The True Endgame pt. 3

When Neil comes to, he’s in a bed that isn’t his own, and he’s resting his head on a very warm, very firm slab of muscle. The memories come rushing back while all the blood in his head goes rushing down and he finds himself at the mercy of the Patriarch again before long.

Reputation Rank Up!

[Brandt City]

Neutral > Amicable


  • Tier 0 Contribution shop unlocked

Reputation Rank Up!

[Brandt City]

Amicable > Friendly


  • 10% Purchase discount in Tier 1 NPC shops
  • +5% Contribution points bonus

Reputation Rank Up!

[Brandt City]

Friendly > Welcomed


  • 10% Purchase discount in Tier 2 NPC shops
  • 15% Purchase discount in Tier 1 NPC shops.
  • 10% Purchase discount in Tier 1 Chosen shops
  • +10% Sale value for items sold to Tier 1 NPC shops
  • Tier 1 Contribution shop unlocked
  • +10% Contribution point bonus

Reputation Rank Up!

[Brandt City]

Welcomed > Renowned


  • 15% Purchase discount in Tier 2 and lower NPC shops
  • 10% Purchase discount in Tier 2 and lower Chosen shops
  • +10% Sale value for items sold to Tier 2 and lower NPC shops
  • Sales tax exemption
  • +20% Contribution point bonus

What could only be described as a glut of semi-transparent dialog windows greeted Neil as he awoke. Blearily rubbing his eyes, it took him a moment to register what was going on.

The first array of windows beggared belief. In Valtyria, gaining Reputation had been something of a cruel grind. Most players didn’t bother to aim for the higher ranks, satisfied with the relatively attainable friendly relations with their factions of choice.

If Neil wasn’t misunderstanding the windows in front of him, he had essentially leapfrogged over ranks that would have taken him the better part of a year to obtain otherwise in Valtyria. While it was possible that Ascendancy Online had made the reputation grind easier, he had his doubts.

It meant his suspicion had been correct: even if he had received neither gold nor artifacts from the Patriarch, favor had been a reward in and of itself.

Though he’d spent nearly all his wealth on making a good first impression on the Patriarch, the rewards all but ensured he’d make his money back. By gaining the Patriarch’s favor, he’d secured a considerable economic advantage over the other Chosen.

Neil couldn’t help but grin. Even if one of the high-rankers from Valtyria joined the game now and played perfectly from day one, it would be months before anyone could catch up to him. And that was assuming he did nothing in that time.

Dismissing the reputation rank-up windows with a thought, Neil perused the others that had popped up shortly after…

A tinge of pink blossomed across his cheeks at the memory. His loins stirred, arousal coiling in the pit of his belly.

Neil could feel it even now. The swelling of the Patriarch’s knot inside him, tying them together and stretching him like nothing else. The heat of the Patriarch’s body against his. The sheer fullness of the seed swelling his belly.

"Fuck," he muttered under his breath, his body rolling as he ground his hips against the mattress.

Only, it wasn’t a mattress at all. His cock instead rubbed against hard muscle and for the first time since waking up, he realized he wasn’t lying on a soft mattress, but instead a warm, sculpted body.

Neil froze. Come to think of it, he wasn’t at his inn room. He was in a proper bedchamber and though the place did not seem ostentatious or grandiose in any way, neither was it particularly humble.

He’d been so preoccupied with the windows on his HUD he’d failed to realize he was half-sprawled on top of the Patriarch. He hadn’t even registered that his head was rising and falling with every deep breath that filled the elder zakhar’s lungs until just then.

A low, rumbling laugh shook through him as he tilted his head to look up at the Patriarch. In so doing, the windows that had opened before his eyes all fled to the periphery of his vision.

The sight of the bemused smirk that curled the corners of the Patriarch’s mouth sent a shiver down Neil’s spine. So too did the rich, velvety baritone of the man’s voice when he spoke.

"I had wondered how long it would take you to notice your surrounds, little lizard," said the Patriarch.

