Super Sucker pt. 13

Corey plays with his neighbor but ends up taking things a bit too far.

Getting the name of the guy next door would be easy. Corey kept tabs on the guy’s movements through the wall, getting some valuable experience with using his electro-sensory perception for tracking. At some point around ten, the guy hopped into his en-suite to shower.

Corey’s cock twitched in its cage as he watched the guy strip. His powers didn’t really give him a clear image of the guy’s body, but he could indulge his own imagination. As the guy hopped into the shower, Corey couldn’t resist the temptation of playing with his prey.

The guy froze as Corey excited the nerves around his cock. Corey could see the pleasure centers in the guy’s brain light up as the guy’s cock slowly rose to full hardness. It bobbed up and down, presumably from the cascade of water droplets falling on it from the showerhead above.

Had he been kinder, Corey might have left it there and let the guy rub one out in peace, but Imperious was his master, so he was never going to let it happen. Each time the guy so much as tried to grab his cock, Corey sent a nasty shock up the guy’s arm. Despite himself, watching the silent yelps sent a thrill up Corey’s spine.

The guy braced his arms against the wall of the enclosure, probably dropping his head into the flow of water from the shower. He rolled his hips, bucking and thrusting into the empty air, fruitlessly chasing more stimulation than Corey was willing to offer.

Corey flipped his legs into the air. He reached down past his locked cock to rub his fingers on the jeweled base of the buttplug buried inside of him. The metal was warm to the touch, and pleasantly hot against his insides. The gentle buzz against his prostate elicited a moan as he worked the base of the plug.

Corey enjoyed himself while tormenting the guy next door. More and more he came around to Imperious’ point of view that taking control of other men was quite pleasurable. His whole body quivered with arousal as he watched the guy next door struggle with the stimulation.

Slowly, Corey turned up the heat—so to speak. He intensified the stimulation of the guy’s nerves, and savored the way that the guy hopped from one foot to the other as if it would help him escape the exquisite torture.

The electrical impulses were steady, at first, but as Corey realized he had better control than he thought, he started varying them. He made the impulses ripple up and down the guy’s cock to simulate stroking. The guy seemed to like that, bucking and thrusting with increasing vigor until Corey saw that he was close, and immediately stopped all stimulation.

After giving the guy half a minute to recover, Corey started again. This time, he pulsed the stimulation, gradually growing it stronger and stronger until it was almost painful, and then completely cutting it off. He did this over and over and over again until he managed to lose track of time.

Eventually, Corey realized that he had to let the guy get on with his day at some point. By then, it was already almost noon. The guy was no doubt late for whatever he meant to go to, but Corey didn’t really much care.

With a small grin, Corey dialed up the intensity of the electricity surging through the guy’s cock. He watched the guy moan and hump the air, his fingers scrabbling uselessly at the wall of the enclosure. Corey worked the guy’s cock more and more and more until the guy reached the point of no return, then he stopped all stimulation entirely.

From the way that the guy’s cock only gave a few pitiful throbs, Corey figured he’d successfully given the guy a ruined orgasm. The second in as many days, and if Corey had his way, the second of many ruined orgasms.

Corey himself was needing cock in a bad way. His locked cock was leaking so much it had formed a pool on his stomach. The plug in his ass felt good, but it wasn’t enough. He couldn’t wait for the weekend. He wanted to be with Master again.

Corey let the guy finish his shower mostly in peace. He kept an eye on the guy just to make sure that there was no unauthorized self-gratification happening. He doubted there would be any of that, since the water had probably run ice-cold long before Corey let the guy cum, but it didn’t hurt to be careful.

The guy was cursing under his breath, stomping around in his room as he came out of the shower. As he eavesdropped through the wall, Corey figured out that he had made the guy late for an interview. It was a tragedy, not really his problem.

A small part of Corey, one that still clung to his old principles, felt a pang of guilt for his actions. Sure, the Commonwealth wasn’t nearly as cutthroat a place as planetside, but missing out on a job was still a pretty big blow.

After a moment of introspection, Corey realized that even if he could see why Imperious took such pleasure in bending other men to his will, he didn’t have to be as cruel about it. Corey could make it up to the guy. In fact, he wanted to.

Corey would find the guy another employment opportunity to make up for what he did. And if that opportunity just so happened to put the guy right in the palm of Corey’s hand, then that would just be a happy coincidence. Everyone would be happy. Corey would get his plaything, and the guy would get a decent job with decent pay.

