Important Update!

Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well! I’m doing alright, myself. Things seem to finally be settling down. There are just a couple of things that I wanted to talk about regarding the website and my commission services.


First of all, I opened commissions in June of 2021 and I wanted to express how incredibly grateful I am for all the support that I’ve received since then. The patronage of my commissioners has helped me eke out a living over the past few years and that’s something that I think I’ll be thankful for, for the rest of my life. However, the last time that I evaluated my prices was when I first set them, in June of 2021, and unfortunately my current rates are simply not economical for me. That is to say, effective as of July 11 2024, I will be raising my commission rates. These are the new rates:

Rate TypeBefore July 11 2024After July 11 2024
Base Rate12.5 USD per 1000 words16 USD per 1000 words
Patron/Supporter Rate12.5 USD per 1000 words14 USD per 1000 words
Regular Commissioner Rate12.5 USD per 1000 words14 USD per 1000 words

When considering this rate increase, I tried to balance my financial needs and the objective that I’ve tried to adhere to since the beginning, which is to provide accessible, relatively affordable commissions for those who like my stories and my writing style. Under the new rate, a 4000-word commission, that would have gone for 50 USD under the old rate, will now go for 64 USD with the base rate or 56 USD with the supporter/regulars discounted rate. It’s my hope that this won’t prove to be too substantial a financial burden.

What Happens During the Transition?

This announcement leaves just under a month between now and July. What happens to commission inquiries received, commissions undertaken, and ongoing commissions during this transition period? The answer is simple: As long as your commission inquiry was submitted before 12:00am Central Time on July 11 2024, whether I have taken it on or not, it will be grandfathered into the old rate at 12.5 USD per 1000 words.

Here’s a quick list of likely questions and answers:

I submitted an inquiry a few months ago and it’s now past the deadline, how much do I have to pay if you accept it?

Since the inquiry was submitted before the deadline, the old rate will be honored. You will have to pay 12.5 USD per 1000 words.

I submitted my inquiry before the deadline but you accepted my commission after the deadline. What rate will I have to pay?

Since the inquiry was submitted before the deadline, the old rate will be honored, even if I accept the commission past the deadline. You will have to pay 12.5 USD per 1000 words.

You accepted my commission but it’s already past the deadline and you’re still working on it. Will I have to pay the new rate?

No. If I started your commission before the deadline, the old rate will be honored. You will have to pay 12.5 USD per 1000 words.

We agreed to work on a long-term/serial commission and I commission you on a regular basis for chapters. Will I have to pay the new rate for new chapters after the deadline?

No. If I started working on a long-term/serial commission with you before the deadline, the old rate will be honored until the series is finished. You will have to pay 12.5 USD per 1000 words, even for chapters commissioned after the deadline.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

More Stories

Now that we’ve gotten past the most important announcement, I’d like to talk about the stories that I post on this blog. I realize that over the last years, I’ve been a bit inconsistent about posting my stories. I actually have a backlog of about three years’ worth of commissions that have not yet made it onto the site for one reason or another, usually my lacking the motivation to post them.

Starting now (the week of June 12, 2024), though, I’m going to try and adhere to a more regular posting schedule as best as I can. You can expect a new story—or a new chapter to an existing story—twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday, at least until I run out of backlog.

Something New

Last but not least, I wanted to announce that I think I’ll be trying something new in the near future. It’s still in the works, so I unfortunately can’t give you guys too many details but I’m planning on offering “Story Adoptables,” or “Story YCHs,” in a sense.

The motivation behind this effort is that I’ve got a lot of half-realized story ideas written down in various note-taking apps that I simply don’t have the time to write because of commissions and other projects. These ideas are a bit more malleable. The characters are often not set in stone and certain aspects of the plot are changeable.

The gist of the idea is this: I will be posting story ideas—likely on a Trello board—and I’ll provide some details such as the premise, the general outline for the plot that I have in mind, a price that I think the story would be worth, and what parts of the story such as the characters and specific scenes could be changed to the liking of whoever purchases the story. If you’ve got a character that you’d like to put in depraved situations or if you’d like a story but don’t have a specific idea of what you might want to get written, maybe this could be a good option for you.

Once I’ve got things set-up for this plan, I’ll make a new blog post with the details so please just keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, I don’t know if this is an idea that people would like, or whether it would work in the long-term, but I am happy to take suggestions and feedback so please do let me know what you think of this idea!

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