Neil could only flush in response, the lust inside him coiling tighter as he felt the touch of the Patriarch’s calloused fingers lightly graze the side of his hips.

"I am aware your kind are driven to adventure but I am of half a mind to keep you here if your situational awareness is to be so lacking," said the Patriarch. He was joking, of course, but the look in his icy blue eyes suggested that all it would take for him to be serious was the slightest pretense.

Neil thought back to the night just past, his cock pressing firmly against the Patriarch’s thigh as he recalled the feral intensity with which the older zakhar had taken possession of him. It was sincerely tempting to give himself unto that consuming passion but for all the pleasure in the prospect, he couldn’t in good conscience pursue it.

He was a player. A Chosen, by the parlance of this world. In the end, the world of Ascendancy Online was nothing more than a fiction, a fiction that felt impossibly real but a fiction all the same.

His character Tybalt might have happily lived as the Patriarch’s kept man but Neil himself couldn’t make a living off of digital cock—much as he might have liked. He had adventures to go on, artifacts to find, and money to make. He couldn’t very well do that while buried between the Patriarch’s meaty thighs.

"Tempting…" Neil admitted. "But alas, the siren song of adventure is impossible to resist."

The Patriarch chuckled. "I know," he said as he clapped one of his large hands over Neil’s ample ass. "It was said in jest, though I’m certain you know this. Soon as I saw the distant look in your eyes, I knew you were receiving the Goddess’ revelations."

Neil scratched sheepishly at his cheek and said, "Apologies. I had not realized there was so much…"

The Patriarch clicked his tongue. It was such a simple thing, a vocalization that should have been meaningless and yet somehow seemed to carry all the confidence and authority that the Patriarch had at his command. Neil had no choice but to fall silent.

"While it may be true that I should prefer to have any bedmates’ attention all to myself, I could hardly raise the esteem of my lowly self above the Goddess, couldn’t I?" said the Patriarch with a coy little smile.

Neil looked into those pale eyes, shook his head, and chuckled. "If you were lowly, what would that make of me?" he said with a little smile.

The Patriarch didn’t miss a beat. "Why, that would make you a pretty little rock at my feet." The grin he gave Neil was lopsided and heart-stopping in its radiance.

Though Neil understood the Patriarch’s attractiveness on a human level, Tybalt’s body understood it in a way that was very much physical. Instinctive. He could scarcely stifle the moan that threatened to slip past his lips.

"So, pretty little rock, make your time for the Goddess. I’ll be here," said the Patriarch. From the way the Patriarch’s grasp tightened around his hip, Neil could tell that so would he be.

"Alright," said Neil with a little smile before turning his gaze away from the Patriarch. Once he’d stopped focusing on the NPC, the windows moved back into place.

Exclusive Quest [Making A Splash] Complete!

Congratulations! You have successfully made an extremely favorable impression on the Patriarch of Brandt City. He is a leader well-loved by his citizens so don’t be surprised if you find that the residents of Brandt City are more than happy to help you however you need.


  • 3500 [Brandt City] Reputation points
  • 15000 [Brandt City] Contribution points
  • +70% [Brandt City Patriarch] Affinity
  • Cradle of Fondness

The rewards were about what Neil expected. It wasn’t a surprise that Contribution was a mechanic from Valtyria that had made a return in Ascendancy Online considering that Reputation was also in the game.

Contribution points were a currency rewarded from doing quests for a given faction and as such came hand-in-hand with Reputation ranks. The higher a Chosen’s reputation rank, the more Contribution points they could get and the greater the diversity of items and services they could purchase for them.

The system was optional and for most casual players, more trouble than it was worth at the low reputation ranks that they settled on. For the more competitive Chosen, however, Contribution was a vital part of the gameplay loop.

Neil couldn’t help but smile. 15000 was no small number and given his current reputation rank, he had no doubt he’d be able to build on his advantage even further.

