guessed, Castor and I have known each other for a long time."

Corey stared at Pollux. The man’s handsome face was a wonderful distraction. That masculine jawline and those pretty, piercing eyes just drew the gaze and stoked a fire in the pit of Corey’s stomach. He licked his lips. He didn’t think he’d ever openly lusted after another guy like this before. Well, except for Master, that is.

It took a moment for Pollux’s words to register in Corey’s mind. He tilted his head, confused. "Um… Why… Why would I guess that?"

For a heartbeat, Pollux was quiet, as if he didn’t know what to make of Corey’s question. He looked at Corey and raised an eyebrow, clearly skeptical. Even that Pollux did with an easy confidence that made Corey’s heart skip a beat. "Oh come on," said Pollux. "You can figure it out, I’m sure, Sparky. Just think about it for a sec."

This was one of the things that Corey figured his old self would have known. But he wasn’t that person right now. He was in Master’s house. He was supposed to be a good jockboy. "Good jockboys let Master do the thinking for them," he said.

Pollux laughed. The sound was crisp and clear. It made Corey’s stomach flutter. One of Pollux’s twins, the one on top of Castor, looked in their direction and smirked. "Fair enough," said Pollux. "Thought there might be some more of that A+ student in there, but clearly not right now."

Pollux pursed his lips. "Don’t know if it means anything to you, but I’m Pollux, he’s Castor. We’re kind of named after the famous twins from Greek mythology?"

Corey blinked. He stared blankly at Pollux. None of that rang a bell. Not a bell that he could hear, at least. The words went in through one ear and right out the other. It was unnecessary knowledge. "Wow," said Pollux. "Really emptied out up there, aren’t you, Sparky?"

Corey grinned. He felt his cheems warm at the compliment. "Good jockboys keep their heads empty so that Master can fill it with his will," he said. "I’m just doing my best to be a good jockboy for Master."

"Good, good," said Pollux, clapping a hand on Corey’s shoulder. "To be honest, I like my boys nice and simple. It makes them easy. I’m glad that Master shares my taste."

Pollux leaned in, as if to utter a secret in Corey’s ear. "To be honest, it’s a major improvement for that one over there," he said, pointing over his shoulder with his thumb at Castor.

Corey giggled. Castor was definitely more empty upstairs than he was. Castor was ditzy. An airhead. The perfect little mindless slut for Master.

"So, Sparky," said Pollux, taking a step forward. Pollux was so close to Corey now that Corey could practically feel the heat of Pollux’s body against his skin. "Did Master tell you that you’re off-limits to everyone else?"

"No," said Corey. He didn’t remember much, but he did remember all of Master’s commands. He couldn’t think of a single time that Master had said anything about being off-limits to everoyne else. If anything, as a jockboy, he was supposed to service all the cocks presented to him.

Pollux grinned. "Then," said Pollux, reaching down to grab one of Corey’s arms by the wrist. "Do you want a taste of this?" he said, guiding Corey’s hand up to his hard cock.

Corey nodded, his fingers wrapping around the base of Pollux’s erection. "Please," he breathed, as his cock strained against its cage.

A pair of hands felt Corey up from behind. At first he thought it was Pollux, but Pollux’s hands were sliding up the sides of his torso. They went up to his chest, where Pollux pinched Corey’s nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand.

But as Corey felt a hot body press up against his back, nestling a hard cock between his ass cheeks, he heard Pollux speak from behind him. "Ever had two at the same time."

"N-No," said Corey, just in time for yet another Pollux to swoop in and press a kiss against his lips.

When they broke apart, a strand of glistening spit linking their lower lips, the third Pollux grinned and said, "How about three?"

One Pollux would have been plenty strong enough to pick Castor up off his feet. Three at the same time handled him with little effort. He saw no reason to fight. Didn’t want to fight as they carried him over to the large four-poster bed.

Just the feeling of the Polluxes hot, hard bodies against his naked flesh was enough to make Corey leak. And the mere proximity of so much sheer masculine sex appeal made the buttplug in his ass feel like it was on fire.

"Wait…" said Corey. Pollux and the two other identical men stopped, still holding him aloft. "What are your names?" he breathed.

"Pollux," the three answered in unison.

"Still haven’t figured it out, Sparky?" said one. Corey shook his head. He didn’t understand. But really, it wasn’t important.

Corey bounced once off the mattress when the Polluxes tossed him onto the bed. He landed on his back, but before he could adjust his position to something more comfortable, two of the Polluxes were on him, one kneeling at either side of his head.

