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I’m a math teacher at a school. I noticed a lot of students are joining the gym I’m at and are building more muscles while their grades are dropping.

One scrawny geek… I mean, student, came to me asking for help; he thinks there is something strange going on with the other students. What can I do to help him?

Story Request by @redundantgaygaymer

Help your student? What’s there to help him with? I mean sure, it’s pretty clear that some of these students are letting go of their grades, but they’re young. Isn’t it a good thing that they’re paying attention to their fitness? Gods know that these days kids spend their days glued to their phones and their computers. You should be glad that they’re going to the gym more and bulking up. Hot young men like them need to make the best of their youth while they can.

And besides. That geek didn’t come back for a week after talking to you. Obviously it’s not that big of a deal. Otherwise he’d have kept in touch. If he was really concerned he’d have made sure to keep you updated. But you haven’t seen him all week. Well, that’s not entirely true. You must have seen him at the gym yesterday. He’s been drawn into this obsession with fitness. And didn’t he look so much happier just pumping iron? Working out, jocking up, and dumbing down?

And haven’t you felt so much better paying less attention to your lesson plans and just giving in to your more primitive instincts? Don’t pretend. You know that you love working out with the hot young guys at your gym. You love the attention that they give you, the hungry looks. It makes you hard. Makes you horny. But it’s not just that. You crave the emptiness, the mindlessness that working out brings. Just repeating the same action over and over and over again, letting your mind drift, blanking out, jocking up, dumbing down.

Hell, be honest. Have you actually been teaching these last couple of days? Or have you just been reading through the slides that the smarter version of you prepared a few weeks ago? Do you even understand what you’re talking about these days? You’re just lucky that none of your students are asking any difficult questions because they’re too busy flexing and chuckling dumbly to themselves. I’d be surprised if you and your entire class could put together enough brain cells to make up half of a brain much less a whole one.

But that doesn’t really matter now, does it? You’re so much happier. Ever since you gave in to those desires, to the virus, letting your body grow, your ass get thick and hungry. Yeah. Stop thinking about math so much. You don’t need this job. You can find another job. Maybe one where you can have a lot more sex. Quit already. You’re too stupid for this. And by the time the virus is done with you, you’re going to be even dumber.

Besides. This school place is super boring now, isn’t that right? Do you really want to be around a bunch of nerds and geeks? Well, maybe. If they have big cocks. Still, it’s probably best for a dumb little whore like you to go look for work elsewhere, maybe find a daddy with a thick dick to own you.

You might not be fit to be a teacher anymore. But you’re still older. You’re supposed to act like the model for all of your students. You need to show them how to properly whore themselves out to men like the proper mindless little sluts that they are now.

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