Sylvan Sensibilities pt. 3

Aberforth discovers pleasures he’s never known before at Llwrydd’s hands and ends up succumbing to the elf’s charms before long.

Aberforth’s breath caught in his throat. Llwrydd’s ominous words didn’t bode well for his fate.

Something stirred inside him as Llwrydd’s slender fingers slid down his torso. They traced lingering trails of tingling heat on his skin.

He bit back a moan. The feather-light touch of Llwrydd’s fingers as they dipped into the crevices of his abs felt better than he thought they had any right to.

The sensation wasn’t unfamiliar to him. He’d felt it before, whenever the Singer would touch him on the arm or cup his cheek. He’d never felt it like this. And he’d certainly never imagined an elf would make him feel the same things the Singer did.

Llwrydd’s thumb brushed over Aberforth’s navel. It lingered there, rubbing in slow circles around the rim.

Aberforth sucked in a sharp breath, barely able to hold back the moan that threatened to spill out afterward. "W-what are you doing?" he stammered, his cock twitching in the cool night air.

Llwrydd laughed. "Exploring what’s mine," he said with a smirk.

Aberforth gritted his teeth. "I-I’m not yours," he grumbled.

Fuck. Llwrydd didn’t even have to say anything. He knew it had been a pathetic protest, at best.

He didn’t know what was wrong with him. Yes, his enemy was powerful beyond his wildest dreams but that was no excuse to kneel meekly before the man. To make matters worse, part of him didn’t even want to resist.

"Yet," said Llwrydd. He grinned at Aberforth, sharp fangs flashing in the moonlight. "But you will be. that much is certain."

Llwrydd leaned in, nipping at the sensitive skin at the base of Aberforth’s neck. "And since you might as well already be mine, hardly any harm in thoroughly inspecting the merchandise, is there?"

Aberforth’s breath hitched in his throat as Llwrydd’s fingers continued their way downward, grazing the top of his cock. The beast between his legs stirred, its heft shifting as it slowly swelled at the touch.

"Marvellous," Llwrydd whispered as he cradled the heft of Aberforth’s not-so-soft cock in the cool palm of his hand. "A work of art, truly."

Llwrydd slid his other hand down his torso. Aberforth watched those slim elven fingers slide down along Llwrydd’s smooth, flat stomach to cup and squeeze the bulge in the front of his leather trunks.

"Oh, to be so endowed!" Llwrydd exclaimed as he licked his lips.

"S-stop," Aberforth muttered weakly as Llwrydd’s slender fingers wrapped around the base of his cock. Arousal surged through his body, making his neck and clavicles warm.

This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen. This wasn’t how he dreamed his first time would go. "P-please," he whispered, mewling piteously as his cock swelled in Llwrydd’s hand.

"Why should I when you seem so eager?" said Llwrydd with a smirk. "All I have done is touch you and already you rise to your fullest glory for me… How am I to deny such an impassioned plea for pleasure from your body?"

Llwrydd placed his other hand on Aberforth’s chest, his fingers splayed. He pushed.

For all that Llwrydd looked delicate to Aberforth’s eyes, there was a surprising strength behind that slender physique. Aberforth was surprised by how hard he had to resist, and how much he was shoved back anyway.

"Lean back," said Llwrydd. "Make this easier for yourself. I swear no harm will come to you. Not by my hand, at the very least."

Aberforth licked his lips. He didn’t want to just unquestioningly obey his foe but it wasn’t like he had a choice. Not any that mattered in the face of overwhelming force, anyway.

Despite his reservations, he did as he was told. He leaned back further and further, trying to figure out just how far he had to go as the pressure of Llwrydd’s hand on his chest gradually relented.

Innocuous as the act of leaning back might have seemed, his cheeks burned from the humiliation. The further back he leaned, the less he was able to hide his burgeoning erection. The further back he reclined, the straighter his cock stood, twitching with his every heartbeat in the cool air of Llwrydd’s domain.

"That’s far enough," said Llwrydd at the exact moment Aberforth had leaned far enough back those slender fingers were barely touching his firm chest.

Aberforth planted his hands on the ground behind him. It was necessary—the pose would have been unsustainable otherwise—but that did not make it any less humiliating.

