Super Sucker pt. 2

Corey Cooper, superhero by night, star quarterback and summa cum laude contender by day, has a dark and dirty secret. He fantasizes about being brainwashed by a villain into a cum-hungry, slutty, mindless little whore.

When the cruel, capricious, and impossibly hot Imperious shows up to play in Selene City, will he be able to resist his urges and remain as the lightning-wielding Tempest? Or is he doomed to give in and end up on his knees at Imperious’ side?

Finals, you might be surprised to find out, happen to be the bane of many a young superhero. They might not have been, in the days when supers adults with jobs and savings accounts. Supers are getting younger and younger these days, though, and that means having to juggle school life with a secret identity and many crack during their first finals season.

Selene City’s own darling boy Tempest had had enough of them. To make matters worse, supervillains and even your everyday criminals tend to be rude enough not to care if a super is busily studying for a fallback career in case the whole saving the world thing didn’t work out.

Fortunately for Corey Cooper, he had just finished his last exam. He wouldn’t have to worry about any more of the damn things until the fall semester. And next year, he would finally graduate and be done with them once and for all. Right now was time for some hard-earned relaxation. At least until another supervillain showed their ugly mug and made life complicated all over again.

Over the past couple of months, despite being a high-achieving student and star of the university football team, Tempest has managed to put away a record number of up-and-coming supervillains despite it being academic crunch season. He had been so effective that the people at the Hall of Heroes were beginning to wonder if they were even needed in Selene City.

Truth be told, the last thing Corey wanted was the Hall turning its attention elsewhere. His fantasies of being enslaved by Imperious had not faded over time as he had hoped. In fact, they had only gotten stronger. The small part of him that was genuinely concerned with justice wanted the Hall to stick around just in case his fantasy did come true. In case he did manage to get seduced over to the dark side.

It was so wrong. So filthy. So depraved. But it was also so hot. In the last couple of months he’d had two dates, both with older, more domineering men. While those trysts had scratched the itch a little, neither had been enough. Not nearly enough. What he craved, what he needed, was someone that would take control of him body, mind, and soul. It was a truth that he affirmed every time he came all over himself fantasizing about being enslaved to the dark side.

The only person who could do that, as far as Corey Cooper was concerned, was Imperious. As luck would have it, there were reports coming in from Seaside City of men acting oddly and doing things that they would have never done if they had been in full possession of their faculties. Nearly each and every one of them suffered from cognitive impairment and even the straightest, most-homophobic of victims turned into total cockwhores at the end of their ordeal.

It meant one thing, and one thing alone: Imperious was making a comeback. While a tiny part of him was concerned that evil was going to be walking the streets of Seaside City again, for the most part he was ecstatic that he would very soon have new material to jerk off to.

"Dumb jock. Dumb horny jock. Stupid fucktoy. Obedient slave. Mindless servant." The spiral pulsed, flashing words in front of Corey’s eyes. He felt floaty. Fuzzy. Unable to think. But it was just the post-orgasmic haze. He wasn’t actually hypnotized. He had just come and was squeezing the last droplets of cum from the tip of his cock.

He was still hard, though. Truth be told, he was hard more often than he was soft these days. It was like he was 16 again, popping boners every couple of minutes regardless of how inappropriate it all was. It was Imperious. This had started happening when he learned Imperious had surfaced.

It was a bit embarrassing to have a hard-on in his super suit, but he often had bigger things to worry about than the outline of his thick cock pressing up against the lining of his suit. The worst that it did was give tabloids incendiary material painting him as a pervert, but to the fan clubs, it provided spank bank material. Neither scenario was worth his attention.

Right now, though, he was ready to turn in for the night. He had spent the day fighting Nightchaser and had nothing to show for it. So it had been a pretty disappointing 24 hours, all in all. The highlight had been his intense orgasm, fantasizing about being hypnotized. Which was sad.

But just as he was about to slip naked under his sheets to sleep, his communicator beeped. Blearily, he snatched it off his nightstand and wrapped the watch around his wrist. "What is it now?" he mumbled.