As the guy next door got dressed, Corey quickly pulled on his own civilian clothes. He stepped out of his room and made his way next door. He knocked and was answered by a muffled curse. A moment later, the door flew open.

Standing across from Corey was the object of his recent experiments. He was actually quite cute in a dorky, slightly-geeky kind of way. His face was flushed, and his hair was more than a little bit awry. "What is it?" the guy demanded, seemingly unable to meet Corey’s eyes.

"Oh, sorry," said Corey. He put on his most sympathetic smile. "I didn’t mean to interrupt if you were doing something important. Hi. I’m Corey. I live next door. I was just wondering if everything was alright. I heard how upset you were last night and just a few minutes ago."

The guy’s ears went bright red. As he tilted his head up to look at Corey, his cheeks were a similar shade. His storm-grey eyes seemed angry, outraged for a moment. But all that Corey had to do was send a bolt of pleasure through the guy’s asshole, and the bravado instantly evaporated.

The guy bit his lower lip, his eyes welling with tears as he whimpered, "Oh, gods! I-I-I… I don’t…" The poor guy looked so utterly terrified that Corey found it difficult not to revert to old hero instincts. The guy looked like he just needed a good, long hug, which absolutely made sense. Losing control of one’s own body to an invisible force had to be the stuff of nightmares to most people.

"Shh… Shh…" said Corey. He entered the guy’s dorm room and gently pushed the guy away from the door, which he closed behind him. "I don’t know what’s going on…" he said.

"Gene," said the guy. "My name’s Gene."

Corey nodded. "I’m sorry about whatever’s going on, Gene. I know you don’t know me, and you probably have no reason to trust me, but if you need anyone to talk to, I’m all ears, okay?"

Gene sniffled and wiped his nose with the back of his hand. "T-Thanks," he said. "T-That means a lot."

Corey smiled. He gently led Gene to the bed and sat him down before taking a seat beside him. "Just breathe, man," he said. "Are you okay?"

Gene closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His hands, which had been trembling, seemed to regain their steadiness for the most part. Corey patted him on the back, between the shoulders, as he took another deep breath to calm down. "I… I guess I can’t say I’m not okay…"

After yet another breath, Gene buried his face in his hands. "I’m not in pain… I don’t feel sick… But I just feel like… I feel like I’m not in control of myself anymore…" he mumbled.

Corey felt a twinge of guilt in his chest. He squeezed Gene on the shoulder and said, "I get it, man. Being an adult is hard. Feels like the world’s just taking you for a ride, but you can’t let it get to you. There’s some things you can’t control, sure, but you gotta take control of what you can, you know?"

"No, no…" said Gene. He turned to Corey, looking utterly miserable. "I know that… Fuck… If I told you what was actually happening to me, you wouldn’t believe me. I should never have gone off-world."

Corey raised an eyebrow. "Try me," he said. Knowing that Greg was from down planetside made this whole thing just a tad more interesting. He patted the poor guy on the shoulder and added, "You might be surprised what people around here are willing to believe. There are a lot of people running around with powers in the Commonwealth."

Gene straightened up. "Yeah, I guess you’re right… I never really thought about it that way. Thanks…" he said. "I don’t know what’s happening… I really don’t… It just started out of nowhere yesterday. It’s like I’m not in control of my body anymore—like I’m just a passenger now, and someone else is the pilot."

Corey quite liked that way of framing it. It was certainly how he felt whenever he surrendered full control to Imperious. Hiding how pleased he was turned out to be easier than Corey expected. "That’s kinda freaky," said Corey. "But definitely sounds like the work of a super."

"You really think so?" said Gene. He seemed hopeful. "I was afraid that I might just be losing my mind."

"What was your body making you do?" said Corey. Gene had been a lot more forthcoming with him than he expected. He wondered how far he could push the envelope, how much he could get Gene to tell him.

Gene blushed. It was the kind of blush that didn’t stay on his cheeks. The sides of his neck were red, too, and Corey would have bet a few credits that Gene’s chest and shoulders were flushed pink, too. "I-I don’t know…" he stammered.

"Gods," Gene muttered. He looked up at the ceiling. "I don’t even know why I told you any of this… I’m sorry. I’m sure there’s better things you want to be doing with your day…" He scratched the back of his head, turning to smile apologetically at Corey.