His hands otherwise occupied, he was left with no means by which to hide his growing arousal. He didn’t even know why he was so turned on. Despite his misgivings his cock was as hard as it had ever been—harder, even, perhaps.

"Beautiful," said Llwrydd as he traced his fingers lightly along the underside of Aberforth’s cock. It twitched in response to the touch. "And quite responsive, too."

"W-what are you doing?" Aberforth stammered, his cheeks hot with a confused mixture of humiliation and arousal.

"Appraising my spoils," said Llwrydd as he firmly kicked Aberforth’s knees apart.

Aberforth didn’t know what was more humiliating: the fact he’d lost to an elf or the fact the same elf was examining him like a slab of meat. To make matters worse, something was wrong with him. Something in his head was twisting the shame of it into a perverse sort of excitement.

He couldn’t help himself. His cock twitched the further apart Llwrydd forced his legs to go. He even felt a bead of pre-cum at his tip, growing until it could no longer support its weight and then slowly dripping down the underside of his cock.

His length lurched as Llwrydd toed at his sack. With his legs spread so far apart, his balls were left to dangle freely under his cock. They felt heavy. Full. Sensitive. He had to bite back a moan as Llwrydd gently cradled the hefty sack on the arch of his foot.

"And oh…" Llwrydd murmured as the corner of his mouth curled into a lopsided smirk. "Such a pretty pair. So big and virile. And quite full too, by the looks of it."

Aberforth looked down along his body as Llwrydd knelt in front of him. Despite knowing that Llwrydd could probably snap him in half without breaking a sweat, there was just something about the elf’s lithe figure that made him seem impossibly delicate in the soft moonlight.

His father had talked to him about the nature of their people, their instinct to protect. He’d felt it for the first time while speaking with the Redwolf Singer.

They’d grown up together, both boys seemingly attached at the hip. Where Aberforth had grown to be tall, strong, and muscular like the clan’s strongest warriors, the Singer had grown up to be comparably slight by orc standards.

And even though Aberforth knew very well that the Singer was anything but frail, he had been unable to resist that instinct his father had talked about. Whenever he noticed the Singer was sad or otherwise perturbed, he felt a burning need to wrap his arms around the other young man—as if he could shield him from the troubles of the world by doing so.

That same instinct tugged at Aberforth’s chest, at this moment. It seemed so strange, so uncalled-for. And yet, despite knowing in his mind that Llwrydd was likely the very last person in the world who would need his protection, he couldn’t help himself.

Aberforth gulped audibly. His stomach tensed. It was troubling how strong the instinct was. To make matters worse, he didn’t know if it was a genuine reaction, or if he was falling prey to some twisted sort of enchantment.

The thoughts in Aberforth’s mind seized. They drowned in a faint buzz—as if there were a thousand, thousand bees flying around in his skull. His cock lurched as he felt the heat and the velvet smoothness of Llwrydd’s skin on the side of his meat.

"What a wonderful specimen you are," cooed the elf. He spoke in a voice so low and so sultry Aberforth couldn’t help but shiver.

No one had ever talked to Aberforth like that before. No one. His body, however, clearly liked it. Another bead of pre-cum leaked out of him, dripping down the underside of his cock.

His breath hitched in his throat as he locked eyes with Llwrydd. They were so pretty, especially in the soft moonlight. A gentle glow lingered in the vivid irises while the hunger that dwelled behind them made his skin tingle.

Llwrydd licked his lips and Aberforth had to bite back a gasp. He didn’t know how the elf managed to make such an innocuous thing look filthy beyond belief.

When Llwrydd spoke again, Aberforth couldn’t help but hang on to every word. "Oh, but there is something so undeniably appealing about the scent of an unwashed man…" Llwrydd whispered as he pressed his nose to Aberforth’s crotch, took a deep breath, and sighed.

There’s a glint in those purple eyes. "You must have marched through the forest to get to us. Three days?"

Aberforth didn’t know why but he felt compelled to answer. "Y-yes," he said as he stared into Llwrydd’s unyielding gaze.

"No washing?"

Aberforth shook his head. "S-streams were too exposed…" he breathed, biting back a moan as he felt the heat of Llwrydd’s breath cradle his vulnerable sack. "W-we couldn’t risk it."