The two Polluxes’ hard cocks bobbed in the air in front of Corey. They were so thick, so juicy. His mouth watered as they leaked pre-cum on his chest. "Go on," the Polluxes said in unison. "That’s what you’re here for."

The muskiness of the two Polluxes was almost overwhelming. It was intoxicating. Every breath filled Corey’s lungs with their thick, heady scent. He reached up and tenderly cradled the Polluxes’ full balls in his fingers. They were hot in his palms.

What came next was dictated by instinct. Corey didn’t need to think. He just did what he thought would make the Polluxes feel good. He grabbed the cock of one, gently stroking it with his fingers, as he craned his neck and upper body to wrap his lips around the head of the other.

Corey didn’t know where the other Pollux went, but he couldn’t exactly care. Pollux tasted so good on his tongue that he couldn’t help but moan as he lapped up the pre-cum dribbling from the tip of Pollux’s cock.

The one Pollux that wasn’t accounted for made himself known when Corey felt the mattress shift under his ass from the weight of that Pollux climbing onto the bed between his legs. Hands slid under Corey’s lower back, slowly pushing his lower half up off the bed.

As Corey’s ass rose into the air, his legs fell akimbo. Pollux Right and Pollux Left, the mental names he’d given the Polluxes vying for his mouth, each grabbed one of his ankles and held his legs open. The last Pollux, Pollux Prime, rubbed his hands over Corey’s ass cheeks.

Fingers on Corey’s forehead pushed his head back to the bed. Pollux Right’s cock slipped out of his mouth with a wet pop as Pollux Left swung a leg over Corey. Pollux Left’s knees were on either side of Corey’s head now, pinning him to the bed. Pollux Left’s hard cock bobbed enticingly in front of his face.

Briefly, Corey glanced to the side. Castor was still being fucked by his three Polluxes. Somehow, Corey doubted that Castor even knew he was there. The little slut’s eyes were completely glazed over as the three Polluxes relentlessly pounded him at either end.

To think that he was going to be like that soon enough excited Corey. His cock swelled in its cage, his flesh pressing up against the delicate filigree. He strained as he leaked impotently onto his own balls, as he drowned in the heady musk of Pollux Left’s big cock.

Pollux Left rubbed his blunt cock head on Corey’s lips, smearing them with salty-sweet pre-cum. Corey licked his lips and opened his mouth for Pollux Left. A heartbeat later and his mouth was full of cock. Thick, hot, delicious cock.

Corey sucked on Pollux Left’s cock with abandon. He slurped and suckled, moaning as pre-cum dripped onto his tongue. He was so horny he felt like he would explode.

Between Corey’s legs, Pollux Prime pried his ass cheeks apart. He wiggled his butt to give Pollux Prime a little bit easier access. His hole twitched, clenching around the stem of his buttplug.

Pollux Prime pulled on the base of Corey’s buttplug until his hole relinquished the entire thing. He moaned around Pollux Left’s cock as the buttplug slipped out, his hole stretching around the metal bulb. Once the buttplug was out, something warm and slippery trickled out of Corey. "Is that Master’s cum?" said Pollux Prime.

Corey pulled off Pollux Left’s cock. "Y-Yes, sir," he said, desperately trying to clench his hole to keep more from spilling out. He managed to say "Please don’t waste any of it" before Pollux Left’s cock was unceremoniously shoved back into his mouth.

"I would never," said Pollux Prime. Corey felt Pollux Prime’s hot breath on the sensitive skin of his lower back, followed by the sensation of Pollux Prime’s tongue slurping up the cum that had trickled down his back.

Pollux Prime’s tongue traced a long, wet stripe along Corey’s spine, slipping up along his crack. Corey moaned around Pollux Left’s cock as Pollux Prime tongued at his hole, the hot, wet tip swirling around his pucker.

While Pollux Prime was slurping at Corey’s hole, Pollux Left pulled his cock out of Corey’s mouth. He swung his leg back over Corey, placing both knees firmly on Corey’s left side.

Pollux Right came back into view, his hard cock bobbing eagerly in front of Corey’s face. The two Polluxes placed their hands behind Corey’s head and pulled him up off the bed as far as he could go. They shuffled toward each other, until the heads of their cocks were practically touching, right in front of Corey’s mouth.

Corey licked his lips. He knew what the Polluxes wanted him to do. The idea was exciting. He leaned forward to take both cocks in his mouth. It was a tight fit. It stretched Corey’s jaw to the limit. But he somehow managed to get both cock heads in his mouth.

