The Tyler Takedown pt. 5

After working hard at becoming a better person and a better student, the results of Tyler’s Chemistry final are released and everything works out in the end.

It wasn’t such a bad thing, Tyler discovered, to try and be a "better" person by Robin’s standards. In the past, his measure of worth had purely been based on a person’s power; whether that meant the person had money or influence didn’t exactly matter, only that they had the figurative strength to take what they wanted.

Tyler was rather unfamiliar with the whole "being good" thing. It was a fundamental failing on his parents’ parts, but at the same time, he’d not really made any effort to change his perspective. At least, until Robin came along and turned his world upside down.

Not that Tyler didn’t think there was any merit to assigning worth to a person based on their ability to get what they wanted. He’d just come around to the idea that money, fame, lineage, and power weren’t the only things that could define a person’s worth.

There was still a part of Tyler that held on to his old impulses. He still sometimes had trouble interacting with people who didn’t, for lack of a better term, seem as affluent as him. He was getting better, though. Little by little.

On Melanie’s advice, Tyler had even started seeing a therapist. Although, he was still having trouble with the whole concept of it. Now and again he’d get an intrusive thought telling him that Tyler-fucking-Kingston wasn’t a lunatic that needed to go to a shrink. He had to fight tooth and nail against the impulse to just not show up to his appointments.

Tyler had mentioned the matter to his therapist. His therapist had said it was perfectly normal to feel the way he did and offered some advice about how to handle it.

Since then, Tyler had taken to thinking of the therapist as a counselor. Functionally, it was pretty much the same thing, but to his mind, it made all the difference. "Therapist" made him think that there was something wrong with him that needed to be fixed, while "counselor" made him feel more like he just had some problems he needed some advice to resolve.

In any case, the sessions had been quite helpful for Tyler. The insight into why he was the way he was was quite invaluable, and he used it as a guiding post to not just change his behaviors but the underlying reasons for them.

Ultimately, Tyler had realized, his refusal to acknowledge any worth on the part of people, who didn’t have the privilege to be as well-born or wealthy as him, came from a fundamental lack of self-esteem. It was ridiculous on the face of it, he knew, since he’d often been called highly-arrogant and full of himself but the more that he’d thought about it, the more he’d become convinced that the counselor’s assessment had been correct.

While it was true that Tyler had received a lot of praise as a child for the things that he did, it had always been followed by, "as expected of a Kingston," or something along a similar vein. The unnecessary comments devalued his accomplishments and made them less about him and more about being a Kingston instead. It was why he was so attached to the name, and to the wealth and prestige that came with it.

Coach had been the first person to give Tyler genuine praise that had nothing to do with his family name or his money. He was a good player. No one could dispute that. But he wasn’t a good player because he was a Kingston, and that had made all the difference.

Still, Coach hadn’t been enough to break Tyler out of his patterns. Even if Coach praised Tyler Kingston, not Tyler Kingston, Coach had still treated him like a Kingston ought to be treated.

It wasn’t until Robin came along and completely ignored the pedigree of his family name that Tyler got the opportunity to stand on his own as a person and it was fulfilling in a way that he couldn’t quite describe. Hell, if he was being entirely honest, it was downright pleasurable.

The day Robin had returned the midterm marks and told Tyler that he’d done a good job, Tyler had gone straight back to his apartment and masturbated to get the arousal out of his system. It was strange to be so turned on by praise and acknowledgment, but there was no changing what had happened.

It was good.

Everything was good.

The hollow relationships that Tyler had had with his frat brothers and the people he’d called friends had become more meaningful ever since he received Robin’s acknowledgment. Sure, he’d lost some people because he started associating with "the trash," but those relationships would have probably turned out to be toxic anyway so he didn’t have any particularly horrible feelings of loss.

Of course, things were only good when viewed through the lens of Tyler’s personal relationships. Otherwise, Tyler was a nervous wreck.

"Dude, calm the fuck down," Mac called out, from the kitchen. He wasn’t even supposed to be here and yet here he was. Tyler should have known giving him a spare key to the apartment was a mistake. He’d insisted on coming to cook a celebration lunch but they didn’t even know if they’d passed.

"Yeah, you’re going to wear your Persian-fucking-Rug bare," said Melanie, yet another person who wasn’t supposed to be in Tyler’s apartment and yet was currently watching him pace back and forth as he waited for Robin’s email.