Llwrydd smirked. "No perfumes or powders?"

At that, Aberforth frowned. "W-why would we bother with such senseless things?" he said.

Llwrydd shrugged. "Try telling an elf that."

Aberforth gasped. Llwrydd was cupping his balls with the fingers of one hand. The Singer had touched him there before, but never in so intimate a fashion. The sensation was distracting.

"You smell wonderful," said Llwrydd as he pressed his lips to Aberforth’s heavy sack. "My kin would never be so uncouth."

"W-what are you doing?!" Aberforth blurted out as Llwrydd’s tongue wrapped around one of his balls. The wet heat was intense. It made his cock strain and all that stymied the dreadfully desperate moan trying to claw its way out of his throat was sheer willpower.

"Enjoying something delectable," Llwrydd murmured. "What else does it look like?" he said, briefly looking up to meet Aberforth’s alarmed gaze with a smirk.

"Fuck…" Aberforth groaned, tilting his head back as Llwrydd slowly lapped at his balls. It was probably wrong of him to think so but Llwrydd’s talented tongue on his sack was too good a sensation to protest.

All that stopped the indelicate whine threatening to spill from Aberforth’s lips when Llwrydd abruptly pulled away from his sack was the strength of his willpower. His balls suddenly felt cold in the absence of Llwrydd’s breath to warm them.

"You taste raw. Primal. Good," Llwrydd purred. "The elves of Ymrion are a rare breed. We immerse ourselves in the rough and tumble of battle. Most of our kindred are far too fastidious and conscientious to ever dare be so unabashedly masculine."

The Singer didn’t have many songs that involved elves but Aberforth had grown up with them. He’d huddled around the cookfires with the rest of the younglings, listening to the tales of their forefathers and the occasional encounter with the elves.

He’d grown up imagining the elves to be possessed of unearthly beauty, of immaculate poise and grace. It had come as something of a shock the first time he laid eyes on an Ymrionite elf. He hadn’t even known he was looking at an elf.

"Oh but that is what makes you so appealing, my prize," said Llwrydd. He smirked as he stroked the underside of Aberforth’s sack with his delicate fingers. "You make no effort to hide your maleness."

Llwrydd flicked the tip of Aberforth’s cock, eliciting a quiet hiss. "Indeed, you are proud of it. Your body screams ‘look at me! I am a man!’ See how it strains to prove it!"

As if to prove the point, Aberforth’s cock lurched. Pre-cum leaked from the tip, dripping down his length. Llwrydd’s words had sent a frisson of pleasure through him for reasons he could not even begin to comprehend.

Llwrydd smirked as he nosed at Aberforth’s balls. "So I shall savor you, my prize," he said. "Every bit of you."

Aberforth moaned without thinking as he felt Llwrydd’s mouth on his sack. The heat of Llwrydd’s breath made his skin tingle.

His eyes flew open. "G-gods…" he said as another moan spilled from his lips. Llwrydd had sucked a ball into his mouth and the wet heat was almost too much to bear.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." It was a sensation unlike anything Aberforth had experienced before but not one that was unwelcome. It felt good. Perhaps better than Aberforth thought it had any right to be.

That mouth. That tongue. Gods. If he’d known it could feel so good to have his balls sucked, he might have expressed more of an interest in sex.

"G-gods… H=how are you even f-fitting them in your mouth?" Aberforth muttered in incredulous disbelief. Both of his balls were now soaking in the wet heat of Llwrydd’s mouth.

Aberforth couldn’t wrap his mind around it. Llwrydd’s mouth had looked so small. So delicate. How it had managed to stretch around both of his heavy balls, he couldn’t imagine.

He didn’t get an answer. He supposed he wasn’t owed one—not that he was complaining. "Fuck…" he moaned, no longer able to suppress the quiet noises of pleasure that spilled from his lips.

Llwrydd worked him over for a few minutes before pulling away with a lewd wet slurp. Aberforth’s balls were drenched in spit and warm from being held in the elf’s mouth for so long.

A lopsided grin twisted the corner of Llwrydd’s mouth as he wiped away a stray strand of spit as he looked up at Aberforth. "Talent," he said as he licked his lips. "And plenty of practice."