SIBYL, the AI that ran the Hall of Heroes, produced a small holographic projection that illuminated the dark room with a faint bluish-green light. She looked at Corey, examined the circumstances, and rolled her eyes. "The supervillain Shatter is currently causing mayhem downtown near the capitol," she said, with a small smirk.

"Jesus," Corey grunted, rubbing his face with his free hand. "Are you sure that it’s the Shatter?" he said. Shatter had disappeared two years ago for unknown reasons. It was possible that the perp tonight was just a copycat with similar powers, but SIBYL nodded. There were implications there that Corey was simply too tired to ponder. "God fucking damn it," he murmured, "Don’t these fuckers know some of us need some sleep?"

SIBYL chuckled. "If you would rather tuck in, Tempest, I can send the junior team. You know they’ve been chomping at the bit for some action."

Corey considered it. Genuinely considered it for a moment. But it wasn’t a good idea. Not even remotely. It was worse than that. It was outright a terrible idea. "No, no," he murmured, throwing the blanket off his naked body. He swung his legs over the side. "Shatter’s a Tier IV. They’ll get pulped."

Grumbling, Corey muttered "And just when I thought I had a quiet night to myself," under his breath.

SIBYL just chuckled again. "As you were, Tempest," she said. "Best of luck." The hologram promptly winked out afterwards as Tempest pulled his super suit on.

Tempest perched on the windowsill of his bedroom for a moment to push a pair of earplugs into his ears. He expected that he would have to use lightning this time around, and that meant thunder. Loud thunder. Coming from him. The last time he’d fought without earplugs, he’d knocked himself unconscious from the force of the blast.

Once he was ready, Tempest launched off his perch and into the sky, angling toward the capitol.

Have his eyes always been that blue? was the first thought that Tempest had once he finally managed to knock that stupid helmet off of Shatter’s head. Is he drooling? was the second. He looked at his hands and wondered just how much damage that bolt of lightning had just done to his opponent.

He didn’t have long to ponder because in the next heartbeat, Shatter had recovered. He clapped his hands together. In the past, the motion would have produced a wave of concussive energy that could pretty much destroy anything in its path, but apparently in the two years since his disappearance, Shatter had managed to hone his powers and discover new aspects of it.

Now, as SIBYL had helpfully pointed out the first time Tempest had gotten hit, Shatter was producing two spherical waves of concussive force timed so that the wavefronts would have constructive interference at the location of the target. If not for his earplugs, Tempest was sure he’d have gotten knocked out the first time.

This battle was turning out more difficult than he had anticipated. He was going to have to answer for a lot — particularly the lightning-generated scorchmarks on the pavement of capitol square and the trees that had been uprooted by an ill-advised attempt at creating a tornado on top of Shatter.

Tempest dodged out of the way of the attack and landed on the ground. Fortunately for him, Shatter needed to recharge after every attack. This was his chance. He gathered lightning into his hands and said "It’s time to end this, Shatter."

Just as he released the bolt of lightning, he saw a blur out of the corner of his eye, and felt something pulling at his ears. In the next moment, accompanying the blinding flash of light that was mitigated by his visor, a blast of thunder caught him unaware, and he dropped to his knees, holding his ears. He could feel something warm trickling out of them.

He looked up and saw a pair of legs clad in a tight black suit with yellow accents. He saw hands casually tossing his ear plugs up into the air. He saw a face that was heartbreakingly familiar. A super that had vanished a few years before Shatter. "L-Luxus?" he breathed, just as his vision went to black.

When Tempest came to, his ears were ringing, and he was tied down to a chair. His arms were secured behind his back by a pair of power-dampening cuffs. He seemed to be in an abandoned warehouse of some sort. Probably down by the river. A single lightbulb dangled from the ceiling overhead, shedding light only in a small circle around him.