"Thank you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for not telling me I’m going crazy," said Gene. His gaze briefly met Corey’s, but he looked away just as fast. "I’ll be alright… And I don’t want to be a burden, anyway, so I’m sure you’d want to get back to what you were doing…"

"Burden?" said Corey. "Not at all! I don’t know how it is down planetside, but up here in the Commonwealth we like to pride ourselves for caring about other people." It was true, but Corey felt it was sort of disingenuous coming from the actual cause of Gene’s distress.

"Thanks," Gene murmured, sheepishly. "Hey… Uh… You wouldn’t mind being friends, would you?" Corey fought the urge to chuckle. Gene sounded so sincere, so vulnerable. He didn’t want to trivialize it, even if he did have an ulterior motive. "I haven’t had much luck making many."

"Sure," said Corey.. "I get it. I don’t have many friends, myself," he said.

"You don’t have many friends?" said Gene, as if it were some incredibly improbably concept that Corey didn’t have many friends. "Sounds like bullshit to me. I don’t think I’ve met anyone friendlier in my time here," he said.

"Hey, is that really the way you want to talk to your newest friend?" said Corey, playfully punching Gene on the shoulder. He chuckled. He supposed it was only fair that he open up a little to Gene since Gene had opened up to him earlier. "But I get what you mean. It’s not that I don’t try, I just find it hard to connect to people, you know? Doing what I do doesn’t really leave much time for friends."

"What do you do?" said Gene. Corey realized too late what he had said. Gene seemed like the kind of smart guy who would figure out. Though in the end it wouldn’t really matter once Imperious got his hands on Gene. "It can’t be that bad."

Corey sighed. "Well, I’m trying to get straight A’s through university," he said. "And on top of that I’m working whenever I’m not studying, so as you might expect, I don’t really get much time to socialize." It was a neat little lie, believable enough given the context of their conversation, but Gene didn’t need to know that.

"Huh. That’s fair, I guess," said Gene. "You’re lucky you have a job. I’ve been trying to find one, and I thought I finally had a chance today, but… Well, I’m three hours late to my interview so that’s that opportunity probably down the gutter."

"Well, what kind of work are you looking for?" said Corey.

"I’m studying to be an accountant, so I’ve mostly been looking for jobs along those lines. But honestly, I’m open to anything. I’d even do some manual labor just so I’d have some money for spending and for emergencies," said Gene. He looked at Corey. "I don’t think I can be too picky. If you know anything, would you mind telling me?"

"Huh. I don’t really believe in destiny, but my boss was talking about hiring someone to do his accounting recently," Corey lied. He didn’t really know if Imperious needed an accountant, but Gene didn’t need to know that. Once he met Imperious, Corey was sure Gene would have no problem taking whatever role Imperious had for him. "I could put in a good word for you," he offered.

"You’d do that for me?" said Gene. He seemed to have brightened up considerably from the miserable mess that Corey had met at the beginning of their conversation. "Thank you so much!" he said.

Corey chuckled. "Don’t worry about it," he said. He fought down the urge to smirk as a naughty little plan started to come together in his head.

"Uh… I know I said we could be friends, Gene, but don’t you think that’s a little forward?" said Corey.

Gene tilted his head in confusion at Corey. "What are you talking abou—" The way that Gene’s face turned a pretty shade of dark red, as he realized where one of his hands had gone, was priceless. "Oh my gods," he breathed.

"I’m so sorry. It… It’s not me!" Gene said. He looked increasingly mortified as he struggled and failed to pull his hand away from Corey’s thigh. If anything, Gene’s fingers just crept higher, closer to Corey’s bulge. "Oh my gods," Gene whimpered, tears welling in his eyes.

"I take it this is what the super was making you do?" said Corey, trying his best not to sound gleeful as Gene’s hand kept working its way up. He looked down at Gene’s hand and bit on his lower lip. He looked up at Gene. "Not that I mind…" he murmured. "But geez, the super who’s got an eye on you is one pervy little slut, isn’t he?"

"I’m so, so, so, so, sorry, Corey," Gene muttered, unable to even meet Corey’s eyes as his hand went up to grope Corey through Corey’s pants. Corey let out a quiet little moan as Gene’s fingers played with his tender balls. "Wait… What do you mean you don’t mind?"