Aberforth blinked.

"What?" said Llwrydd. There was a feral glint in his purple eyes as he bared his teeth. "Did you think you were my first orc?" he said.

"I-I didn’t…" Aberforth trailed off. He hadn’t thought about it at all, though now he was curious to know. Clan Redwolf was the only clan he knew to be in the region.

Llwrydd laughed. "It was a long time ago," he said. "When I was an adventurer, not a general. Gods. I’d forgotten how good your kind could taste."

The breath was stolen from Aberforth’s lungs as Llwrydd licked a hot wet stripe along the underside of his cock, from the base to the tip. "You wouldn’t protest were I to indulge my palate further, would you, my prize?" said Llwrydd with a self-sure grin.

Aberforth’s words caught in his throat for a moment. Pride stilled his tongue but he knew it was useless to pretend. "I-I wouldn’t," he said.

He knew it. Llwrydd knew it. And even if it did wound his pride as a warrior, there was a part of him that wanted to know how it would feel.

If Llwrydd’s mouth could feel so good on his balls, he wondered how much better it might feel on his cock. And even though he was loath to admit it, the image of those delicate elven lips stretched around his shaft had crossed his mind no small number of times while they were locked around his ballsack instead.

"Ah… Ha…" Aberforth moaned as Llwrydd’s lips wrapped around the head of his cock. The sensation was beyond description. All he could do was squirm as Llwrydd’s tongue swirled around his cock head.

"F-fuck…" Aberforth breathed as Llwrydd gently suckled on his cock. "S-so good…"

His legs trembled. Sweat beaded on his brow. He wanted to buck his hips, to thrust, to pump his cock in and out of the inviting heat of Llwrydd’s mouth but something told him it would be a dangerous path to tread.

Perhaps it was the hand resting gently on his hip. Llwrydd wasn’t applying even the slightest hint of pressure and yet even the feather-light touch reeked of peril.

It reminded Aberforth of his place. Even though Llwrydd was the one sucking cock, he wasn’t the one submitting.

Despite appearances, Aberforth wasn’t in control at all. He was at Llwrydd’s mercy and he got the sense that he wouldn’t like the outcome if he got it in his head to push the envelope.

"G-gods…" Aberforth moaned. His back arched, toes curling as Llwrydd’s lips slowly worked their way down his engorged and throbbing cock.

"H-how…?" he said breathlessly as he watched Llwrydd swallow his considerable endowment. It was a wonder to behold. He could scarcely wrap his mind around it. His cock was disappearing into Llwrydd’s gullet and the elf wasn’t even breaking a sweat.

It didn’t take long before Llwrydd’s lips were locked around the base of Aberforth’s cock. He smirked around the sizable piece of meat, his eyes gleaming as he looked up to meet Aberforth’s incredulous gaze.

"H-holy…" Aberforth whispered as he stared down at Llwrydd from his vantage point. He’d imagined the scene—fantasized idly about what Llwrydd might look like with a fat orc cock buried down his throat. Reality defied his wildest expectations.

Aberforth’s heart skipped a beat. Llwrydd was beautiful. The hungry, lewd expression in his eyes made Aberforth incredibly aroused.

Slowly, Llwrydd bobbed his head up and down on Aberforth’s length. It felt incredible, especially once he felt Llwrydd’s tongue working the underside of his shaft.

It took all his willpower not to chase Llwrydd’s head with his hips. He trembled, his cheeks hot, his brow glistening with sweat. It felt good. So good. "Gods… Fuck… You feel amazing."

Aberforth wished there was something to hold on to. His fingers could only scrabble helplessly at the smooth stone under him as Llwrydd picked up the pace.

Up and down. Up and down. Gods, he thought to himself. Was it always supposed to feel this good?

On and on it went, his cock plunging in and out of Llwrydd’s throat. It was maddening. It was rapturous. And then, Llwrydd swallowed him to the root and hummed. He nearly screamed.

His legs shook. His hips trembled. He whined and chewed on his lip, his fingers grabbing uselessly at the ground as he squirmed from the pleasure. "Oh, Gods. Oh, fuck," he whispered as a familiar pressure began to build inside of him.