Shatter was there, naked as the day he was born, ramrod straight, with a massive erection sticking out from between his legs. His bulky body, bulging pecs, tight abs, and tree-trunk limbs glistened with a sheen of sweat. His mouth was hanging open, too, a trickle of drool dripping from his chin.

Tempest’s cock twitched at the sight. Shatter’s eyes were blue. Which meant… He dared not think it. It wasn’t possible. Only one supervillain had this MO. Imperious was a Seaside City supervillain and Selene City wasn’t even half the size. But there was no denying that Shatter looked like he’d been enslaved by Imperious. And while he knew that he should have been scared, Tempest was more turned on by it all than anything.

A quiet moan made Tempest jump. He whirled around and noticed, for the first time, that there was someone else there with him. Standing at his left, in the same straight posture, with a rigid cock, was Luxus. Lean. Lithe. He had the body of a runner, which made Tempest’s cock jump. He was Tempest’s type. Well, Tempest’s type from before he became aware of Imperious.

Like Shatter, Luxus’ eyes glowed with a faint blue light, and a string of drool was dripping down the side of his face.

"I see that you’re awake at last," said a sweet baritone voice from the darkness. A figure stepped out into the light, dressed in a majestic suit of blue edged in black and trimmed with gold. Tempest’s breath hitched in his throat. This wasn’t happening. This wasn’t possible. But it was. It was him. Imperious. In the flesh. In Selene City.

If Tempest’s cock could have busted out of his suit, it would have. As it was, it just stretched the incredibly elastic material. He was hard. Painfully hard. "Hello, Tempest," said Imperious, with the self-assured grandeur that so many super villains aimed for but lacked.

"You! You’re not supposed to be here!" Tempest spat. "What did you do to Luxus?!" he demanded. He had to play the part of the hero. He had to. His fantasy was just that. A fantasy. He was a hero. He had to do the right thing. Even though he wanted nothing more than to fall to his knees and suck off Imperious, enslave himself to those ancient blue eyes and have his entire sense of self obliterated.

He gritted his teeth and forced his arousal down. No. There was a line that he had to draw. A line that he shouldn’t cross. It was all well and good if he went home after this and masturbated to what could have been, but he was a hero. He was supposed to be good. "You’re not going to get away with this!" he screamed.

"Tempest, Tempest, Tempest," said Imperious, sounding so authoritative, so condescending, that it made Tempest’s cock jump. "What makes you think that I haven’t already? You’re here, aren’t you? Tied down. Suppressed. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. No one to come and rescue you that will be anything near a threat to Shatter alone, much less him with Luxus."

Tempest felt a cold pang of fear in the pit of his stomach, but that was it. He was hot. Aroused. Burning up. It was wrong. So wrong. It had only been a fantasy. He was not supposed to turn to the dark side. He wouldn’t. Not if he could help it. Not if it was the only thing that his cock wanted him to do. But Imperious was right. Rescue was no longer an option. But maybe he could bluff himself out of here.

"You’re going to say that I’m wrong," said Imperious, before Tempest could even finish the thought. "You’re going to say that SIBYL has already called for reinforcements and that they’re about to descend on this location." Imperious smirked as Tempest’s heart dropped into his stomach.

Imperious loomed over Tempest. He stroked Tempest’s cheek with his thumb. "Too bad that SIBYL can no longer access your suit’s biometrics and locator thanks to N3M0. Too bad that Luxus has already taken your communicator and hidden it across the city where some of my other associates will be waiting for anyone who’ll come to try and stop me."

"Fuck you!" Tempest said, through gritted teeth. Fuck. He’d gotten complacent. He hadn’t even considered the possibility of another villain waiting in the wings to ambush him. It was a rookie mistake. And now he was about to pay for it. Even though a part of him craved enslavement.

"I would have thought the star of Selene City would be more eloquent," said Imperious. He laughed. "I thought the city’s main protector and guiding light would be more cautious. But I guess you’re used to small-time supervillains around these parts. It was easier to lure you out than I expected, and easier to take you down than I could have ever imagined."