[Brandt City Patriarch] Affinity Up!

0% -> 70% Unacquainted -> Fond

Congratulations! You have entered the good graces of Brandt City’s Patriarch. From now on, he will vouch for you and at least consider favors you ask of him to an extent.

Make sure to interact with Brandt City’s Patriarch often to maintain your affinity.

Neil tilted his gaze back up at the Patriarch and saw that those pale blue eyes were watching him. "Fond of me now?" he said, chuckling.

The Patriarch smirked. "Did the ‘Window’ tell you that?" he said.

Neil was taken aback by the Patriarch’s question "H-how do you know about that?" he said. In Valtyria, NPCs had been entirely oblivious to the game-like aspects of their world. Levels and skills had been abstractions known only to the Chosen. To hear an NPC make explicit reference to the System was nothing short of shocking.

The Patriarch grinned. "The stories said that the Chosen received the Goddess’ revelation through ‘Windows’ into the Divine. I’d never believed such a thing could exist—but they do, don’t they?"

Neil couldn’t help but flush. He’d been caught out. "Yeah… yeah," he said, rolling over onto his back and reaching up into the air to pull the next notification window in front of his eyes.

"What’s it like?" said the Patriarch.

"It would be difficult to explain," said Neil.


"It’s…" Neil trailed off, trying to muster the words."It’s like a pane of glass, blue like the sky, decorated with light in elaborate shapes along the top and the bottom. Etched upon it are words—messages from the Goddess."

The Patriarch hummed, his chest practically vibrating at the low sound. "Can you touch it? Is it tangible?"

Neil frowned. "It is, after a fashion," he said. He reached up and tapped the confirmation on the quest success window, which promptly closed it. "I cannot touch it but it responds as if I could. It moves with gestures of the hand, though a thought is sometimes all that’s needed…"

The Patriarch smiled. "Fascinating," he said, practically purring as his hand wandered down the side of Neil’s thigh. "Well, in any case, don’t let me distract you."

Neil’s tail flicked from side to side, the arousal inside him difficult to ignore. He smirked and shook his head. "As if you would need any permission," he said.

The Patriarch chuckled. He leaned his head down, touching the top of Neil’s head with his chin. "Does the ‘Window’ tell you why I’ve become fond of you?" he said.

Neil sucked in a sharp breath as the heat of the Patriarch’s calloused palm cupped his ass cheek.

"Does it tell you that I am fond of your brass—the way that you asked for me as if I were some prize to be won?" said the Patriarch.

His voice dropped an octave as he continued. His timbre took on the character of gravel, rumbling in sensuous, dulcet tones. It was enough to send a thrill down Neil’s spine. "Or does it tell you of how I look forward to having your slender body pressed against mine? Your slick heat wrapped around me, desperately fluttering around my hardness as if to squeeze from me every last drop?" said the Patriarch.

Neil moaned softly, the Patriarch’s words rousing the need inside him. He couldn’t help but raise his tail, his insides trembling ever so slightly as his body readied itself for a repeat of the previous night.

It didn’t help that the Patriarch was actively pushing him in that direction. The texture of that calloused fingertip casually rubbing circles around his rim sent Neil’s desire into overdrive.

"I-incorrigible is what you are," Neil managed to stammer out. His hips moved of their own accord, slowly rocking back against the teasing of his entrance.

The Patriarch chuckled. It was a deep, rich sound not unlike a thunderclap, rolling through Neil’s body with its low bass rumble. "Now, now… Is that any way to speak to your Patriarch?"

Neil gave the Patriarch his fondest scowl.

"You ought not to keep the Goddess waiting. I imagine you would not want to miss a vital revelation on account of procrastinating overlong," the Patriarch teased.

It doesn’t work that way, Neil wanted to say, but as the heat in his belly blossomed and spread through him, he elected to bite his tongue instead. If he had any hope of getting through his notifications before the Patriarch took him again, he had to focus.