"Calm down?" said Tyler, trying his best not to hyperventilate. "How the fuck am I supposed to calm down? He said he’d send the grades at 9:00. It’s already 9:15!"

Of course, both Melanie and Mac knew about Tyler’s thing with Robin, but neither could truly understand just how much was riding on this result for him.

Silence followed, only to be broken by the chime of Mac’s phone.

"What was that?" said Tyler, whipping around to look at the kitchen. "Did you get your grades?"

"Nope!" said Mac. "It was nothing! Just some spam!"

"Like hell that was—!" Tyler’s tirade was interrupted as he was halfway to the kitchen by the chiming of his own phone. He barely caught it as it tumbled out of his hands in his haste to see what the notification was. He nearly dropped it anyway when he saw that it was an email from Robin.

Mr. Kingston,

I thought I should save the best for last.

Final Exam Marks: 78.5/80 | 98% (A+)

You will find a more comprehensive breakdown of your marks as well as a copy of your marked examination attached to this email.

As we discussed earlier, please come to see me at your earliest convenience during my posted office hours. I will be available at those times until the end of the examination period.

Alternatively, please send me a message if you wish to arrange for a different time and place to meet and I will see what I can do.

Regards and congratulations,

Robin Nielsen, Ph.D.

"So?" said Melanie. "Spill!"

It took Tyler a good minute to register what Melanie had just said. He stared at his phone, reading the email over and over again. He didn’t know how to react. He was happy, of course, but he was also a bit disappointed at the dry tone of the email.

Tyler didn’t know why he’d expected better if he was being honest. This was Robin Nielsen, after all. Even when he was being playful, there was a rigid formalism in the way that he acted. Deep down, Tyler supposed he’d been hoping that just this once, Robin would treat him differently than Robin would treat any other student.

"A-plus," said Tyler, swallowing thickly. His mind was still spinning. He didn’t know what to make of the terse message. he hadn’t quite finished processing the email.

"A-plus?" said Melanie, raising an eyebrow. "That’s a good thing, right? Professor Nielsen told you to ace his exam, right? So why do you look like you’ve just seen a ghost?"

Tyler started laughing nervously. He scratched the side of his face."Um," he said, struggling to put together the words to describe what was going through his head. "H-He told me that I could come see him at his office whenever I can."

Melanie opened her mouth to say something, but Tyler continued before she could interrupt him. "H-He also said that if I wanted to make other arrangements that I could just message him. I… I didn’t really plan this far ahead."

"Uh, it’s pretty obvious, dumbass," Mac called out, from the kitchen. "Go see him!"

"Right… Right…" said Tyler. He pivoted on his heel, pocketed his phone, and made for the front door. "I-I guess I’ll be back in a bit…"

"I didn’t say right now!" said Mac. "I didn’t come all this way to cook breakfast for myself!"

Tyler decided to bite the bullet. He’d been standing outside of Robin’s office for the last few minutes, looking like a total idiot. He knocked on the door. The blinds were drawn, so Tyler wasn’t sure if Robin was even in today, but there was light shining through the gaps, so Tyler hoped that he hadn’t wasted the time to make the trip here.

When, after five seconds had passed, there was no response, Tyler turned to leave. Just as he was, he heard the rattle of the doorknob and his heart skipped a beat as the door opened.

"Ah, Tyler," said Robin, a smile tugging at his lips as he stood in the doorway. "I was starting to think you weren’t coming."

"S-sorry," Tyler stammered, rubbing his arm as he pointedly looked down at the space between his feet. He didn’t think his heart could take looking into Robin’s eyes right now. "My friends wanted to celebrate the end of the term and…"

"It’s fine, it’s fine," said Robin. There was an uncharacteristic lightness to his voice that made Tyler’s heart hammer in his chest. "Come in."

"T-thanks," Tyler mumbled, as he stepped through the threshold into Robin’s office. He’d never been there before, but as he looked around, he wasn’t surprised at what he found.

The shelves that lined the walls were filled with books of all kinds. Most were chemistry books, and there was a section dedicated to journals, but there were also fiction titles in their own little corner of the collection.