"It’s almost like you wanted to be caught," Imperious whispered, the cold tone of his voice, and the knowing smirk on his face enough to send a chill down Tempest’s spine.

"It took a while to figure out who you were," said Imperious. "But in retrospect it should have been obvious. Corey Cooper. In the running for Summa cum laude. 4.0 GPA. Star Quarterback. Handsome. Sexy. Loner."

Imperious laughed. "If this were a story, you would be a Mary Sue," he said. "But we’re in the real world, boy. And do you know what those details smack of? Super. I hope you weren’t too attached to any of those things because you can say goodbye to them now. From this day forth you will be mine."

With the slightest inclination of his head, Imperious commanded Shatter to tear the visor off of Corey’s face. Corey felt naked. Exposed. Especially when he heard the crunch of the visor being crushed under Shatter’s heel. "Fuck you! I’ll end you!" Corey hissed, even though what he really wanted to say was please, please, please fuck me!

Imperious only smiled cruelly as his fingers went to his crotch. He pulled at his suit and a seam opened in the middle. Imperious’ massive engorged cock swung out, glistening with pre-cum, filling the air with a heady musk that made both Shatter and Luxus moan.

"You did a good job for me, pets," said Imperious. "You’ve earned a reward. Come," he finished, with the snap of his fingers. Corey watched as thick ropes of cum shot out of both Luxus’ and Shatter’s erections without being touched even once. The delirious, perverted expressions on Luxus’ and Shatter’s faces made Tempest’s cock jump as his mind unhelpfully provided the image of his own face making that expression.

Corey glared defiantly at Imperious. "I will nevnnnhhhh…" he was cut off before he could finish. He moaned as Imperious’ eyes glowed blue. They were so pretty. So blue. So deep. It was like a fog was descending on his thoughts, making it hard to think.

Corey’s entire body flushed with arousal. "N-never be your… nnhh…" Words were hard. Impossible, even. Thinking was even harder. He swallowed thickly, audibly. So deep. So blue. So pretty. This was what he wanted. What he had always fantasized about.

"N-No…" he muttered, weakly. He needed to fight this. He was a hero. He was supposed to protect the town. Imperious had just been a fantasy. But it was such a hot fantasy. It was such a good fantasy. His cock was so hard. He was so aroused. Would it really be — No. "G-Gonna… nnhh… gonna fight…"

Imperious just smiled and waved his cock in front of Corey’s face. The smell of it. The musk. It was intoxicating. Making it even harder to think. Making him even more aroused. Making it more and more impossible to be the hero that he was supposed to be.

It couldn’t be over already. Not like this. Not so quickly. But was it really so bad? Corey had wanted this for so long. Why was he fighting now that it was in front of him? He wasn’t a hero. He had always just been pretending. The truth was that he was a slut. He was born to be a slave. A dumb, cockhungry slave for Imperious.

His eyes glazed over. His jaw slackened. Drool pooled in his mouth and dripped down his chin. Surrender was good. Surrender was right. It was what he wanted. What he needed. What he was meant to do. He just stared into those deep blue eyes and let himself fall in. This was fate. Destiny. What he craved.

"Good boy," said Imperious, sliding his cock in Corey’s mouth. It felt so good. It felt so right. It tasted heavenly on Corey’s tongue. It was like his dreams had finally come true. He could feel his control slipping away. He gave it up to Imperious. Imperious was his lord and master. He belonged to Imperious.

He wasn’t Tempest anymore. He wasn’t Corey Cooper anymore. He was just another slave in the harem. A pathetic cockhungry whore. He gave in. He gave up. He surrendered. He was broken. He was owned. He was enslaved. And he was glad for it.

With a delirious, perverted smile on his face, Corey swallowed Imperious’ cock. It blasted hot white cum down his throat. With each spurt that slid into his stomach, he felt his mind, his intelligence, his identity getting obliterated.

When nothing was left, the slave that had once been Tempest creamed its pants.

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