Brains for Gains

Hello, Pink Fairy?

I am craving size so much but muscles take time to build and I need to get huge now. I’ll do anything. I’ll give up my IQ and my sex life to feed my muscles. Drain my IQ and use it to make my muscles huge. Use the cum I’m not using anymore to speed my metabolism, making me shredded.

Oh please, Pink Fairy, I beg you!

Story Request by @sven0204

A shock runs up your spine and you jolt awake. You feel like you’ve just had a bucket of ice water dumped over your head. It isn’t exactly the most pleasant way to wake up.

You had a dream last night but the memory is fading. It trickles through your fingers like water leaking through a sieve. Strangely, the dregs that linger are so vivid you feel as if you might be able to reach out and touch them.

Maybe that’s why you suddenly feel so cold. You remember the rain, harsh and pounding, each droplet like a tiny bullet made of ice. You remember standing in the merciless deluge, almost entranced by the steady drumbeat of the rain on the pavement and the concrete.

There was a light, too, warm and pink, the only splash of color in an endless monotone jungle. You stood at the crossroads of two streets that led to nowhere, before the doorstep of the sex shop that shouldn’t exist.

Had you gone in? You can’t remember. The memory fades as the sun climbs higher, the morning rays streaming through your open window. You blink and what felt so vivid but moments ago feels suddenly vague and nebulous.

You wonder what it was that caught your attention so raptly so soon upon waking but the effort seems o inexplicably daunting. As you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, dispelling the strange chill that woke you, your attention is drawn elsewhere.

Heat seeps into your body. From your skin, it works its way deeper, suffusing your muscles down to the individual fibers. You stumble out of bed, your skin tingling as the blanket slides off your nude form.

You stagger into your bathroom and brace your hands against the sink as sweat beads on your brow. Your chest heaves with every ragged breath as arousal bubbles in the pit of your gut, your cock swelling half-hard just as you raise your eyes to your reflection.

You’re the same as ever, bar perhaps the sweat glistening on your forehead. Your physique is… average. Well, maybe a few pounds heavier than average, and not because of muscle.

It’s no big deal, but you’ve been working hard to fix it. There’s a body you want to get and you’ve been going to the gym semi-regularly to try and reach it but results haven’t been forthcoming.

The heat inside you wells up. Sweat runs down the side of your face in narrow rivulets. Before long, you’re soaked. You feel like you’ve been stuffed into a furnace, except the heat is coming from inside you.

You can scarcely breathe. Every lungful is fire. The sweat dripping off of you is like molten salt on your skin. It’s torment, and it’s only getting hotter, but the results speak for themselves.

Your eyes widen when you finally notice past the heat of your breath that all the fat you’ve been working so hard to lose is practically melting off your bones. Your meager muscles come into stark relief as you watch, your body gaining the shredded aesthetic you’ve been dreaming of.

You can’t help but moan. Somehow, you’re one step closer to your ideal body. Your cock twitches between your legs, rising to full hardness first, and then pulsing and throbbing as an incredible and intense wave of self-lust overtakes you.

Your balls draw up against your groin as your thighs tense and your toes curl. You clutch the edge of the sink with a white-knuckled grip. Pressure builds in your crotch as your arousal boils over and then, release.

Cum spurts weakly out of your cock and onto the porcelain of your sink as your entire body throbs. You feel every muscle on your frame begin to swell. Watching yourself in the mirror, you see your neck grow thick and corded, your shoulders rounding out as your deltoids pop with new bulk.

You groan as your biceps bulge, your triceps following suit as juicy veins race down your forearms. The porcelain of the sink nearly cracks as your hands swell into mitts, your fingers now thick and meaty. Your chest grows into a shelf of firm meat so thick you can’t see your toes over your fat new muscle tits.

Your stomach flattens out as the faint impression of abs you used to have etches itself deeper into your body. The valleys deepen, the ridges in stark relief as if to outline the individual bunches of muscle. Moments later, you have a cobbled core that would easily be the envy of the gym.

Despite having only come moments ago, your cock is hard again. A moan comes to your lips as your lats expand, your arms bending away from your torso to accommodate their bulk. Your obliques are like sand dunes along your flanks, your Adonis belt irresistible as they draw the eye further down.

