Brains for Gains

Hello, Pink Fairy?

I am craving size so much but muscles take time to build and I need to get huge now. I’ll do anything. I’ll give up my IQ and my sex life to feed my muscles. Drain my IQ and use it to make my muscles huge. Use the cum I’m not using anymore to speed my metabolism, making me shredded.

Oh please, Pink Fairy, I beg you!

Story Request by @sven0204
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Super Sucker

Corey Cooper is the kind of over-achieving kid that everyone would hate if not for his enduring charisma but he has a secret. A 4.0 GPA star quarterback by day, by night Corey is the masked hero known as Tempest.

But that isn’t his secret. His secret is that he goes to bed each night fantasizing about being brainwashed into an obedient, horny, mindless sex slave by a supervillain. Particularly the hot, cruel, impossibly handsome Imperious.

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