His cock pulsed as Llwrydd worked him over, swelling in the elf’s throat as he reached the edge. He teetered there, his balls drawing up tight against his body as they churned with the impending orgasm.

He was close. So close. And yet the moment he felt Llwrydd’s nail bite ever so slightly into his skin, he froze.

A frustrated groan shook free of his chest but he didn’t dare move an inch—not even when Llwrydd pulled off of his cock with a wet pop. He stayed as he was, arms and legs trembling as sweat trickled down the sides of his face until the overpowering pressure exuding from Llwrydd began to subside.

"Good," said Llwrydd. "You’re a quick learner."

Aberforth flushed. The praise felt oddly good—if a bit patronizing. "T-thank you," he said.

Llwrydd chuckled. "With the wherewithal to be grateful, too. How well mannered," he said with a smirk. "You’ve earned a reward. You may stretch your legs out."

It wasn’t much of a reward but Aberforth knew better than to complain. That said, he hadn’t realized how much strain the position had been putting on his body until he sat with his legs outstretched in front of him.

It was such a relief he couldn’t help but sigh. "T-thank you," he said again as he adjusted himself into a more comfortable position.

Llwrydd smirked. He traced the knuckle of his index finger along the underside of Aberforth’s cock. "Of course, my prize," he said. "A master must always take care of his pets, after all."

Aberforth’s cheeks flushed. He was one of the clan’s mightiest warriors. Given enough time, he might well have become the mightiest.

There was an exquisite sort of humiliation in being called a pet by someone less than half his size. It was as if all his achievements had amounted to nothing. Then again, in the face of Llwrydd’s overwhelming power, they might as well have.

Why the humiliation made his skin tingle, Aberforth couldn’t figure out. But it did. It felt good. Better than the shame of being so soundly defeated had any right to feel. It made him leak.

Llwrydd caught the fresh dollop of pre-cum on the knuckle of his index finger. He locked eyes with Aberforth, the corner of his mouth curling into a devilish little smirk.

Aberforth’s breath caught in his throat as Llwrydd brought the finger up to his lips and he could scarcely restrain the moan that threatened to spill out of him as Llwrydd sensuously lapped up the glistening bead of clear pre-cum. He almost wished those lips were wrapped around him again.

Llwrydd instead placed a hand on Aberforth’s chest. "Lay down," he said, applying enough pressure to make it clear it wasn’t a request.

Aberforth did as commanded. He felt an odd rush of euphoria at being so handled. Obeying felt better than he expected and he couldn’t help but lick his lips.

"Good boy," said Llwrydd.

Aberforth squirmed and bit back a moan. He didn’t know why those two words felt so good to hear when he wouldn’t have taken that sort of patronizing tone from anyone else.

Once Aberforth’s back was laid flat against the cool stone of the platform, Llwrydd clambered on top of him. "Ready?" he said.

Aberforth licked his lips. His hard cock strained in the cool night air and lurched as Llwrydd’s slender fingers wrapped around his shaft. "F-for what?" he said.

"For an experience you will never forget," said Llwrydd with a smirk. "One that will make you mine."

Aberforth wanted to say he didn’t want any of this but to do so would be to lie. Somehow, he didn’t think Llwrydd’s piercing purple eyes would have any difficulty discerning dishonesty.

He thought of the Singer, of how he’d idly imagined, in moments of weakness, that they might one day raise a family together. He felt an ache in his chest. The affection was real and nestled deep in his heart.

Part of him wanted to resist. Just for the sake of the Singer. For what they could have in the future.

But Llwrydd had opened his mind to a whole new world, given him a taste of pleasures he’d never once imagined were possible. Every throb of his engorged member made it more and more difficult to deny that he wanted more of what Llwrydd had to offer—that he craved more.

Aberforth whined softly. "Y-yes," he said. "I-I’m ready."

"Good boy," said Llwrydd as he cupped the side of Aberforth’s face.

Aberforth flushed. "T-thank you," he murmured as he leaned into the touch.

Llwrydd kept his hand there for a short while longer, rubbing his thumb in affectionate circles over Aberforth’s cheekbone. He pulled away and grinned.

"Time for you to do your part," he said as he turned around. He shuffled backward until his knees were straddling Aberforth’s chest and his perky round ass was in Aberforth’s face. "Be a good boy and work me loose with that thick orc tongue while I leave my mark on you."