Decorating some of the shelves were also pieces of laboratory equipment, chemical specimens. There were also, if Tyler wasn’t miscounting, a grand total of sixteen buckminsterfullerene models in a variety of materials. Some were made of small styrofoam balls and wooden dowels, while others were made of magnetic snap-on pieces.

It was the office of a total nerd, if Tyler was being honest. The old version of him would have laughed, but he didn’t think it was such a bad thing, anymore, being book-smart. He didn’t know if he had what it takes but actually paying attention in Robin’s class had kindled something of a passion in him. Maybe not in Robin’s field, exactly, but he still wasn’t sure of what he really wanted to do.

Tyler nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard the click of the door shutting behind Robin. His heart stopped for a second as he felt the draft of Robin’s body as Robin brushed past him to stand behind the desk.

For the first time since entering the office, Tyler looked at Robin—really looked at him. He regretted it almost as soon as he did.

Not because there was anything bad about the way that Robin looked, but because there was everything good about it. For once, Robin wasn’t wearing that sexy, if a bit stuffy, suit jacket of his. It was safely draped over the back of his office chair while all he had on was a tight button-up dress shirt that showed off his lean musculature and lithe form.

Every stitch and crease in the fabric was perfectly placed to accentuate Robin’s natural physique. He was smaller, thinner, and leaner than Tyler but it was pretty clear that he was no less male.

In fact, the dress shirt showed off Robin’s body so well that Tyler’s eyes kept being drawn to the professor’s narrow waist and flat stomach. Every fiber of Tyler’s being was making him want to put his hands right where he was looking and never take them off again.

"So, Tyler," said Robin. The way that Tyler’s name oozed with honestly-unfair sensuality from Robin’s lips made Tyler’s spine tingle. "What can I help you with, today?"

Tyler looked at Robin like a deer in headlights. He didn’t know how he was supposed to answer that question. He had no idea what his standing even was in Robin’s eyes. For all he knew, this was some sort of sick game, but a part of him was confident that Robin wasn’t that kind of person.

Grasping for straws, Tyler stammered, "A-after the midterm. Y-You said that i-if I a-aced your final, y-you’d go out with me."

"Did I say that, Tyler?" said Robin, the corner of his lip curling into a delicate little smirk that made Tyler’s cock twitch. "Did I really say that?"

Frantically, Tyler cast his mind back to the events of that day. His heart hammered in his chest as he wracked his memories for the answer. He had a feeling that there was a right answer. When he found it, he felt a cold knot form in the pit of his stomach.

Looking up at Robin with wide eyes, Tyler mumbled, "N-No…"

Robin chuckled. "So, what did I say?"

Tyler averted his gaze, stomach tied up in knots. "T-that we could talk if I aced your final exam."

"That’s right," said Robin. "So. Let’s talk."

Tyler gave a start when he realized that Robin was standing right in front of him. He hadn’t even heard the professor move.

"First of all, look at me while we’re talking. It’s rude not to look at the person you’re talking to," said Robin.

Tyler looked up, blue eyes meeting storm-gray. His heartbeat thundered in his ears. He felt his mouth dry and his throat tighten. It was like the whole world beyond the four walls of the office ceased to exist.

"Good. At least you know how to follow instructions," said Robin. "You say you want to go out with me. Do you have any idea what that means, Tyler?"

"I-it means… I-I… S-something…" Tyler stammered, unable to verbalize all the tumultuous, tempestuous feelings raging inside of him.

Robin clucked his tongue. "I am not looking for a quick summer fling, Mr. Kingston," he said. Tyler’s chest tightened at the tone of Robin’s voice. He felt like a child being reprimanded, almost. "It is out of season now, of course, but the point still stands. I do not have time to waste on games and waffling. Going out with me means commitment, Mr. Kingston, and I shan’t stand for anything less than your utmost."

"Y-yes! O-of course!" Tyler stammered. He didn’t want a fling, either. He supposed he had a reputation for them, now, but for the first time in his life, he was able to tolerate the thought of being with someone for a long time. For the rest of his life, even, if he could help it.

"Are you certain?" said Robin. "Completely certain?"

Tyler took a step back as Robin took a step forward. Even though he was looking down into Robin’s eyes, he still somehow felt that Robin was towering over him.

"I-I am," said Tyler, breathing shallowly as Robin took another step toward him.

