Super Sucker pt. 9

It’s the day after Marcus’ party and Corey wakes up to a wonderful surprise from Master.

But there are games and plots afoot, things greater than Corey could have ever imagined. And Imperious is at the heart of it all.

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Super Sucker pt. 2

Corey Cooper, superhero by night, star quarterback and summa cum laude contender by day, has a dark and dirty secret. He fantasizes about being brainwashed by a villain into a cum-hungry, slutty, mindless little whore.

When the cruel, capricious, and impossibly hot Imperious shows up to play in Selene City, will he be able to resist his urges and remain as the lightning-wielding Tempest? Or is he doomed to give in and end up on his knees at Imperious’ side?

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