[★Friendly Face] Pioneer ★ Title Earned!

Congratulations! You are the first player to reach an affinity level greater than 50%!


  • [Affinity Quests] unlocked

Pioneer Bonus:

  • +5% bonus Affinity growth rate

Aroused as he was, a different sort of excitement briefly coursed through Neil as he saw that he was the recipient of a Pioneer title. They were unique titles, given only to the first player to accomplish something.

He’d started Valtyria late and had thus never earned the prestigious reward. Now that he had one of his own, however, he could understand why the most hardcore of players were constantly on the lookout for such titles.

[Affinity Quests] Unlocked!

Congratulations on becoming close with an influential character in the world of Eiras. From this point forward, NPCs with whom you have more than 50% affinity will occasionally give quests that can help you become closer friends.

These quests may be related to their background or their goals and ambitions. Successfully helping them by completing an [Affinity Quest] will grant a major Affinity bonus and strengthen your bond.

Beware, however! Failing, Declining, or letting an [Affinity Quest]’s acceptance deadline lapse will damage your NPC friend’s trust and lead to a major Affinity penalty.

"That twinkle in your eyes tells me you must have received something good, little lizard," said the Patriarch.

With surprisingly little effort, the larger zakhar heaved Neil on top of him. There was a mischievous glint in those ice-blue eyes and an undeniable hunger that sent a thrill through Neil.

"One might say that," said Neil, somewhat coyly. The manhandling had affected him so and there was no denying that the feeling of being bodily moved excited him to an unreasonable degree.

The faintly sweet scent of his arousal hung in the air. It was subtle in every lungful but nevertheless present.

As a male, he was used to overt signs of excitement. After all, said sign was pressing into the Patriarch’s thigh, rubbing slowly against the firm heat of the bigger man’s muscles with every roll of his hips.

It was taking some time to adjust to the subtler signs, on the other hand. He’d never imagined that he’d be exuding ‘come hither’ pheromones as anticipation filled him. Nor had the notion ever crossed his mind that he would be getting wet over the prospect of being fucked by an incredible man like any human woman would.

The Patriarch’s finger was damp now with the sweet-smelling fluid that leaked from inside Neil. As the teasing continued, more trickled from his entrance, slicking the way for what was to come.

"Stingy," the Patriarch murmured as he pushed his finger against Neil’s trembling entrance. "I had hoped that our night together would render you more willing to divulge about what it is like to be Chosen—but I suppose I shall have to have your body instead…"

Neil gasped. His back arched as the Patriarch’s finger pushed roughly inside him. The sensation of those coarse callouses rubbing against his most tender area briefly robbed him of all faculties.

A hoarse cry spilled from his lips and the hand he had on the bed closed around the sheets. He’d forgotten the difference in their sizes—a contrast now brought into sharp relief.

The Patriarch’s one finger was just shy of being as large as two of Neil’s put together. And though its girth posed no challenge, the stretch was nevertheless intense.

Neil groaned, his free hand moving onto the Patriarch’s shoulder to bear down on it with his grip as more of the Patriarch’s meaty finger was slowly forced inside him. "Y-you wouldn’t understand," he said.

"Oh little lizard, you underestimate my ability much too freely," said the Patriarch as he reached down and grabbed the leg that was draped over him. "I would have you try to elucidate."

Neil gasped as the Patriarch replaced his index finger with his middle finger. The rest cupped as much of his ass as they could, squeezing possessively around his plump cheeks.

"I-I will try," he said. "T-the Goddess r-revealed that…" A low moan tore free of Neil as the Patriarch’s finger slipped deeper, helped on its way by the slick that issued from him.

"T-that I had gained the f-favor of an E-Eiran…" Difficult as it was to string together the words of a halfway-cogent argument, Neil gritted his teeth and fought through. He didn’t know exactly why, only that he was gripped with a need to please he’d never truly felt before.