For all Tyler’s bulk and his obvious strength compared to Robin, he felt powerless to resist as the professor herded him toward the wall. With every step Robin took forward, he took another back until the heel of his foot hit the base of a shelf and his shoulders jostled a few buckyballs out of position.

"Because I do not mind if you want something more purely carnal," said Robin, reaching up to undo the topmost button of his shirt.

Tyler gulped as he watched Robin reach down and unbutton his cuffs. Robin rolled his sleeves up his arms and took the last step forward to pin Tyler up against the bookshelf.

"If this is all about sex, then I have no qualms with satisfying your urges today," said Robin, as he traced a finger lightly along Tyler’s collarbone. "However, we will have to leave it at that. I am looking for a lasting relationship, and I simply have neither the time nor the energy to invest in something that will not bear fruit."

"N-no!" Tyler protested, gently placing his hands on Robin’s shoulders to push him away. He shook his head, vehemently. "That’s not what I want at all!" he said.

"Then what do you want, Tyler?" said Robin, taking one of Tyler’s hands off his shoulders to brush his lips across the knuckles.

"You," said Tyler, breathlessly.

"Me?" said Robin, eyebrow raised. "Use your words, Tyler. As I recall from our first encounter, you have quite the number of them."

Tyler blushed. He fought the urge to look away. He forced him to keep his gaze locked with Robin’s. "I want to be with you," he said, the words tumbling clumsily out of his mouth, unaccustomed with expressing such vulnerable, genuine desires. "I want to spend time with you. I want to make memories with you. I want to be around you!" he said.

"A non-sexual romantic relationship, then?" said Robin, with a quiet laugh that sent tingles across the back of Tyler’s hand.

"N-no! I-I also want to be with you in that way! B-but that’s not all I want," said Tyler, blushing hard. He felt like his face was going to burst into flame.

"Is that so?" said Robin, pressing his body up against Tyler’s.

God. Tyler looked up at the ceiling, sweat beading on his forehead. The feeling of Robin pressed against him was almost too much. He had to fight back the urge to moan as his cock surged to full hardness.

Robin leaned his head against Tyler’s chest. He chuckled, voice low, dark, and rich. "Then perhaps there is hope for you yet, Tyler," he said.

The moan that Tyler had been suppressing spilled out of him as he felt Robin’s hand slip into the space between his legs, cradling his cock through his pants. "You don’t mind this, do you?" he whispered.

"I-I don’t!" said Tyler, the words tumbling out of him without restraint. There wasn’t anything else that he could say in that moment. Robin’s fingers on his cock, even through the fabric of his sweat pants, were electric.

Tyler tilted his head to the side and bit down on the knuckle of his index finger as Robin squeezed his cock. It felt good. So good. The sensations were intense in a way that he could have never imagined and it was all he could do not to cry out loud.

"I will admit, Tyler, I have been waiting for this moment for a long time," said Robin.

For all the pleasure that Robin’s delicate touches were bringing Tyler, they couldn’t compare to the white-hot pleasure that surged through Tyler’s body upon hearing those words. "Y-You have?" he mumbled, in disbelief.

"Mmm… Are you calling me a liar?" Robin hummed, his lips hot as they pressed against Tyler’s sensitive skin.

"N-No, sir," Tyler stammered.

"Sir?" said Robin, looking up at Tyler’s face with a raised eyebrow. Tyler felt his cheeks warm. "I think I like that."

"Fuck," Tyler moaned. Glancing at Robin was a mistake. The hungry gleam in those storm-gray eyes made his cock throb like nothing else.

As he looked over to the side, Tyler noticed that not only were the blinds on the office’s interior windows closed, the ones on the exterior windows were, as well. "D-did you plan this?" he mumbled, head spinning as Robin’s fingers slid up and down the outline of his cock.

"Sir. You started using it earlier. You might as well continue, Tyler," said Robin.

"D-did you plan this, sir?" Tyler said, under his breath. "D-did you know this was going to happen, sir?"

Robin chuckled. His other hand snaked under the hem of Tyler’s shirt, fingers splaying over the hard, sculpted muscles of Tyler’s stomach. "I do not have precognitive abilities, Tyler," he said, with a quiet laugh, as he rubbed his fingers up and down Tyler’s abs. "But I was hoping things would turn out this way."