Aberforth swallowed thickly. He hesitantly placed his hands on Llwrydd’s ass and watched, wide-eyed, as the elf slipped a finger under the thin, central strap of his thong and pulled it aside. The smooth pink hole underneath twitched, as if it were winking at Aberforth.

An inexplicable urge gripped Aberforth. His thick fingers dug into the meat of Llwrydd’s ass as he leaned up and shoved his face into the cleft between the round cheeks.

He lapped at the winking hole, savoring the clean, slightly-musky taste and the soft, yielding texture of it. He moaned as he rubbed his tongue back and forth over the quivering pucker, his body flushing with heat as he heard Llwrydd’s soft moans.

Hearing the elf’s pleasure emboldened him. He worked over the trembling hole with enthusiasm, stabbing his tongue into Llwrydd’s heat.

Llwrydd’s entrance yielded easily to him. He wriggled his tongue inside, braver with every little noise that spilled from the elf’s lips.

The taste of Llwrydd was stronger the deeper Aberforth managed to work his tongue. It was unlike anything he’d ever tasted before and it was intoxicating.

He chased after it, tightening his grip on Llwrydd’s hips and pulling back just so he could shove his face deeper into the space between the two soft mounds of flesh. He thrust his tongue in and out of the velvety heat, swirling it around to taste every nook and cranny of Llwrydd’s channel.

He lost himself so fully to the sensation he flinched when he felt Llwrydd’s fingers in his hair. "Such a good boy," Llwrydd murmured, sending a frisson of pleasure through Aberforth at the praise. "So enthusiastic. I appreciate your vigor."

Llwrydd pushed his ass into Aberforth. He backed up, forcing Aberforth to lean back further and further until he was fully sitting on the orc’s face. "There," he said, grunting as Aberforth’s grip on his hips tightened. "Much better to remind you of your place."

Aberforth’s cock jumped. He was trapped. Powerless. For all his size and strength, he knew he couldn’t lever Llwrydd’s ass off his face however hard he tried—had he wanted to do so in the first place.

It was humiliating. It was arousing. He moaned into Llwrydd’s ass as the elf ground his hips on his face, fucking himself on his tongue.

"Mm. Try not to squirm, my prize. This is precise and delicate work but it might well sting."

Aberforth didn’t think much of it as he heard Llwrydd mutter something in a language he couldn’t understand. He put it out of his mind and continued his task, eagerly lapping at Llwrydd’s hole.

He quickly regretted being so dismissive when he felt Llwrydd’s fingernail on his skin. He gasped, his back arching off the ground as the elf traced something in the space just above his cock.

The heat was intense. It stung like all hell—as if he was being branded. It took all of his willpower to do as instructed.

Sweat beaded on his brow as he did his best to keep his body rigid. He locked his muscles in place, lay there still despite the pain.

He didn’t want to squirm or flinch or jolt. Llwrydd had said the work was precise and delicate. He didn’t dare imagine what would happen if he accidentally disturbed it.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the pain subsided. Llwrydd lifted his fingernail from Aberforth’s skin and rubbed the sore area in slow, gentle circles.

In the place of pain came an odd, tingly sort of heat. It welled up over the area Llwrydd had touched but did not take long before it spread.

Aberforth groaned as he thrust his tongue in and out of Llwrydd’s hole. His entire body warmed, his skin tingling in the cool air.

More importantly, however, the heat pooled in his crotch. It seeped into the meat of his cock, making him harder than ever, and it dripped into his balls making them feel full and heavy.

In an instant, he was more aroused and lustful than he’d ever been. He moaned, reaching up to pry Llwrydd’s ass cheeks apart and thrust his tongue even deeper.

He bucked his hips, thrusting his cock into the cool night air in a vain attempt to assuage the desperate arousal and lust he felt but to no avail. What little relief he was afforded came only when Llwrydd’s fingers wrapped around his shaft and even that lasted only for a breath.

A desperate whine escaped him as Llwrydd pulled off of his face. He chased after that delicate and tender hole but a hand on his forehead kept him in his place.

Llwrydd turned around so he could face Aberforth and smirked. "Enjoyed that, did you?" he said.

