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So you’ve talked extensively about how an Alpha/omega is processed and transformed by Hierarch Industries, but you’ve never really gone beyond that initial coupling… Could you go into detail about what the average day in the life of a mated omega would be like?

Do things continue on just as they had before they’d been mated, do they now act subservient or completely submissive to the demands of their new Alpha, or is it somewhere in the middle?

I’m curious to see what life is like for omegas once they’ve bonded with their Alpha.

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Isaac fondly remembered the days when he had been an unmated omega. Oh sure, his libido had driven him up the wall. Sure he could scarcely get through his day without a buttplug or a dildo in the shape of an Alpha’s cock, laced with Alpha pheromones, but it had been fun. It had been fun riding double-headed dildos with his fellow omegas and having trysts with the unmated Alphas, getting fucked up against every inch of wall at Hierarch Industries HQ.

But it was all just a fond recollection. Not even the orgies, the all-consuming lust and pleasure that left him blank, blissed out, and satisfied for days on end could compare to the truly profound experience of being a mated omega. He would give up all that he had enjoyed back then, if it could have meant that he discovered his mate, his missing half, his soulmate, his most perfect complement earlier.

As it was, though, sentimentality wasn’t going to help him bring a smile to his Alpha’s place. There were certain expectations that came with the relationship, even though Kyle, his Alpha, had never strictly enforced any of them. Kyle, as it turned out, wanted someone to walk alongside him, not three paces behind. And while it was clear that Kyle was the Alpha and Isaac was the omega and that there would always be one of them higher up in the hierarchy than the other because of their nature, Kyle hadn’t wanted to treat Isaac like a sex toy, or a slave, or a submissive.

Regardless, Isaac took it upon himself to fulfill some of the stereotypical duties of an omega. And on this day in particular, while Kyle was unlikely to wake up for a while yet, Isaac was already running late. Slipping out of bed as silently as he could, Isaac made his way to the kitchen and started on breakfast. He didn’t bother putting on any coffee, because Kyle was a man after his own heart that didn’t need nor want a kick of caffeine to get the day started.

When he was done, he slipped the food into the special receptacle in their quarters that would keep it warm. Hierarch Industries, as it turned out, had wisely foreseen that omegas would want to wake their Alphas up with blowjobs and that it might all devolve into a good long fucking. And it just wouldn’t do for breakfasts to go cold because Alphas and omegas decided to make the best of the early morning hours.

Isaac knew that some omegas stayed at home like good little house husbands or house boys. Hell, one of the omegas he knew best spent his days doing chores or riding a dildo replica of his Alpha’s cock, waiting for his Alpha to get home. But that wasn’t Isaac. And it certainly wasn’t what Kyle wanted. So after morning nookie and breakfast, both of them departed for work with a kiss.

They weren’t separated for long, though. At the strike of 1 in the afternoon, Isaac took his lunch break and headed up from the accounting department to R&D. He made his way to Kyle’s office and, as was the rule more than the exception, Kyle looked up from his desk, waved, and said "I’ll be with you in a moment, dear." At which point Isaac went and knelt on the cushion beside Kyle’s chair because he was feeling more submissive today. Otherwise he’d have sat on one of the chairs in front of Kyle’s desk and played with the assortment of knick-knacks on his Alpha’s desk.

And because they were both feeling particularly randy that day, when Kyle was done with the remainder of his work before lunch, they fucked. Isaac bent himself over the table, and Kyle treated himself to some early dessert, plunging his fuckpole in Isaac’s eager omega hole. They didn’t bother locking the door or pulling down the blinds. No one did at Hierarch Industries HQ. No one cared. In fact, across the way Isaac and Kyle could see his bosses, a pair of Alphas mated to one another, spitroasting an unmated omega between them.

The half-hour fuck session didn’t leave much time for lunch, so the two of them ate right there in the office. At the strike of 2 in the afternoon, Isaac had to get back to his work. The two of them kissed and parted. When his shift was over at 5, Isaac didn’t head back up to R&D and instead went to the residences to start preparing for dinner, which would have been awesome if not for the fact that he’d managed to scorch the chicken just a little bit too much because halfway through cooking it Kyle had come home and fucked him over the kitchen counter.

And then later that evening, just before bed, despite having fucked three times throughout the day, Kyle deposited another load inside Isaac, and Isaac fell asleep with his Alpha’s cock inside him. All in all it had been a good day, if a normal day at Hierarch Industries. Isaac knew that one day he and Kyle would want some more excitement in their lives, but that day hadn’t come yet. And for now, they were satisfied with the life that they had here.

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