"Do you like this?" Robin whispered, leaning up to press his lips to the side of Tyler’s neck.

"Yes, sir," Tyler said, without hesitation. "So much. So much."

"Then should you not allow yourself to bask in it?" said Robin, murmuring the words into the side of Tyler’s neck and making him shiver with pleasure. "You’ve worked so hard. Don’t you think you’ve earned some sort of reward?"

It was true. Tyler had worked his ass off this term. He still wasn’t used to doing so much shit for his studies but it had been surprisingly fulfilling in a way that he couldn’t quite verbalize.

In a way, Tyler had to agree with Robin’s assessment. He’d put in so much effort. It was about time that he got a reward for the work he’d done. He was pretty sure that was how things were supposed to work.

A small part of Tyler wondered if it was a trick question of some sort, though. He knew Robin had a particular predilection toward those. He’d almost tripped on a few such questions in the final exam.

"I-I don’t know," said Tyler. "D-do you think so, sir?"

There. That was probably a sufficient answer. Tyler didn’t know exactly what kind of dynamic his and Robin’s relationship was going to take. He supposed that was something they were supposed to get on the table pretty early on but there hadn’t exactly been an opportunity to get to it once Robin started feeling him up.

As Robin had been acting pretty dominant the whole time Tyler had known the professor, Tyler could guess as to what kind of relationship they would have. In the beginning, he’d been pretty adamant with himself that he’d accept nothing less than a relationship of equals. Now, he wasn’t so sure. There was something about the way that Robin took charge that he found titillating.

The old Tyler would have never accepted being the submissive partner out of some misguided sense of machismo, or some misapprehension that it would mean being inferior to his partner. As Tyler had discovered recently, though, he found submission intriguing in a sexual sense.

Robin chuckled. "That is adorable," said Robin. "I’m glad you have some inkling of how things will be between us. I certainly think so, but in this case, more importantly, do you?"

Tyler chewed on his lower lip. The stimulation of Robin’s hand over his stomach and the bulge in his pants made thinking difficult. No one had ever asked him if he thought he deserved to be rewarded before. In the past, he would have answered in the affirmative, without hesitation, but this time, he faltered.

Guilt over the way that he’d acted in the past formed a cold knot in the pit of Tyler’s stomach. He tried not to think about the way he’d treated Robin but it was impossible not to consider at this time.

It was clear that Robin had already moved past it, but it made Tyler uncertain. Still, he supposed that he had to trust in Robin’s judgment. If Robin said that he deserved a reward, then he probably did. He had worked pretty hard at becoming a better student and a better person. Maybe that was enough.

"I-I think so, sir," Tyler whispered.

"What was that?" said Robin. "You do not sound convinced. Perhaps you don’t think you do?"

Tyler groaned. "N-no, sir. I-I think I do," he said, slightly louder this time.

"Then say it," said Robin. "Say it like you believe it with every fibre of your being."

Tyler whined. Doubt clawed at his insides. The words were stuck in his throat. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t think he could say it out loud like Robin wanted him to. At least, he didn’t until he looked into Robin’s eyes and saw no judgment in them.

Taking a deep breath, Tyler steeled his resolve. He’d done bad things in the past, but he was doing his best not to, anymore. He’d worked hard. He deserved a reward. He did. He really did. Just like Robin thought.

"I-I…" Tyler faltered again, but he fought through it. "I think I deserve a reward, sir," he said, this time louder and with conviction.

"Good," said Robin, with a grin. "Because I happen to agree."

"T-thank you, sir!" Tyler gasped. His cock throbbed as Robin grabbed it through the coarse fabric of his sweatpants. He couldn’t help but moan. Something about Robin just made every little touch feel like pure fucking sex.

Robin laughed. "Good boy," he said, sending a bolt of pure-white, thought-scrambling electricity up Tyler’s spine.

"I can tell that you have been thinking plenty of thoughts in that pretty head of yours, Tyler. Do you not think you’ve already done more than enough of that this term?" said Robin. "You’ve earned this reward. You should bask in it instead of wondering about what is to come."

Tyler whimpered as Robin’s thumb rubbed circles around the head of his cock through his sweatpants. He was leaking like a faucet and if not for Robin being in the way, he was sure he’d see a big wet spot forming in his sweatpants at the tip of his cock.