Aberforth gulped. He was conflicted. His pride as a warrior saw it as shameful. The part of himself he hadn’t discovered until today found that shame incredibly arousing.

He swallowed his pride and nodded. "Y-yes," he said. He licked his lips, the tip of his tongue flicking at the points of his tusks. "M-may I have more?" he said.

"Now?" said Llwrydd.

Aberforth hesitated for only a moment before nodding.

Llwrydd chuckled. "No," he said.

It was the answer Aberforth was expecting but he couldn’t help but feel disappointed deep down.

Llwrydd must have noticed his expression because he then added, "But in the future, no doubt. It would be a shame to waste a tongue as talented as that."

Aberforth grinned. He didn’t know why the idea made him so happy but it did. The prospect of being with Llwrydd in the future should have been repulsive but it just made him feel warm, instead.

"For now," said Llwrydd, "it is time to seal the deal and make you mine."

"Please…" Aberforth whispered. He was burning up from the inside with desire and need and want. He wanted to run his hands all over Llwrydd’s slender body, explore every inch of skin with his tongue.

His mind was running wild with lust and he didn’t know what to do about it—only that he had to do something or he would go mad.

"So eager." Llwrydd laughed as he backed up, stopping only when he was straddling Aberforth’s waist. "Don’t you worry, my prize, you will have your reward soon enough," he whispered as he leaned forward to stroke the side of Aberforth’s face.

Aberforth hissed as he felt his hardness settle between the soft mounds of Llwrydd’s ass cheeks. He bucked his hips, making his length slide up and down the deep cleft, smearing pre-cum in the space between.

Llwrydd chuckled as he reached behind him and wrapped his fingers around the end of Aberforth’s cock. He leaned further forward, raising himself just enough so he could aim Aberforth properly. Then, with nary a word of warning, he sat back down.

Aberforth moaned. The blunt head of his cock pushed against Llwrydd’s hole which resisted for only a moment before yielding for him.

The velvety heat of the elf’s insides was almost too much. He could feel Llwrydd’s walls gripping him, pulling his cock deeper, squeezing possessively around his length as if to claim it.

He couldn’t help but moan as his cock sank deeper and deeper into Llwrydd. It felt like nothing he’d ever experienced before. It was intense. Frightfully so. He was almost afraid he would lose himself in the sensation but, at the same time, he didn’t think he would mind it so much.

"Fuck, you’re big, pet," Llwrydd grunted as he sank the rest of the way on Aberforth’s cock. "Gods. Amazing. I can feel your heartbeat inside me."

Aberforth groaned. His cock lurched as his cheeks flushed at the praise. He didn’t know why it felt so good but it did.

Llwrydd stayed put for a moment. He licked his lips, slowly grinding his ass on Aberforth’s crotch. He placed his hands on Aberforth’s chest, fingers sliding over the firm, meaty pecs down to the hard nubs of his nipples.

"It’s time for the ride of your life, my prize," said Llwrydd.

Aberforth groaned as Llwrydd tweaked his nipples, then shivered as those same delicate fingers traced down his arms to wrap around his wrists.

"Best hold on," said Llwrydd as he guided Aberforth’s hands to his hips.

As soon as Aberforth grasped Llwrydd by the hips, the elf began to move. He’d tried to be gentle but the pleasure he felt made his fingers tighten and dig into Llwrydd’s slender waist.

He moaned, whining softly through his nose grunting as Llwrydd bounced on his cock. It had been bad enough to just be enveloped by Llwrydd’s heat, but now the tight, warm hole was working itself up and down his length, it was almost too much.

He tried his best to stay still but it didn’t take long for instinct to take over. He held Llwrydd tightly by the hips and met every bounce with a thrust of his hips.

The moment he did so, Llwrydd threw his head back and moaned. Emboldened, Aberforth kept up. He matched the power and speed of Llwrydd’s riding, basking in the pleasure.

Aberforth lost himself in the pleasure, in the overwhelming sensation as Llwrydd’s insides milked him for all he was worth. The world around them fell away—to his mind, at least—contracting until they were the only two people in existence.

In and out. In and out. They went for what felt like an eternity, filling the void with the slapping of flesh against flesh as Llwrydd tested the very limits of Aberforth’s endurance.