"A-and that consequently, I-I would be on occasion receiving…_Nnnh…_So-called Affinity Quests… from you a-and other Eirans I-I might one day b-befriend…"

"And these Affinity Quests, they would foster trust and common affection, yes?" said the Patriarch as he cocked an eyebrow.

It was almost unjust how lucid the Patriarch could sound while wrenching such pitiful noises from Neil. Nevertheless, Neil nodded, unable to muster a more verbal response as the Patriarch’s fingertip rubbed against his walls.

The sensation was incredible and Neil lacked the words to describe it in full. As the Patriarch’s calloused finger curled inside him and scraped against his inner flesh, fresh waves of arousal rolled through him, followed soon thereafter by an inner trembling as his body produced more slick.

By mustering what willpower he had remaining, Neil managed a halting explanation of what such quests entailed. Shortly thereafter, while the Patriarch considered what he’d been told, speech fled him yet again.

"Yes…I suppose it would only be natural that we natives would turn to your kind for help once a measure of trust has been established…" said the Patriarch thoughtfully.

To an outsider, it might have seemed as though the Patriarch was preoccupied with the topic of his inquiries but his attention had never truly strayed from Neil. He played Neil’s body as if it were an instrument—and him a savant born to play it. His touch was so masterful that he’d managed to reduce the Chosen’s vocabulary to a few desperate vocalizations.

"But I never imagined that such an interaction would be abstracted in this way…A task with set objectives, rewards, and penalties for failure…" The Patriarch did not even need to look at Neil to work the magic of his hands but he did so anyway, the look in his eyes covetous and hungry as he watched Neil writhe atop him.

And yet the Patriarch did not lay down his line of reasoning, seemingly satisfied with teasing Neil to the brink of desperation—of madness. A blubbered plea went unanswered as the hand that had been cradling the back of Neil’s knee slid up to rest at Neil’s hip.

"Even the natural disappointment at being denied or kept waiting is encapsulated so elegantly in the reduction of this inscrutable quantity that is Affinity…" the Patriarch continued, sounding more and more amused with every word that tumbled from his lips.

Neil sucked in a single shuddering breath as everything stopped, the Patriarch’s middle finger coming to a rest halfway buried inside him. He rested his forehead against the bigger zakhar’s chest, his own heaving with shallow panting.

"The Goddess has made a game of our lives!" the Patriarch laughed. There wasn’t the slightest hint of existential anguish in his words even though Neil would have expected such.

The Patriarch looked at Neil, ice blue eyes meeting gold. He smirked, fresh understanding in his gaze. "Little wonder that the Chosen seem so eager."

Neil hissed, back arching as a second meaty finger slid inside him alongside the first. The stretch wasn’t uncomfortable in any way but it was intense.

Together, the two fingers matched the girth of a human cock that was on the fatter side. It certainly felt that way to Neil as his hole flexed around them.

The Patriarch chuckled, pulling Neil further up his body with a swift yank that drew a hoarse cry from the smaller zakhar. "Now I cannot but wonder…Did the ‘Window’ tell you to seduce me?"

Neil could barely think. His body was wracked with need, his lungs practically drowning in the heady musk of the Patriarch’s arousal.

He nevertheless managed to muster a response and shook his head. "N-no," he stammered as the hand gripping the Patriarch’s shoulder slipped down to rest on a firm pectoral. "I-I was only told to make an impression…"

The Patriarch laughed. "And what a marvelous one you made indeed," he said with a little smirk as he pressed his lips to the tip of Neil’s head. "Now…little lizard, I sense that there is something you need from me…"

Neil nodded, curling the fingers of the hand on the Patriarch’s chest into a fist as he rocked his hips back and forth.

"Tell me," said the Patriarch. He clapped his free hand over Neil’s ass, giving the pleasantly supple rump a squeeze that had Neil’s tail rising desperately into the air.

