Easier to Be

I honestly can’t believe I’m doing this, but Pink Fairy, I need your help. I’m suffering regular mental breakdowns as I study for the CPA exam and I can’t do it anymore!

Please transform me from my white, overweight, inadequate self to a hung Asian stud that is eternally young. Preferably with me being something like an actor or model so I don’t have to have any worries…

I can’t deal with the worries anymore. Please, Pink Fairy, I need you.

Story Request by @karkat-kanaya-mix
(Source: traivn.wordpress.com || Model: Truong Nam Thanh)

“It’s easier to be… Anyone else but me.” If you knew how often those words are uttered in desperation toward the Pink Fairy, you might have had another think when you came to him. But alas, you didn’t. And so you wake up one day, still in your old, heavy body, your head buzzing, a cold sweat trickling down your spine, and a cold knot of foreboding in your stomach.

The last thing you remember is being in the middle of one of your endless study sessions. Then, after that, everything seems blurry. The memory of a sex shop at the crossroads of two streets that shouldn’t exist is in the back of your head, but it’s already fading, ephemeral like a dream. You look over to your calendar, where you’ve been tracking the days to the exam, and you realize with a sinking feeling that today is the day.

That doesn’t make sense. When you were studying last, it was still a week out. But you know that if you don’t prepare now, you’re going to be late. So you jump out of bed, trying to shake the fog that has descended over your thoughts, making it difficult to remember anything and everything that you’ve studied over the last couple of days.

On the way over to the exam hall, you find yourself sweating buckets. You don’t feel well. You’re not even sure that you’re in any state to take the exam, as it feels like your thoughts are tracking through molasses. But you know that you’d rather suffer through the exam than postpone it.

You scratch your forearm, trying to get rid of the prickling sensation dwelling just under your skin as it takes on the rich brown colour that you’ve only ever seen on the guys that you spend your little free time jerking off to. You stumble into the exam hall and into your chair, but not even 20 minutes into the exam, you just know that you have to leave.

It’s hard to think. You can’t think. You stagger out of the hall despite the invigilator’s protests and as you do you rip your clothes off. Your body feels lighter, tighter. You rub your fingers in wonder over the abs that you find where only pudgy belly had been before. But wonder is there for only a moment, overtaken by a profound lust as pleasure races through your being.

Walking down the hall in nothing but your tight underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination, you feel the sensation of malaise dissipate. Your hunched posture straightens. You feel less self-conscious and more self-confident. Rounding the corner you smirk to yourself as a twink leaning against a nearby locker looks at you and audibly gulps.

You walk over and place a hand on the locker behind his head. You reach down with your other to cup his ass. “Hey,” you say, your cock twitching at how dull your voice sounds, how utterly vacant of intelligence you feel. You’re never going to have to think again, but what does it matter? You know that you’ll be able to land a modeling job easy enough. You can focus on letting your dick do all the thinking for you.

Right now it is saying that it needed to be buried in the twink’s hot ass. “Want to come back to my place?” you say, as the fog seems to solidify around your thoughts, forever restricting them, turning you into a dumb sex-crazed beast for all eternity. There’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

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