Sylvan Sensibilities pt. 2

The mission goes awry; the human-orc alliance has heavily underestimated the strength of the enemy and Aberforth does not discover the truth until it’s too late. Though he exerts himself to his utmost, Llwrydd, the enemy general, is able to easily overpower him.

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Sylvan Sensibilities pt. 1

Aberforth Strongjaw is a martial genius and the champion of his clan. When their alliance with the humans draws the Redwolves into war with the elves of the Forest of Ymrion, he marches to the front lines with the men and volunteers for a perilous mission to strike at the very heart of the enemy forces.

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Sex Education

James’ hadn’t planned on attending a sex and kink (SK) college after high school. With the injury dashing his hopes of a sports scholarship and not wanting to join the military, it seemed like the best option forward considering his physical prowess.

Nowadays, there were plenty of well-respected opportunities for SK college graduates in a wide variety of fields. Many led to lifetime placements.

Truthfully, James had gotten overwhelmed by the multitudinous specializations for his degree and he was looking forward to his first meeting with his guidance counselor to get advice on how to proceed.

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