Slender fingers cupping the side of his face snapped Aberforth out of his reverie. The world came back into sharp focus. Overhead was the full moon, gleaming like silver. The sky was dark and full of stars. The stone was cool against his skin, just like the breeze.

Aberforth shivered as Llwrydd’s thumb brushed over the corner of his mouth. He hadn’t even realized he’d started drooling. He grunted as Llwrydd’s hole clenched tight on his cock.

"It is time," said Llwrydd.

Aberforth gasped as pressure squeezed his body from every direction. He couldn’t thrust, not with Llwrydd’s power restricting him.

He whined softly as Llwrydd bounced on his cock with urgency. The elf leaned forward, bracing himself by planting his hands on Aberforth’s shoulders.

Up and down. Up and down. Faster and faster with every bounce until Aberforth was teetering on the edge. His balls churned. His cock strained. He felt like he was going to explode at the slightest provocation as Llwrydd’s hole worked him over up and down and up and down, squeezing his length in the velvety heat.

Llwrydd panted, sweat dripping from his brow and glistening on his skin. "Come for me, my prize," he said as his rhythm faltered. "Come for me and be mine."

The words were enough. Aberforth roared as Llwrydd slammed his ass down on his cock and squeezed.

Aberforth came. He came harder than he had ever come before, spilling spurt after spurt of thick, hot cum into Llwrydd.

Just when he expected the orgasm to falter in intensity, the thing Llwrydd had etched into the space just above his cock blazed to life. Heat washed over his body, threatening to burn him up from the inside as his orgasm redoubled in intensity.

It was so much. Too much. He held on for only a few more heartbeats, shooting more cum than he had ever thought possible before his strength was drained to the last dreg.

The world went black, drowned in a sea of pleasure that defied description.

Aberforth jolted awake. His whole body ached but in an oddly good way.

He was flat on his back, his arms and legs spread-eagled. He wouldn’t have questioned it if not for the fact there was a weight resting on one of his arms, and something lightly tracing circles on his chest.

Aberforth looked over. He saw an elf lying on his arm, looking up at him with bright purple eyes and a smirk.

It took his mind a moment to catch up. Right. Llwrydd. They’d fought. He’d lost. The elf had taken possession of him as a prize for their combat.

He wondered if he should have been more alarmed by the circumstances but all he felt was contentment. Looking upon Llwrydd, he no longer saw the face of the enemy, but the face of his owner.

"Awake at last?" said Llwrydd with a wry smile.

"Yes, master," said Aberforth, returning the smile. He curled his arm around the elf’s slender figure, resting his broad hand on Llwrydd’s waist.

"Good," said Llwrydd. He gently pushed Aberforth’s arm off him and clambered on top of the prone orc.

Abeforth’s eyes widened. Llwrydd’s belly, which he was certain had been flat, seemed to have swollen.

"Surprised, my prize?" said Llwrydd.

Aberforth touched the bump and looked up at the elf. "Is that… Is that a child?" he said. "M-my child?" He’d always imagined he would have at least one in the future and the prospect of giving his master a half-orc pup made him feel oddly giddy.

Llwrydd laughed. "Silly thing," he said. "Men can’t have children."

"Oh," said Aberforth, deflating somewhat as Llwrydd soundly disabused him of the notion.

"Though I hope you’ve recovered enough strength to keep up," said Llwrydd. "I intend to keep trying; I am not so easy to satisfy. But… Before that…"

Llwrydd held up his right hand. On the fourth finger gleamed a ring. It was a thin band made of amethyst edged with polished black metal and it shone in the moonlight.

Llwrydd produced a perfect replica of the band and held it up in front of Aberforth’s face. "Would you wear something for me?"

Aberforth flushed. His cock began to rise. "Y-yes, master, of course!" he said as he tongued his tusks.

Llwrydd chuckled. "Good boy," he whispered, leaning forward to place the band on Aberforth’s right tusk. Once it had settled, it magically shrank to fit snugly. "There we go. You look much better with my mark visible on you."

Aberforth felt warm in his chest. He beamed up at Llwrydd and grinned. "Yes, master," he said. He could see the band just out of the corner of his eye. "I will treasure it."

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