"Y-you," Neil gasped, his eyes fluttering closed as he leaned his forehead against the Patriarch’s chest. He worked his hips, fucking himself on the Patriarch’s two fingers with abandon. The pleasure of his own endowment rubbing against the Patriarch’s firm muscles was but secondary to the craving he felt inside. "I-I want you. In me. Filling me up!"

The Patriarch chuckled at the pleading little whine that escaped Neil as the fingers pulled out of him. "If a reward is what you want, then you should work for it," said the Patriarch with a smirk as he bodily moved Neil into a position straddling his hips.

Wetness gushed out of Neil as the Patriarch’s fingers withdrew with a lewd noise from his entrance. He was practically dripping with slick—a blessing despite the mess considering the Patriarch’s considerable size.

The discomfort he’d felt when he first experienced his body’s self-lubrication was all but gone. Though the production of the sweet-smelling wetness still made his insides flutter, it was as natural now as breathing.

Neil had no objections to brook when he was moved into place. Excitement had slick trickling down the cleft of his ass and over his balls as the Patriarch’s hips forced his knees apart.

He braced both hands against the Patriarch’s chest, sliding back just a bit to feel the root of the larger zakhar’s cock under him. It was only half-hard, but not for long.

A thrill of anticipation shook through Neil’s body as he felt the considerable endowment stir underneath him. He could feel the heat of it, the pulse thundering through the increasingly-engorged slab of distinctly masculine meat.

A low moan escaped Neil, together with a gush of slick that splurted messily out of his aching hole. The profusion of his pheromones, mingling with the Patriarch’s heady musk in the air, raised the Patriarch’s member to its intimidating fullness.

The mere girth of it was enough to spread Neil’s cheeks apart as he backed his ass onto the Patriarch’s cock. It scarcely fit in the cleft between his cheeks but that was hardly an obstacle.

At no point in all of this did Neil’s lust-addled mind turn to thoughts of the game. No. With every lungful of intoxicating dominant male musk that he breathed in, the more difficult it became to think.

His body was caught in the grip of instinct—of primal, biological need. And even if he had wanted—which he didn’t—he didn’t have nearly the willpower to resist.

Neil bounced his ass, rubbing his slick all over the length of the Patriarch’s hardness with nothing but the motion of his hips. His tail swung wildly about with every motion, raised as high as he could get it.

"There you go, little lizard," the Patriarch cooed as he slid his hands up and down Neil’s slender sides. "Such a good little whore for your Patriarch."

The praise spurred Neil into greater enthusiasm. And yet, for all his desperation to have the Patriarch inside him, he felt no immediate need to impale himself upon the Patriarch’s cock. That was, at least, until he did.

Somehow—he didn’t know how—Neil’s body seemed to know that it had done enough. He felt it in the pit of his stomach, a peculiar sense of satisfaction followed soon thereafter by a gnawing and rapidly growing need for more.

Neil raised his ass and reached back, wrapping his fingers around the considerable girth of the Patriarch’s fat cock. He moved with purpose, lining up so that he could work himself down the rigid pillar with ease.

It took no more than a few moments. And then, he sat.

He made no effort at moderation, which only made the experience more transcendent. He slammed his hips into the Patriarch’s, driving the older Zakhar’s meat deep inside him with no small amount of force.

A hoarse cry spilled from Neil’s lips as in an instant he felt stuffed full and forced open to his limits. There was no pain nor any discomfort beyond the faint burn of the stretch but the pleasure, it was devastating.

"Fuck," the Patriarch growled under his breath as his fingers dug into Neil’s flesh. "This tightness of yours is a treasure, little lizard."

The praise sent fresh arousal coursing through Neil. His legs trembled under him, threatening to give out from just how good the Patriarch’s heat felt buried deep inside him. But he would be damned if he showed weakness now.

With a grunt and no small amount of effort, Neil leaned forward, shifting his weight so that he could more comfortably move his hips. A low groan escaped him as he raised his ass, his hole clinging to the Patriarch’s girth despite the copious amounts of slick dripping out of him.