You lower your gaze along your reflection, past the throbbing, insistent need between your legs. But the mirror only shows so much. You end up having to bend forward at the hip to see your feet, and just in time to watch as they explode in size.

A low groan bubbles out of your throat as your calves follow suit, growing rounded with muscle, then your quads and hamstrings growing to titanic proportions.

Turning your gaze back to your reflection, you like what you see. You are a mountain of muscle perched on top of tree-trunk legs and all you can do is moan at how good it feels to be so huge.

Suddenly, there’s a tingling in the back of your head. You reach back there to scratch at it, but it’s more than skin deep. It’s in your mind, deep in the recesses, like a pile of kindling beginning to smoke.

It’s nothing more than an annoyance, at first. You chalk it up to the excitement of finally having the body you always wanted. You realize too late that the kindling has caught and that the flames are growing.

The fire laps at the edges of your consciousness, smoldering at first as you try fruitlessly to figure out how to fight it. Thoughts, memories, and knowledge in the periphery of your mind fall prey to the heat, fanning the flames as they’re eaten away.

Before long, the inferno is roaring in your head. A thick haze of smoke smothers your thoughts, the throbbing need between your legs a beacon in the chaos of your mind but not a particularly helpful one.

The wildfire tears through your head, reducing the parts of your mind that it touches to ash. You try to hold on even to the incinerated dregs but it all slips through your hands. You would have had better luck trying to catch the wind.

You grunt and you groan, watching your reflection in the mirror as your eyes cloud over. The fire burns through your memories, consuming your childhood, your education, your sweet years of exploration in college. It’s all fed to the flame and gone before you know it.

Drool begins to trickle out of the corner of your mouth. As knowledge and reason flee you, reduced to ash in the blaze, you begin to smile. There’s pleasure in forgetting, ignorance in bliss, and you’re quickly becoming familiar with both.

Your eyes lose their focus, your mind shattering as the foundations of your personhood are destroyed. You stumble forward, expecting to catch yourself on the rim of the sink, only you don’t.

Your palms collide with a wooden floor, the thud somehow hollow. Your knees follow a heartbeat later. You’re on all fours when you shouldn’t be. Where is your sink? Where is your vanity? Your bathroom isn’t supposed to have a wood floor.

You feel hot—but not as hot as before, when your transformation started. It’s a different kind of hot, too, a hot that comes from outside your body. It takes you embarrassingly long to figure out that the heat is coming from the studio lights shining in your face, the spotlight beaming down from above you.

You’re on a stage, somehow. You don’t know where you are or what you’re doing here and yet the very prospect of performing for a crowd sends a frisson of arousal through you. Your cock twitches between your legs, the only part of you untouched by your transformation, a cock that now seems disproportionately tiny on your swollen physique.

The thoughts flitter away as the heat consumes what’s left of your mind. Only the moment remains, and the sensations of your body. Bent over as you are, your huge muscled ass cheeks peel apart to reveal the tight muscle cunt buried between them to the world.

Your hole twitches as slender fingers curl around your hips. Another man has come up behind you, with hands considerably smaller than your own. You can tell from his grip on your hips that he’s quite diminutive compared to your titanic stature, and instinctively you know what’s likely to happen next.

Your skull cleansed of anything extraneous to the purpose you will now have to serve, you can’t muster the thoughts, much less the words to protest when smaller man lines up with your hole. You can only moan when he hotdogs his disproportionately huge cock between your ass cheeks, his endowment somehow feeling so much larger than your own despite the size of the rest of him.

Not that you have much time to contemplate the difference—nor the ability, for that matter. The head of the guy’s cock pushes up against your entrance and your hole is all too eager to swallow him.

He slides into you in one smooth motion, his hips ramming so hard into yours that despite the difference in your overall mass, you still lurch forward from the force of the impact. As soon as he’s hilted, you feel a shiver run through the world around you.

The implications are beyond you now, but the twink’s cock is the point of no return. As soon as it slams into you, your transformation sets like concrete. This is your new reality now. There will be no turning back.

You lift one hand from the stage, reaching for your own chest to pinch and tweak one of your nipples. You groan, rolling your eyes back in your head as the twink starts fucking your hole in earnest.

From now on, this will be your life. You’ve gotten the body you always wanted, but in exchange, you will have to serve as the dumb, mindless fuckpuppet of an entire club of twinks and twunks all too eager to fuck a submissive muscle god silly.

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