Captive Audience pt. 2

Opinions in Seaside City are sharply polarized when Justicar issues a challenge against Imperious and the Azure Synod. Thankfully, the anticipated showdown fails to materialize.

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Super Sucker pt. 16

In need of time to process what he did as Godspark, Corey stumbles upon some knowledge that puts him in more danger than he knows, and Marcus’ carefully-laid plans in jeopardy.

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Super Sucker pt. 8

The party at Marcus’ mansion is well underway. Castor and Corey are among the servants that are milling about, ensuring that the guests get their food and their refreshments.

But Imperious hardly ever does anything without a good reason, and Corey has been given a mission to fulfill. Eager to prove just how much of a good jockboy he is for Master, Corey will stop at nothing to accomplish his mission, even if it means betraying one of the most important people in his line of work.

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