"You need not worry about anything for the next little while, Tyler," Robin murmured. "Just enjoy this little moment. You can worry about what comes next when we’re done."

Robin had a point. Robin always had a point. Tyler had enjoyed being a good student, even if had been a bit difficult, but he needed a break. He’d been an anxious, worried mess ever since he finished writing the exam. He’d thought that all the nerves would go away once he was done, but waiting for the results had been even worse than the lead-up to the exam itself.

Tyler could use a little distraction from his own thoughts, and Robin was making a very compelling case.

"Y-yes, sir," Tyler moaned, eyes fluttering at the overwhelming sensations as Robin worked him over, playing his body like a fiddle.

Tyler was so distracted by the feeling of Robin’s lips mouthing at the curve of his jaw that he barely registered the feeling of Robin’s thumbs hooking under the waistband of his sweatpants. He moaned and whimpered, the heat of Robin’s breath making his skin tingle as his lungs filled with Robin’s delectable scent.

A gasp slipped out of Tyler as Robin sank to the ground, taking his sweatpants and underwear with him. Tyler’s cock caught on the elastic for a moment before springing free, bouncing up and down between his legs. Feeling the cool air against the sensitive skin of his cock elicited a hiss out of Tyler, followed by a low moan as Robin’s delicate fingers wrapped around his engorged shaft.

A few tugs were all it took to have Tyler clutching the bookcase behind him, face red as he fought the urge to come all over Robin’s hand and face. It was such nonsense that Robin had even told him to stop thinking too much. It was impossible to think about anything else while Robin’s fingers were working over his rock-hard cock.

Tyler looked up at the ceiling and moaned. He didn’t even know what he was looking for up there. Some strength to not go over the edge, probably, but he wasn’t sure. It was hard to think. To speak. The only real option left was to ride it out and Robin was making it almost impossible.

"I-I’m—!" Tyler moaned as he teetered on the edge. His cock pulsed and throbbed, his balls drawing up into his body. He could feel the cum churning in his nuts and he didn’t think he was going to be able to stop what was coming.

Robin let go of his cock. The sudden stop ripped a groan out of Tyler as his cock uselessly flopped between his legs, twitching and bouncing as the orgasm slipped away. "P-please, sir…" Tyler begged.

"Please, what?" said Robin, fingers wrapping gently around the base of Tyler’s cock as he rubbed the head against his cheek.

"P-please let me cum, sir!" Tyler whimpered.

Robin laughed. "Alright, just this once," he said, the words enough to send a frisson of pleasure straight through Tyler’s cock.

Tyler tilted his head back, banging the top of his head on the bookshelf. "F-fuck!" he moaned, as he felt Robin’s hot breath wafting over the head of his cock. He nearly lost his load when Robin’s tongue darted out and traced a circle around his glans.

When the hot wetness of Robin’s mouth enveloped the head of his cock, all the thoughts racing through Tyler’s mind ground to a halt. Something in his head short-circuited. He could practically feel the gears in his head grinding against one another, sparks flying as Robin swallowed him all the way to the root.

Searing, white-hot pleasure surged through Tyler’s veins. He blanked-out. For what felt like an eternity he was floating on an ocean of heat, waves of pleasure crashing over his body over and over and over again as the pressure inside built right back up to what he’d felt when he was dangling over the edge.

A long, low moan escaped Tyler as Robin’s lips locked around the base of his cock. It felt so good, better than any blowjob he’d ever had in his life. He spilled over the edge, helpless to resist the sensation of Robin’s tongue swiping back and forth along the underside of his cock.

"Fuuuck," Tyler groaned, as cum spilled out of him straight down Robin’s eager gullet.

When Robin pulled off his cock with a wet pop, Tyler had to hold on to the bookcase because his legs were ready to give out under him. Robin stood up and smirked at Tyler as he wiped the corner of his lips with the back of his hand. "You taste better than I expected," he said.

As someone who wasn’t used to being bashful in the least, Tyler couldn’t help the way that his cheeks heated up at Robin’s comment. He suddenly felt like a virgin schoolgirl, blushing furiously at a man’s attention.

