Sylvan Sensibilities pt. 2

The mission goes awry; the human-orc alliance has heavily underestimated the strength of the enemy and Aberforth does not discover the truth until it’s too late. Though he exerts himself to his utmost, Llwrydd, the enemy general, is able to easily overpower him.

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Sylvan Sensibilities pt. 1

Aberforth Strongjaw is a martial genius and the champion of his clan. When their alliance with the humans draws the Redwolves into war with the elves of the Forest of Ymrion, he marches to the front lines with the men and volunteers for a perilous mission to strike at the very heart of the enemy forces.

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The Tyler Takedown pt. 1

Tyler Kingston is a hotshot jock at the University of Minnesota. With a killer smile, great body, and the king-of-the-world Alpha attitude to match, he thinks he’s got what it takes to rule the school. Especially when daddy dearest has enough money to make the administrators drool. Unfortunately for him, things are changing around campus, and the handsome Chemistry professor from Hierarch Industries isn’t going to tolerate his shit.

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Bitching Stick

Hello, Purple Fairy. I have a request, please. I ask you to make me a confident Latino twink with an impressive dick. The kind of dick that people will be willing to take if they see it.

I want even the most Alpha of people to take one look and be willing to submit to me. I would especially enjoy it if this turned me into a huge club goer, especially if I make it a habit of acting like I’d be willing to take a dick.

Maybe it could even happen the first time I go to a club? Like, the more I dance, the more I change. Please and thank you Purple Fairy.

Beta Patron Request by @karkat-kanaya-mix
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