Corey realized that he actually liked the thought of playing the innocent victim. He tamped down the delight he felt at playing with Gene’s body and mind, and tried his best to look wide-eyed and uncertain. "I—" He paused for effect. "I think you’re cute," he said.

Gene’s eyes widened as his other arm came up and pushed Corey down to the bed. Still in control of Gene’s body, Corey forced Gene to pin him down by the shoulder against the mattress. "Is this you?" he whispered, as Gene struggled to find the words.

"That’s too bad," said Corey, loud enough that Gene would hear it, but quiet enough that Gene would think he wasn’t meant to. It seemed to have the desired effect. Gene’s eyes widened again, and the flush on his cheeks took on a color more appropriate for arousal than embarrassment.

Corey forced Gene’s fingers down the front of his pants and watched the realization that he was locked dawn on Gene’s face. "Your cock," Gene said. Corey hoped he had read Gene’s expression correctly. "You’re in chastity… Fuck." Gene breathed.

"Yeah," said Corey, putting on his best bashful face. "It makes me so fucking horny," he breathed.

"That’s… That’s hot," Gene muttered. It seemed that he didn’t quite mind being a passenger in his own body at the moment. "Did you mean it? Do you really think I’m cute?" said Gene.

Corey nodded, eyes widening in surprise when Gene leaned down and kissed him. Gene wasn’t a kisser like Imperious was. He wasn’t commanding, or demanding, or possessive. There was a certain earnestness to the way that Gene kissed that Corey found adorable. It was certainly enough to get him to reciprocate.

Gene seemed breathless as he pulled away, briefly in control of his own body as the kiss had been enough to distract Corey. "That was me," he said. For a moment, Corey saw a glint of delicious self-confidence in Gene’s eye, but it didn’t last. "I-If you don’t mind…" he murmured.

With those words, Corey took the reins again. Using his powers, he made Gene pull his pants down. He made Gene massage the buttplug in his ass as he spread his legs. It felt so good. "I told you, I don’t mind," said Corey. He raised his hands and held the sides of Gene’s face. "Give me more," he whispered, pulling Gene down for another kiss.

There wasn’t a shred of resistance in Corey’s body as Imperious’ deft hands masterfully strapped him down to the bench. The weekend had come, and not a moment too soon, either. He was naked, as he was supposed to be while on the grounds of Marcus’ estate.

Using his abilities to perceive the world around him had become second nature to Corey in just a few short days. He was used to knowing the general layout of his surroundings, thanks to the veins of electricity that coursed through most man-made structures. Even blindfolded, he had been able to follow the route he and Imperious had taken through the manor grounds.

Down here, though, in this particular room, Corey was blind. He could sense a faint tingling in the air, most likely a ghost of the electrical impulses currently whizzing through Imperious’ body. Beyond that, however, Corey could see nothing.

"Do you like it?" said Imperious. His tone was cold, enough to send a chill down Corey’s spine as his left wrist was fixed in place. "It must be… enlightening to have gotten used to experiencing the world in much more detail than most people, and then suddenly having all of that stripped away from you."

"Yes, Master," Corey whispered. Because it was definitely a mindfuck, one that he hadn’t even considered possible. It wasn’t like his powers were gone, because he could still faintly feel electricity around him, but it was as if they were stunted somehow, in a way that he couldn’t quite piece together through the fog surrounding his thoughts.

"You might have heard of the technology," said Imperious, "but I would not be surprised if you haven’t, as it is quite new. It is called the Devon-Ehrlos Advanced Reality Anchoring and Stabilization System, and as it so happens I have one currently powered on that covers this entire room."

The name of the device didn’t ring a bell to Corey, but he couldn’t help but giggle at the acronym spelled out by the first letters. A quiet moan slipped out of him as Imperious ruffled his hair. "It is quite amusing, is it not?" said Imperious.

"I know the smarter part of you must be dying to figure out what the machine does, but that is not really an option right now, is it? My dumb little jockboy?" said Imperious. Corey moaned, his cock swelling in its cage as Imperious locked down his right ankle.

"To make things simple for that empty little head of yours, my little thundercloud, the machine cancels out metaphysical anomalies within its area of effect," Imperious explained. Corey struggled to wrap his head around the words. "It means that the magical parts of your powers go… kaput," Imperious clarified.