Determined, he rode the Patriarch’s massive cock, faltering now and then as the sensations threatened to overwhelm him. He started slow but quickly picked up the pace, mustering strength he didn’t know he had as the pleasure built inside him.

Throwing his head back, Neil bounced his ass on the Patriarch’s cock, savoring the way that it forced him open, stretching him wide to accommodate its girth. The feeling was sensational, his body awash with pleasure as the Patriarch’s cock massaged and scraped his insides.

"So wet for me…" the Patriarch groaned, his grip on Neil’s hips getting tighter. "Fuck. That’s it, little lizard. Work that delicious posterior over my cock."

The sound of wet squelching filled the air as slick gushed out of Neil seemingly endlessly. In and out the Patriarch’s rod plunged into him, squeezing out his excess juices past his tender, stretched-out hole.

It fueled a wild sort of desperation in Neil. He rode the Patriarch as if his life depended on it, harder and faster with every bounce of his hips against the older zakhar’s.

Neil groaned, his hands splayed over the Patriarch’s firm pecs as he leaned even further forward for leverage. Skin slapped against skin as he reached a fever pitch, desperately chasing after the fulfillment that his body craved so much.

The Patriarch growled as his draconic features came to the fore, his ice-blue eyes practically incandescent with desire. "I should like to fuck a clutch of eggs into you, little lizard," he hissed under his breath.

The prospect excited Neil more than he thought it would. Desire raced through him like a wildfire, his mouth falling open as full-throated moans spilled from him as if he were little more than a common whore.

"B-breed me!" he whined as he felt the swelling at the Patriarch’s base. "Pump me to bursting with your seed. Please!"

Neil didn’t think he’d ever uttered a more sincere plea but it was true. He hadn’t even paid any heed to his own pleasure, desperate as he was to feel the heat of the Patriarch’s emission flooding him again.

It was only now that he could feel the throbbing and swelling and pulsing of the older zakhar’s imminent orgasm that he realized he was deliciously close to his own.

He bounced himself on the Patriarch’s fat cock until he couldn’t—until the Patriarch’s rough hands seized him by the hips and forced him down. The incredible knot at the base of the Patriarch’s hardness swelled to lock them together moments before the first pulse of hot jism scorched his insides.

Neil threw his head back and cried out, his legs finally giving out as he fell forward onto the Patriarch’s chest. He lay there against the heaving of the Patriarch’s ragged breaths as his own comparably diminutive orgasm made a sticky mess of the space between their bodies.

He groaned as the Patriarch filled him, finally slaking the thirst of his body with a bellyful of what felt like boiling hot cum. As he struggled to catch his breath, a new window sparked to life before his eyes.

[Brandt City Patriarch] Affinity Up!

70% -> 70.25% Fond -> Fond

"A new revelation?" said the Patriarch with a chuckle. "A new…quest? perhaps? Take the Patriarch’s cock 10 times for a bonus to Affinity?"

Neil had to laugh. "No," he said, pausing to take a breath and calm his racing heart. He groaned and shook his hips, adjusting around the knot firmly buried inside him before continuing. "It said that my Affinity with you had risen by a quarter of a percent."

The Patriarch smirked, a mischievous twinkle in his eye. "So little?" he said.

Neil sighed and laid his head on the Patriarch’s chest. "Affinity is difficult to raise."

"Just as trust is difficult to properly foster, I suppose," said the Patriarch.

Without warning, Neil found himself pinned against the mattress, with the Patriarch’s considerable weight keeping him firmly in place. In the sudden reversal, the knot had twisted around inside him, ripping a yowl from his throat and sending a fresh wave of pleasure through his body.

"I imagine you would like to increase your Affinity with me to its greatest extent… In that case, I am happy to help," said the Patriarch, and Neil could practically hear the grin in his voice.

"W-wait," said Neil. He was spent from their earlier exertion and yet, somehow, he managed to find untapped strength within.

He would quickly learn that zakhar were built for marathon sessions.

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