Sucking on them properly was practically impossible, but Corey could work his tongue sloppily over and under the two cocks. He moaned, lapping up the copious pre-cum leaking from both cocks, their salty-sweet flavor mingling on his tongue.

"Switch gears," said Pollux Prime. Corey groaned as Pollux Left and Pollux Right pulled out of his mouth. He licked his lips, savoring the lingering taste of their pre-cum. They let go of his ankles, which let his legs fall to the bed once Pollux Prime let go of his lower back.

Corey sat up and saw that Pollux Prime was reclining on his back. His torso was propped up by his elbows on the bed. His legs were wide apart, his cock sticking right up between them. "Come sit on me, Sparky," said Pollux Prime, with a small smirk.

Corey’s hole twitched. He wasn’t about to say no. He crept on his hands and knees toward Pollux Prime and clambered on, palcing his knees on either side of Pollux Prime’s waist as he lowered himself onto Pollux Prime’s cock.

Pollux Prime slipped into Corey easily. Master’s cum inside of him acted as the perfect lube. It felt good. So good. His eyes rolled back up into his head as he felt Pollux Prime’s hips against his own.

Pollux Prime wasn’t as big as Master, but it was enough. Pollux Prime was long and thick, his cock curved deliciously upward so as to press up against Corey’s prostate on the way in.

"Ride me, Sparky," said Pollux Prime.

Corey was more than willing to oblige. He leaned forward, placing his hands on the bed to either side of Pollux Prime’s broad chest. He rolled his hips, gyrating them, working Pollux Prime’s cock around his hole.

Before long Corey was bouncing on Pollux Prime’s cock, sliding his hole up and down Pollux Prime’s cum-slicked pole. He looked up at the ceiling, his eyes fluttering as he moaned. Pollux Prime’s cock was amazing inside of him. Every stroke, every thrust, grazed his prostate and made him leak.

The two of them settled into a comfortable rhythm. Corey lifted his hips off of Pollux Prime’s. Then, he lowered himself again. When he did, Pollux Prime met him with a sharp little thrust that made his insides tingle. In and out. In and out. Just at the right pace to loosen him up.

"Ready for two, Sparky?" said Pollux Prime.

Corey shivered as he felt another cock on the small of his back. Looking over his shoulder, Pollux Right was kneeling behind him, cock ready to slide into him next to Pollux Prime’s. "I… I think so," said Corey, as the thought of being penetrated by two cocks at once made his cock leak even more into the mess he’d already made on Pollux Prime’s stomach.

Pollux Right lined his cock up with Corey’s hole and pushed with his hips. Corey grimaced at the pressure. He took a deep breath and pushed with his pucker. He moaned as the pressure built, more and more weight bearing down on his hole until Pollux Right’s cock head popped into him.

It hurt. It burned. Corey’s hole felt like it was being ripped apart, torn open. But at the same time, it was a pleasure unlike anything he’d ever felt before.

The sensation would have ripped a scream out of Corey if not for Pollux Left. Pollux Left was standing on the bed, his feet on either side of Pollux Prime’s torso. With one hand, he pulled Corey onto his cock, cramming his thick fuckpole down Corey’s throat before the scream could make its way out.

Pollux Right slid all the way into Corey until Corey could feel Pollux Right’s balls resting on the cheeks of his ass. It was ecstasy distilled into a single motion, sharpened by the pain of being stretched beyond his limits.

Corey had all of two seconds to get used to the Polluxes in his ass before they started moving. He choked and gagged on the cock that had been shoved down his throat, his eyes rolling back into his head from the pleasure of the Polluxes in his ass moving in tandem, one in, one out, the other in, the other out.

Over and over and over again. Faster and harder with every thrust, the pace building, the rhythm becoming more and more frantic. There was no mercy. No quarter. And Corey didn’t really want either.

Corey moaned and gurgled, unable to vocalize much more around the cock pumping in his face, using his head like a glorified fleshlight. Spit and slime dribbled out of the corners of his mouth, but he didn’t pull away. It felt good. So good.

Corey’s jockpussy tingled and burned as the two Polluxes fucked him with such relentless force that he felt like his brains were getting rattled around inside of his skull. What thoughts he had bounced around in his head, battered this way and that by the thick, powerful cocks pumping into him.

It felt good. So good. The pleasure built and built and built until Corey lost himself in it. His cock strained, leaking all over Pollux Prime. His toes curled, his entire body tensing. In and out. In and out. Each thrust harder and harder until the overwhelming ecstasy was all that Corey knew.