Tyler wasn’t sure what to make of the comment, nor did he know what to think about the way that it made him feel, but then he felt Robin’s lips pressed up against his and it was as if the world had suddenly been set to rights. He closed his eyes and moaned into the kiss, head swimming with that musky, slightly-zesty scent that seemed to fill every nook and cranny of his lungs.

When Robin pulled away, Tyler chased after him purely on instinct. Robin gave him another peck on the lips for good measure. "Congratulations on a job well done, Tyler," said Robin. "Why don’t I take you out to celebrate properly? When do you think you will have a moment to spare?"

Tyler opened his eyes and stared at Robin for a second, not quite registering what had just been said. When it clicked that Robin was basically asking him out he went wide-eyed. "U-um…uh…um…" Tyler gawped at Robin, struggling to find the words to respond. "R-right away! I-I mean… I-I’m free tonight… S-sir."

"Good," said Robin. "I’ll pick you up at six, then, yes?"

Tyler’s heart was pounding in his chest. After dinner, the other day, he and Robin had talked about what their relationship would be like. He’d never had experience in anything other than the typical vanilla heterosexual kind of relationship so he hadn’t known what to expect but he’d been surprisingly receptive to what Robin had in mind. It had felt right, somehow, and Tyler wasn’t sure what to think of that.

Then again, Tyler supposed, he wouldn’t have come today if he hadn’t at least found the thought interesting.

Tyler had come as Robin had instructed, wearing a jockstrap, compression shorts, and a tank top. He fished the spare key Robin had given him out of his pocket and walked up to the front door of the large mansion in the outskirts of the city.

Robin wasn’t home yet. He had to teach a few summer courses and wouldn’t be back until at least dinnertime but he’d instructed Tyler to come, anyway.

Maybe Tyler should have complained about being handed the keys to Robin’s house right away and being expected to let himself in without the owner. He appreciated Robin’s trust but a small part of him still felt that they were moving a bit on the faster side. Not that it was a bad thing.

In any case, the thought of not doing as he’d been told hadn’t even crossed Tyler’s mind at the time. It had just felt right.

Taking a deep breath, Tyler unlocked the front door and entered. The house was huge on the outside but it felt quite cozy and homey on the inside.

Tyler closed the door behind him as he stepped into the entranceway. Next to the threshold was a small shoe shelf. On top was a small folded note, along with a sleek leather collar. He shivered, picking up the note while he traced the rim of the collar.

As he read what was written in the note, Tyler’s face heated up.

Hello Tyler,

I trust you find my home satisfactory?

Tyler laughed. Satisfactory was certainly one word to use. Palatial was another one that he thought was more appropriate.

I admit, living on my lonesome has led to some neglect of the property so please bear with the mess.

"What mess?" said Tyler. Every surface looked spotless.

As we discussed the last time we talked in person, we will have something of a dominant-submissive relationship. I am certain that by this point you have come to realize that it feels right, to be in such a relationship. That is because it is in your nature.

As sweet as your natural submissiveness is, you require training. I do not mind a submissive with a bit of fire in him, but there are certain things that I shall expect of you, regardless. We shall take it at a pace that you are comfortable with, but today is about testing your current limits.

I have a few tasks for you today. Worry not, they won’t be expected of you unless you find that you like doing them. I have need of a submissive partner, not a maid.

Once you have finished reading this note, I would like you to strip down to nothing but your runners and your jockstrap. Fold your clothes and place them neatly atop this shoe shelf. Place the collar around your neck and secure it firmly. Send me a message if it does not fit properly, though I have confidence that it should.

Once you have done that, I would like you to clean the kitchen, the living room, and the master bedroom. Once you have accomplished those tasks, I would like you to edge until 6:00 PM.

At that time, you are to kneel before the front door, present your cock, and wait for my return. Ensure that you do not lose your erection. You have my permission to touch yourself to maintain it if you need to, though I imagine if you think of me it shan’t need much of that.

I will give you further instructions once I am home for the day.

Fingertips tingling, Tyler set the note down. He slid his fingers under his tank-top and stripped it off. He pushed his shorts down, feeling the cool air against his bare ass cheeks. IT was weird, but it was titillating at the same time.

As he wound the collar around his neck, Tyler couldn’t help but feel, for the first time in his life, that he wasn’t just right where he wanted to be, but also right where he was always meant to be.

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