The concept sounded so simple, and yet Corey struggled with comprehending it. As Imperious locked down his last limb, the fog in his head only got thicker. He was so hot—so horny. His entire body craved his master’s touch, making it impossible to dwell on what Imperious had just told him.

Blinded, more profoundly now than he had ever been before, Corey’s entire body quivered with anticipation. His back arched at the lightest touch of Imperious’ fingers along the curve of his ass, his hole twitching around the warm metal plug buried inside of him.

"Do you know which room this is?" said Imperious, gently rubbing circles along the top of Corey’s ass with his thumb. "I wouldn’t be surprised if you did not. It must be getting so hard to think by now, is that not right? You are slipping into that dumb jockboy state of mind that you love so much by now, are you not?"

"N-No, Master," Corey moaned, as Imperious’ hand lightly swept up his back, following the contours of his body, leaving a trail of tingling heat in its wake. "A good jockboy doesn’t think for himself. A good jockboy lets his master think for him."

"That is exactly right, my little thundercloud" said Imperious. "So, let me tell you which room this is. You have been here before, but you probably have not gotten those memories back, yet. You will, in time. You were not much of a good jockboy in the beginning."

Imperious’ hand came to a rest in the dip between Corey’s shoulder blades. His touch was warm, gentle, and reassuring, but his voice was cold and stern. "Open your mouth," said Imperious.

Corey felt a thrill as Imperious walked around to stand in front of him. He eagerly opened his mouth, ready to accept whatever Master would give him. He anticipated getting skull-fucked. He did so love it when Master used his throat as a flesh light while he was tied down and helpless.

Instead of Imperious’ cock, however, a smooth round rubber ball, somehow slightly warm, pressed down on Corey’s tongue. It slipped behind his teeth, the straps resting against the corners of his mouth as Imperious fastened the gag. He moaned, drooling around the ball as Imperious buckled the leather straps behind his head.

"I like to call this room the discipline chamber," said Imperious, tracing the back of a finger lightly across the side of Corey’s face. "If that empty little jockboy head of yours is struggling to understand what that means for you, it means that you are here to be punished. You are here to have your discipline refreshed and reinforced."

Corey’s moan was muffled by the rubber ball in his mouth. He didn’t know what he did to earn his punishment, but it didn’t matter. It wasn’t his place, as Master’s good jockboy, to ask any questions. And besides, it didn’t seem like Imperious would be willing to answer any of them, anyhow.

Imperious slipped a pair of headphones onto Corey. In an instant, the sounds of the outside world went silent, and a heartbeat later, the low, steady drone of static crackling through the speakers in the earpieces made sure that he couldn’t hear even the beating of his own heart.

There was a quiet click before Imperious’ voice came through the noise. "Sometimes even the best jockboys do bad things. Everyone makes mistakes. But that does not mean these errors should go unpunished—otherwise, what would be the point of discipline? Do you know what it was you did wrong?"

Corey shook his head. With most of his senses otherwise impaired, Corey’s skin felt almost hyper-sensitive. He jumped when he felt the smooth, supple texture of a paddle being drawn across his cheeks. The first exploratory swat against his ass made his skin tingle.

"I gave you permission to get the name of the boy who lived next door to you," said Imperious. Corey moaned through his gag as the paddle landed across his ass a second time. "But as I recall, I neither gave you permission nor instructed you to have sex with the boy."

A muffled whimper escaped Corey. He had disappointed Master, done something that Imperious had not told him to do. He deserved the punishment. Corey shivered as the blade of the paddle stroked up his crack. The leather rubbing against the jewel at the base made it vibrate ever so slightly inside of him.

"It seems that you have grown accustomed to the latitude that I have so graciously given you as my favored, and have forgotten your place at my feet," said Imperious. "I can forgive your momentary lapse of judgment, my little thundercloud, but that does not mean I will let it go unpunished."

Another swat landed across Corey’s ass cheeks. He could feel his flesh ripple from the force of the blow. His skin tingled at the site of the impact. The pain was sharp and in focus, blind and deafened as he was.

"It may be that I allow you some of your own discretion in playing with your hole or having sex with the people that I deem worthy of you," said Imperious, nary a quaver in his voice to indicate when the next blow would be coming. "I may like to treat you like a depraved whore in my own home, but that does not give you license to slut yourself out to the most convenient cock when you get horny."