When next he came to, Corey realized that he was kneeling on the floor. He had a cock in his mouth, and a cock in each of his hands. Someone else was leaning against his back. It didn’t take a genius to guess that it was probably Castor.

Corey looked up. There were so many Polluxes looking down at him, he gave up on trying to give them names. He was so horny. His cock felt like it could explode. But he knew he couldn’t. Not while he was caged.

Corey pumped his fingers up and down the two cocks that he was holding while he swallowed the cock in his mouth all the way to the root. The other Polluxes, the ones whose cocks weren’t being taken care of, had taken matters into their own hands, stroking their own cocks frantically, their faces scrunched up with pleasure.

"G-Gonna—" said the Pollux in front of Corey. Corey kept sucking. As one, the Polluxes moaned, "Cumming!"

In perfect unison, ten ropes of thick white cum burst from the cocks ringed around Corey and Castor. One went right down Corey’s throat before he could pull off. Two went right in his face, a little bit getting up his nose.

Spurts of cum landed on Corey’s stomach, shoulders, and arms. But it kept coming. Spurt after spurt after spurt of thick, milky jism erupted from the Polluxes’ cocks until Corey felt like he was drenched in it.

The sensation of hot cum drying on his skin was so profoundly intense that Corey’s eyes rolled back into his head and the world went white again.

The sun was lower in the sky by the time that Corey came to. The golden light streaming through the window had taken on a tinge of orange, and the cool breeze wafting in had become somewhat crisp.

There was a hard body pressed up against Corey’s back, and a thick, sinewy arm was draped over his stomach. A big cock, hard as a steel rod, was nestled between the pillowy cheeks of his jockboy ass, pressing up against the base of the metal buttplug that was buried inside of him.

Castor was lying on the bed opposite Corey. He had a contented smile on his cum-crusted face. Behind Castor was a Pollux, holding Castor in much the same way that the Pollux behind Corey was holding him.

"Morning Sparky," said Corey’s Pollux. Corey felt that Pollux’s cock pulse against his ass cheeks. His hole twitched in response. "Did you sleep well?" said Castor’s Pollux.

"Y-Yeah, I guess…" Corey murmured. His hole was tingling. He didn’t think he’d ever had such physically intense sex before. Master’s fucks were divine, sex that was intense on a spiritual level. Pollux was more primal. More bestial. An instinctual kind of dirty, rough sex. "That was nice…" he whispered.

"Course it was," said Corey’s Pollux. "It’s me you’re dealing with, after all, Sparky," said Castor’s Pollux, as he gently tucked a stray lock of hair behind Castor’s ear. "Master kept me around for a reason."

"Are you one of Master’s boys?" said Corey. Pollux didn’t act like any of the other boys, but he still called Master, Master. It was strange. And even though he knew it wasn’t his place to ask questions, Corey had to know.

"What do you think, Sparky?" said Castor’s Pollux, a small smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth. "Well, I don’t want you to hurt yourself so let me answer that. Yes and no. Yes, I belong to Master, but no, I’m not one of Master’s house boys."

Corey nodded. He could accept that explanation. He didn’t need to ask any further questions. It wasn’t his place.

One thing was bugging Corey, though. As he watched Castor sleep, he realized that he had never seen his friend quite so peaceful before. Castor had always carried around an air of sadness, albeit one masked by his upbeat sluttiness.

Even when Master had fucked Castor’s so hard that Corey could have sworn he saw Castor’s brains leaking out of his ears, Castor had looked more relieved than anything. Castor certainly hadn’t looked as satisfied, or as happy as he did now.

"What are you to Castor?" said Corey.

"That’s… That’s a complicated question," said Corey’s Pollux. "Why do you want to know?"

Corey closed his eyes. This was being naughty. This wasn’t being a good jockboy. But he cared about his friend. "I want to make sure you’re good for him."

Corey’s Pollux laughed as Castor’s Pollux pressed a tender kiss to the skin behind Castor’s ear. "I’m an old friend, I guess? A brother? A lover? It’s… Hard to quantify what we were supposed to be to each other," Corey’s Pollux admitted.

"I did a stupid thing a long time ago," said Pollux. "I broke a promise I made to him… And I was too much of a coward to make it up. But he’s here now. I’m here now. I want to fix things."

"Okay," said Corey. There was probably a longer story there, but the thought of asking didn’t even cross his mind. "Try your best," he said.

Corey’s Pollux pressed his lips against Corey’s nape. "Of course."

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