Corey’s yelp was muffled by the gag as the leather paddle landed across his butt cheeks. His eyes bulged under the blindfold, and his back arched from the force of the blow. His cock strained in its cage, leaking pre-cum onto the bench underneath him. The smarting pain of impact hadn’t even faded when another blow landed. And then another. And another.

Tears welled in Corey’s eyes once the blows stopped coming. His ass felt like it was on fire, and yet he was so fucking turned on, anyway.

"You belong to me, my little thundercloud," said Imperious. THere was a dangerous rasp to his voice, a possessive undertone that made Corey shiver. "Your body, that little nub of yours, your mouth, and your hole, are mine to do with and give away as I please."

Corey whimpered into his gag after Imperious laid into him with another six swats in quick succession. The pain was exquisite. His ass felt like it was burning, his flesh stinging from the blows. The paddle tracing gentle circles on his cheeks provided only a modicum of reprieve from the pain.

"You know this," said Imperious. "You know your place. You know who it is that you belong to. This is what you pledged when you gave yourself to me fully, body, mind, and soul. You know this."

Another two blows landed across Corey’s ass. It hurt. But at the same time, it felt so good. Imperious’ voice was stern and cold, but his touch on the hot skin of Corey’s back spoke of need. Imperious’ fingers splayed on the small of Corey’s back, as the paddle rubbed slow circles around his ass cheeks.

"The next time it occurs to you that you might want to be a little whore," said Imperious, punctuating his words with another two swats, each one more forceful than the last, "and I know that there will be a next time because I know how much of a dirty little slut you really are, remember the feeling of my paddle on your bottom and let that remind you of your place and who owns you."

Imperious paddled Corey two more times. Corey nearly screamed as the last one left a burning impression of the paddle on his flesh. The pain had slipped from pleasurable to bad, and there were now tears streaming down his face. Even though his mind was fogged up to the point of making thinking impossible, he understood every word that Imperious said, knew the lesson that he was being taught.

"Shh…" said Imperious, after giving Corey a few moments of respite. Corey felt his master’s thumb brush along his cheekbones, wiping away the tears dripping from his eyes. Imperious’ voice was almost quiet. "We are nearly done my little thundercloud. Four more. You want to be a good little jockboy for me, don’t you? Just bear with it. This is for your own good."

Corey took a deep breath. Imperious was right. This was for his benefit, ultimately. He had forgotten his place and needed to be reminded of it. And he certainly deserved punishment for disappointing his master. Because he was a good jockboy. Because he wanted to be the best jockboy he could be.

Two more spanks landed without warning, and despite himself, Corey let out a hoarse yell, albeit one muffled by the gag between his teeth. "The next time you feel like you might want a cock up that jockpussy of yours, if I am not around, if Pollux is not available, and if Gene isn’t willing to take you, you will ask contact me and wait for my permission, however long it might take," said Imperious.

One more burning stripe was drawn across Corey’s ass cheeks, and the pain was enough to make him burst into sobs. "Do you understand, my little thundercloud?" said Imperious.

Corey nodded, just as another swat brought searing pain screaming through his body. He nodded again, whimpering. It was done. His punishment was done. And he definitely wouldn’t forget the lesson.

Feeling all sorts of raw and vulnerable, Corey slumped against the bench and just laid there. For a moment, he was left in limbo, blind and deaf to the world around him. Then, he felt Imperious’ fingers gently rubbing something nice, cool, and tingly on his ass.

After about a minute, as the pain subsided, the headphones came off. Then, the blindfolds. Imperious released Corey limb by limb from the bench and then gently pulled him off. He was strong. Certainly strong enough to manhandle Corey. There was a bed in the corner of the room, and Imperious gently laid back onto the mattress with Corey on top of him.

Imperious reached up and wiped the tears from Corey’s face with his thumb. "Shh… Shh…" he murmured, pressing a quick kiss to Corey’s lips, which Corey eagerly reciprocated. "It’s over now, my little thundercloud. You were such a good little jockboy for me, taking twenty swats so well."

"Thank you, master," Corey whispered, sniffling. "I’ve learned my lesson."

"Is that so?" said Imperious, gently rubbing circles on Corey’s tender ass with his other hand. "Tell me, then, who do you belong to?"

A small smile danced on Corey’s lips. He nuzzled Imperious’ chest. "You, Master," he said. "Only you."

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